Broken Friendship 2 - The War @crusherboy93
Chapter 2

The war begins

_X_ Time skip



Back in Otron, Ash was watching the new recruits in the Alliance Army train when Bonnie walked up, with the Legendary Pokémon known as Zygarde walking with her and she said, "Talked to John telepathically lately?" Ash kept his eyes straight and he said, "Yes, I talked to him recently, told him everything that's happened since the attack. He was shocked to hear that the Alola Region surrendered and that we got recruits from the seven core regions, now one united region called the Team Comet Empire." Bonnie then said, "When are we going to go on the offensive Ash?" Ash then turned to look at Bonnie and said, "When we get all these new recruits fully trained. These people were willing to risk their lives to join our cause, I just wish we had more people." Meanwhile, just outside of Otron's Early Warning System's Radar by a few feet, an Aircraft Carrier flying the flag of the Team Comet Empire was anchored. The captain then said, "Launch the fighters." The first mate replied, "Aye captain." The first mate then said into a microphone, "All pilots, the mission is a go. I repeat, all pilots launch." The two squadrons' worth of Jet Fighters began to launch from the Carrier and made their way to the EWS system. Back with Ash and Bonnie, an Alliance soldier ran up to them and he said, "Sir, the elder wishes to speak with you, it's about the war you are going to wage." Ash looked at the Alliance soldier and said, "Did he say that exactly?" The Alliance Soldier then said, "Yes, he says that it's urgent." Ash then told Bonnie, "Keep watch on the recruits, I'll be back soon." Bonnie nodded her head and Ash left with the Alliance Soldier to the Elder's Cave.

After walking for a few minutes, Ash and the Alliance Soldier arrived at the entrance of the Elders cave where his assistant, Felicity Hocker, was watering the flowers around the cave entrance. When she saw the two arrivals and said, "Welcome Gentlemen, we have been expecting you, please follow me." Felicity then led Ash into the cave while the Alliance soldier stayed at the entrance. Inside the cave, Ash looked along the walls, bookshelves lined the walls with books from ancient history to current filled the bookshelves. As the two got farther into the cave, they entered a bigger area of the cave. Maps, computer monitors, and Televisions with Gaming systems hooked into them lined the walls here. In the middle of the room was a desk and at the desk sat a man looking at a report. The man then looked at John and Felicity and said, "Hello Champion Ketchum."

"I told you Lee that you can call me Ash." Replied Ash. Lee stood up and said, "Of course Ash, I've been reading the copy of the report of the battle that you sent me, this was an impressive victory, why did you bring me this?" Ash replied, "Look at the casualties and tell me if it really was a victory for us." Lee then said, "I've read the casualty section of the report, I think that they are exceptional losses." Ash then walked over to the table, slammed his hands on the table and shouted, "My friend was injured in that battle and the flagship was lost! How were they exceptional losses?!" Lee then said, "At the Rainbow Valley Massacre 8700 years ago, the king at the time lost almost his entire army. These losses were like a puddle to those losses."

"I'm not talking about the army, I'm talking about the navy." Said Ash. Felicity was about to draw her sword when Lee held his hand up and she slid it back into its hilt. Lee then said, "Ash, I have lived since the creation of Otron, I have seen kings come and go, I have lived through several wars, and I have seen people in the same position you are currently in, you are blinded by rage, you need to calm down before you progress in this war." Ash then said, "I have complete control of my rage."

"No, you don't." Said a voice from behind Ash. When he turned around, he saw his Greninja, Aubrey, Delphox, and Pikachu in Aubrey's arms standing behind Felicity. Pikachu then said, "All of us can sense your anger, your anger that John was hurt by Team Comet, your anger that we lost the flagship, and your anger for all of the lives lost during the battle." Ash then said, "Yes, I am angry for all those things, but I have my anger under control." Greninja then said, "That's not what we're sensing Ash." Aubrey then walked over to her father and said, "Daddy, please don't let your anger control you." Ash looked at his daughter and using the Aura technique John taught him to release his anger in his aura and he sent his aura into the earth. Ash fell to one knee, causing Greninja, Pikachu, and Aubrey to run to his side. Ash then asked for air so he could stand up. After everyone backed up to give Ash space, he stood up and they saw his face. Ash's face had a smile on it and he said, "Thank you, all of you, I would have been taken over by my anger if it weren't for you all."

Suddenly, before anyone could say anything else, the Alliance Soldier entered the Cave and said, "Commander, Team Comet fighters have entered our airspace!" Ash then said, "To the Command Center, quickly." As everyone ran to the command center, Ash turned to Lee and Felicity and said, "Any words of wisdom before I go?" Lee looked at ash and said, "You must think battle plans through long and hard before making a decision." Ash nodded his head and ran to the command center.

