Personality Disorder (My version) @crusherboy93
Chapter 1

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It was the evening that Class 3-E took partook in Koro-Sensei's Test of Courage which was his attempt to bring his students together.

With one of the first couples in the cave, Kayano and Nagisa spot something in the distance. "Hey Nagisa, what's that over there?" inquired Kayano. "Not sure. It looks like a box," replied Nagisa, "but it doesn't seem to be part of Koro-Sensei's test." "Could be ... maybe we should show this to the others and Koro-Sensei," suggested Kayano. "Yeah it could be a treasure," said Nagisa smiling brightly toward Kayano causing the young girl to blush. 'You're better than any treasure Nagisa,' thought Kayano without realizing her own blush. Nagisa then looks at Kayano with concern, "Hey Kayano, are you alright? You look sick." Nagisa then places his palm against Kayano's forehead. Consequently, Kayano's face becomes much redder like the shade of Karma's hair. "Oh ... I-I-It's j-just a b-bit hot in this cave wouldn't you think," stuttered Kayano, hoping that Nagisa would buy her excuse. Nagisa furrowed his eyebrows and sighed with relief, "Oh o-okay." Nagisa then proceeds to pick up the small box and puts it in his back pocket. 'Thank god he bought that' Kayano mercifully thought. 'I hope she really is alright. It seems something is on her mind. I would be lying if I said she didn't mean the world to me. Maybe I'll ask her later,' Nagisa thought carefully.

The two made their way out of the cave. They then waited for the rest of the class to return from the cave. Afterwards, the class was presented by a gloomy and shameful yellow octopus moping on the floor. "What a disgrace ... what a total disgrace ..." Koro-Sensei whimpers exasperatedly. After the students find out about Koro-Sensei's plan to spark romantic relationships among his students they all sweatdrop at their teacher's useless attempts to hook one another. They then all turn to the sound of complaint and distress to only find Professor Bitch clinging onto Mr. Karasuma's arm. The class ends up trying to hook the two together only to fail miserably due to Mr. Karasuma being really dense towards Professor Bitch's feelings.

After the whole ordeal, Nagisa remembers about the chest and calls up Karma, Kayano, and Sugino. "Hey guys!" Nagisa exclaimed, bringing the attention of his three closest friends. "Yo, what's up Nagisa?" Sugino asked his blue-haired companion. "Well, Kayano and I found a box in the cave and figured it wasn't part of Koro-Sensei's test so we brought it out here." Nagisa replies and continues, "and I thought it would be nice if we opened it together." Nagisa smiles towards his three friends. "Sure why not." Karma said shrugging, "I see no harm in opening it. Plus, if the octopus missed it then it must be special." "Oh, I never thought about that," said Kayano. "I hope it's pudding!" "Most likely Koro-Sensei's temporary porn stash he brought here on vacation," Karma smiles mischievously.

Both Nagisa and Sugino sweat drop at both their classmates' guess hoping it would be something more appropriate. At that moment, Kanzaki approaches Sugino and asks something from him. "Hey Sugino-kun, can you help me with something?" Kanzaki asked the weirdly smiling baseball player. "O-of c-course K-kanzaki-san. With that the red-blue green-trio were left alone with their classmates and teachers in the background. Just then, a voice was heard behind the three who said, "Hi." They turned around and saw a boy their age, brown Hair, about 5`5, and a Muscular Build.

"Who are you?" asked Nagisa. The Boy introduced himself as John and he said, "I managed to avoid the push out of here and saw that thing, the box and the giant yellow walking Emoji. What is that thing." That was when Karma said, "State secret, why does the Box interest you?" John told Karma, "Curiosity has the better of me, mind if I join you four in opening it?" Kayano, Karma, and Nagisa all looked at each other and Nagisa said, "I don't see why not." John smiled and said, "Sweet."

"Well ... I should open it," Nagisa said slightly smiling at what transpired between the class beauty and his baseball loving friend. "Yeah we should, " Karma said, smirking. Nagisa opened the box only to reveal a small colorful stone with five distinct colors.

"Huh ... kind of disappointing if you ask me, " Karma told the other three. Kayano added, "It does look pretty though," With that, Nagisa picks up the stone and raises it to the air. "Hmm." Nagisa hums before the stone starts to shine really bright. "What the -" all four said before being enveloped by the bright, sudden flash.

