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Chapter 5




(A.N.: Before I begin, I am sorry for the late posting of this chapter, I have been extremely busy with other stories and Life itself. However, I am doing my best to get these chapters Uploaded to the best of my Abilities. Also, for those who think Shauna should die because no one should take Ash while May is alive. Shauna is married to John Bertrand, which means she wouldn't want to take Ash from May, at ALL. Thank you for your time, and enjoy the Chapter.)

Ash stood at the forward operating base on Ula'ula Island facing Akala Island when John Approached him and used telepathy to say, "Our forces are moving nicely towards the mountain, we should have our flag up there in no time." Ash nodded his head and said, "Good, I want everyone in Alola to see our flag where they once saw the Comet Empires flag. We will be victorious. We must be." Then John nodded his head and said, "Do you sense him over there?" Ash nodded his head and telepathically said, "Brock." John nodded his head again and said, "I sense him too, one of your longest friends and he decides to betray you because Tracy bribed him with stronger Pokémon. I'll capture him and make sure he pays for that." But Ash shook his head and said, "Not yet, We need to know what they are doing over on that Island. Has the supplies from Sableye 1 come in yet?"

John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, came in a few hours ago, we have everything we need to infiltrate the base. Some of our boys and Alolan resistance fighters have volunteered to partake in the reconnaissance, Mallow being one of them. Kiawe said that she and him know the Island so it was logical to bring her along as well." Just then, an Alliance Soldier approached Ash and John and said, "Commanders, we have received word from Commander Gary and Commander Max, they have reached Poni Island and have encountered Comet Empire Forces, they have exchanged gunfire but were able to take the beaches and made their way to where the Island Kahunas and Alola's main army was last heard from. They were all suffering from Battle Fatigue and were almost all out of Ammo when our forces arrived. Our Doctors and Nurse Joys are treating them and their Pokémon right now." Ash smiled as John said, "Excellent, tell Gary and Max that we appreciate them telling us and have them ask the Island Kahunas if they can meet with Ash. I'm going to infiltrate a Comet Empire base to find out what's going on over there." The Alliance Soldier nodded his head and walked off. Ash then said, "Go under the cover of Darkness, I'll have some Pokémon use rain Dance to get you some clouds to conceal your approach." but John said, "Why not use one of the Wailord-Class Submarines?"

"They might have Mines in the Water, I'm not taking the chance that there are no mines under the Water." replied Ash. John wasn't going to Argue so he just nodded his head and said, "I'll go get my things for this mission, I'll stay in telepathic Contact with you and give you updates." Ash nodded his head and John walked off as Ash looked on at the Island in front of him and he thought, "Brock is going to pay for the betrayal against not only me, but against the entirety of the Core Regions. This promise I make now and will make sure that they will pay for their crimes." Ash then turned around and saw one of the Guardian Deities floating behind him, it was Yellow and he telepathically said, "Greetings Champion Ketchum, I am Tapu Koko. Please forgive Tapu Lele, ever since she Lost her Island to that air Virus, she's been completely devastated." Ash nodded his head and Telepathically said, "I completely understand Tapu Koko, know that we will do everything in our Power to get that Virus cured." Tapu Koko nodded his head and said, "And I wish to help in that endeavor, I would like you to catch me." Ash was shocked, but he smiled and said, "I'm more than willing to catch you, but what about your brother and sisters?" and Tapu Koko said, "They will join your cause in time, but know that you will always have Allies in Alola." Ash smiled at that response. Ash then took out a Pokéball and Tapped the button on Tapu Koko's head and after he went inside it and three shakes and A ding Later, Ash successfully caught Tapu Koko. Ash then called Tapu Koko back out and said, "Once this war is over, I'll return you here to the Alola Region if you want, or you can stay on my team, I will not force the Decision upon you." Tapu Koko nodded his head and floated over next to Ash to look at the Dead Island of Akala.


