Broken Friendship 2 - The War @crusherboy93
Chapter 1

_X_ Time skip



It has been almost 5 months since the Case of Otron against Cress ended, and 4 months after the tournament ended. The whole world saw the trial and the rerun on TV channels not controlled by Team Comet and the people in the Region of Unova demanded that Cress be released. But the champion of the Otron Region, Ash Ketchum, refused to let him go. Ash held a press conference to reinforce his stance. Several reporters from the seven core regions from newspapers, TV stations, and even a few radio stations arrived. As Ash prepared for the press conference, he was paid a visit by his closest friend and Ally, John Bertrand. John asked Ash if he was nervous and Ash said, "Just slightly John, but is that all you came to talk about." John then shook his head and said, "No, I came to tell you that the gun emplacements all around Otron are ready, the fleet reinforcements from our allies have begun to arrive. We just finished constructing the proto-type aircraft carrier/Battleship hybrid and called it the Pikachu." Ash smiled and said, "Good, we'll need it in the coming War." John nodded his head and said, "I agree Ash, but what I don't understand is why hasn't Team Comet tried to free Cress, it's been five months since the trial and the traitors haven't even attempted to free him."

"Maybe they just gave up on him." Said Ash. John then said, "Could be, or maybe they plan to free him during the war." Ash shrugged his shoulders and said, "If that's the case, I want security at his prison doubled, I don't want them to free him." John nodded his head and said that he would make sure that security is tightened and doubled. Just then, the door opened, it was Ash's and John's friend Gary Oak. Gary then said, "They're ready for you Ash." John then looked at Ash and said, "Watch what you say, Ash, this press conference could affect events in the coming days." Ash nodded his head and said, "I know John, I planned on it, not let's go." John and Gary nodded their heads and let Ash out of the room he was in and they followed him to the table where they were going to sit.

When they got to the room the press conference was, they saw May, Max, Bonnie, Shauna, Chili, Trip, Sawyer, Alain, Paul, Burgundy, Georgia, even Steven Stone, Lance, and Mr. Goodshow were there at the table. There were three empty seats at the table, one for Ash, one for John next to Shauna, and one for Gary in between May and Max. The three new arrivers took their seats and the press conference began. One reporter asked Ash why he hasn't released Cress to the Unova region officials yet and Ash said, "Because Cress committed a crime on Otron Soil, conspiracy to commit murder, and the Unova Region Officials are Team Comet sympathizers, the criminal stays here." Another Reporter asked, "Why do you hate the seven core regions so much?" Ash then said, "I don't hate the seven core regions specifically, just the people in charge of the regions. They have been corrupted by Team Comet."

As the press Conference went on, Cress Carter was sitting in his Cell at Rainbow Valley Prison when a Pidgey with a letter flew in through the window and landed on Cress's Bed. Cress took the letter, opened it, and it read, "Commander Cress, this is Squad leader Bill, my squad and I are outside the prison you are in. we plan to bust you out when the attack that the other commanders will launch on the Otron region. We have equipment for you with us and we have been ordered to get you out of Otron by Commander Cilan, be ready. Signed by Bill, Squad leader. Long live Team Comet." Cress smiled as he readied himself and waited.

Back at the press conference, the reporters continued to hound Ash and the people with him with questions when an Otron Army Officer walked in and up to the table. The Otron Army Officer then said, "Commanders, we have several unidentified aircraft entering our airspace, they need you over at headquarters." Ash looked at John and said, "Let's go." John nodded his head, and Ash said into the microphone, "I'm sorry, but we have to be going, have a good day to you all." Ash then led his friends and family and the Otron Army Officer to the newly dubbed Alliance Headquarters. A few minutes later, Ash walked into the command center of the Alliance Headquarters with everyone that was with him, screens lined the walls on all sides. The Otron Army officer ranged a bell and said, "Commander on Deck!"