In the distance, the other members of Class 3-E notice the bright flash surrounding the red-brown-blue-green hair quartet. They then see the four on the floor. They all start to rush towards the three. "NAGISA-KUN!" "KARMA-KUN!" "KAYANO-SAN!" was what their class shouted when they arrived at the scene. Just two seconds after hearing shouts of concern for his precious students, Koro-Sensei immediately zips through the beach to the scene of the crime. "What happened here, children!" Koro-Sensei asked. "We don't know! We just saw them standing over here with the other kid a while ago before we saw a bright flash," replied Isogai on behalf of the class. Takebayashi and Okuda were about to treat the four, but they noticed something in Nagisa's hand. The two then tried to open Nagisa's hand more to reveal the object. From there they were able to see a stone that looked like it suddenly lost all its color. "Umm sir ..." the two try to bring the attention of the frantic class, "we think this might be the cause of the accident." "A rock?!" they all exclaimed. The class then started to look and try to guess how the situation came to be before a voice interrupted their thought process when it said, "It was the stone!"

The class then looked at the source of the voice. There they saw their three friends standing, plus the other boy, but the three were not wearing their gym clothes. "NAGISA?!" yelled the confused class. They glanced at their friends' counterparts and back at their friends that were back on the ground and back to the four standing. The three were wearing their regular school uniform. Oddly enough, Karma was wearing his blazer buttoned.

"I guess you would assume that," said the Nagisa, who spoke in such a mature voice.

"We three are just one-fifth of your friends' core personalities and we just happen to look like them, plus the one-fifth of the boy name John." continued the Kayano who also spoke in a serious tone.

"That stone that Nagisa was holding was what caused all of this to happen. It then released us and their other four core personalities into the world," added the Karma who unexpectedly also spoke seriously.

"Though I much prefer being a whole body though, and I believe all of us do." Said the John look alike also in a serious tone.

"So we need your guys' help to bring them all together to bring your friends back, and John of course." the Nagisa finished, hoping that the class would understand their explanation.

The class just stood there flabbergasted and just taking in all the information given to them. Then a voice said, "This is bullshit!" Everyone looks to the source of disbelief who was expectedly Terasaka.


"Even if we believe you, how do you expect us to round up the others and bring back the Nagisa and the others," said Terasaka, "to add on how we know if you really want to bring them back and at least introduce yourselves at least!"

The class then looked at their friends' counterparts.

The Nagisa just sighed. "Fine, if it means you helping us find them then I guess I'll start." Nagisa took a deep breath. "Hello, my name is Maturity and I'm one of Nagisa's five core personalities and I'm just trying to bring back Nagisa and the others back." He then motioned to his left part of his vest and suddenly the letter M was embroidered on it.

"I am Seriousness and I'm one of Karma's five course personalities and like Maturity said, I just want the three to come back normal." He also motioned to his left chest and the letters 'Se' was embroidered on it.

"Hi there, I'm Playfulness! I was just trying to act serious and mature like these two!" She motioned to the other two standing next to her. She then continued, "Like the two said, I am also one of Kayano's five core personalities and I just her and the others back so they can enjoy E-class again." She motioned to her left part of her chest and the letter "P" was embroidered on her blazer.

"Guess that leaves me, I'm John's Loyalty, one of John's five core personalities. John is the fourth person affected by the stone." said the John lookalike as he pointed to the left side of his chest with the Letters 'Lo' embroidered on his shirt.

Maturity then steps forward. "We all mean it when E-Class made their lives better so please help us bring your friends back!" He then bowed and both Playfulness and Seriousness followed him. Then Loyalty said before bowing himself, "John would be extremely grateful if you helped and will give you his undying friendship."

The whole class stood there in shock until Isogai stepped up and he said "Of course we'll help," Isogai said while bringing Maturity up. Kataoka added on as she brought Playfulness up as well, "And we're YOUR friends as well aren't we,"

"So we'll bring them all back together as a class," Koro-Sensei smiles warmly towards Seriousness, also trying to bring him up. Then Toka brought Loyalty up as she said, "And we'll even help John too." and that made Loyalty smile.

"Thank you guys," said Maturity with relief. The Loyalty said, "I agree, thank you." Loyalty then took Toka's hand and kissed it, making the girl blush and some of her classmates chuckle a little bit

Less than a second, Koro-Sensei wrapped his tentacles all around his students including the four personalities. "Um Koro-Sensei, can you let us go so we can go find the other personalities." asked Maehara.

"Oh of course sorry," said Koro-Sensei sheepishly. He then proceeded to unwrap his tentacles. Isogai then stepped up and he . "First off, we need to rest Nagisa, Kayano, and Karma somewhere safe and then we'll figure out our plan on finding the other personalities."

With that, the class, along with the three personalities, took the three unconscious students back to the hotel for treatment. Unbeknownst to them, three familiar figures were watching them from a distance. They were particularly glaring at a specific giant, yellow octopus as a fourth approached them and said, "You three wanna team up?" the three figures looked at the new arrival and said, "Like you even need to ask."

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