Broken Friendship 2 - The War @crusherboy93
Chapter 3

_X_ Time skip



Collin began his story by saying, "When Bewear was still Stufful, He and I were walking in the woods when a wild Stunmadillo Attacked us. I called out Exphlosion and had him use Flamethrower, he used it, but the Stunmadillo dodged the attack struck Exphlosion with a Thunder Wheel and it paralyzed him. I only had Exphlosion with me and I didn't have any Paralyze Heals with me. So, I had Exphlosion use Fire Blast, but he couldn't. Just before the Stunmadillo Struck Exphlosion again, I ran into Stunmadillo's path and I was sent flying to Explosion. Stufful then used Hammer Arm and sent Stunmadillo sliding backward. As I got up, I saw Stufful fighting the Stunmadillo. I then pulled out the Pokédex you gave me and looked up the moves Stufful knew and it said that he knew Hammer Arm, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, and Focus Blast. I decided to partner up with Stufful to end the Battle and had him use Focus Blast, maximum Power. Stufful followed my Command and used Focus Blast, Maximum Power. When it struck the Stunmadillo, it was sent flying. Stufful then began to glow and that was when it evolved into Bewear. Bewear then picked me and Exphlosion up and he ran us to the Closest Pokémon Center. As Exphlosion was getting treated, I asked Bewear if he wanted to join my team, and he nodded his head, so I threw a Pokéball and it struck Bewear on the head, after three Shakes and a Ding, I caught Bewear." Ash smiled and said, "Well, I'm glad to see that Exphlosion is doing well." Exphlosion nodded his head and shot a powerful Flamethrower into the Air. Just then John and Shauna walked up to them with Bonnie and Max behind them and John said, "Is that the Stufful that was sent flying from the Alola Region." Ash nodded his head and said, "Collin caught him." John then walked over to Collin, rubbed his Adopted Nephew's head and said, "Looks like you're one step closer to becoming a Pokémon Master, just like your dad." Collin smiled. John then looked at Bewear and said, "How are you doing Bewear?"

"I'm doing fine Mr. Bertrand. I feel like I can take out an enemy Cruiser with my Focus Blast." Replied Bewear. John, Aubrey, Ash, and Bonnie all chuckled and John said, "Well if it can take out a cruiser, we can use you in the sea Battles." Ash then said, "Well, when we make our way to the Alola Region and we come across an enemy fleet, we'll use Bewear in the battle." Just then, an Alliance Naval Officer approached them and said, "Commanders, one of our Subs detected a small vessel heading towards Otron. The Direction it's traveling says that it came from the Alola Region." John and Ash looked at each, then back the Naval Officer and Ash said, "Send a frigate to investigate it, then bring the passengers to the Naval Yard, John and I would like to talk to them." The Naval Officer nodded his head, saluted Ash and John, who saluted back, and he went to get a frigate to pick up the people from the boat coming from the Alola Region.

Meanwhile, in the Hoenn Region, the Kanto and Jhoto sections of the Comet Empire's Army had Units merged to equal the standard size units for the Comet Empire. Several Kanto and Johto soldiers thought that they shouldn't be there. When the rebel Cells sprung up, a few soldiers deserted the Army and joined the Rebels while others acted as Rebel Spies. While a small group of soldiers joined the Rebels, the rest of the Soldiers from Kanto and Jhoto were Loyal to the Comet Empire. As a Comet Empire squad was escorting a truck, it got attacked by Hoenn Rebels, and All but three Soldiers were killed. As two soldiers were tied up, one soldier was left untied and the Rebel's leader walked up to him and she said, "Well, you're Intel was good, welcome to the Rebellion." The Comet Empire soldier shook the Rebel leader's hand said, "Thank you man, it's a pleasure to have completed my mission." The man then pulled out his Pistol and shot the Rebel Leader in the head. Suddenly, more Comet Empire Soldiers came out from hiding and either killed or captured every Rebel in the attack. The man then pulled out his Radio and said into it, "This is Rebel Bait, the Rebel leader is dead, and her rebel soldiers are either dead or captured too, returning to Base." That was the end of the Rebel Cell near Mount Chimney, after the destruction of that Rebel Cell, All Rebel Cells were wary of people from Kanto and Jhoto. Back in Otron, Ash and May were watching Collin and Aubrey play with their Pokémon. Ash had his arm around May and her head was on his shoulder. Just then, John and Shauna walked up to them. May got up and hugged Shauna as John and Ash shook hands. Ash then said, "How's she doing?" John looked at his Wife and May, then back at Ash and said, "Well, J.J.'s due in about 2 more months, Shauna is getting more and more anxious about our first child." Ash then said, "Wasn't babysitting Aubrey when she was a baby enough experience?" John then said, "Aubrey was different, this is our first child for Shauna and me."

