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Broken Friendship 2 - The War @crusherboy93
Chapter 6




As John got ready for the invasion of Melemele Island, Ash was talking to the Island Kahuna and Admiral Washington about liberating the islands. But Gary and John came in and said, "Hey Ash, you'll never guess what he just received." When Ash asked what, John walked up to him and said, "A Comet Empire Grunt forced into service from Kalos has been tasked to offer Melemele Island's complete Surrender, most of the Grunts on the island are apparently from the forced Regions and are willing to Negotiate surrender." Ash smiled and said, "Excellent, But the meeting will take place here, not on Melemele Island." The John said, "The Grunt said that was his intention, he was going to shoot up a flare to let Melemele Island know about the talks." Ash then asked John where the grunt was.

On the beach, Ash, John, and Gary saw the grunt in Handcuffs, and Alliance Soldiers around him with one holding a piece of Paper. The Alliance Soldier then handed the paper to Ash and the Paper read, "We never wanted to fight, most of us were drafted before we could flee the Regions, we wish to surrender to the Alliance and if possible, join the armed forces of the Alliance army and navy, please accept our surrender and defection." Ash looked at the Alliance Soldier and said, "Release the man, I accept the surrender and the defection for the forces of Melemele Island." The Comet Empire Grunt breathed a sigh of relief as the handcuffs were removed and the battle for the Alola Region was over, all that was left was the cleansing of the Pyroar Virus from Akala Island. Ash left a Detachment of Alliance Soldier and the Alolan Resistance to repair as he had a war to finish. Most of the Alolan Army and Higher ups of the Alolan Resistance joined Ash in winning the war. Gary looked at Ash and said, "I'll remain here to help coordinate the reconstruction effort for the Alola Region." Ash nodded his head and turned to Trevor who said, "Brock's on a plane back to the Otron Region to remain in a Government Prison to remain until his trial."

"Good, next stop is the Kalos Region." said Ash. But John said, "Why not straight to Kanto? We have the resources." Ash looked at John and said, "We don't want to risk getting flanked by reinforcements and whole Army divisions getting surrounded and surrendering, I want to make sure all our flanks are secured." John nodded his head and said, "Of course, that makes sense." With that, Ash led his friends on board and the fleet made its way to the Kalos Region. Along the way, Ash was looking at a map of Kalos when John and Max walked in and Ash said, "Gentlemen, thank you for coming." John chuckled before he said, "You called us here Ash, you think we wouldn't come?"

"Good point, anyway, we need a City to launch our attacks to liberate Kalos from." Ash said to his two companions. All three looked at the Map before Max said, "How about Cyllage City?" But John said, "I think we should attack Ambrette Town, might offer us less Resistance." Ash sat down and thought about the choices before he said, "Why not both and all of Route 8 in Kalos." John and Max looked at Ash with looks of Confusion before John said, "Of Course, if we attack along multiple points, they can't consolidate all their forces to repel us. In that case, we should also land forces at Shalour City, three prong attack along the shore line. Then our forces can link up in Geosenge Town before proceeding down routes 5 and 13 into Lumiose City. From there we can defend the three other Routes into the City as we take them out one by one."

Then Max Said, "True, but Routes 14 and 16 connect through Route 15. Routes 4 and 16 eventually meet up as you go through the different routes up to Couriway Town, from either one of those routes it's just a big circle. Route 16 though would be the safest route to go through second, what do you think Ash?" John and Max looked at Ash before he said, "What I think… is once Lumiose City is secured, we move out through all three routes. The armies from the Alpha and Beta Regions will march along Route 14. The Armies from the Charlie and Delta Regions will march along route 16. Meanwhile, the Otron Army, Epsilon Army, and Zeta army will march along route 4. Two battalions will break off when we get to Santalune City to secure route 3 up to Vaniville Town. The rest will continue along route 22, make our way past the Elite four, cutting them off from the rest of the Region."

Ash then said, "From Victory Road we'll enter Route 21 and march on Snowbelle City. a Few Divisions from all three armies will split off and march down route 20 to secure the Pokémon Village while the rest march up route 19 to Couriway Town to meet up with the Armies from the Alpha, Beta, Charlie, and Delta Regions once they link up." John looked at Ash and said, "What do you plan on calling this maneuver?" and Ash replied, "Operation, Lumiose, I know it's a weird name, but I can't think of anything else." Then John said, "Okay, but I like the plan, want me to lead an attack?" Ash nodded his head and said, "Yeah, I want you to lead the forces landing near Ambrette Town. Max, think you can lead the forces landing near Cyllage City?" Max nodded his head and said, "Yeah, I can do that." Then John said, "Once Ambrette Town is secured, I'll take some forces along route 8 to reinforce and attack the Empire Forces from behind."

