Any Characters reacting to ships @crusherboy93

Mallow, Ash, Serena, Brock, and Misty walked into the room where they did the reviews for the ships they were apart of and Ash said, "I wonder who's it going to be this time?" Brock nodded his head and said, "Crusherboy93 did the five of us, May, Dawn, Gary, and Lana." Then Misty said, "yeah, and May and Lana actually liked the ships they were in while Gary and Dawn didn't. Let's see what this next person thinks." Just then the Door to the room opened, and they saw Crusherboy93 come in and he said, "Right this way Mrs. Ketchum." Soon Ash's mom walked in and Ash said, "MOM?!" and Delia said, "Why hello Ash dear, what are you and your friends doing here?" and Misty said, "We're here to see the next person's reactions to ships they're in."

"So I guess that means me." said Delia, causing Ash to pass out on a Couch behind him. Then Brock said, "Seriously, why you Mrs. Ketchum?" causing Crusherboy93 to say after closing the door to a point, "I want to see how you guys react to her reactions, later!" Crusherboy93 then closed the door before Misty and Serena could grab him. Delia sweatdropped before she said, "Anyway, let's get to reviewing.

AdoptShipping - Professor Oak, Delia & Mimey (Mr. Mime)

Oh good heavens no, Mimey and Professor Oak are my closest friends and I wouldn't do anything with Mimey.

AdultShipping - Professor Oak & Delia

Oh my, well like I said before Professor Oak is one of my closest friends

AncestorShipping - Sir Aaron & Delia

Much too old for my taste.

BADShipping - Brock & Delia

Brock would enjoy that too much, but I know he would never do that to Ash, those two are the closest friends.

CourtesanShipping - Delia & Johanna

Oh my, that's Dawn's mother, she and I would never do that to our children.

DeadbeatShipping - Flint (Kanto) & Delia

Isn't he married already? I swear some of these ships are disturbing and disgusting.

DeliachildrenShipping - Ash & Molly Hale

"I'm not even a part of this ship." Crusherboy93 then reopened the door and said, "Your names in the Ship itself, I found it funny." He then closed the door again to allow Delia to continue.

DestroyAshShipping - Lawrence III & Delia

Why would I want to destroy my son?

DiamondShipping - Giovanni & Delia

"THAT MADMAN? Who comes up with these ships?" Delia then heard a big, "I KNOW RIGHT?!" coming from behind her knowing that it was Ash, Brock, Serena, Mallow, and Misty saying it.

DutchOvenShipping - Butch & Delia

"Is that the team rocket member with Cassidy, I thought his name was Biff?" That was when Delia's phone went off and the person on the other said, "IT'S BUTCH!"

GiboShipping - Delia & May

I'm not a lesbian and May's too young.

KidnextdoorShipping - Gary & Delia

No, just no.

KitchenShipping - Brock & Delia

Another ship of me and Brock? Who comes up with these?

KuranakoShipping - Delia & Palmer

I can see stories of this ship.

LedaShipping - Delia & Ho-Oh

Ho-oh is a Pokémon, a legendary one at that, so no.

MommyShipping & MummyShipping - Ash & Delia

Oh my goodness, these are the most disturbing ships I have read so far.

MotherOfGodShipping - Delia & Arceus

Like Ho-oh, he's a Pokémon, a legendary one at that, so no

ParentShipping - Delia & Entei

Seriously, another Pokémon. You guys know my stance on this.

PikaliahShipping - Delia & Pikachu

I'm starting to get tired of these kind of ships

RampantRabbitShipping - Delia & Diggersby

Seriously, that's the fourth one with a Pokémon in a row, I'm starting to get pissed off.

SecretlyAcquaintedMomsShipping - Delia & Grace (Kalos)

Oh Grace, I remember her from before she and her daughter moved to Kalos.

SickoShipping - Delia & Misty

Misty looked at Delia, who looked at her and both said, "DISTORTION WORLD NO!"

YouKnowWhatShipping - Delia & Ash's undergarments

Who in their sane minds would ship me and my Son's undergarments?

YowainaShipping - Max & Delia

Max is a child, that would mean I raped him, in fact any ship involving me and anyone around my son's age, my son included, is rape. Except Brock.

"Finally, done with those ships," said Delia. Then Ash said, "Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?" Brock looked at Ash and said, "We hunt down Crusherboy93 and make him take this story down?" Ash nodded his head and said, "LET'S GO FIND HIM." the others cheered as they left the room to come and find me, all the while I was in the same room with them. Under the couch Cushions is a little Compartment I made to listen in on their conversations. I think it's time for a new way to get people to review ships they are in, until next time, Later my dear readers, until the next reviews.

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