Suddenly, an Alliance soldier walked up to them and said, "Commanders, the Alliance Frigate Frogadier has picked up the people in the boat that our sub detected. There were three people in the boat, a Mother and her two daughters, and the Mother want to speak with you two." John looked at Ash and said, "Let's see what she wants." Ash nodded his head, looked at May and Shauna and said, "We need to go, talk to you girls later." May and Shauna nodded their head and Ash and John followed the Alliance soldier to the Alliance Frigate Frogadier.

_X_ A half hour Later

When Ash, John, and the Alliance Soldier arrived at the Alliance Frigate Frogadier, the captain was at the bottom of the ramp going onto his ship waiting for Ash and John to arrive. When he saw Ash and John and he stood at Attention and said, "Commander Ketchum, Commander Bertrand, the people we picked up are in the Infirmary, follow me please." John and Ash followed the Captain to the Ships Infirmary. As they walked, Ash asked the Captain, "Has the mother said anything since asking for me and Commander Bertrand?" The Captain shook his head and said, "Not much, she's seems occupied in her thoughts." John then said, "Well, who do you have watching them." The captain replied, "I have two ensigns watching over the family." The Captain then let John and Ash walk into the Infirmary where the Ship's Chief Medical Officer. Ash then said, "And how are our guests today doctor?" The Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Robert Hill looked at John and Ash and he said, "Well, being out at sea for as long as these three were, they were severely Dehydrated, I had some people bring them water, as you can see." John and Ash looked at the stockpile of water bottles in the corner. Ash then asked Doctor Hill, "Is the mother able to talk to us?" Doctor Hill nodded his head and allowed John and Ash to go to her.

When they got to the bed the woman was laying on, Ash asked for the Woman's name and she said, "My name is Elizabeth." John then said, "Well Elizabeth, can you tell us where you are from?" Elizabeth slowly sat up and said, "I'm from Akala Island in the Alola Region." John and Ash used their Aura to see if Elizabeth was lying, and she wasn't. John then said, "How many children do you have?" Elizabeth then said, "Three, and their names are Harper, Sarah, and Lana. Lana isn't here because she and her friends are fighting against the Comet Empire Forces in the Alola Region, she's fighting on my home Island of Akala Island, one of the islands that make up the Alola Region." John and Ash looked at each other, then at Elizabeth and Ash said, "Well you can probably rest easy tonight because, in a few days when all of our new classes of ships are finished building and our recruits are finished training, we're going to begin Operation: Divine Light. Our first stop is going to be the Alola Region." Elizabeth breathed a sigh of happiness and relief and she said, "Well, the sooner the Comet Empire retreats from the Alola Region, the better." John smiled as Ash said, "Don't worry Elizabeth, we'll force the Comet empire off your home region."