Everyone went straight to attention and Ash said, "As you all were." Everyone obeyed and went back to what they were doing. The Otron Army Officer then led Ash and John to a computer with a radar system next to it. Ash then asked, "What's the status of our fighters?" the man on the radar said, "Our fighters are prepped and ready to launch on your command sir." Ash then told the Otron Army Officer to contact the airfields and carriers to launch. At the airfields, the fighter jets were lined up and were waiting. Suddenly, the pilots heard the control tower say, "All pilots, you are cleared for launch. I say again, all pilots, you are cleared for launch. All the pilots said, "Rodger." The fighter jets began launching from the airfields and the carrier-based fighters launched from the carrier that they were assigned. Back in the control room, Ash and John were monitoring the radar when the same Otron Army Officer walked up to them and said, "Commanders, all Alliance aircraft have launched and are on an intercept Course with the unidentified aircraft. Estimated time to interception is about ten minutes." Ash nodded his head and said, "Thank you, soldier, you're dismissed." The army soldier saluted Ash, who saluted back and walked away.

Ash then looked at the radar and saw several white blips pop up, identifying the Allied Aircraft. Ash then told John, "Get to the Pikachu, take command of the fleet." John looked at Ash and said, "Are you sure Ash." Ash nodded his head and told John that he was very certain. John then smiled and said, "I won't let you down, Ash."

"I know you won't John, now get going." Replied Ash. John nodded his head, walked over to Shauna, kissed his wife, and left the command Center to go take command of the Pikachu, the prototype and first Aircraft Carrier/Battleship Hybrid. Back in the sky, the Alliance Fighters were closing in on the Unidentified Aircraft. One Squadron Leader was Special Operations Commander and the Prosecution at Cress's Trial; Dylan Lowe. Dylan was in command of Charizard Squadron. Dylan said to his squadron and fellow Squadron Leaders, "Alright People, we're coming up on the UID Aircraft, do NOT fire. Commander Ketchum doesn't want Otron to be known as the side that fired the first shot, so hold your fire until they fire first." Everyone said Rodger and they got in visual contact of the UID aircraft. Dylan then said, "Commander Ketchum, we have eyes on the UID Aircraft, they look like Bombers with Fighter support, attempting to make them turn around."

"Understood, remember Dylan, hold your fire until they fire first." Replied Ash. Dylan said, "Copy Commander, attempting to make planes turn around now." The Alliance fighters then flew by the UID aircraft and spun around. Dylan then said in an open channel, "Unidentified Aircraft, you have entered Otron Airspace without Authorization, divert your course now, I repeat, you have entered Otron Airspace without Authorization, divert your course now." The Unidentified Aircraft stayed their course. Dylan then said, "Unidentified Aircraft, you have entered Otron Airspace without Authorization, turn back now, this is your second warning." Suddenly, the unidentified fighters speed up, spun around, and opened fire at the Alliance Fighters.

"All Fighters, EVADE, EVADE!" Said Dylan. All the Alliance fighters evaded the enemy fire, except for one fighter. Charizard 5, he got hit by 30 rounds, causing his fighter to explode, creating the first casualty of the battle, and the first casualty of the newly started war, for the first shot was fired by Team Comet. Dylan then said, "Charizard 5 is down!" Ash then told Dylan to engage the enemy Aircraft. Dylan smiled under his mask and said, "All Alliance fighters, ENGAGE!" All the Alliance Fighters said, "Copy, engaging." The alliance fighters began to open fire at the enemy Aircraft.