As the first night of liberating Alola fell, John and the squad of Alliance and Alolan Resistance Commandos that were in disguises finally arrived at Akala Island. John looked at Kiawe and said, "Have two soldiers hide the boats, then we move to find the Blacksite on this island." Kiawe nodded his head and ordered two Alolan Resistance Soldiers to hide and stay with the rafts as he and John led the way to find the Blacksite. Along the way, John saw several People and Pokémon on the ground that looked a lot like the Grocery Store employee, which caused him to almost throw up, but he kept himself from doing it and saw a Comet Empire soldier and after giving the signal to his team to stop, he looked down the scope and when he turned to allow his rebreather to get in the shot, John fired a bullet from his Suppressed M4A1 Assault Rifle with a Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6×24 – BDC (MOA) Riflescope and extended Magazine and his Bullet struck the Rebreather and caused the Comet Empire Soldier to panic and as he tried to call for help, he realized that he couldn't as the Pyroar Virus was already breathed in and his lungs filled with blood from the Virus and he was in agony as he fell to his knees and finally to the ground dead. John then motioned his team forward. Kiawe then told two soldiers to hide the Body out of sight as they progressed down the road.

After a while, they entered a small town called Paniola Town. Kiawe stood at the Sign going into the Town and said, "I take it that you live around here?" and Kiawe said, "Yes, Just on the outskirts." Just then, they heard a truck and John told them to hide out of sight and watched as the Truck rolled by and several Comet Empire soldiers followed behind it. John looked at Kiawe and said, "Those soldiers are probably heading to their base, let's follow them. I need two of your people staying behind and provide Overwatch in case things go sour fast. I'll order two of my people to stay here as well." Kiawe nodded his head, looked at his team and said, "Akuma, Jade, stay here and provide Overwatch for us in case things go south." Two Alolan Resistance Fighters nodded their heads as John looked at Two Alliance Soldiers and said, "Ryan, Cassidy, you two will also stay here and provide Overwatch for us in case things go south." The two Alliance Members John was talking to nodded their heads. John and Kiawe then led the remaining squad members in the Direction of where the Truck and Comet Empire Soldiers went.

Back on Ula'ula Island, Ash and Gary, who was back from Poni Island, were looking at a Map when an Alliance Soldier approached them and said, "Commanders, we just received word from the Marines from the Alpha Region, they've taken Mount Lanakila and have planted Our Flag there." Ash smiled and said, "Good, That was a key point we needed to secure the Alola Region, Have the Marines from the Beta Region and tanks from the Charlie region go and relieve them. We'll get long range Artillery on the top and use it to bombard Akala Island." The Alliance Soldier nodded his head and walked off as Ash and Gary both received a telepathic link from John, "Can you guys copy me?" and Ash said, "We Copy you John, what's your Progress?" John said, "We managed to take down a few guards and infiltrate the Main Comet Empire Blacksite, they're making more of the Pyroar Virus and are planning to get it shipped out of the Region through a ship that has our flag on it. I have our forces placing Explosives in key locations to make sure this site will never get used again. I also have eyes on Brock, they call him Commander Black Hole." Ash nodded his head and telepathically told John, "Capture him alive, I want everything he knows about the Comet Empires Plans, and why he betrayed me." Then Gary said, "We all know why he betrayed you Ash, Tracy bribed him with stronger Pokémon." Then John telepathically said, "Gary's right Ash, Tracy bribed him, end of story."

"I know that's one reason, but I want to know if there's any more to it." Ash said to the two of them. John mentally sighed and said, "Very well, but don't worry Ash, I'll make sure he comes quietly." Ash acknowledged John and the telepathic transmission ended. Gary then looked at Ash and said, "Are you sure you want to face him Ash?" causing Ash to look back at Akala Island and said, "He and Misty were two of my closest friends Gary, besides you and John. After six journeys across the regions, two regions they joined me for together and another two for Brock. I want to know... if he was so easily bribed like …. Or if he was forced to betray me." Back with John and Kiawe, they were walking up to where they saw Brock and passed by a testing chamber with a Pokémon inside it as a purple gas was put in. John and Kiawe watched as the Poor Pokémon suddenly exploded, it almost made John gag in his rebreather before he regained his composure and went back to the mission on hand. John and Kiawe walked for a few more minutes until they reached Brock's Office.