After Doctor Hill gave Elizabeth and her two teenage daughters clean bills of health, Ash had two Alliance Soldiers escort Elizabeth and her daughters to a hotel in case any comet Empire spies and Infiltrators. As the Day went on, John oversaw the remaining construction of the Wailord-Class Submarines. Bonnie then walked up to him and stood next to him. They then had a telepathic Conversation. Bonnie asked John, "How's your robotic arm?" John kept his eyes on the Wailord-Class Submarines as he said, "My Arm's working fine, how's your training with Zygarde coming along?" Bonnie told John, "Our training for the war is coming along fine. He's learned a new move that I've never seen before, it looked like Inferno, so I decided to call it Dragon Inferno." John smiled and said, "We'll need to let Ash know about that." Bonnie nodded her head and then she said, "How's construction coming along?" John replied, "The Wailord-Class Submarines are almost done, soon we'll have enough to fire enough torpedoes to sink whole enemy fleets." Bonnie then sensed something coming at them and said aloud and as she pushed John to the ground, "GET DOWN!" suddenly, several shots struck the ground where John was standing over, one bullet caught Bonnie's shoulder as a Comet Empire Fighter flew over them, dropping a bomb on one of the still being constructed Wailord-Class Submarines, causing it to explode. John then turned his Robot arm into the gun mode and fired at the enemy fighter as he ushered Bonnie to a safe spot. Bonnie then used her Aura to telepathically tell Ash, "Ash, a Comet Empire Fighter is attacking the Naval Yard, it already destroyed one of the Subs, and we need fighter support NOW!" Ash got Bonnie's Message and ordered Charizard Squadron to scramble. As Charizard Squadron scrambled to take off, the Comet Empire Fighter took out another Wailord-Class Submarine. Just then, more Comet Empire Fighters came into the Battlezone. John then locked one to one fighter and fired a small missile at it. The Missile attached to the wing and blew up the Fighter two seconds later. The fighter spun out of Control and crashed into another Wailord-Class Submarine, destroying it. Several nearby AA Guns opened fire at the Comet Empire Squadron, damaging one to the point where the Pilot ejected from his fighter and caused it to crash into another Wailord-Class submarine. John then had his robotic arm turn into the gun mode again and fired at another fighter, damaging it and forcing it to retreat back to where it came from. The rest of the Fighters dropped more bombs, taking out more Wailord-Class Submarines. Suddenly, Charizard Squadron entered the Battlezone and engaged the remaining fighters, forcing them to retreat. Just then, Ash pulled up in an Otron Army Jeep with May, Max, and Gary. As they got out, Max ran over to Bonnie and helped her to a Doctor. Ash and May walked over to John and Ash said, "How many Subs were destroyed?" John looked At Ash and said, "Of the original 29 Subs we were constructing, we lost 15 Subs, but what I want to know is how that enemy fighter wing got passed our Early Warning System." Gary then said, "I talked to the Early Warning System on the way here and they said that those Jets were giving off a Friendly Signal."

John looked at Gary and John said, "You mean someone gave that squadron codes to fool our Early Warning System." Gary nodded his head and said, "We have a traitor on Otron." John then said, "This doesn't make any sense, who would betray us?" Ash placed his hand to his chin and said, "I don't know John, but one thing is for sure, we have to keep this between us. Whoever the traitor is, we can't let them know that we're searching for them, watch what you say to the others, even our friends." Gary then said, "Do you really think that one of our friends could betray us." Ash looked at Gary and said, "I think that with enough money being given to them that one of them would." John and Gary looked at each other, surprised to hear that one of their friends, which were with them since fleeing with them to Otron in the very beginning, could be a potential traitor.

