Personality Disorder (My version) @crusherboy93
Chapter 2

The class gets introduced to Nagisa's maturity, Kayano's playfulness, Karma's seriousness, and John's Loyalty. Their friends' counterparts explain the situation and how they came to be. They then beg the class to help them find the other personalities, which the class gladly accepts. With that done, they take the unconscious trio back to the hotel. Unbeknownst to them, three familiar figures stand in the distance, glaring at one particular giant, yellow octopus.

With the red-blue-green-brown quartet laid down to rest, Isogai starts the meeting when he said, "Okay, time to start this operation," he exclaims and then stares towards their friends' counterparts, "Would you three explain the other personalities who we are trying to catch?"

The class glances at the three. "Okay, I'll guess I start." Maturity steps up. "From what I remember exactly, Nagisa's five core personalities are me (Maturity), Innocence, Insecurity, Kindness, and, worst of all, Bloodlust."

"Innocence huh," added Rio, "I can see that. He doesn't really seem corrupt like me and Okajima."

"What!? I am not corrupt!" screamed Okajima. At that point, all the girls glared at him Loyalty said, "Something tells me that you are Okajima. Sorry about the harsh truth, but that's what I'm seeing.

"Okay I guess I'm a little corrupt ..." said Okajima squirming. The class just sighed disappointedly and went back to the discussion of Nagisa's personalities.

"If it would be no trouble, I would like to go get him first. Innocence that is." Maturity spoke up.

"Oh why is that," Hinano questioned. Maturity told the group while looking down while looking worried, "I just don't want him to experience any bad things that might taint his innocence that's all. When we came to this world, I lost track of him and I am really worried about him."

"We understand your concern and we will try to look for him as fast as possible. He'll most likely be with one of Kayano's or Karma's personalities," said Isogai reassuringly. Maturity then smiled gratefully towards the class and said, "Thanks guys."

The class started to talk again about Nagisa's personalities. Kanzaki thought about Kindness and said, "Kindness huh … he is really kind towards all of us despite our reckless natures and Koro-Sensei's quirkiness." Her classmates all nodded to agreement.

"He has helped me catch a lot of bugs before we got here," added Hinano cheerfully. Then Sugino said with Nostalgia, "He helps me study English and practice baseball,"

"The little pipsqueak forgives us all really easily. He is way too forgiving that's for sure," said Terasaka. His gang nodded as well. With that, all of their classmates started to remember when Nagisa had helped them all with a positive attitude. This made them all want to bring back the Nagisa they all know and love.

Maturity just stood there slightly grinning at the sight of his friends giving compliments towards Nagisa. Although he did enjoy it, they needed to go back to the task at hand.

"Ahem." This interrupted their thought process and they all started to work again. Maturity then said, "Thank you for caring about Nagisa's kind acts but let's go back to work please?"

"Sorry about that, but ... you said another one was Insecurity right?" asked Okano. Maturity just stood there and nodded. "Nagisa has insecurity issues he has to deal with. Sometimes it has to do with his appearance as a girl, being an outcast, and ... other stuff," replied Maturity gloomily.

"I see ... well Insecurity just needs someone to talk to and that will support him that's all, right class," Koro-Sensei said. There were multiple 'yes''s and 'of course''s which made Maturity smile. Then Loyalty said, "Yeah, and once we get all the personalities into their bodies, John will most likely ask to join the classroom, just saying. Back to the matter in hand." Isogai nodded his head before he said, "Right, and the last one for Nagisaa is Bloodlust, right Maturity," questioned Isogai towards the person in question. Meahara then asked "Care to elaborate on this one." That broke Maturity's trance along with the others. "Ah yes ... he is the most dangerous one." He shivered a bit causing both Playfulness, Seriousness, and Loyalty to think about their own dangerous counterparts.

"Care to explain? I really don't see Nagisa being dangerous," Terasaka bluntly said.

"Well ... he is kind of like the assassin part of Nagisa," said Maturity with a bit of fear in his voice. All of his classmates would then remember the time at school when Nagisa almost killed Mr. Takaoka when he wanted to make Nagisa an example of his teachings, but ultimately failed. To those who were not food poisoned, they remembered Nagisa's extreme bloodlust on the helipad when Mr. Takaoka blew up the antidote for the supposed poison that infected his fellow classmate. They all shivered at the memory except for Loyalty.

Maturity then saw the fear in their eyes. He knew he had to reassure them. "I know you might seem scared but he has no reason to target you all since you are all nice to Nagisa," Maturity looks at all of the class, "I see no reason for him to assassinate any of ..." He then stops at Koro-Sensei who was obviously smiling at his own kind words, not knowing that he told them all to assassinate him. "youuuuuu ...". Everyone notices who Maturity was staring at and they all realized why. Koro-Sensei noticed their stares and got flustered. "Why are you staring at me! I see no reason why Nagisa-kun would want to assassinate meeeee ..." The realization finally hit him.

"Sir ... just be careful really. My assassin counterpart can be quite tricky since he might be teaming up with one of Karma's personalities." said Maturity.

"Karma's personalities huh?" Everyone looked at Seriousness, making him say, "I guess it's my turn now huh. I'm one of Karma's five core personalities. The other being Laziness, Protectiveness, Mischief, and worst of all Sadism," All of them sweat dropped before Fuwa said, "All of those ... seem reasonable for Karma," Then Kimura said, "You're right. All those sound like Karma to me."