"Thanks John, I'll radio if I need assistance." said Max. Then Ash said, "Okay, so we have a plan, let's get it ready to begin." John and Max nodded their heads and the three walked out to the Bridge of the Fortree City. Meanwhile, in Kanto, self proclaimed Emperor Tracey of the Comet Empire was just told about the fall of the Alola region and that Brock was captured. Tracey was pissed and called for his advisors; Cilan, Iris, Clemont, Serena, Misty, Dawn, Stephon, Professor Elm, Professor Rowan, Professor Juniper, and Diantha. After Tracey's Advisors were told about the Alola Region and Brock, Clemont said, "This is bad, what if they manage to get Brock to change sides, they will have all our secrets, including the formula for the Pyroar Virus."

"Brock would never flip, he's been loyal to our cause, unlike Chili, Trevor, Delia, your two sisters Misty, and last but worse traitor, Max." said Tracey. Then Cilan said, "This war will be a costly one my Emperor, it will leave a bad taste in everyone's mouths." Tracey looked at Cilan and said, "I know Cilan, which is why we must win this war quickly and kill Ketchum." But Serena said, "But my Emperor, with Alola in Alliance Control, not only do they have a place to launch raids on Kalos, but their fleet might be heading here as we speak, we need reinforcements." Tracey looked at Serena and said, "I'll have Flotilla group Gyarados try and stall the Alliance Fleet to give you time to dig in on the beaches, you cannot let them take Lumiose City. If Lumiose City falls, order all fighters in Kalos to bomb the city all the way to the coastline." Misty was speechless as everyone agreed with Tracey and Serena said, "I'll get the Fighter-Bomber wings prepped and ready." Misty then said, "I need to go real quick." Tracey nodded his head and said, "Of course Misty. Cilan, send a message to Paul to make sure he stays off Kalos Soil. Until the next meeting, we're adjourned." Tracey's Advisors bowed before walking out.

A little while later, with Ash and John, the fleet was steaming towards Kalos when the Radio operator said, "Commanders, we're receiving a transmission from Kanto on one of the Resistance band widths." When Ash and John placed the spare headphones on their heads, Ash said, "This is Champion Ketchum, commander of the Alliance. To whom am I speaking to?" and a voice came back saying, "This is Josh Hunter, one of the leaders of the Kanto Resistance, there's someone here who wants to speak to you." After a few moments of Silence, a Familiar voice came on and the voice said, "Ash, John, are you there?"

"Misty? What are you doing at the Kanto resistance headquarters?" said Ash. Misty answered his question by saying, "I defected, and I have information that you need to know. Tracey ordered Serena to have Fighter-Bombers on standby for when you capture Lumiose City. They would then take off and not only level the City, but bomb all the city, towns, and routes back to the coastline. The collateral Damage is too much for me Ash, you need to take out the airfields before you land on the beaches." Then Paul walked in and said, "I just got word from Cilan, he says that I need to stay off the beaches when we land, mentioned that it's going to be bombed the moment we take Lumiose City." Ash and John looked at each other, Misty was telling the truth. Ash then said, "Misty listen to me, tell the Kanto Resistance everything you know about the Empire, Troop movements, gun placements, everything, you understand?"

"Of course, I'll tell them everything I know. Misty out." said Misty before hanging up. John took his headphones off and said, "We could form a blockade and launch our carrier fighters to bomb the airfields into submission. If the jets are on the runways, we can also take them out. Two birds, one stone." Ash took the headset off his head before he said, "If we did that automatically, then Tracey will know someone betrayed him, we take the beaches first, then we'll launch the airstrike." Admiral Washington then said, "Well, we might be a little late getting to Kalos, Enemy Flotilla has just been detected on our Radar. I'm already scrambling fighters."

Ash nodded his head and said, "Okay, what's the Flotilla consist of?" Admiral Washington looked at the Radar and said, "A few Destroyers, four Cruisers, and an Aircraft Carrier," John looked through the Binoculars and saw the Flotilla. John then said, "Probably going to try to slow us down to buy the Comet Empire forces in Kalos time to dig in." Ash nodded his head and said, "I was thinking the same thing, have all our Carriers launch fighters and use their missiles to take down the destroyers and cruisers." Admiral Washington nodded his head and told the Radio Operator, "Send the message to all carriers to launch a squadron of fighters each and attack the Destroyers and cruisers." The Radio Operator nodded his head and sent that message. Ash then said, "Then send this message to the Kalos Resistance, have them gather all coordinates for any Airfields in Kalos occupied by the Comet Empire." The Radio Operator Nodded his head and sent the message as John contacted Charizard Leader to sink the cruisers and Destroyers while the Wailord-Subs were to disable the Carrier. Ash looked at John and asked him why disable the Carrier.