_X_ an hour after the attack

John had engineers check to see if any of the damaged Submarines could be repaired, the Chief Engineer walked up to him and Ash and he said, "Sir, The Bombs landed in key sections of the Submarines, even if we had everything we needed, the Submarines are beyond repairable." John crossed his arms and Ash said, "Well, at least we have 14 Submarines." John looked at Ash and said, "We were supposed to have enough to take out whole fleets when the Subs were finished Constructing, we would begin our offensive." Ash looked at John and said, "We can make do with 14 Submarines John." John crossed his arms and said, "Fine. Oh, Ash, I've been meaning to introduce you to someone." John then turned his body and whistle for an Alliance soldier to approach them. John then said, "Ash, this is Ayana Batchelder, she's one of the Snipers that defended the EWS from Cress and the Comet Empire Squad that freed him and tried to help him destroy our EWS." Ash extended his hand out to Ayana and said, "Pleasure to meet you, Ayana." Ayana shook Ash's hand and said, "Thank you, commander, it's an honor to meet you. I always admired how you took a stand against those accusations your former friends made against you, and you may call me Zoe." Ash smiled and said, "Well Zoe, how would you like to help in the liberation of the Alola Region." Zoe smiled and said, "It would be an honor to fight alongside you commander Ketchum, and my adopted Brother." Ash was confused by what Zoe said and looked at John. John realized what Ash was doing and he said, "You see, Zoe's an Orphan, her Parents were killed in a Car crash during the first few years of you being the Pokémon Champion, I found her on the streets crying, she was 17 years old. So, Shauna and I decided to take her in and I treated her as if she was my little sister. She respected Shauna and I and even started to call me her big brother." Ash then said, "Oh I see, well Zoe, can I tell you something." Zoe nodded her head and Ash said, "John is a kind Person, if he took you into his home and treated you like his little sister, then I know for a fact that he must have seen a heart of gold inside you, I hope you won't do anything that can cause you to hurt him or else you and I will have a nice discussion, do you understand me?" Zoe nodded her head in acknowledgment. Ash then said, "But what I don't get is why you weren't there when John woke up from his Coma?" Zoe rubbed the back of her head and said, "I couldn't get off sniper Duty." John then said, "It's Alright Zoe, we understand." Ash nodded his head in agreement. Ash then said, "Now Zoe, what other experiences do you have in Combat?" Zoe replied, "Well let's see, I'm an expert in hand to hand Combat, explosives details, close quarters engagements, and I'm also a certified Nurse so I can treat any soldier wounded in battle." Ash was surprised to hear everything Zoe knew, and he said, "Wow, you would make for an excellent Special Operations soldier." Zoe smiled and said, "Thank you, Commander Ketchum." Ash then said, "You can call me Ash." Zoe smiled again and nodded her head. Ash then said, "Anyway, John, it's almost Dinner Time, why doesn't Zoe come over to eat with us." John then said, "That's not a bad Idea, how about its Zoe?" Zoe smiled her biggest smile yet and said, "I would love to have dinner with you and your family." Ash smiled and said, "You can come to my house with us. Tell your squad leader that I invited you over to my house." Zoe nodded her head again and they all heard a voice say, "Corporal Batchelder, get back over here now." Zoe then said, "I got to go, goodbye Bro, Bye Ash." Zoe then gave John a hug and ran back to her squad. John then said, "I'm glad you invited her over to dinner." Ash nodded his head and said, "Well, we better get going." John nodded his head and they walked off to get into Ash's car to drive home when John sensed something was wrong. He grabbed Ash and pulled back. Suddenly, Ash's Car exploded, sending small shrapnel into John's back, his Legs and still human arm. John yelled in pain as he fell to the ground. Ash crawled over to John and pulled him away from the Exploded Car as Medical Personal brought a gurney to place John on it and as Zoe ran over to them, she shouted, "WHAT HAPPENED?!" Ash looked at Zoe and said, "Someone planted a Bomb on my car and it detonated, John pulled me out of the way of Shrapnel, but he caught some of it himself in his legs and left arm."

Ash and Zoe watched John get taken away in a Hospital truck to get the shrapnel out of his legs and arm. Just then, Shauna and May ran up to them and May asked her husband, "What happened Ash?" Ash looked at May and Shauna and he said, "Like I told Zoe, someone planted a Bomb on my car and it detonated, John pulled me out of the way of Shrapnel, but he caught some of it himself in his legs and left arm." Shauna then said, "Who planted the Bomb?" Ash shrugged his shoulders and said, "I honestly don't know, probably the same person who gave the Comet Empire fighter squadron that attacked the Submarines." Shauna then said, "I want to see John, where did they take him?" Ash told Shauna that John was taken in a Hospital Truck to the nearby Hospital and she got an Alliance soldier to drive her to the Hospital John was being operated in. Just then, Gary ran up to them and said, "Is everyone alright, I heard an Explosion." Ash looked at Gary and said, "My car has been destroyed, John caught some shrapnel from the explosion as he saved my life." Gary breathed a sigh of relief and asked if John was alright and Ash said, "We don't know, they just took him to get operated on to get the shrapnel out of his legs and other Arm." Meanwhile, from around the Corner, the Saboteur looked and saw that Ash was still alive, so he Ran over to him, Gary, and May and said, "I heard an Explosion, is everything alright?" May, Ash, and Gary looked at the Saboteur and Ash said, "Hey Paul, yeah everything's fine, my car's totaled, but John did get hurt."

"Holy Crap is he okay?" said Paul to which Ash replied, "We don't know like I told Gary they just took him to the nearby Hospital." Paul then said, "Well, I hope he gets better." Ash nodded his head in agreement, not knowing that Paul was the traitor they were searching for. A little while later, Ash discovered that explosives that matched the one used to blow up his car were taken from the Military Base's Armory, only he, John, their friends and Family, and the Soldiers guarding the Armory. John then said to himself, "I was right, someone close to me has betrayed us, I need to find out who and why." Just then, May K. walked up to him and said, "Shauna just texted me, John's come out of Surgery, she wants us to go see John and she will wait for us at our house." Without another word, Ash grabbed May's hand and they took off to go see John.

