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Pokémon, Two Worlds In Danger @crusherboy93
Rescuing Sabrina's Pokémon

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Where we last left off the four heroes, they began the walk to Vermillion City when The Pendants of Communication around John's, Dawn's, and Ash's necks began glowing. John immediately took his Pendant off and slowly spun until it began glowing brightly. John then led the others into the woods the pendant was pointing until they came to a clearing where a pidgeot sat on the lowest branch of the only Tree in the clearing. Ash recognized the Pidgeot as his old one, and she recognized Ash because she flew over to them and landed on Ash. Ash smiled and said, "Hey Pidgeot, guess I'm finally back. Sorry to keep you waiting for so long." Pidgeot rubbed her head against Ash's Head before looking at John and said, "Greetings Human of the world, I've been expecting you."

"I figured, which means you're the guardian of the nearby Vault." Replied John. Pidgeot nodded her head and said, "Yes, but we must have a battle to allow you access to it." John smiled and said, "Wouldn't have it any other way." Pidgeot then looked at Ash, and he already knew what she was going to ask him and he said, "Let's do it Pidgeot." Later, John and Turtwig stood opposite from Ash and Pidgeot. Pidgeot looked at Ash and said, "Since the time we've been apart Ash, I've learned Aerial Ace, Steel Wing, Air Cutter, and Giga Impact." Ash smiled as he said, "Okay, let's start off with Steel Wing!" Pidgeot Obeyed and as her wings glowed white, she charged at Turtwig, but John said, "Dodge and use Razor Leaf!" Turtwig obeyed, dodged and used Razor Leaf, striking Pidgeot.

"Now Razor Leaf again!" Shouted John. Turtwig obeyed and used Razor Leaf again, but Ash said, "Air Cutter!" Pidegot obeyed as she flapped her wings and released a stream of light blue 'X' shaped blades from the tips of her wings at the Razor Leaf, destroying it and striking Turtwig. John asked Turtwig if he was alright and Turtwig said, "I'm fine John." Soon The leaves on Turtwig's head glowed white and then his whole body glowed yellow and sparkled, afterwards, the glowing died down and Turtwig got a look of determination on his face as John said, "Awesome you learned Synthesis!" Then Ash said, "Nice. But we're not done. Pidgeot, use Giga Impact!" Pidgeot flew into the sky and her body became surrounded by orange streaks. Purple energy then appeared from the top of the streaks and envelops Pidgeot's body. Pidgeot then flew towards Turtwig but John said, "DODGE IT!" and Turtwig successfully dodged and caused Pidgeot to hit the ground, doing some damage as well.

John then shouted, "Razor Leaf Again!" Turtwig nodded his head and used Razor Leaf again on Pidgeot as she tried to get up. Soon the Razor Leaf began glowing Green and did even more damage to Pidgeot. Everyone was shocked, even Turtwig, he just used Magical Leaf.

"I didn't think Turtwig could learn Magical Leaf." Said Ash. Then John said, "Neither did I." Turtwig was astonished by what he did so he used it again and it struck Pidgeot again. But John said, "Turtwig, enough." Turtwig was confused, but he did as John said and stopped. John then walked over to Pidgeot and he said, "Are you alright Pidgeot?" and Pdgeot said, "Yes, I am fine. I yield the battle, turtwig fought hard and deserves this." Turtwig cheered before glowing and changing shape. After a while, Turtwig looked different, he looked like a Grotle, but he was also part metal. Soon a bright light shined and Arceus appeared. John and Grotle looked at Arceus as he said, "Interesting, it seems that Turtwig has evolved into the Truven Regional Variant." Grotle and John looked at each other before John said, "Seriously?" Arceus nodded his head and said, "Yes, Turtwigs start as grass types, but if their friendship reaches a high enough level before becoming Powerful enough to Evolve into the Sinnoh Grotle. Also, I'm detecting a strong Electric energy in this area, which affected Turtwig as well as evolving into a Grass & Electric type."

