Broken Friendship 2 - The War @crusherboy93
Chapter 4

_X_ Time skip



Stories mentioned in a fourth wall break

When they arrived, Admiral Washington was looking through the binoculars at Alola and heard Ash ask, "So we can see Alola now?" Admiral Washington looked at Ash, John, Paul, and Max and he said, "Yes, we can just see the top of the Mountain and sources tell us that it's called Mount Lanakila." Ash took the binoculars from Admiral Washington and looked through them and saw the top of Mount Lanakila. At the top of the mountain was the Team Comet Empire's flag at the top. Ash then said, "That flag's going to be taken down and replaced with our flag, launch the bombers, we take that Island first.." Admiral Washington nodded his head and ordered all the fighter-bombers on all the carriers to launch and their target was the beach defenses along Ula'ula Island's shorelines. As the fighter-bomber squadrons took off, Admiral Washington had the fleet turn so all the ships gave an effective firing solution. As the ships moved into their firing positions, the fighter-bomber squadrons began their attack on the beaches. Dylan had his squadron fire missiles at the AA guns and artillery pieces. Dylan was then told by Admiral Washington, "Charizard Leader, we're in a position to shell the beaches, have all fighters clear out."

"Roger that Admiral, all fighters pull back, let the fleet have some fun." All the fighters acknowledged Dylan and they all pulled back. Back on the flagship, an ensign said to Admiral Washington, Ash, and John; "Admiral, Commanders, all fighters have pulled back and the ships are all in their positions." Admiral Washington nodded his head and told the Radio Operator, "Send the word to all ships, begin shelling the Island." The Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, Frigates, Strike Cruisers, and Missile launcher ships opened fire at the beach, battering comet Empire forces and destroying emplacements, Ash then looked at John and said, "I want you to lead the beach landings." John looked at Ash and said, "Alright, I'll make sure we take that beach." Ash smiled and said, "I know you will now get going." John nodded his head and ran to get into a landing craft to land on the beach. Ash then said, "I want fighter support and a constant Naval Barrage in front of the beaches, I don't want to see a single defensive building left standing. Let me know when our forces reach the beaches so we can stop the naval bombardment." Admiral Washington nodded his head and ordered the naval bombardment to continue.

Back with John, his landing craft was coming up to the beach where they would land. John then heard the person controlling the landing craft, "Get ready, thirty seconds." John then said, "Alright boys, this is the moment where the alliance shows the Comet Empire that we are a force to be reckoned with. They think they were Clever in launching a preemptive strike against us, but we came back from that attack and we became stronger than before. Now we'll show the enemy that we can liberate the occupied regions, so stay low, stick to cover as we push up, and for Arceus sake don't get shot." The men in the landing craft with John nodded their heads and they got ready to charge. When the landing craft reached the beach, the door opened and a hail of bullets came flying into the landing craft, killing the first few soldiers in the front.

John then turned his robot arm into the gun mode and opened fire at the place the bullets were coming from. From the sky, dozens of Pidgeot and Swellow used Air Slash on enemy Pokémon while a team of Gyarados used Hyper Beam to destroy several bunkers. John then called for a radio operator to call Ash. When Ash picked up, John said, "Ash, it's John, we're on the beaches, and we have a heavily fortified bunker in front of us. I need a Naval Strike on the green smoke!" Ash then looked at Admiral Washington and said, "Contact the Bertrand, tell them to fire at the green smoke." Admiral Washington nodded his head and as he told the battleship the Bertrand, John popped a smoke grenade and threw it towards the bunker. The captain of the battleship the Bertrand saw the smoke and said, "Target grid sector HOTEL NINER, GOLF NINER, GOLF AIT, HOTEL AIT, fire for effect!" and all three battleship guns opened fire at the bunker that was in front of John. A few moments later, the shells reached the bunker and completely demolished it. John then told the men with him forward and they charged as Ash told the Bertrand to hold fire.