After arriving at the Hospital, Ash and May were led to John's Hospital room and they saw him in a wheelchair with his Legs and arm wrapped in Bandages. Ash cleared his throat to get John's attention, and he looked back and said, "Hey Ash." Ash smiled and asked John how he is holding up and John replied, "Like I just got 30 pins out of my legs and arm." Ash chuckled and sat down in the chair next to John as May stood behind him. Ash then said, "Is Shauna going to visit you." John replied, "She said that she wants to see me when I'm released from here at dinner." May then said, "Well, I'm sure that Ash can say something to the head Doctor about letting you out today." Just then, the Doctor that treated John came in and said, "How is the patient today?" John looked at the doctor and said, "You treated me not too long to get the Shrapnel out of my legs and one flesh arm. I just would like to know if I can go home." The Doctor smiled and said, "After an X-ray to see if there's anything we missed you are free to go home." John, Ash, and May smiled, and they got John to the X-ray Machine and scanned him for any missed shrapnel pieces, and scans came out clean, so John was released from the Hospital.

Along the way back to Ash's house, John, Ash, and May arrived at a Police blockade and an Ambulance. Ash got out of the Jeep and asked the Police Officer in charge, "What's going on here?" The Lieutenant looked at Ash and said, "Champion Ketchum, we have a hostage situation going on here, three people from the Kanto region came here and are holding the entire convenient Store Hostage in the name of the Comet Empire. They haven't made any demands." John then got out and painfully moving towards Ash the Lieutenant and he said, "I heard the whole thing, how many hostages do they have?" The Lieutenant replied, "From what we saw there are the two Cashiers, four people in the Store at the time, and the Manager. So, it gives us a total of seven people." John then peeked over the hood of the Police Car and saw that the people in the Convenient Store had Patches on their arms that showed the flag of the Comet Empire. John ducked back down and said, "Well, they're a part of the Comet Empire alright. Lieutenant do you know if there's another way into the store?" The Lieutenant shook his head and said, "No, we tried looking, they blocked all the entryways, the front's the only way in or out now." John asked for the Megaphone, to which the Lieutenant gave it to him. John then said into the Megaphone, "Attention Hostage takers in the Convenient Store, this is John Bertrand, I want to make a trade, the Hostages in there with you for me." Ash then pulled John down and said, "What are you doing John?" John told Ash, "I want the people in there safe, plus they would think that I could be used to their advantage more than the Hostages they currently have." Ash then said, "Look, you are just getting out of the Hospital, I don't want you to have to go back into the Hospital."

Just then, one of the Hostage takers opened the door to the Convenient Store and said, "Alright, we'll release the Hostages, but you need to come to the Door to hold it open for them." John then took a pistol from another Officer, put it in his back pocket and said, "I'm got going in there without some kind of protection." Ash smiled, and John stood up with the Megaphone and said, "Alright, I'm coming to the door, unarmed." John then crossed the Police Barricade and walked over to the Convenience Store Door and opened it and all seven hostages, one of which was Georgia walked out, with their hands over their head, and John went in. Ash saw Georgia and while staying crouched, he made his way to Georgia and pulled her towards the Jeep and he asked Georgia, "What were you doing in there?" Georgia told Ash, "I was getting some snacks for Aubrey and Collin to hold them over until you got back when those three goons came in and held everyone at Gunpoint and told us to get into a corner. I wasn't going to cause someone to die so I just followed their instructions." Suddenly, there were gunshots coming from the store, all the Cops got down in case of any stray bullets, along with May, Ash, and Georgia. Soon after the gunshots were heard, they stopped. Everyone peeked their heads up and saw John walking out of the Convenient Store, looking traumatized. Two officers walked over to him to help him to the Ambulance with May, Ash, and Georgia running up to him. Ash asked John, "What happened in there?" John kept staring in the direction he was looking and said, "After I got in the store, they forced me to my knees and put me on a video call with Emperor Tracy and he said that I should have joined him, and the other traitors and I told him that I was proud to have sided with you. They then pulled out a woman that they kept hidden and the guy in charge pulled out a syringe and injected her with its contents, saying that in its gas form it can take out hundreds of our soldiers and they called it the Pyroar Virus. The woman began to scratch her skin and she tried to scream; at the time I wasn't sure what her lungs were filling with until she coughed up blood. Next thing I saw was her eyes exploding, falling to the ground dead. I then pulled out my gun and took out one of them, the other two took cover in an aisle and I took cover behind the Checkout stand and had a shootout, but I got good shots in and I took them out quickly." Ash then said, "So the Comet Empires going to be doing Biological Warfare." John nodded his head and said, "I believe so." The Paramedics then said, "Well, besides that, Mr. Bertrand seems to be in perfect health, but I recommend that you keep an eye on him." Ash, May, and Georgia nodded their heads and helped John to the Jeep and continued driving to Ash's house.