Back at the Alliance Headquarters, Ash had just received confirmation that the Bombers and fighters were long-range bombers and fighters from the Unova region, a region loyal to Team Comet. Ash then pulled over a radio that was connected to speakers all around the city. Ash then said, "Attention, all Alliance Personal, the war with Team Comet has begun, our air boys are currently engaged Bombers and fighters from Unova, a region loyal to Team Comet. All ships leave port in case of a naval Attack and help take out the enemy Bombers and Fighters. I repeat, the war with Team Comet has begun, all ships leave port in case of a naval attack and help take out the enemy Bombers and Fighters." On the Pikachu, the crew heard Ash's message and John, Temporary Captain of the Pikachu, said, "You heard him, let's lead the ships out of the Harbor and move into a defensive formation along the side that the fleet is coming from." The crew followed John's Orders and the Pikachu lead the Alliance fleet out of the Harbor. As the Alliance fleet left the harbor, the Alliance Fighters fought hard against the Team Comet Bombers and Team Comet fighters. As the majority of the Alliance Fighters held off the enemy Fighters, two squadrons worth of Alliance fighters attacked the Bombers. One top gunner of a bomber, a man by the name of Steven Thompson, didn't want to attack the Otron region. In fact, he didn't even want to join Team Comet, two grunts took him from his home in Littleroot Town in the occupied Region of Hoenn. Steven then said to himself, "I want Hoenn to be free, meaning that the Alliance must win this day. I know what I must do." Steven then turned to take aim at another Bomber, especially the part where the bombs were stored and opened fire, causing the bombs to explode, taking out the bomber. Steven then took out two more bombers. In another Bomber, the pilot and Co-pilot saw what Steven was doing, they respected him because they were from Hoenn as well, the rest of the crew as well. The two pilots then saw other Bombers target Steven's Bomber and completely destroyed it. The Pilot then turned to his Co-pilot and said, "If we want to make it out of this battle alive, we need to make a splash down in the water near the Alliance fleet." Everyone on the Bomber was on board with the pilot. The Pilot then told the Co-pilot, "Start leaking fuel." As the Co-pilot tried to figure out how to leak fuel, an Alliance Fighter came up from underneath and shot the fuel tanks. The Co-pilot then said, "Well that was easy, that Alliance Pilot shot our fuel tanks." The pilot replied, "Okay, time to make our move." The pilot then put his radio mask back on and said, "Mayday, Mayday, this is Bomber 9, our fuel tanks took a hit and we've lost maneuvering capabilities, we're going down."

"Bomber 9, this is Bomber 12, Bailout, bail out now." Said the Pilot of a different Bomber. The Pilot of Bomber 9 responded by saying, "Not yet, we're going to attempt to take out at least one enemy ship with us." The Pilot of Bomber 12 then said, "Understood, we'll cover you from up here." The pilot of Bomber 9 said copy and began to take his bomber into a steady descent, he then took off his mask, looked at his radio operator and said, "Find the frequency that the Alliance Pilots are using." The Radio operator nodded his head and search until he said, "I found it, sir." The Pilot then put his Radio Mask back on and said, "This is Team Comet Bomber 9 to all Alliance Forces, we wish to defect and join the Alliance." Dylan heard the message and said, "This is Captain Dylan, commander of Charizard Squadron, why should we believe you?" The pilot then said, "The crew in my bomber are all from Hoenn, as am I. We want nothing to do with Team Comet, we just want to see our home region free." Dylan was silent for a few moments before he said, "Make a splash down near our fleet, I'll tell them to purposely miss you as you make your approach." The Pilot then said, "Rodger." The Pilot then leveled the bomber off with the surface of the water.

Back on the Pikachu, John had the last squadron of fighters launched and the battleship guns risen. John then received a radio message from Dylan and he told John about the defecting bomber crew. John thanked Dylan and had the news about the defecting Bomber spread to only the other Captains. The captains in front of the bomber told their AA guns to shoot sporadically and not to aim for the cockpit. The damaged Bomber took a few more hits on the wings before it made a splashdown close to the Alliance Battleship the Bertrand. As the bomber crew got into a life raft, the captain of the Bertrand got his crewmen to pull them onto the ship and take them to the Mess hall. Back on the Pikachu, John was watching the air battle when the Pikachu's first mate, Ensign Amanda Evans, approached him and said, "Captain Bertrand, we've just spotted a fleet consisting of several Carriers, Battleships, Frigates, Cruisers, Destroyers, Corvettes, and troop transports entering Otron's waters and heading this way." John then said, "Contact Ash and tell him that we're moving to defend Otron." Amanda nodded her head and went back inside the bridge. John then turned his head back to the air battle and saw a bomber falling towards the Pikachu. John then had all the AA guns fire at the bomber and the AA guns on the Pikachu and surrounding ships lit the falling bomber up, making holes in the cockpit, the wings, and the shaft, hitting the bombs and causing the Bomber to explode. Small pieces of the bomber were the only thing that hit the Pikachu.