A few minutes later, Comet Empire forces were in retreat deep into the island. John successfully led allied forces to victory and they set up a beachhead, but he knew that the next few beach invasions wouldn't be as smooth. In fact, they would be a lot harder to get through. John was then approached by an Alliance soldier and the soldier said, "General, commander Ketchum is requesting permission to come to the shore." John nodded his head and radioed Ash to call me to the beaches. A few moments later, Ash arrived by helicopter and he stepped foot on the beaches, surrounded by craters, destroyed defensive structures and bodies of both Comet Empire and Alliance soldiers. Ash then walked up to his second in command and asked for the casualty report and John said, "30 men dead, 23 wounded, we captured a few prisoners, most of them were from Kanto and Jhoto."

Ash slowly shook his head and said, "Of course, Tracy would do something like this, using troopers from loyal regions to occupy the regions that refused to bow." Gary then approached Ash and John and said, "Ash, John, two people with weapons just showed up from the woods nearby, say they're with the Alolan Resistance, and they would only speak with you two." Ash and John looked at each other before they followed Gary to the temporary command Center. When John and Ash arrived at the Temp. Command Center, they saw the two people Gary mentioned, a male and a female. The man was Dark-Skinned with red hair in front and on the sides of his head and brown hair everywhere else on his head. He wore no shirt, red and brown shorts and sandals. The female was Caucasian and had blue hair, a white tank-top, blue pants and Blue sandals. The Man approached Ash and John and shook their hands and said, "Greetings, Champion Ketchum and Commander Bertrand, I am Kiawe, one of the leaders of the Alolan Resistance Council." Then the woman said, "My name is Lana, also one of the leaders of the Alolan Resistance Council." Ash then shook Lana's hand and said, "On behalf of the alliance, I'm grateful you resist the imperial occupation of your region, and I am sorry we didn't get here sooner. But now that we are here, we will help you liberate Alola." Lana and Kiawe nodded their heads and Lana said, "We have a map of everything that is a vital location to the Comet Empire Garrison in Alola."

Ash nodded his head and said, "Okay, just tell us the closest airfield to here so we can take it to give our fighters a refueling area to strike at the other core regions." Kiawe and Lana nodded their heads again before Kiawe said, "The closest one to here is a klick north of here." Ash nodded his head in acknowledgement, then he looked at John and said, "Take 3 companies and take that airfield." John acknowledged Ash, and Lana said, "I'll lead the way." Kiawe then told Lana to be careful and her response was kissing him on the lips, and she said, "You know I will." The two then shared another kiss before Lana walked away with John to get the three companies, they would be using to take the airfield. Ash then looked at Kiawe and said, "Girlfriend?" Kiawe nodded his head and said, "Yeah, we've been together for a year now." Ash smiled and said, "Well, I'm happy to hear that you are finding happiness during this time of hardship, just be sure that you both make it through this war." Kiawe nodded his head and asked Ash if he wanted to see the map of the Alola Region and Ash said yes.

Meanwhile, in Otron, Elizabeth was being escorted by two Otron National Guard soldiers for her protection when May and Shauna walked up to her and May said, "Ahh, you must be the mother of the two teenage girls that came from the Alola Region, our husbands met you already." Elizabeth nodded her head and said, "Yes, your husbands are very kind." May smiled and said, "Well, that's what caused us to fall in love with them in the first place, we were just about to do some grocery shopping, why don't you join us?" Elizabeth nodded her head, and they all walked towards the grocery store to do shopping. May then asked Elizabeth, "How are your two daughters doing?" Elizabeth looked at May and Shauna and said, "They're doing fine, talking about boys and make up, the usual teenage girl stuff." May and Shauna chuckled before Shauna said, "They're teenage girls, that's what we expected to talk about."