When they got there, as the four of them got out of the jeep, Bonnie and Shauna walked out with Aubrey and Collin. Ash picked up Collin as May picked up Aubrey. Shauna walked over and slapped John on the cheek and she said, "That's for putting yourself into a hostage situation…" Shauna then kissed John, when they parted, she said, "And that's for saving those hostages." John smiled and said, "Well, you know me, I'm willing to put myself in danger to save others." Shauna nodded her head in agreement. Bonnie then walked up to John and Shauna and said, "I see you're doing well." John chuckled and said, "Well, my arm and legs are wrapped, but I am doing well, now let's get inside." Everyone nodded their heads and as they walked, Shauna said, "Zoe arrived here and said that you two invited her to dinner." John nodded his head and said, "Why wouldn't I?" Shauna then said, "I don't know, I figured you did." John laughed and everyone out front went inside to commence dinner.

The next day, all the remaining Wailord-Class Submarines have finished construction, all the new Recruits finished their training, and the fleet was ready to move. Ash then made a broadcast that was sent to all the regions in the Alliance. Ash started by saying, "Citizens and Soldiers of the Alliance, today we begin the journey to liberate the seven Core Regions from the clutches of Team Comet. We will be the torch that will bring light to the darkness. The fleet and Army that have gathered here is a testament to our resolve. The resolve that we will not stop until Team Comet is defeated and the seven core regions are freed. Regions that we have never heard of have joined the Alliance and as we fight, there are people in the seven core regions who will join us. No greater threat has loomed to bring together regions under one banner. The first region we will liberate is the Alola region, where the region's inhabitants are fighting back right now against Team Comet, we will move to assist them. When the Comet Empire-Alliance war is over, the world will be changed, for better or for worse. Now I say to all the Military members, stand strong, stand together, and more importantly, stand for freedom, Commander Ketchum out." As Ash made his speech, the Alliance Navy prepared to move out, ammunition was stocked up, anchors were raised, and the Alliance flag was raised. John stood on the Alliance Battleship the Bertrand. Shauna walked up behind him and they shared one last hug before Shauna walked off the ship to head to their home. Then, Gary and Paul walked onto the Aircraft Carrier Fortree City to await Ash. May sat in her house with her children watching Ash make his speech as Max got his Combat Uniform on and hugged his sister goodbye. Across Otron, men and women in the Armed Forces were saying goodbye to their friends and family to leave for the war that was started by the Comet Empire.

A few minutes after Ash gave his short speech, he arrived at the Alliance Flagship the Aircraft Carrier Fortree City where all his friends that were willing to go, John, Gary, Paul, Chili, Max, Bonnie, Lance, Steven Stone, Georgia, Burgundy, Miette, Tierno, and Trip were waiting for him. Ash walked over to them and said, "Let's get going." Everyone nodded their heads and they got on the ship. When they all arrived at the bridge, everyone in there went to attention until Ash said, "As you all were." As everyone went back to what they were doing. The Commander, Admiral Washington, approached Ash and his friends and he said, "Commander Ketchum, we are ready to make our way to the seven core regions and commence Operation: Divine Light." Ash smiled, nodded his head and said, "Good, send a broadcast out to the entire Alliance Fleet." Admiral Washington nodded his head and had his radio Operator send a broadcast to the entire Alliance. On every alliance radio, everyone heard Ash say, "Members of the alliance, the hour has arrived, we are going on the offensive, the fleet is moving out, I wish us the best of luck." John then said, "Give the go-ahead Admiral." Admiral Washington nodded his head, pulled over a radio, switched it to all radios in every ship of the fleet and said, "All ships, full steam ahead, we head to the core regions." Just then, all the ships began to move, the Alliance's first offensive attack is underway.

