Any Characters reacting to ships @crusherboy93

Hey guys, Brock here, Today, I'm going to be looking at a short list of Ships I'm in, I hope I don't regret.

1HitWonderShipping (Brock & Roxie)

I do love me some rock music

500milesShipping (Brock & Crobat)

Why would someone want to ship me and my Pokémon? that's disgusting. I now regret ever doing this

AdvancedDreamTeamShipping (Ash, Brock & May)

Okay, Who the fuck made this ship, I don't like guys, and May is too young for me.

AgerasiaShipping (Brock & Dr. Yung)

I thought I just said I don't like guys

AlongsideShipping (Brock & Drew)

Drew, really, who came up with this ship.

AltitudeShipping (Brock & Moria)

Yes, Absolutely

AncientPowerShipping (Brock & Olympia)

Too Psychic for me

AndromedaShipping (Brock & Shelly)

She's an Admin for Team Aqua, sure she's hot, but I don't date Bad guys

AnterosShipping (Ash, Brock & Paul)


ArgonShipping (Brock & Petrel)

Again, two things wrong with this, one: He's a Guy, two, HE'S A GUY!

ArtimusPyleShipping (Brock & Clyde)

I'm going to find the people who ship me with dudes and I'm going to kill them

AsperityShipping (Brock & Saturn)

This is the same With Petrel

BabeShipping (Brock & Prima)

I hear she has a nice Rack, I would love to meet her and get her under the covers.

BADShipping (Brock & Delia)

Seriously, I would never do that to Ash, when he's not looking.

BandaidShipping (Brock & Marnie)


BandwagonShipping (Brock & Khoury)

I regret ever living

BCShipping (Brock & Caitlin)

I hear that she's the sister to Cynthia, now why wasn't THAT Ship included

BeautifulWetLuckShipping (Ash, Brock & Violet)

I'm getting tired of people shipping me with a guy, I made it very clear I'm not gay, now if it was just me and Violet, then I would be excited.

BedrockShipping (Brock & Clay)

I shouldn't have agreed to this

BemusementShipping (Brock & Michelle)

I would love to make her mine

BestWishesFailShipping (Ash, Brock & Hilda)

*Grabs shotgun* Who's first for me to kill for making any Stories about this ship, if there are any.

Brock: I'm just glad that's over

Crusherboy93: Not really.

Brock: Huh?

Crusherboy93: There are over 460 Ships you're a part of.

Brock:... *Points shotgun at Crusherboy93, who is now running for his life.*

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