Back in Alola, Ash and Kiawe were looking at a map when an Alliance soldier walked up to them and said, "Commander, we've just received a transmission from Commander Bertrand, he's taken the airfield with minimum Casualties and is requesting some Tank support to hold the airfield." Ash nodded his head and said, "Okay send the 2nd Armor Company to reinforce them." The soldier nodded his head and saluted Ash before walking away. Ash then looked back at the map he and Kiawe were looking at and said, "So what were you saying about this Island." Kiawe saw Ash point at an Island with a big red X on it and Kiawe said, "That island was called Akala Island, it was home to Tapu Lele and Lana, a girl named Mallow and I were Trial Captains of the Island before the Comet Empire invaded, the Pokémon and people on the Island protested the occupation, only to be met with being gunned down, arrested, beaten or worse, they suffered from the Pyroar Virus." Ash was shocked to hear the Comet Empire used the Pyroar Virus on civilians. Kiawe then said, "When the people of Akala Island heard the Alliance was coming, they rose up and actually freed the entire Island, but the Comet Empire Forces wasn't going to let them have it for long, they dropped Barrels filled with the Pyroar Virus on the island and killed every living thing on the island, but we managed to get Tapu Lele out of there before the Canisters hit the ground, Tapu Lele went into her shell and hasn't come out since." Ash sighed and said, "I did my research on the Alola Region, Tapu Lele was the guardian deity of Akala Island, I can understand why she won't come out of her shell."

"Yeah, But I wish she could help us, the other Guardian Deities refuse to help us without Tapu Lele." Kiawe said to Ash before Ash asked where Tapu Lele was and Kiawe said, "She's in our base, along with the rest of the Island Guardians." Ash then said, "I would like to meet the Island Guardians, Tapu Lele especially." Kiawe then had a serious look on his face before he smiled and said, "We would be honored to have the Champion of the Otron Region and leader of the Alliance in our base, I request that we wait for Lana and John to return." Kiawe nodded his head and the two waited for John and Lana to return.

After an hour of waiting, John and Lana walked into the command tent, covered in smoke, dirt, grime, and blood. Ash saw this and asked, "I take it that they fought hard to keep the airfield?" and John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, they fought hard, Machine gun Emplacements, Mortars, Artillery pieces, Anti-air guns. But we took the Artillery pieces and Mortars out before they could try anything." Then Lana said, "Yeah, John was essential in taking out the Artillery Pieces, that robotic arm of his is really something else." John lifted up his robotic arm and said, "It will need some fine tuning, and probably a scope to increase Accuracy." Ash smiled and said, "I'll have Dylan edit his plans up immediately." John nodded his head and Lana hugged Kiawe and he said, "Glad you're alive, I was worried about you." Lana smiled and the two shared a kiss. John walked to Ash and asked if he talked to May yet and Ash said, "Not yet, in fact I was waiting for you to get back before I placed the call to Otron." John smiled and the two walked over to the screen and told the communication's officer to place the call and he did, soon enough, May and Shauna appeared on the other end with Collin and Aubrey. Ash was the first to speak and he said, "Hey there, how are my favorite girls and favorite son?" May chuckled and said, "Collin's your only son and we're all doing fine." Ash smiled as John said, "How about you Shauna, how are you feeling?" Shauna rubbed her stomach and said, "I'm doing fine John, and so is John Junior." John smiled at the sound of her saying that. John then said, "I was just making sure my love, want to make sure that you're doing fine since I can't be there with you to help you right now." Shauna smiled and said, "I know you want to be here my loving husband, but I would like our son to see the Regions where we came from." John nodded his head and said, "I'm still anxious for holding him for the first time. I'll never forget it when we first found out it would be a boy." Shauna nodded her head and said, "If I remember correctly, you fainted when we found out it would be a boy." Then, John's foot started to hurt and when Ash asked what was the matter, John said, "Just the sprain I got in the latest chapter of Crusherboy93's Wait, I'm supposed to take you seriously."