"Simple Ash, with the Carrier captured, we have another place to launch fighters from. Plus, I'm 90% sure that carrier is the same Carrier that launched the two squadrons that tried to Destroy the EWS." Ash nodded his head and said, "Okay, that's a good Idea John. I'm glad you stayed on my side, all those years ago." John nodded his head and said, "Of Course Ash. I will always stand by your side, that's why I thought we should have declared war sooner." Ash chuckled before he said, "I know my friend, but looked at what happened, the Comet Empire was the one who fired the first shot, unprovoked. So us declaring war when we did was good timing actually."

John sighed before looking back at the enemy Flotilla. Meanwhile, the Alliance Air group, led by Charizard Squadron, was high above the sea coming over the Enemy Flotilla. The clouds concealed their Movements so the enemy fleet didn't see them. Charizard Leader then said, "Fortree City, this is Charizard Leader, request permission to engage the enemy Flotilla." Soon Ash's Voice came on the Radio and he said, "Charizard Leader, this is Champion Kethcum, permission Granted, take out the Destroyers and Cruisers but leave the Carrier untouched. If their enemy fighters take them down after they leave the Carrier, we want that ship in one piece."

"Copy Champion Ketchum, we are starting our attack runs on the Destroyers and Cruisers." replied Charizard Leader as he turned his fighter, leading the other fighters to turn and begin the attack. Soon they came out of the clouds, and with several squads targeting a ship, Charizard Leader shouted, "FOX 2!" and all jets fired a missile at their target before pulling off. All the missiles hit their targets and several ships were immediately lost. Alarms started to blare as Charizard Leader said, "Looks like we poked a bear boys, and this one is showing its teeth, I see planes already. Charizard Squadron, let's defang this bear, everyone else, focus on the destroyers and Cruisers." After getting a copy, everyone engaged their Targets as Charizard Squadron took down every fighter that they could, but two got away. Charizard 4 saw that and said, "Lead, two fighters are heading to the fleet, I bet they have a full load to drop on the flagship."

"Copy that, Jolteon flight, see if you can catch them and shoot them down." said Charizard Leader. Jolteon leader came on the radio and said, "Copy that Flight Lead." Jolteon flight then turned back to the fleet to stop those two enemy birds as the rest of the flight took on the enemy Flotilla. Back on the Fortree City, John saw the fighter coming in and shouted, "Get every AAA firing at those birds now!" Admiral Washington looked at Ash, who said, "You heard him, he's my equal, get those AAA guns firing." Admiral Washington nodded his head and had all AAA guns on the Carrier firing. The two enemy birds, Fearow Leader and Fearow 2, were dodging the flak as best as they could before Fearow Leader shouted, "We need to launch them now, drop your torpedo!" Fearow 2 Acknowledged and launched his torpedo, as did Fearow Leader. As the two fighters peeled off, Fearow 2 caught flak in the wing and Fearow Leader got shot straight through the bottom of his cockpit. Both planes crashed into the water, but Fearow 2 was the only one to get out of his fighter. Ash ordered Admiral Washington an immediate halt to the engines. The Fortree stopped, but the Torpedo from Fearow 2 was on a direct collision course with the front of the ship. As the Torpedo got within close range of the Fortree City, Jolteon Leader somehow managed to lock onto it and destroyed it with a missile, saving the Fortree City.

After the last of the Aircraft were shot down and the Destroyers and Cruisers were sunk, the Aircraft Carrier tried to run, but suffered a Torpedo strike by a Wailord Submarine on her Propellers, she was dead in the water. Ash saw that, looked at John and said, "Think you and some Seels can take her?" John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, we can do it, I'll take Seel Teams 6-8, they should get the job done." Ash nodded his head and told John to take the ship as quickly as possible. John nodded his head again and walked off the bridge. A few minutes later, Ash watches John as he, and three CRRCs (Combat Rubber Raiding Crafts) as they make their way to the Aircraft Carrier. Ash then said to Admiral Washington, "Have the Frigates, destroyers, and a few Cruisers round up the life rafts from the destroyed ships.

Meanwhile, Charizard Leader managed to take out the Gun positions to keep John and the Seels safe as they made the final approach to the Carrier. John then looked at the three Alakazams and said, "Alakazams, use Psychic to lift us up onto the flight desk." the Alakazams nodded their heads and after their eyes flashed blue, then their whole bodies. They crossed their spoons, and sent light blue shockwaves at John and the Seels, carrying them to the flight Deck. After landing on the flight Deck, the Seels immediately were fired at, but thanks to their training, no losses were sustained. John then turned his robot hand into the gun mode and fired at the Crew of the Aircraft Carrier that were firing at him and the Seels.