Kiawe was the person who knocked on the Door and when Brock said, "Enter," led John into the Office. Inside the Office, John saw pictures of Brock and his family on the walls and a picture of all of them; Ash, Brock, Misty, and John, after they all met, sitting on his desk as Brock looked out at the Pyroar-Virus fog the Comet Empire had created. Brock then looked at Kiawe and John and, thinking that they were just two Comet Empire Soldiers, said, "What can I help you two soldiers with?" John and Kiawe looked at each other and nodded their heads before taking their gas masks off revealing their faces to Brock. Brock was shocked and as he reached for the Phone, Kiawe shot it with his own Suppressed GLOCK 22 Gen4 Semi-Auto Pistol with an Vortex Optics Venom Pistol Sight and Extended Magazine as John held his M4A1 Assault Rifle at Brock and said to Kiawe, "Lock the Door." Kiawe nodded his head and locked the Door as John said to Brock, "Hands in the air Brock, Now." Brock knew John was being serious and did as John said.

John then told Kiawe to search Brock, incase of any surprises. Kiawe nodded his head and after searching Brock, revealed a Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan Double-Action Revolver, two combat Knives, and a GLOCK 22 Gen4 Semi-Auto Pistol of his own, Brock was then cleared of all weapons. John then said, "Brock Hartman, as a commanding Officer in the Alliance Army, I hereby place you under arrest for crimes against the Seven Core Regions and the alliance. Do you have anything to say in your defense?" and Brock said, "None." John chuckled before he said, "Really, nothing? Nothing at all?" Brock simply nodded his head.

John then got a confused look on his face before he said, "Seriously? The Famous Brock Hartman, known for trying to get into the pants of every girl you met, and you're speechless right now? I'm shocked. Anyway, Champion of the Ortron Region and Commander in chief of the Alliance Ash Ketchum wishes to speak with you back on Ula'ula Island." Brock chuckled before he said, "Do you honestly think that the soldiers and scientists will let you leave here with me in your Custody?" John smiled and said, "You'll be surprised…" After a while, Kiawe and John Busted out of Brock's office and after Kiawe fired a few shots from his unsuppressed Assault Rifle and John said after everyone looked at them, also with Brock in a headlock, "LISTEN UP YOU COMET EMPIRE DICKWEEDS, WE HAVE YOUR BOSS HERE. ANYONE WHO TRIES ANYTHING AGAINST US, THIS DIPSHIT GETS A BULLET IN THE HEAD!" John and Kiawe began to walk forward with Brock and his GLOCK 22 Gen4 Semi-Auto Pistol at his head. Then Brock Shouted, "DON'T JUST STAND THERE YOU IDIOTS, KILL THEM!" and just as two Comet Empire Soldiers were about to fire, suddenly, the rest of John's and Kiawe's Team appeared and surrounded John and Brock as they continued to move towards the Exit while shooting the weapons out of the two soldiers hands. Kiawe got on the Radio and told his two people on overwatch, "We have the Target, moving to extraction, be ready in case we need coverage." Kiawe's men acknowledged him and as they got closer and closer to the Door, Brock said, "Why don't you just give up John, the Comet Empire will defeat your pathetic Alliance of Regions."

"Shut up Brock, we already defeated you in battle several times, captured some ships and liberated an Island in this Region with the help of the Alolan Resistance. We will win this war, the war YOU started by destroying the Pikachu and costing me my arm. Your fighters escorting Unova-Long Range Bombers turned and fired on Alliance aircraft as they tried to turn the Bombers away. This might be a long War, but it will be a war you lose, so SHUT UP AND KEEP MOVING!" Brock couldn't believe how strong John was, a lot has changed since the betrayal over ten years ago. After finally reaching the Door John had Kiawe Put Brock's Mask on and His Mask on. After which, John led Brock outside and saw a Truck and said, "That truck's our Exfil, Move it!" Then Brock said through his mask, "You'll never get it started, it needs a Fingerprint Identification from a Comet Empire Soldier to be on the steering wheel at all times."

"I can help with that." Said a Voice as John and Brock got closer to the truck and saw a Comet Empire Solder walk up to them. The Comet Empire Soldier then said, "Consider this my declaration of defecation to the Alliance." John smiled under his gas mask and said to Kiawe, "Kiawe, take the Passenger side with this soldier. Everyone else, in the back, move it!" Everyone followed John's orders and got in the back of the Truck as Kiawe and the defector drove off the site. One Soldier then took out a detonator and pushed the button, afterwhich, the entire Blacksite blew up. Kiawe then told the Defector to stop and when he did, Kiawe got out and said, "Come on Men, we're returning to base."