"Oh yeah, from Forrest's Rhyperior's Rock Wrecker when you saved your Eevee in that Story." Said Ash. John nodded his head and then May said, "I can't believe I betray Ash in that Story and Brock betrays you in this one." Ash looked at his wife and said, "It's what Crusherboy93 wants to happen in his stories." Then John said, "Yeah, the chapter should be up by now." Then Shauna said, "Isn't this breaking the fourth wall?" and John said, "Yes, but I think Crusherboy93 wants to have a fourth wall break in all of his stories from now on." Shauna chuckled as May and Ash smiled when Kiawe walked up to them and said, "Champion Ketchum, Commander Bertrand, we've discovered something from our inside man and we request you meet him." John and Ash nodded their heads, looked at their wives and May said, "We know, you have to go. Well, we all love you and miss you both." Then Ash said, "And we love you and miss you guys too." May and Shauna nodded their heads and the video chat ended. Ash and John then followed Lana and Kiawe back to their headquarters, Leaving Gary, Max, Bonnie, and Paul in charge. Along the way, Ash asked John, "So who do you think we'll fight next in Power Rangers Poké Fury?" and Ash said, "I don't know. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact in that story you and I are brothers in that story." John nodded his head and said, "I mean, Crusherboy93 is the writer, so he can decide what is put in and what isn't put in." Ash nodded his head in agreement and said, "True, like how he made you and Dawn get married in his first ever Fanfiction Pokémon High School Rebellion." John nodded his head in agreement and said, "I'm still trying to figure out how it comes before Star Wars Pokémon Rebels if in Pokémon High School Rebellion,we were computer Programs that became Sentient when that anomaly happened." Then Ash said, "I think he decided to make that whole world part of a different Universe, meaning in the original Story we were Computer Programs, but in Star Wars Pokémon Rebels it was a whole different universe." Then John said, "Then what about Star Wars, A Jedi Out of Time?" Ash then told John that Star Wars, A Jedi Out of Time came before Pokémon High School Rebellion which would make Star Wars Pokémon Rebels the Sequel to Pokémon High School Rebellion, chronologically. Then John said, "So in chronological Order, it's Star Wars, A Jedi Out of Time, Pokémon High School Rebellion, and Star Wars Pokémon Rebels." causing Ash to nod his head

"Oh, okay, and I bet Readers of all three Stories were wondering the same thing." said John, causing Ash to nod his head in agreement. Kiawe and Lana then looked at the two friends and Kiawe said, "Are you guys done breaking the fourth wall?" John and Ash nodded their heads, causing Lana to say, "Good, because we're here." Lan and Kiawe then pressed a stone and it slide into the wall side that they were at and a hallway appeared as part of the Wall slid to the side. Lana and Kiawe prompted Ash and John to walk in, they did. After which, Lana and Kiawe followed them and the Wall slid back into its original Spot. Soon Lights came on and Ash and John looked down the hallway and Ash said, "Just like the Hallway in Pokémon High School Rebellion." John nodded his head in agreement and said, "Not to mention the Hallway in Star Wars Pokémon Rebels, Even though it was just the same hallway. Just old, dusty, and not very well maintained." Kiawe and Lana looked at each other, then they slipped passed John and Ash and Kiawe said, "Follow Us to the war room." John and Ash nodded their heads and followed the two Alolans to the War room where Lille, Mallow, a Blonde haired woman and boy stood around a table and they saw the four new arrivals enter. Mallow walked up to Ash and John and extended her hand as she said, "Welcome Champion Ketchum, Commander Bertrand, My name is Mallow and it's truly an honor to be in your presence." Ash chuckled and John smiled as she said that and they shook her hand and Ash said, "No, the honor is ours, you believed I didn't do the crimes I was accused of and when the Comet Empire formed and took over your homes, you fought back before we declared war, I am sorry that we didn't get here in time to save the Citizens and Pokémon of Akala Island from the Pyroar Virus."