Just then, John saw the fleet that Ensign Evans told him about. After John pulled out his binoculars and got a closer look at the fleet. He saw what he believed to be the flagship, an enemy flattop, and it flew the flag of Team Comet, it was a Team Comet fleet. John then grabbed a radio that transmitted to all of the Alliance and said, "All hands, Battle stations, Battle stations, ready the guns." Every crew member on all of the Alliance Ships heard John's command and went to their Battle stations. John then said, "Defensive formation, Turtonator one." All of the Alliance ships knew that formation and moved to their spots. As the Team Comet fleet drew closer, the Alliance Fleet finished getting into formation. John then said, "Battleships and Cruisers, target the Troop transports first, their amphibious invasion will never happen." The Battleships followed their orders and aimed for the troop transports. When the transports were in range, John said, "Battleships and Cruisers, OPEN FIRE!" all the battleships followed orders and began firing at the troop transports.

Meanwhile, a recently freed Cress Carter finished putting on the equipment that Bill's Squad brought him. Cress then said, "Alright, now that I'm free, we need to take out their early warning system. I know that your mission was to get me out of Otron, but that system must fall so future attacks can't be detected." Bill said Rodger and told his squad to follow Cress's Orders. Back at the battle, the Alliance fleet was pounding the Team Comet fleet. Casualties were felt on both sides, the Alliance fleet lost PT-Boat 103, the Alliance Corvette Weedle, and the Alliance Frigate Pallet Town. The Team Comet fleet had heavier casualties with the loss of most of the long-ranged Bombers and Fighters, almost half of the troop transports, several Corvettes, with several other ships being damaged. John then ordered the Battleship Bertrand, the Battleship Blastoise, and the Battleship Ketchum to fire on the enemy flagship and had the alliance Submarines escort them under the water to prevent any possible enemy Submarines from destroying the battleships. On the flagship of the Team Comet fleet, the captain ordered a special fighter launched and to target the Alliance flagship, which was the Pikachu. Right after the fighter took off from the Carrier, it came under fire from the Alliance battleships. The Captain of the carrier told all hands to abandon the carrier. Everyone obeyed and evacuated the carrier. Only the captain stayed on board to go down with his ship and give the retreat order to the still functioning ships in the fleet. Back on the Pikachu, John saw the Team Comet fleet retreating, the last of the bombers turning around, and all but one of the enemy fighters. John was curious to know why that fighter didn't retreat with his comrades and told the fighters to hold their fire and let the AA guns take out the fighter. As the fighter drew closer, alarms in the bridge started to go off. Ensign Evans then said, "Captain, the enemy fighter has a lock on our position." Just then, the last Team Comet fighter shot a rocket from its underbelly. John then said, "Brace for impact!" the rocket then hit the bridge and exploded, sending John flying backward into the water. The rocket explosion sent a chain reaction throughout the Pikachu. The fire went through all of the bulkheads, killing anyone unlucky to be in them at the time. Suddenly, the Pikachu's middle section exploded, sending the ship up out of the water about a few feet into the air, almost breaking the ship in two, meaning that the Pikachu's magazine just exploded. As the Pikachu slipped under the ocean, survivors got into lifeboats and rowed away from the sinking ship.

_X_ A few moments earlier

In the Alliance Headquarters, Ash, May, and Shauna heard John tell the fighters to hold their fire and let the AA guns take down the fighter. They then heard Dylan say, "The enemy fighter launched something." Dylan then said, "IT'S A ROCKET, and it's heading to the Pikachu." Shauna's heart stopped when the three of them heard Dylan say, "Impact, Impact, the rocket struck the bridge, fire coming from the windows." just then, the shockwave reached the command center and all the monitor screens broke, causing Ash, May, and Shauna to duck. As they stood up, Ash, May, and Shauna heard Dylan say, "Splash one enemy fighter… HOLY SHIT, the Pikachu's Magazine just exploded, the Pikachu's sinking. I repeat, the Pikachu is sinking." After hearing what Dylan said, Shauna slowly fell into a chair. Ash then said into the radio, "Does anyone have eyes on any survivors." A voice on the other side said, "This is Captain Alex Shimmel, the commanding officer on board the Alliance Anti-Fighter Frigate Luxio. We have eyes on several lifeboats and we saw Commander Bertrand in one of them, we're moving to pick up the survivors and take them to the Port." Ash told Captain Shimmel that he would meet him there at the port with Shauna and May, and Captain Shimmel said, "Rodger that Commander Ketchum, we'll meet you there." Ash then turned to Shauna and May and told Shauna, "Shauna, they found John, we're going to meet him at the naval yard as they take him off the Luxio." Shauna then stood up with the help of May and she said, "Well what are we waiting for? Let's go see him." Ash, May, and Shauna began making their way to Sunhill Naval Yard.