As Ash ran to the Command Center, the AA Guns along the pathway to the EWS targeted the Team Comet Empire fighters and opened fire, but the fighters dodged most of the flak. Just then, a squadron of Alliance fighters flew into the battle and was ready to engage. Dylan's squadron began to move to take out enemy fighters. The two Team Comet fighter squadrons were Dragonite squadron, with a new leader and Dragonite 2, and Fearow Squadron. Dragonite leader had his squadron split into teams of two fighters, and saw the EWS. Dragonite leader then said, "Team Three, take your shot at the enemy EWS, team two and my team will cover you." Dragonite five and Dragonite six said Rodger and moved to target the EWS. Dragonite five then got a missile lock on the EWS but was destroyed by Charizard three before he could fire a missile. But Dragonite six got a missile off and just before it struck the EWS, Charizard five fired a missile at the missile and destroyed it. Charizard five then targeted Dragonite six but was shot down by Fearow leader. Dragonite six was still shot down by Dylan Lowe. As the battle went on, two more Alliance fighter squadrons came into the battle, the Alliance Fighter-Bomber squadron called Onyx Flight and the alliance Fighter squadron called Jolteon flight. Onyx 2 and Jolteon 4 began to hover over the EWS to shoot down incoming missiles while the rest of the squadrons engaged the Comet Empire's fighters.

Back with Ash, he had just arrived at the command center where Gary was already at. Ash then said, "Give me a status update." Gary looked at Ash and said, "Ash, at exactly 10:30 A.M., two squadrons worth of Comet Empire fighters were detected by our EWS, they were on a direct course with it as well. Our AA guns opened fire at the fighters but were to no avail and the fighters maintained their course, Charizard Squadron were the first to engage and took out two fighters, but Charizard 5 was shot down. Then Onyx Flight and Jolteon flight entered the battle, we have two fighters over the EWS to protect it while the rest of our fighters engaged the enemy fighters." Ash then said, "Do we have any eyes on the battle?" one Alliance Tech support person said, "we have a drone that's just about to enter the battle area, sir, putting it on the big screen now." The tech support Person then sent the video feed from the drone to the big screen. Ash and Gary watched as the battle continued.

The Comet Empire Fighters were being overwhelmed by the Alliance fighters, the Dragonite Squadron lost Dragonite 3, 5, and 6 while the Fearow Squadron lost Fearow 2, 4, and 6. Both squadron leaders ordered all fighters to retreat, and all but one fighter fled the battle. Dragonite 4 was hit in the engines and crash-landed in the forest, causing the pilot to be left behind. As the pilot took off his parachute, he was captured by Alliance Forces. Dylan then said, "Charizard Leader to control, enemy Fighters have been turned back, I repeat, all enemy fighters are in full retreat." Ash then radioed into all AA Guns and he said, "Shoot down as many fighters as you can, the few enemy pilots they have the better it is for us to have air Superiority." All AA gun Emplacements replied Rodger and took aim in the direction that the retreating Enemy fighters were going to be coming from. As the Comet Empire Fighters peaked over the hill, the AA guns opened fire at them, taking down Dragonite Leader, Dragonite 2, Fearow 3, and Fearow 5. The last two fighters flew high above the AA gun's Range and waited until they were out at sea to begin their descent to their Carrier. When they arrived, the Captain walked out of the bridge and shouted, "What Happened?" Fearow Leader looked at the Captain and said, "We were FUCKING Slaughtered, my entire flight's gone and Dragonite six is the only survivor from Dragonite squadron, this mission was a complete and utter failure." The captain then climbed down the ladder and ran up to Fearow leader and he said, "The EWS still stands." Fearow Leader nodded his head, and the Captain said, "Well, this is unsettling, we must report this to our emperor, and pray that he doesn't send the fleet against us." The captain then told the crew on the carrier to head for Home, the occupied Region of Kalos.

Back in Otron, the captured Comet Empire Pilot was being held in the Local Police Station where Alliance Forces had guards watching him. Ash looked through the window into the room he's in when May walked up to him and she said, "He's still not talking?" Ash shook his head and said, "Not even our toughest interrogators could crack him, I'm holding back about using my Aura on him to get him to talk, in case that using my Aura could break his mind because we could use him in the Air force." May then looked at her husband and said, "Why would you want him to be a part of our Air Force?" Ash then went on to tell his wife that the Pilot's emotions are scared, intimidated, and he is thinking of his family back in New Bark Town in Jhoto. May then said, "But Jhoto is a region Loyal to Team Comet." Ash then said, "True, but his family isn't part of the Loyalists, he was probably taken from his home." Just then, Max walked up to his sister and Brother-in-Law, looked at the Pilot and said, "Has he talked yet?" Ash shook his head, causing Max to say, "Let me in there Ash, I want a crack at him." Ash looked at Max and said, "I don't see why not, go ahead." Max nodded his head and walked into the room the captured Pilot was in.