As the fleet made its way to the first region they would liberate, the Army was being protected by Destroyers, Frigates, a Cruiser, and two Wailord-Class Submarines. Ash was in the map room of the Flagship when sirens went off. Just then, John busted in and said, "Comet Empire aircraft have found us and are engaging us." Ash then followed John to the Bridge where Admiral Washington was, and Ash asked, "How many fighters?" Admiral Washington looked at Ash and John and said, "About 10 squadrons worth of enemy fighters, we're launching fighters to deal with them." Ash then said, "Good, we can't let them stop our mission." Admiral Washington nodded his head and watched the fighters launched from the carrier and all the AA guns fired at the Enemy fighters. As the air battle went on, a Comet Empire Submarine raised its Periscope and an ensign onboard the Alliance Corvette the Cleffa saw and reported it to his superior, who radioed it to the Flagship, where Admiral Washington told Ash and John, "Commanders, the Corvette Cleffa spotted an enemy Submarine on their Portside." Ash then said, "Send the Cleffa and the Destroyer Frillish to destroy it." Admiral Washington nodded his head and followed Ash's Orders and sent the Corvette Cleffa and Destroyer Frillish to sink the enemy Submarine. As the two ships moved to launched Depth Charges, Charizard Squadron, Onyx Flight, and Jolteon flight, along with several other squadrons, were overwhelming the enemy squadrons. The enemy fighters were forced to retreat to where they launched from, an enemy flattop with Frigate and Destroyer Escort. The Alliance fighters reported back about the small fleet and John then said, "That fleet must be a Vanguard fleet." Ash nodded his head and Admiral Washington asked, "What should I tell the fighters?" Ash looked at John, who nodded his head, then at Admiral Washington and said, "Tell them to attack, have them take out the Frigates and Destroyers first, then the carrier." Admiral Washington nodded his head and told the Fighters what to do. The fighters acknowledged the orders and moved to engage the Comet Empire Fleet. The enemy AA Guns opened fire at the Alliance Fighters but scored no kills. The Alliance fighters fired Missiles at the Frigates and Destroyers, scoring direct hits on Gun batteries, propellers, and a few Bridges. On the second attack run, two squadrons made Torpedo Runs at the front of the Frigates and Destroyers. A few minutes later, the Torpedoes launched by the Alliance fighters struck the Frigates and Destroyers and quickly flooded with water, soon two Frigates and two Destroyers were sinking to the bottom of the Ocean, leaving 3 Frigates and 2 Destroyers to defend the Enemy aircraft Carrier. Ash then ordered Admiral Washington to move two Battleships into a firing position to take out the remaining Escort ships. Admiral Washington nodded his head and had Battleship Bertrand and Battleship Ketchum move into the attacking formation Ash told him to do.

As the Battle went on, the Comet Empire fleet was getting overwhelmed and was on the retreat. But the Aircraft Carrier got hit in the Propellers and was dead in the water, along with a Frigate and Destroyer, while the other Frigates and Destroyers were sunk. Admiral Washington had the fleet come to a complete stop around the Carrier and stranded escort ships. Alliance Destroyers took out the guns on the Comet Empire Frigate and Destroyer, so John could lead Marines onto the ships and take control of them. John started with the Destroyer first, as Alliance Marines boarded, the crew of the Destroyer opened fire at the Marines, causing a few casualties. When John got on board, he had his robot arm switched to gun mode and he took out some crew members of the Comet Empire Destroyer. John then said, "Marines, search this ship, find the captain and bring him to me, alive." The Marines nodded their heads and began to search for the captain. Just then, John received word that the crew on the Frigate and Carrier surrendered, John then said, "Copy that, we're looking for the captain of the Destroyer now." John then ran into one of the Destroyer's crew Members and he said, "HANDS UP!" the Ensign obliged and put his hands up. John then said, "The Captain of this ship, where is he?" The ensign then said, "If I tell you, will you not kill me." John then said, "Depends if you're telling me the truth." The ensign then said, "He's in the Mess hall eating the last meal before he's captured."