"Wait, why would Karma be protective," questioned a grinning Rio as he glanced curiously at Seriousness before he said, "Well ...," not to sound embarrassed, "he has his image as a bad boy honor student and ... Nagisa," he whispered the last part. Everyone still heard it through.

There was numerous 'aww's and 'so cute's. Both Rio and Terasaka started teasing Seriousness as he started blushing at their reaction. "Aww, such a doting big brother~" Rio teases the blushing serious personification. Maturity smiled at the scene before he said, "Well technically Nagisa is older," The class looked surprised at his statement. After the whole 'big brother' ordeal, the class went back to the discussion of Karma's other personalities.

"I feel like Bloodlust either teamed up with Mischief or Sadism," suggested Sugaya. That was when Playfulness said, "If either of them are teaming up together then we might be in trouble, and if SHE is with them then you might be in deep danger sir." She then looks towards Koro-Sensei.

"Who is she? Is she one of your counterparts," asked Hara.

"Yes she is," Playfulness looked really worried this time before she continued "Kayano's other four personalities seem a bit odd, but they are Cheerfulness, Sweet-Tooth, ...," she paused and took a deep breath. Maturity put his hand on her shoulder for reassurance. "The last two are ... Depression and ... H-hatred." She then finished and looked down in embarrassment. Her fellow classmates were confused but didn't want to ask further questions as it was Kayano's duty to tell them not her personalities.

Koro-Sensei trying to cheer things up said, "If you don't want to speak about it then it's fine, but we'll always be here for you, as a class, whenever you want to talk whether it be you or Kayano." Koro-Sensei then smiled brightly towards Playfulness causing her to be her playful self once again. However, deep in the class's minds, they all wondered what Kayano hated so much to make it one of her core personalities. Some ideas came to mind such as her short stature or big boobs. In the end, they would think about it later.

"Guess that leaves me. Besides me, John's Core Personalities are Honesty, Friendship, Trickery, and hope. Trickery is like Bloodlust, Sadism, and Hatred. But luckily, John doesn't let that one take control." said Loyalty. But Seriousness said, "However, with that stone and Trickery is on the loose, there's no telling what he can do now that he's free

"Now that is all settled, how should we plan on gathering all of them together," Isogai stated, making the class think very carefully.

"How about we look at the stone that Nagisa was holding," Okuda had suggested.

"Great idea Okuda!" said Loyalty. Okuda smiles brightly at the compliment.

"Hey Ritsu, are you able to analyze the stone while the rest of us look for the other personalities?" Isogai asked the A.I..

"Of course! Anything to bring back those three and John!" replied Ritsu as she was given the stone and starting preparations.

"We should split up into groups of four while three of us stay and watch over Nagisa's, Kayano's, and Karma's bodies at the hotel," suggests Kataoka. Everyone nodded.

"Hey Takebayashi, Hara, and Yada, can you three stay with them while we go out with them," Isogai asked the three in question.

"Sure thing! Anything for them," replied Yada. The two others nodded in agreement and went to treat the three unconscious while Yada walked over to John, Loyalty saw that and smiled.

"With that settled, I think we should have a teacher in each group with the last one having these three," Isogai then pointed to his friends' counterparts. The class nodded.

"I'll be going with the party that decides to look for Innocence," Maturity states firmly. Some of the people in the room were still not used to this mature version of Nagisa. Then Loyalty said, "I just hope we find the good ones first before we find the evil parts of John, Karma, Kayano, and Nagisa, we can use all the help we can get."

From there the groups were decided:

Group 1:

- Kanzaki

- Sugino

- Okuda

- Sugaya

- Rio

- Maturity

- Playfulness

- Seriousness

- Loyalty

Group 2:

- Hinano

- Kimura

- Chiba

- Hayami

- Fuwa

- Karasuma

Group 3:

- Isogai

- Kataoka

- Okano

- Hiroto

- Mimura

- Irina

Group 4:

- Terasaka

- Muramatsu

- Yoshida

- Hazama

- Okajima

- Koro-Sensei

"I have informed all your parents about staying an extra day on Okinawa due to some transportation issues," Karasuma informed the whole class, who sighed in relief.

"Thank you Mr. Karasuma," the class replied and looked at Loyalty and said, "Are you here by yourself or with a group?" Loyalty sighed and said, "By myself, my mom and Dad are rich, so they sent me here for a vacation, I will go home in a few days, they don't even care about me."

"Nurufufufufu, are you ready class to bring back your classmates," exclaimed Koro-Sensei.

"Yes!," the class shouted in reply with the same enthusiasm as their teacher.

They all started their search in finding their friends' personalities. In the background, four familiar figures stood together.

"The plan is almost ready," said one voice.

"I can't wait to KILL and TORTURE him!", replied another voice.

"That KILLER deserves to DIE!" said a third voice.

"Relax you three, soon the creature will die by your hands, we must be patient." said a final voice

The four then go back to the shadows once again.

(A.N.: Sorry for not uploading this chapter sooner, it's been hectic in my life with all my other stories too. I promise to get this story finished as soon as I can, and I hope you stick by me as I finish it.)

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