"You have no need to apologize Champion Ketchum, we know that you wanted to have enough firepower for the Alliance to stand up against the Comet Empire. My name is Lillie, by the way." said Lillie. The Blonde haired woman then introduced herself as Lillie's mother and her name was Lusamine and the boy introduced himself as Gladion and said that he was Lillie's brother. Kiawe asked Mallow if 'he' made contact with them yet and Mallow said, "He's on right now." Just then, the same blurry face from before appeared and said, "This is Sableye 1, it's an honor to meet you champion Ketchum and Commander Bertrand." Ash then said, "It's an honor to meet you, we heard a lot about you, what do you have to tell us now?' and Sableye 1 replied, "There's something going on on Akala Island, the commander just ordered more Gas Masks and Hazardous Material suits for troops stationed there." Ash and John looked at each other and knowing what the other was thinking, they both said, "Top Secret Blacksite." Lusamine nodded her head and said, "That's what I was thinking too. But the question is, What's over there that needs to be kept secret?"

Ash looked back at Sableye 1 and said, "Have some of those gas masks and H.M. Suits directed towards us, we're going to send some spies on a boat towards the island and figure out the situation on that island." Ash then looked at John and said, "Wanna lead the team?" to which John smiled and said, "TO find out what the Comet Empire is doing, absolutely, and I just realized something Ash." When Ash asked John what he just realized, John said, "Our war, the Comet Empire-Alliance War, is just like the Galactic Civil War that took place before Crusherboy93's Pokémon High School Rebellion, and Star Wars Pokémon Rebels, but during Crusherboy93's Star Wars, A Jedi Out of Time. The Comet Empire is like the Galactic Empire, and our alliance is like the Rebel Alliance, but instead of starships, we have regular ships."

Ash thought about what John said before he said, "You're right, our war with the Comet empire is Just like the Galactic Civil War." Kiawe then said, "Can we not break the fourth wall, because I'm pretty sure the fourth wall for this story is pretty smashed up at this point with all the references to other stories done by Crusherboy93. Right now, we need to assemble the team that will head to Akala Island so we can take our main base back." then Ash said, "So this is a backup base?" and everyone on the Alolan Resistance Council nodded their heads and Sableye 1 said, "The main base was evacuated and cut off when the canisters were first deployed, and they could be using that base as the Blacksite." Ash nodded his head in agreement and said, "Okay, so the infiltrating team will need to be consisted of Alliance Special Forces and Members of the Alolan Army of the Interior, that is if you want to be called that?" Kiawe and Lana looked at the others, then back at Ash and John and Kiawe said, "We're all in agreement that we would like to be called the Alolan Army of the Interior. But there are remnants of the main Alolan Army held up in a base on Poni Island, but we lost contact with them a while before you arrived. The Island Kahunas were also held up there." Ash told Kiawe and the Alolan Army of the Interior council that he would send Gary and Max to investigate the situation on Poni Island. Lillie then walked up to Ash and John and told them, "I also wish to go to Poni Island." Ash looked at Lusamine and she said, "She has become an intelligent young woman, and she's stubborn, so even if I said no, she would go anyway."

Ash nodded his head and told Lillie to stay close to Gary, who we will introduce to you when we tell him." Lillie nodded her head and Kiawe said, "I'll go with commander Bertrand to Akala Island to investigate the Comet Empire's blacksite." John had no objections, so Ash said, "Understood, let's get going." Kiawe kissed Lana goodbye and Lillie hugged her mother and Brother as they followed Ash and John out of their base and back to the beaches. Meanwhile, on Akala Island, a Man in a Hazardous Materials Suit was looking through some binoculars and saw Alliance Soldiers move across the beach chasing some Comet Empire Soldiers when another Comet Empire Soldier, also in a Hazardous Materials Suit, approached him and said, "Commander Black Hole, we are receiving a transmission from Emperor Tracy." The man looked at the Comet Empire Soldier and said, "Understood, tell our great Emperor that I will be there shortly to speak with him."

The Comet Empire Soldier bowed his upper half and walked away. Commander Black Hole then looked back at Ula'ula Island and thought, "I don't understand why Tracy put me here instead of someone else, I've been loyal to him and our new empire, better go see what he wants." Commander Black Hole then turned to go inside the blacksite to speak with Emperor Tracy, not aware of the plan of the Alliance to find out why that base was there.

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