When the three of them got to the place where the Luxio docked, they saw an ambulance already waiting there. Ash then saw the captain, the first mate, and two medical Personal from the Luxio carry John down on a blanket. Shauna bolted ahead of May and Ash to be by John's side. As John was being loaded into the ambulance to be taken to the hospital, Ash asked Captain Shimmel, "How many survived from the Pikachu?" Captain Shimmel told Ash, "From the six thousand and ninety-four personnel on board, we rescued about forty-eight personnel and the Blastoise rescued ten." Ash was shocked to hear that the Pikachu lost 99% of its crew when the rocket struck it. Ash then said, "Alright, let's treat the wounded so we can…" Ash was interrupted when he heard someone call out his name to him and May. When Ash turned around, he saw Gary and Tierno, both in their combat uniforms, running up to Ash and May. When they got to the couple, out of breath, Gary said, "We just received word from Rainbow Valley Prison, Cress escaped, and we think that Team Comet were the ones that busted him out." Ash clenched his fist and said, "So the attack on Otron, the attack that started the war, that caused John to get hurt and us losing the Pikachu, was a diversion. Freeing Cress must have been their primary goal." May then asked her husband, "What do you think they'll do now that Cress is free." Ash thought about it and said, "Cress would want to take out our Early Warning Defense System so we wouldn't be able to detect another attack by Team Comet. Gary, contact the men stationed at the EWS, tell them to be ready for an attack. Gary nodded his head and walked away to make a call. Ash then asked Tierno if it was possible to raise the Pikachu and repair it, but Tierno shook his head and said, "From what I heard, the Pikachu's Magazine blew up, and all that damage isn't repairable. I'm sorry Ash, but the Pikachu is staying put where it sunk." Ash looked down at the ground and said, "It's alright Tierno, I appreciate you telling me. We'll need a new flagship for the fleet." May and Tierno nodded their heads and Tierno said, "How about the Aircraft Carrier Fortree City?" May and Ash looked at each other, then at Tierno and Ash said, "Perfect, we'll use it, thanks, Tierno." Tierno smiled and nodded his head and said, "No problem Ash, just trying to help the cause." Ash nodded his head in agreement. Gary then returned as he put his phone away and he said, "I told the people at our early warning system to be ready and I sent them some reinforcements from the closest base, they should be getting there in about 10 minutes."

"Alright, thank you, Gary." Replied Ash. Ash then said, "I need to make a special Broadcast about the battle, and the beginning of the war." May nodded her head, and Gary said, "I'll accompany Shauna and keep her calm about John." Ash nodded his head and said, "Thank you, Gary, keep me updated on his progress." Gary nodded his head and went to go to the hospital to comfort Shauna. Ash then told Tierno, "Contact our allies in the other regions, tell them I need to speak with them immediately." Tierno nodded his head and ran off to the communications center for the Alliance. Meanwhile, at the Early Warning System, the men stationed there were on high alert. Machine gun emplacements were set up, sandbags were stacked to protect the men. Four snipers manned four guard towers all around the Building. Suddenly, a rocket shot out of the nearby woods and stuck the guard tower to the north. The sniper managed to jump onto the building before the tower went down. The sniper then said, "CONTACTS TO THE NORTH!" the men at the north began to fire at the spot the rocket came from while the sniper used her thermal scope on her sniper rifle to find the person who fired the rocket. She saw someone sneaking away and fired a round at the person's leg, making that person unable to flee. She then saw more people moving to the east and west sides of the building. The sniper then said, "East and west sides, you have people moving in from the north." The men on the machine guns on both sides pointed to the north and laid down suppressive fire. Cress then took a rifle from a Team Comet soldier and shot the Machine gunner on the east side of the building in the head. Cress then said, "Alpha team, advance on the east side." The two Team Comet grunts with Cress began to advance on the EWS building. One Alliance soldier pulled the body of the machine gunner away and took his spot and opened fire again, but Cress and the two Team Comet grunts got to cover with only one Team Comet grunt getting hit. Cress radioed for Bravo team to report in and Bill said, "Commander Cress, we are pinned down by Machine gun fire and two guard towers, we can't get to the wall." Cress then told Bill to keep on trying to get to the wall. Suddenly, an Alliance Helicopter flew by the EWS building. Cress saw the helicopter and said, "Damn it, enemy reinforcements have arrived." Cress then said into the radio, "Everyone, fall back now!" After Cress said that, he turned around to see several guns pointed at him and the two grunts, one of the guns was in the hands of Max Kirtman. Cress then said, "Max Kirtman, I should have known that a traitor like you would lead this building's reinforcements."