When he walked in, Max said, "Hello, I'm Max Kirtman, I just have a few questions for you." The pilot just looked at Max and said, "Look, man, I don't want to talk to anybody." Max then said, "I know, but if you do answer my questions, I can help you out." The pilot then said, "Why should I answer your questions?" Max then told the Pilot, "Look, I know that you're scared, I also know that you're from New Bark Town in Jhoto and that your family isn't loyal to Team Comet or their new name, the Comet Empire." The Pilot then said, "So?" and Max replied, "So, if you tell us what we need to know, and you join our ranks in the Alliance Air force, we can use the information and your help to free the seven core regions from the Comet Empire's control, you can live free, all we need is information." The Pilot thought about the offer, looked at Max, and said, "What do you want to know?" Max smiled, looked at the window to see Ash and May with their mouths wide open. Max then turned back around and asked, "What's your name and rank?" The pilot told Max that his name was Ben Shaw and his Rank was Staff Sargent. Max then asked Ben, "What's the enemy fleet's composition?" Ben then went on to tell Max that the Comet Empire Fleet had 10 Carriers with 10 squadrons of Fighters and 6 fighters in each squadron, 25 Battleships, 40 Cruisers, 26 Destroyers, 12 Corvettes, and several Convoys for refuel and resupply. Max then asked, "Which of the seven core regions is the most defended?" Ben replied, "The Kanto Region, it has the capital of the Comet Empire, which is Vermillion City." Max then said, "What was your mission?" Ben told Max that they were to target the EWS to knock it out so any possible future attacks could be kept secret until it was too late. Max then asked, "Where was the fleet stationed?" Ben told Max that the fleet that attacked Otron were from all across the seven core regions, and when they united to form the Comet Empire, the fleets merged to form one giant armada. Max then said, "Where was your ship that you launched from?" Ben said, "The ship I was stationed on was stationed outside of the Early Warning System's radar, the captain then launched the squadron I was a part of and the other Squadron on the mission."

"Are there people in Jhoto that you know of that are not loyal to the Comet Empire?" Max asked Ben. Ben replied, "I do not know, most of the people I saw were loyal to it." Max then Asked Ben which region he would attack first and Ben replied, "I would attack the Alola Region, it has the smallest garrison of soldiers of all of the three occupied Regions. The Alola Region would also be a good staging ground for the Alliance to attack the rest of the Core Regions." Max then said, "Okay, Ash was going to plan to do that anyway, is there anything else that you know that could help us?" Ben shook his head and max said, "That's alright, now all I ask you is what do you want to do now?" Ben thought about his answer for a while until he said, "What I want to do now…is join the Alliance and free my home region." Max smiled again and said, "I'll get the keys for the restraints on you and we'll get you settled in." Max then walked out of the room, where Ash and May were waiting for him and Ash asked Max, "How did you get him to talk?" Max smiled and said, "All I had to do was say the right things and he answered the questions." May smiled and said, "I'm impressed little bro, you would make for an excellent interrogator."

"Just trying to help the war effort." Said Max. Ash chuckled and handed Max the keys to the restraints Ben had on him and said, "I think you might need these." Max took the keys and said, "Yeah, I just might need them." Max then went back inside the Room to unlock the restraints on Ben and walked him out of the room and to the office to sign up to join the Alliance Air Force.

Meanwhile, back on Akala Island in the Alola Region, Mallow, Kiawe, Lana, and the Blonde haired woman walked arrived in the Communications room. The Blonde hair woman then punched in some commands and a blurred out person appeared on the screen. The Blurred out person then said, "This is Sableye 1, the Comet Empire is planning to hunt down and capture all of the Island Guardians to use them to fight us and the Alliance when they arrive. I'm going to do everything in my power to stop them, or stall them so you can find them first and keep them safe, Sableye 1 out." The person then disappeared, Lana then said, "Well then, I say we find them fast." Kiawe nodded his head in agreement. He then turned to Mallow and the blond hair girl and said, "What do you two think." Mallow replied, "If it keeps them out of the Comet Empire's hands, I say we go for it, what about you Lilly, what do you think?" The blond hair woman looked at Mallow and said, "I agree with all of you, let's find the Island Guardians." Mallow, Lana, and Kiawe smiled. Kiawe then said, "Lilly, can you let the other islands know what we're going to do." Lilly nodded her head and walked over to a table and sent a message to the other islands, Melemele Island, Ula'ula Island, and Poni Island.

