Any Characters reacting to ships @crusherboy93

Hello readers, Ash Ketchum here, now I heard from my friend, Brock, that a lot of you guys read the chapter when he did a reacting to ships with him in them, so I decided to do the same." Ash then looked up the list of ships he was in as Crusherboy93 was locking the weapons locker, which caught Ash's attention and when Ash asked Crusherboy93 what he was doing, he told Ash, "After the last chapter, I'm not taking any chances with you, no offense Ash." Ash just chuckled as he read a few ships.

#1DadShipping - (Baron Alberto, Archer, Ash & Tabitha)

"Two things wrong with this one, dudes are in it, and I'm not Gay."

1DayWithYouShipping – (Ash & Waitress Jan)

Okay, this is a different one, I will be okay with this ship.

1WeekWithYouShipping – (Ash & Waitress Tia)

Isn't this with Jan's sister?

2000Shipping – (Ash & Lugia)

Seriously, a Pokémon? Who would ship me with a Pokémon?

20YearsAndStill10Shipping – (Ash & a calendar)

A…fucking calendar? Who the crap would ship me with a freaking Calendar?

2baMasterShipping – (Ash & Jigglypuff)

Another ship with me and a Pokémon, and one that writes on anyone asleep after it sings, SERIOUSLY?!

3PShipping – (Ash, May & Misty)

Okay, now this one I like, but I'm pretty sure that May and Misty will not agree with this

4ShiShipping - (Ash, Gary, Paul & Ritchie)

"Three other Guys, are you kidding me people who comes up with these?" Ash looked towards Crusherboy93 and said, "Now I understand why you did that." And Crusherboy93 said, "Keep reading man, the actual writer will stop you when he feels like it." Ash rolled his eyes as he kept reading.

4WeeksOfSummerShipping – (Ash, Trevor & Serena (XY))

"This is starting to get annoying." Looks toward Writer and says, "GIVE ME SOME I WILL ACTUALLY LIKE CRUSHERBOY93!"

"Here you go Ash." Said the writer. AbilityShipping – (Ash & Anabel)

Okay, this one is actually cool. I like it, it's with an actual single girl. Any more?" The writer then sighed and said, "Do you not want me to have funny chapters?" and Ash told him, "I do, I also don't want to blow my stack and lose my cool." The writer rolled his eyes and looked back at the list.

AboutAmourShipping – (Ash, Hilda, Michelle, Rosa & Serena (XY))

Wow, four girls, I like it.

AbstruseShipping – (Ash, Espeon & Umbreon)


AdultElephantShipping – (Ash & Donphan (Ash's))

SERIOUSLY, BACK TO THE BAD ONES?! Who spends their time coming up with these ships?

AdvancedShipping – (Ash & May)

Okay, I've read stories with this ship, considering I'm in them

PokéShipping – (Ash & Misty)

Seriously, me and Misty, she's like a sister to me, I could never see her like that.

AmourShipping – (Ash & Serena (XY))

Looks at Crusherboy93, "Didn't you have a few stories where Serena and I date or get together?" and Crusherboy93 replied, "Yeah."

PearlShi3Shipping – (Ash, Gary & Paul)

Seriously, Gary AND Paul?! I'd rather die.

PearlShipping – (Ash & Dawn)

Okay, this is better than the last one

NegaiShipping – (Ash & Iris)

Looks at writer, "You're joking right?"

CharlieboyShipping – (Ash & Jessie)

Who in their right mind would ship me with that woman, SHE KEEPS TRYING TO TAKE MY PIKACHU!

AdvancedRocketShipping – (Ash, James, Jessie & May)

Nope, nope, nope, don't like it. Don't even want to think about it.

PalletShipping – (Ash & Gary)


"Am I done?" and the writer said, "I think you've been through enough torture." Ash glared at the writer and said, "I don't want to see any more ships involving dudes.

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