"I'm no traitor, thought you knew that, you and your friends were the real traitors." Replied Max. Max then told a soldier, "Get these men to Rainbow Valley Prison and put cress in the Maximum-Security section of the prison." As Alliance Forces took the surrendered Team Comet forces and Cress back to Rainbow Valley Prison, Max contacted Ash and when Ash picked up, Max said, "The EWS is secured, we have Cress and the people who freed him and sending them back to Rainbow Valley Prison." Ash replied, "Very good Max, Max sure that Cress stays in prison this time." Max said that he will make sure that Cress doesn't escape a second time. Ash was then approached by May and she said, "The cameras are ready for now Ash." Ash nodded his head and said, "Time to let the world know." Ash and May then walked into Ash's Office where the TV cameras were located. Ash sat down in his chair to make his announcement.

In the seven core regions, the regularly scheduled show was interrupted by Ash's Broadcast. Ash said, "Greetings Regions of the world. My name is Ash Ketchum, champion of the Otron Region. Earlier today, a fleet flying the flag of the so-called seven core regions strike group call Team Comet attacked Otron but were pushed back by the fleet of the Alliance that I have created, and I know exactly what the strike group is… it's an organization bent on taking control of the world. Today, during the attack, our fleet suffered few casualties while the attacking fleet suffered heavier casualties. However, my best friend and closest Ally, John Bertrand, was injured when the flagship of the fleet, a prototype aircraft carrier/Battleship Hybrid called the Pikachu, took a direct hit from a rocket that was launched from a single fighter. That rocket hit the bridge and caused a chain reaction throughout the ship and sent her Magazine room up in flames and explode, nearly breaking the ship in two, and sent John flying into the water. That rocket killed 99% of the crew on the Pikachu. The attack on Otron was unprovoked and unjustified and thus, the Alliance has declared war on Team Comet. I am now calling to arms anyone from the seven core regions who wish to join our fight against Team Comet, you will be treated properly and fairly, those who resist us in the regions loyal to Team Comet will be sent to a prison where you will help the war effort for the Alliance." Ash thanked anyone who actually watched his announcement and walked away from his seat.

In Kanto, A group of friends watched Ash's announcement and one guy said, "I'm going to join Ash and the Alliance." Another guy said, "Are you crazy Jimmy, the government will have your family Imprisoned." Jimmy looked at his friend and said, "I'm sorry Ralph, I need to do this, anyone else who wants to join me, I'm heading to the airport." Jimmy then began walking towards the airport. At first, no one followed him, but suddenly, several people caught up to him, leaving only Ralph and 5 others standing there. Ralph then said, "Are you crazy, you guys are all going to die if you join the Alliance, can you even be sure that you'll even be allowed to join?" Jimmy looked at his friend soon to be enemy and he said, "Just call it a hunch." Jimmy and the people with him then continued to the airport to book a flight to Otron. Once at the Airport, Jimmy and his friends saw that a not a lot of people were heading to Otron, only ten other people were planning to go to Otron, so a total of twenty-five people were going to Otron from Kanto. They all got on a plane that was only making stops in Hoenn, Kalos, and Alola, and Otron. Jimmy and his friends got on the plane and were waiting for the plane to take off when military personnel began to move in on the plane. The pilot saw them and told his Co-Pilot, "We need to take off NOW!" The Co-Pilot nodded and buckled his seatbelt. The pilot then said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking, we're taking off now, get in a seat quickly and buckle up." Everyone on the plane got in an open seat and buckled up. The Pilot and Co-Pilot began to increase the engine power and began to move forward to take off from where it was parked and passed the military vehicles with just enough room on the wheels to barely pass above the Military vehicles.