A few days later, in Otron, Ash was overseeing the construction of several Wailord-Class Submarines, a new design for the Alliance Submarines when May ran up to him and said, "I got word from Shauna, John's awake." Without another word, Ash ran as fast as he could to the Hospital. When he arrived, Ash signed in as a visitor and went straight to John's room. When he entered, he saw Shauna, Bonnie, Max, Aubrey, Collin, Gary, Paul, Tierno, Chili, Sawyer, Alain, Trip, Burgundy, Miette, and Georgia were already in the room. They all moved aside to let Ash see John. John saw Ash, smiled and said, "Hey Ash, I'm finally awake again." Ash smiled, walked over to his friend's bedside with May behind him and he said, "How are you feeling John?" John raised his right arm, which was the robotic arm that the doctors attached to him and said, "I feel like I can take out a tank."

"That's exactly what you can do." Said a voice at the door. When everyone looked, they saw Dylan standing there. John asked Dylan, "What do you mean?" Dylan replied, "That arm I built, has a gun mode, tiny missiles pack with enough explosives to take out a tank, a built-in Radar system, slots to attach some scopes on top and other things on the bottom." John smiled and said, "I can't wait to try this thing out." Dylan smiled and everyone got John signed out and to an old farm where an old Otron Tank was at. John then looked at Dylan and said, "You had this set for me didn't you?" Dylan nodded his head and said, "Yup this entire course is to test the arm. First, take out the targets in the building with the gun mode, to activate it, just say 'gun mode on'. John looked at his robotic arm, then at Dylan, who nodded his head, then back at the robotic arm and said, "Gun mode on." The arm then began to change form and it transformed into a gun. John then said, "Whoa." Dylan then said, "I managed to get it to make its own Ammo, go ahead and take out the targets in the house. To fire the gun, just think about firing it and it will shoot the bullets." John nodded his head and walked up to the house where two wood cutouts of Comet Empire soldier popped out and John thought of the gun firing and it did, it fired three rounds at one of the targets and he fired another two at the other target. John then busted into the old Farmhouse and took out two more targets. As John moved through the house to take out the targets, Dylan was at a computer reading the Robotic arms statistics. Dylan then said, "Its gun mode seems to be functioning perfectly." A few moments later, John took down all the targets in the farmhouse and as he walked out with his robotic arm back in hand mode, Dylan told John to fire one missile at the tank. When John asked how, Dylan said, "Point your arm at the tank, close your hand to make a fist, that will unlock the Missile ready to fire, then move your fist down and it will fire the missile." John did what Dylan explained, he aimed his arm at the Old Tank, made a fist, which made the missile that was first to be fired pop up and ready to launch. John then moved my fist downward and the missile launched and hit the Tank. Two seconds later, the tank exploded. John then said, "Sweeet."

After the tests were complete, Dylan said, "The Arm is working a 100% efficiency. Thank you, commander Bertrand." John replied, "Don't mention it, Dylan, I just want it to be ready when we invade the Alola Region." Ash placed his hand on John's shoulder and he said, "Well, once the rest of the ships arrived and our Wailord-Class Submarines are finished construction, we will begin Operation: Divine Light." John nodded his head in agreement.

_X_ one month Later

The last of the reinforcements from the regions in the Alliance arrived in Sunhill's Naval Port. Ash, as the founding leader of the Alliance, appointed Alpha Region Admiral Isaiah Washington as Admiral of the Alliance fleet. In the Alliance Command Center's War Room, Ash looked at a map of the Alola Region and saw that it was made up of four different islands; Akala Island, Melemele Island, Ula'ula Island, and Poni Island. May walked up to her husband with a cup of coffee and said, "You'll need this if you're going to stay awake." Ash looked at May, smiled, and said as he took the coffee, "Thank you May, I very much needed this." May chuckled and looked at the map. Ash then said, "Liberating the Alola Region is going to be more difficult than I first anticipated, I never heard of the Alola Region besides from that Stufful that we found just before the Tournament began. How is he anyway?" May looked at Ash and said, "He's fine, he evolved, my Pokédex said that its evolved form is Bewear, here I'll show you." May then pulled out her Pokédex and looked for Bewear's Pokédex entry. When she found it she showed it to Ash and it read, "Bewear, the Strong Arm Pokémon, a normal and fighting type and the evolved form of Stufful. This Pokémon has the habit of hugging its companions. Many Trainers have left this world after their spines were squashed by its hug." Ash was surprised to hear the Pokédex entry and he said, "I hope he doesn't do that to Aubrey or Collin." May chuckled and said, "Ash, Bewear chose Collin to catch him." Ash was silent for a few moments and he snapped out of his silence and he said, "Wow, that's a surprise, how did it happen?"

"I'll tell you, dad." Said a voice from behind Ash and May. When they turned around, they saw their adopted son Collin standing beside his newly Caught Pokémon Bewear and his Exphlosion. Ash then said, "Alright Collin, tell me how you caught Bewear." Collin then went on to tell his father about how he caught Bewear.


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