Back on Ula'ula Island, Ash and Tapu Koko saw the Explosion on Akala Island and Ash said to Tapu Koko, "Seems to me like John's handywork." Tapu Koko nodded his head and said, "It would seem like your Second-in-Command likes to blow stuff up." Ash chuckled and said, "Only if it deals with stuff for the Enemy." Tapu Koko chuckled as Gary walked up to the two and said, "Ash, The Island Kahunas are here to speak with you along with the Commanding General of the Alolan Army." Ash nodded his head and said to Gary, "Show them to the Command Tent, I'll speak to them there." Gary nodded his head and walked off. Tapu Koko then said, "I'm glad the Island Kahunas are safe." Ash nodded his head and said, "Me too Tapu Koko, come, let's go and speak with them." Tapu Koko nodded his head and followed Ash as they went to the Alliance Command Tent.

At the Alliance Command Tent, Ash saw five people standing there with Gary. The man next to Gary wore a Military Uniform and had 5 stars on both sides of his Collar, Ash concluded that he was the Commanding General of the Alolan Army. The man standing next to the Army General was older, looked to be in his late 60s early 70s, and wore blue sandals on his feet, white Shorts, a Blue Undershirt with a white Rope around his waist and a larger yellow shirt with white flowers on it. He was clearly an expert in fighting type Pokémon. The Woman standing next to him was a lot younger, about in her mid to late 40s. She wore a lot of gems and rocks around her Ankles and wrists. She wore enough clothing to cover her private areas, it was clear to Ash that she was an expert in Rock Type Pokémon by her looks. Next to the Rock type Expert Stood a man wearing Dark clothes, a Red shirt and red Sandals. The man looked to be in his mid to late 50s. Ash thought, "Clearly an expert in Dark type Pokémon." The last person was female and she looked a little young to be an Island Kahuna, she looked like she was in her mid teen years and looked like she rode some of the Local Pokémon called Mudsdale. Ash then said, "I'm Ash Ketchum, Champion of the Otron Region and Commander of the Alliance." The General was first to speak and he said, "I'm General Hackett Alana, commanding General of the Alolan Army, or what's left of it. From the Closest to me to the furthest are the Island Kahunas; Hala Hala: Island Kahuna of Melemele Island, Oliva Lychee: Island Kahuna of Akala Island, Nanu Kuchinashi: Island Kahuna of Ula'ula Island, and the Youngest of the bunch, the Island Kahuna of Poni Island: Hapu Hāpuʻu."

"Greetings Island Kahuna's, General Alana, on behalf of the Alliance of Free Regions, I welcome you all to our Command Tent." said Ash. Hala nodded his head and said, "Thank you Champion Ketchum, I'm glad that you got to Poni Island when you did. We were almost out of Ammunition." Ash chuckled and said, "Well, we'll get your force's supplies to replenish the supplies you had to use in the defense of Alola." Hana nodded his head again and thanked Ash for it. Ash then said, "Now that the Alolan Army is off Poni Island alone, I would like your forces and the forces of the Alolan Resistance to unite and become the Alolan Liberation Army, is that okay with you?" Hala looked at his fellow Kahunas and General Alana, who all nodded their heads, causing Hala to look back at Ash and he said, "We accept, we want to help liberate the rest of the Regions." ASh smiled and said, "Excellent, We'll need everyone willing." That was when an Alliance Soldier walked into the command Tent and said, "Commander Ketchum, Commander Bertrand is Back from the Mission he was sent on and requests a cell for a P.O.W. that he caught while on the island."