As the Plane increased in altitude, Team Comet Jets came from behind the jetliner and said, "Kanto Airliner 739 this is Dragonite leader. We have reports that you are carrying possible defectors on board, turn back now." The pilot then said, "This is Captain Harvard of Kanto Airliner 739, we have no defectors on board, we are a civilian aircraft." Dragonite Leader then said, "Unfortunately, the King of the newly united region now known as The Comet Empire has declared any plane without authorization must be turned back or shot down." Before the Pilot could respond, a missile hit Dragonite leader, destroying it, and another missile hit the other fighter. Just then, two jets appeared alongside Kanto Airliner 739, and a voice came over the radio of the jetliner and the voice said, "Kanto Airliner 739, this is Commander Hopkins of the Kanto Rebel Fighter group Flygon, we got your back, head straight to Otron and tell Champion Ketchum what is going on."

"This if Kanto Airliner 739, we thank you Commander Hopkins and good luck." Flight 739 then flew off towards Otron. Back in Otron, Ash walked into John's Hospital bed to check on his friend. Shauna was in a chair next to John's bed. Ash then asked Shauna, "How is he, Shauna?" Shauna looked at Ash and said, "The Doctor told me that John is in a coma, but they had to take his arm." Ash lifted the sheet and saw that John's right arm is gone. Ash then said, "Oh my goodness." Shauna nodded her head and said, "They said that his arm caught most of the blast that sent him flying out into the water. Then a piece of the bridge hit John's arm, when I saw the arm, it was destroyed, he was losing blood fast, and they needed to amputate the arm." Before Ash could even say anything, the Doctor that operated on John came in and said, "Champion Ketchum, it's a pleasure to have you here." Ash looked at the doctor and said, "I was told John was in a coma and that he lost his right arm. But what else can you tell me about his current condition." The Doctor looked at John's chart and said, "Well, he hit the water pretty hard, multiple fractured ribs. He may have a concussion, but we can't know for sure. As for his right arm, yes, we had to amputate, but we do have a way to give him back his arm. Specialist Operations Commander Dylan Lowe has a prototype robotic arm, he suggested that we use it to replace commander Bertrand's missing Arm, all we need to begin is your permission." Ash looked at Shauna, who nodded her head, then back at the doctor and said, "Do the operation." The doctor nodded his head and went to prepare everything. Just then, Chili came in and he said, "Ash, several civilian Planes are coming in from the Seven Core Regions saying that they wish to join the Alliance." Ash then said, "Have them land and send everyone to the stadium, I will speak to them there." Chili nodded his head and walked out to inform the planes. Ash then turned back to Shauna and said, "Keep me updated about his condition." Shauna nodded her head and Ash walked out of the Hospital Room.

