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Broken Friendship 2 - The War @crusherboy93
Chapter 8




"THAT TWO FACED BASTARD!" was the first thing Gary shouted as John tended to Ash. The others were shocked as well to see Paul switch sides. John tried to get them to focus, but CHili said, "No! He betrayed the Alliance! With his defection, who knows what the results will be." Ash and John looked at each other before looking back at the others. Ash then told them that Paul defection was a shock, but one they can recover from. But Tierno said, "Paul is one of the Elite four, it will be hard to recover." Just then an explosion went off as an Alliance member ran in and said, "COMMANDERS, THE COMET EMPIRE IS ATTACKING US ON ROUTE 16!"

At the Defenses, Alliance Soldiers were firing at the empire troops but were sustaining Casualties when John dropped him and opened fire with his Robotic arm and the back up from a M1A1 Tank on lease form the United States. John then pulled out a rocket and struck a Comet Empire Mortar Team. Soon he heard an explosion from Route 14. He could have gone, but the attack on route 16 was his Priority. At route 14, Gary and Steven Stone were defending the route with their Pokémon. At the Lumiose Gym, Bonnie looked at her brother Clemont sitting in the middle of the gym with Zygarde by her side. When Clemont saw the Order Pokémon in its 10% Form, he scoffed and said, "I was wondering where you were Zygarde, now I know."

"Yes, I went with Bonnie to the Otron Region all those years ago." Zygarde said to the disgraced gym leader. Clemont glared at Bonnie and said to her, "Why the hell did you defend him? He was a failure." Bonnie slapped him and said, "He was never a failure, you are. Ash cheered us on even when it seemed like we were lost. Dad and I are ashamed to call you our family." Clemont laughed and yelled, "OH PLEASE! THE COMET EMPIRE UNITED THE CORE REGIONS!" Bonnie yelled back with, "YEAH! UNDER A DICTATORSHIP! NO TRAINER IS SAFE FROM LOSING THEIR POKEMON! THE ELITE FOUR ARE NO MORE AND THE CHAMPIONS ARE POWERLESS!" Clemont scoffed and said, "We have been under their leadership for too long, Emperor Tracy united us all."

"And in doing so you united all the free Regions against you. Your Atrocities will end and you will answer for your crimes." Bonnie said before shooting a small Aura sphere into Clemont's arm. Clemont screamed in pain as his former Magnemite also shocked him too. Bonnie was then paid a visit by Professor Sycamore and told her, "We decided that once the war is over, we want you to run the Lumiose City Gym." Bonnie smiled and said, "I would be honored." Clemont was shocked as Sycamore shook Bonnie's hand. Bonnie then said, "So big bro, you can go suck a mother fucking STD riddled dick. When we win, and we will win, this gym will be under my control." Bonnie then walked out as Dendenne stuck his tongue at Clemont.

After an hour, the Comet Empire was forced back but the Alliance was soon told about Paul's "Defection." Ash was getting reports of men angry and wanting Paul dead. He sighed as John came in and he said, "These are getting out of hand." John nodded his head and said, "I know, I'll send him a message to stay safe." Ash nodded his head and was about to speak when Gary came in and asked, "What do you mean you'll send him a message?!" Ash and John paled as they realized Gary heard them, so Ash told him about Paul's mission. Gary was shocked and said, "and you both felt like we didn't need to know… why?"

"Cause if you knew, would you have shown true betrayal to his "Defection"?" Ash asked Gary. to which he thought about it and said, "Well, if we knew the truth, his defection wouldn't have looked as good… so I guess that makes sense now." Ash nodded his head and said, "Exactly, which is why when this war is over, I'm going to reveal Paul's intentions." That was when John pulled out his phone and showed Gary the message Paul forwarded to him and Ash from tracy. Ash then said, "It was my idea that he would pretend to defect. Tracy's an idiot and bought the bait. Paul's in his inner circle and is now going to tell us all we need to know."

"Was he behind blowing up Ash's CAR?!" asked Gary with shock. Ash nodded his head as John said, "It helped cement his cover as a paid out spy." Gary sighed and said, "So what? What are our options?" Ash told Gary that he will put out a report to capture Paul only and not to kill. The Alliance forces know that my word means things." Gary sighed and said, "And here I wanted to shoot him in the face." John patted his back and said, "You can do that to one of the traitors." Ash chuckled as Gary smiled before he asked, "So what now?" Ash told Gary that he had to keep Paul's undercover mission a secret.

"You got it, and you guys are going to owe me big for this." Gary said before leaving the command Center. John looked at Ash and said, "He's right." Ash sighed and said. "I know all too well." Later in the day, Ash and John were looking at After Actions reports when Tieno came in and said, "Guys, the imps are pulling back on route 14, we can take Laverre City." Ash nodded his head and said, "Ok, have the 15th Armored Battalion head to Laverre City with Trip and Sawyer in command.

_X_ Few Hours Later

Comet Empire Forces limped back to Laverre City as Serena looked on from her office window with a smile as Paul walked in and said, "Madam Singularity." Serena looked at Paul and said, "Hello Paul, close the door." After Paul closed the door, Serena showed him the message Ash got to her about Paul's mission and she said, "When I heard you defected I asked him about it. He told me about your mission." Paul nodded and said, "and I heard you're with the Kalos Resistance." Serena nodded her head and said, "Yes, with Clemont out of the way now, I can coordinate Comet Empire forces."

"Good, Tracy said I was to work with you, he might message you saying to be careful watching me." Paul said as he crossed his arms. Sereana nodded her head and sat down as Tracy sent her the message. Back in Lumiose City, Ash was smiling as John and Gary came in. Gary then said, "We just got word From the Galar and Paldea Regions, they're pledging support to the alliance and are sending their forces to assist us." Ash smiled and said, "Good, we can use their help in taking on Unova." Gary nodded his head when John walked over and said, "Just got word from Serena, Paul arrived there safe and sound."

Ash smiled more and sat down as he was ready to begin the next phase of his plan to liberate Kalos. He had the Alolan and Otron forces push down Route 4 while he had the Alpha and Bravo forces push up Route 16. He had Gary deliver the news and once everyone was in position, Ash was approached by the Kalos Resistance and they begged him to let them partake in the attack. Ash smiled and said, "divided your forces, our push will need to make sure that we have proper info on the routes." The resistance members nodded and Professor Sycamore divided the teams.

In Hoenn, a Comet Empire convoy was driving down a route when a rocket struck the lead car and the back car of the convoy as gunners opened fire at the drivers and those who got out to assist them. Soon the resistance came out of hiding and took the supplies, freed the prisoners, and freed the pokemon the empire soldiers had. They grew their ranks more, it made Norman and his wife smile as their resistance against the Comet Empire was going strong. Soon they got word that Kalos was invaded and close to liberation. Norman smiled as Caroline said, "Soon our Son-in-Law will be one region closer to helping us." Norman nodded his head and looked at a photo of the traitors with Brock and Cilan's faces crossed out. Norman smiled as he thought back to when he personally shot and killed Chili's Traitorous brother.

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