"Do we have an Identification of the P.O.W.?" Ash asked and the Soldier said, "Comet Empire General Brock Hartman." Ash and Gary looked at each other and Ash said, "Excuse me for a moment." Ash then left and had the Soldier lead him to John, Kiawe, and Brock. At the spot where he had the boats pull up onto the sand on Ula'ula Island, John and Kiawe held Brock in an Arm Lock as Ash and the Alliance Soldier told him about them. John then let go of Brock, allowing Kiawe to put Brock on his knees, and walked up to Ash and the two shared a brotherly embrace. After they parted from the hug, Ash asked, "Is what I was just told true, do we have Brock?" and John nodded and showed Brock's face to Ash. Ash knelt to look Brock in the eyes and said, "Hello Brock, did you enjoy the trip back here?" Brock said nothing, but he spat in Ash's face, resulting in a punch across the face and kick in the Stomach from John. As Ash wiped the spit from his face, he said to Brock, "Now why would you go and do that Brock. I was talking calmly to you." Brock looked at Ash as he laid on the ground and said, "I won't tell you fucking anything Ash. The Empire will destroy your pathetic Alliance."

Ash chuckled and said, "You keep telling yourself that Brock, as you fucking rot in the fucking cell we're going to put your fucking dumbass in until your trial for crimes against the Seven Core Regions and the Alliance." Ash looked at two Alliance Soldiers and said, "Get this Fucker out of my sights." The Two Alliance Soldiers Ash was talking to nodded their heads, grabbed Brock and took him away. Ash then looked at John and said, "I take it that the Blacksite's destroyed?" John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, destroyed it last night, but I had our team wait until I felt no enemy forces were nearby before we launched the rafts." Ash nodded his head and said, "Understood, we have the island Kahunas and the commanding General of the Alolan Army at the Command Tent." Then John said, "Well why didn't you say that, come on!" John and Ash then led Kiawe to the command Tent after Kiawe told the Soldiers that they were dismissed.

Back at the Command Tent, John met the commanding General of the Alolan Army and the four Island Kahunas as Kiawe caught up with them. Ash then said, "We've recaptured 50% of the Alola Region. The only Islands left to take are Melemele Island and Akala Island." Then General Alana said, "What about the Pyroar Virus? That gas is going to make taking the Island hard?" Then Kiawe said, "I think I have a Remedy for that?" Ash looked at the Fire-type expert and asked, "What do you have in mind Kiawe?" Kiawe then said, "As we were heading to Brock's Office, I saw a Report on a clipboard that showed that the Pyroar Virus Gas can be negated with Water, turning the Gas completely inert. The Scientists in the Blacksite were trying to get rid of that affect." Ash smiled and said, "Good, we'll use Rain Dance on the Island and take it that way."

Then Olivia said, "That might be a problem, it's a big Island and just using Rain Dance alone could take a while." But Ash said, "I figured that, which is why we'll either use a lot of Pokémon that know Rain Dance." That was when John said, "How about we take down the forces on the Island FIRST before worrying about the gas." Ash nodded his head and said, "That would probably be a good Idea." Ash then said, "Right now, let's go and liberate Melemele Island." Everyone in the Command Tent nodded their heads and walked out and Kiawe reunited with his fellow Alolan Resistance fighters as Ash and John walked to the Fortree City to speak to Admiral Washington.

On the Fortree City's Bridge, Ash and John saw Admiral Washington signing something. After which, Admiral Washington saw Ash and John and said, "Commanders, what can I do for you?" and Ash said, "I need any ship near Melemele Island to commence an artillery Barrage on the Island at anything that the Comet Empire Built." Admiral Washing nodded his head and said, "I would do that, but there are Coastal Guns that prevent us from getting any of our ships close enough to provide an efficient firing Barrage." That was when John said, "Looks like we're going to have to do it the old Fashion way, Planes first, infantry second." Ash nodded his head, looked at John and before he even said anything, John telepathically said, "Before you ask Ash, I'll be more than willing to lead the ground forces as we storm Melemele island." Ash chuckled and Telepathically said, "You know me too well my friend. I was about to ask you to do that" John smiled and said, "Yup, I'll get some divisions not on Akala Island ready to assault Melemele Island." John then walked out of the Bridge to get ready for the battle of Melemele Island. The Empire-Alliance War has had Casualties, and the Alliance is making ground, and Ash just hopes that he will win the war and bring freedom to the seven Core Regions and Justice against the people who betrayed him and are leaders of the Comet Empire and their crimes against the seven Core Regions.

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