After a few moments, Ash and Chili arrived at the Stadium and saw that several Buses from the Airport. Ash then said, "Looks like they're here, let's get this done." Chili nodded his head and the two of them headed inside the stadium. When they got in view of the whole inside of the stadium, they counted at least 100 people arrived. Ash then said, "A lot fewer people than I expected." Chili nodded his head and they walked up to the platform that was in front of everyone. After Ash got everyone's attention, he said, "Welcome everyone, I know that you're all from the seven core regions, and I know that you all saw my broadcast, which is the reason you are all here. All I need you all to say is that you support us and the cause." Everyone stood up and shouted, "We pledge our support to you and the Alliance, SIR!" Ash sensed that no one was lying and he said, "I now welcome you all to the Alliance, just come up and tell us which branch of our Military you would like to join." As the group dispersed into four equal groups for the Alliance Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force. Ash smiled to see that people from the seven core regions had some common sense. Just then, the captain of Kanto Airliner 739 approached Ash and said, "Commander Ketchum, my name is Captain Harvard of Kanto Airliner 739, I bring with us an update about the seven core regions, they united under one government to from the Comet Empire." Ash then asked Captain Harvard of Kanto Airliner 739, "What about the Alola region?" Captain Harvard of Kanto Airliner 739 told Ash, "The Alola Region surrendered after being blockaded for 11 years." Ash was shocked to hear that the Alola Region fell. Ash then said, "Well anyway Captain, the Alola region is first on our list of regions to attack in the seven core regions." Captain Harvard nodded his head and then said, "I'm going back to the Air Force Group, goodbye Sir." Ash nodded his head and allowed Captain Harvard to rejoin the group of volunteers to sign up to join the Alliance Air Force.

"How many people did we lose in the attack Ash?" Said a voice in Ash's head that he recognized. Ash then said telepathically, "John, that you my friend?" The voice then said, "Yes my old friend, it's me. Now tell me how many people did we lose in the attack by Team Comet?" Ash then said, "We lost all but 58 crew members, that number includes you, from the Pikachu, in total about 6,115 Crew members from the ships that were sunk, 6,094 of those casualties were from the Pikachu." John was silent for a few moments until he asked, "How did I survive?" Ash then told John that he was sent flying into the water, then about how he lost his right arm and surgery was to be done to give him a robotic Arm as a replacement.

"I know, I can feel something being attached to my muscles." Replied John. Ash then said, "They also told me that the explosion sent you into a Coma." John then replied, "Not again, how many Comatose States will I be in?" Ash chuckled, causing John to say, "Don't chuckle, I'm getting tired of being in a comatose State, I want to help you win this war." Ash then told John, "I know you do John, but you just need to rest and regain your strength." John then said telepathically, "That's all I'll be doing until I wake up." Ash chuckled again and told his friend, "I'll let Shauna know I talked you, John." Ash then felt John's aura get warmer and John said, "Thank you, Ash." Ash said that John was welcomed. John then said, "Do you still plan to free Alola from the team comet Blockade?" Ash then told John about Alola's Surrender.

"Damn it, I just hope that the people there are fighting back," John said to Ash. Ash agreed with John and told John that he had to go make sure that the new recruits are getting to where they needed to go, and John said, "Alright, Good luck Ash." Ash replied, "You to brother." Ash then walked off to inspect the troops. Meanwhile, in the Alola Region, a woman with a rifle was running through the Jungle on her home island of Akala with her Partner Pokémon, a Grass Pokémon. The woman and her Pokémon were running from a squad of team Comet grunts. As the woman turned around to open fire at the Team Comet personal, she told her Pokémon, "Steenee, use Solar Beam, full power!" Steenee obeyed and with the bright sunny Day, Solar Beam charged up quickly and Steenee unleashed Solar Beam at the Team Comet grunts' feet, causing sharp debris to take out two grunts and wounding another. The woman then said, "Steenee, let's go, while they're disoriented." Steenee nodded its head and ran off with its trainer. After a few minutes of running, the woman and Steenee arrived at their destination, the Alolan Rebels Main Base, deep in the jungle of Akala Island. When the woman entered the base, she was greeted by two people, a woman about the same height as her with Blue Hair, and a tanned man with red shorts and sandals. The man then said, "Mallow, was your mission a success?" the woman that entered the base recently said, "Yes Kiawe, I have the information that we can use to continue our fight against Team Comet." The name, now known as Kiawe, nodded his head and the blue hair said, "What about my family?" Mallow looked at the blue-haired woman and said, "They're safe Lana. Steenee and I got them out safely, they're on a boat that is heading towards Otron." Lana breathed a sigh of relief. Just then, another woman with blonde hair and a big hat walked up to them and said, "Kiawe, Lana, Mallow, we just received word from Sableye 1, he needs to speak with us." Kiawe, Lana, and Mallow nodded their heads and followed the blonde-haired Woman to the rebel Communications room.

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