John then said, "Split up, Team 6 is with me to the Bridge. Team 7 you take the Engine Room, and Team 8 takes the Infirmary, everyone clear?" and all the Seels said, "Sir yes Sir!" Soon the Seels were pushing forward as Crew members of the Aircraft tried to stop him, but they were shot as the Seels pushed towards the doorway. At the Doorway to the Interior of the ship, John covered the Seels as they moved in, taking down scores of Crew members after the Last Seel was in, John walked in and led Seel Team 6 to the bridge. On the bridge of the disabled Aircraft Carrier, the Captain took a sip of his Coffee, he knew resisting would mean his death, so he told his crew on the bridge not to resist. Soon the door opened and Seel Team 6 came in and ordered all the crew members on the bridge to put their hands up, which they did.

John then walked onto the bridge and said, "Greetings Captain, mind if we take control of your ship?" The Captain nodded his head and said, "I didn't even want to fight the Alliance, but they're holding our families hostage, we were forced to join the Comet Empire." John sighed and said, "Emperor Tracy sure does like to control people. Anyway, we have contacts in the core regions that we can call to help protect families of people who join the Alliance, what do you say about joining?"

The captain looked at his men, all of whom had families in the Core Regions who would be sent to prison camps if they joined the Alliance, but freedom is the right of all living things. The Captain looked John in the eyes and said, "The Aircraft carrier Waimer's reporting for duty, commander Bertrand." The Captain then saluted John, as did the rest of the crew on the Bridge. Soon the entire Carrier was captured and joined the Alliance Fleet. On the Fortree City's flight Deck, John introduced the Captain of the captured Carrier to Ash. The Captain got down onto his knees and bowed to Ash as he said, "Please forgive me and my crew for what we had to do." Ash chuckled as he pulled the Captain onto his feet again and said, "Relax, you're now part of the force that will liberate the rest of the Core Regions, there's no need to bow to me. John got in contact with me and told me of your ship's defection, and we welcome you to the Alliance."

The Captain was speechless, he had to bow to Emperor Tracy, but Ash said that he didn't need to bow. The captain smiled and shed a single tear before going back to his Carrier, but not before Saluting Ash and John, who saluted him back. John then said, "Keep this up and this war can be over in a few months." But Ash said, "I don't think so John. We'll have people Loyal to Tracy in the Regions loyal to him, Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Unova. Those Regions will put up a fierce Resistance." John nodded his head and said as the two walked off the flight deck and back to the bridge, "I know Ash. I have no doubts that they will be tough, especially Kanto now that I think about it. Have we heard back from our Delegation to the United Nations?"

"Yeah, so far the security Council won't provide assistance to us because Emperor Tracy is threatening to use the Empire's Nuclear Arsenal against the countries that offer us military Assistance." Ash told his friend. Ash then said, "But the United States has supplied us with more weapons and Ammunition and offered us support if we somehow disable the Comet Empire's Nuclear Arsenal." John placed a hand onto his chin and said, "Could we contact the Resistances in the Regions to try and help us with that?" Ash looked at John and said, "I'm surprised that they don't use it on us, maybe they fear retaliation from the U.N." Ash then said, "But yeah, let's contact the Regional Resistance cells and have them try and keep the Comet Empire from using the Nuclear Arsenals."

John told the Radio Operator to send a message to the resistance groups about the Nuclear Arsenals as Ash told Admiral Washington, "Set a Course to Kalos, this war is far from over." Admiral Washington nodded his head and his ship formed the spearhead of the Flotilla to liberate the rest of the Core Regions. Meanwhile, in Kanto, Misty looked herself over in a mirror wearing Resistance clothes when the main leader of the Kanto Resistance; Professor Oak, walked in and said, "Everything okay Misty?" Misty looked at him and said, "Yeah, everything's fine Professor." Professor Oak raised an Eyebrow and said, "Are you sure? I'm glad you decided to defect to the resistance, you took a big risk and there are people who don't respect you because of what you did as an Ally of Emperor Tracy."

Misty nodded her head and said, "Yeah, I'm just… upset at myself, I should have never betrayed Ash that day. Deep down I knew it was wrong, but I did it anyway, and nothing I do will make people forget that." Professor Oak waked over to Misty and placed a hand on her shoulder before he said, "That isn't exactly true. No one can change the past, but as long as you do good and tell the truth when this is all over, then I'll put in a good word for you, if they still want to put you in Jail. But if they don't that means they have forgiven your actions in the past and are trusting you now.

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