"Show me." Said, John. The ensign then led John and the Marines to the Mess hall. Later, in the Mess hall, John and the Alliance Marines saw the Captain of the destroyer, eating one last meal with his subordinates. The Alliance Marines pointed their guns at the crew, but John said, "Hold your fire, men." John then walked over to the Captain, sat down across from him and said, "Greetings Captain, I would like to talk about you surrendering your ship to the Alliance." The captain ate a bit of meat before he said, "I know, and I am willing to turn command of my ship over to the Alliance, all I ask in return is proper treatment of me and my men." John then said, "Of course, I'll talk to Ash and I'll let you know what he says." The captain nodded his head and John walked off to talk to Ash. John radioed in and said, "Ash, we have the captain of the Destroyer and he's more than willing to turn command of his destroyer over to the Alliance, all he asks for in return is for him and his men to be properly treated, what do you want me to do?" Ash's voice came over the radio and he said, "Tell him that he and his men will be treated properly and that we will only kill any of his men if they try to attack Alliance forces that will be on board his ship to ensure cooperation." John replied, "10-4." John then walked back over to the Destroyer's Captain and said, "Commander Ketchum has ordered me to tell you that you and your men will be treated properly. However, he has also told me to tell you that if any of your men try to kill any Alliance soldier that will be left on board to ensure your cooperation, they have orders to kill them, do you understand what I'm saying?" the Captain of the Destroyer nodded his head and said, "I will tell the surviving crew members." The captain then got up and walked out the mess hall with John following him. When they got to the bridge, the captain grabbed a microphone for the entire ship and he said, "Attention all crew members still alive, we are joining the Alliance, there will be Alliance Marines on board to make sure that we follow orders, we will be treated properly and if you don't cause problems, we will live. The Alliance Marines do have orders to shoot any of us if any of us attack then, so please don't try anything, Captain Fredrickson out." The Captain then put the microphone back where he got it from and he said, "Ready to serve the Alliance, Commander Bertrand." John smiled and said, "Ash and I welcome you and your surviving crew to the Alliance." Captain Fredrickson nodded his head and said, "Thank you, Commander Bertrand."

Back on the Alliance Flagship Fortree City, Ash was looking at battle plans when John walked in and said, "the fleet's moving along very nicely." Ash nodded his head and asked John, "How's our double Agent?" John told Ash that their double Agent has successfully gained Tracy's trust and can gather intelligence for them. Ash smiled and said, "Good, bring him in here." John nodded his head and said, "I have him outside the door, come on in Espyeon-29." The person that walked in was none other than Paul. Ash then said, "I appreciate you doing this Paul, you're helping the Alliance by infiltrating the enemy ranks and earning the trust of Tracy and his subordinates." Paul smiled and said, "Yeah, I can't believe they thought I could be bought so easily like that." Ash nodded his head and thought back to the day Paul told John and him about what happened.

A few days after the initial Attack, when John was out of the Hospital

John and Ash were watching the Wailord-Class Submarines being constructed from Ash's office when Paul walked in and said, "Ash, John, I was just approached by Brock and Barry offering me 25,000 Poké Dollars to become a spy for them." John and Ash were shocked to hear that, and John said, "I say we capture them right now." But Ash said, "Or…he can take the deal." Paul and John looked at John and John said, "What?" Ash then said, "He takes the deal and acts as a spy for them but in reality…" John realized what Ash was saying and said, "He's actually going to be a spy for us." Ash nodded his head and said, "Exactly. We give him false information to give them and he steals true information from them and gives it to us." John then said, "Brilliant, but we need to give them actual information to start with, so they can't take the bait." Ash nodded his head and said, "True, which means one thing." This time, Paul was the first to realize what Ash was saying and he said, "We give them codes to allow their plans entry into our airspace." Ash nodded his head and said, "Yes, that's exactly what I was going to say." John then said, "Are you crazy, have you thought of the possible damage one of their fighter squadrons could do to us?" Ash then said, "John, we need information, and we need them to believe that Paul's serious about joining them." John thought about it and said, "Fine, I agree with you, Ash."

Back in the present

Ash then said, "But look where we are now, we're on our way to the Alola Region to help liberate it and Tracy and the traitors don't even know about him being a double agent for us." John nodded his head, looked at Paul and said, "But was it necessary to blow up Ash's car?" Paul looked at John and said, "They gave me the device and told me to plant it, I couldn't compromise myself and I did it, I'm sorry that you got hurt, John." John then told Paul that it was alright, John then said, "You needed to protect your cover, plus it probably looked good to Tracy." Paul nodded his head and said, "Yes it did, so good that Tracy told me personally that any remaining doubt of me being a spy as wiped away." John then said, "But we all know the truth." Paul and Ash nodded their heads when Max came in and said, "Guys, Alola's within viewing distance." Ash nodded his head, stood up, and said, "Let's take a look." John and Paul nodded their heads and the three of them made their way to the bridge.

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