John looked at his Grotle with Shock and Happiness before he said, "Awesome, now you can use electric Type Attacks." Grotle smiled and cheered with his newfound Abilities. Soon a Thunderbolt shot out of Grotle and struck the ground near Pikachu. John smiled and said, "Nice, you know Thunderbolt." Grotle smiled and said, "I wonder what else I can do?" Soon Arceus said, "Due to your new type, you know Magical Leaf, Thunderbolt, Electric Leaf, which is a move exclusive only to Grotle's Truven Regional Variant, and Synthesis." John smiled and said, "Question, what's Electric Leaf?" and Arceus told John, "Electric Leaf is where Grotle shoots Leaves at his target that are electrified, no one can dodge the Attack and the target is paralyzed."

"Sweet." said John before Arceus disappeared and Grotle said, "Learn something new everyday, didn't even think I could Learn Electric Type moves." Then John said, "Well, never thought that either Grotle, but it's so cool. Now you can learn Electric Type moves like Electro Ball, Zap Cannon, and more." Then Ash said, "You just gotta be careful who you send Grotle out to fight John. Since he's a Grass and Electric Type, he's weak to Fire, Ice, Poison, and Bug Type moves." John knew that and he said, "I know, but haven't YOU won battles despite having a type disadvantage?" Ash looked at him before sighing and said, "touché." John smiled and said, "Since Pidgeot technically conceded Defeat, let's look at that Vault she was guarding." Pidgeot nodded her head and said, "The Tree will show the Path." John nodded his head and he, Dawn, and Ash all walked up to the tree. That was when, just like before, their hands started to Glow and after looking at each other, all placed their glowing hand on the Tree.

Suddenly, the tree began to move down, along with the area around it, John, Dawn, and Ash. Gloria tried to follow, but was stopped. Pidgeot tried to follow as well but was also stopped. John then said, "Guess this is for us alone." Dawn and Ash nodded their heads as the Tree also spun until it stopped. John looked behind him, Dawn, and Ash and he saw a hallway, which he led them down until they reached a room and saw three Pedestals with a tiny Sword on each. On the Pedestals themselves had the letters J, A, and D on the side facing them. John looked at Ash and Dawn as Ash said, "Guess we go to the Pedestal With the First letter of our names on it." John and Dawn nodded their heads as they came to the same conclusion.

Standing in the Order of the Pedestals, John, Ash, and Dawn took a step forward and their Pendants of Communication began to glow again. John's Pendant then said, "Heroes of both Worlds, these Charms will allow you to call on the Swords of Justice to assist you in your time of need, use them Wisely for they take a while to recharge." John looked at the Charm on the Pedestal with the J and saw that it looked like Cobalion, Ash's Charm looked like Terrakion and Dawn had Virizion. They took the Charms and were immediately teleported back to the Surface. On the Surface, John explained to Gloria and Pidgeot what happened. They took it surprisingly well. When it was time to leave, Ash asked Pidgeot if she wanted to rejoin him on this Journey they're undertaking and she said, "I was hoping you would ask Ash. My job protecting the Pidgey and Pidgeottos is over now since some of the Pidgeotto evolved into fellow Pidgeots, they now protect the flock."

Ash smiled and welcomed Pidgeot back to his team. After which the four got back on the Journey towards Vermilion City. Along the way, John realized something and he said, "I just realized something." See what I mean, but anyway, he said, "Are we near the Hidden Village?" and Ash said, "I thought you wanted to get this mission over with?" and John said, "True, but Crusherboy93 will know how to end it, but I want to make a quick stop." John then ran off towards the Hidden Village, followed by Ash, Pikachu, Dawn, Piplup, and Gloria. After a while of running, John skidded to a halt as he saw a horrific sight, soon Ash, Pikachu, Dawn, Piplup, and Gloria stopped and saw the same thing.

The Hidden Village was destroyed, Pokémon littered the area, and blood dripped out of a few of the fainted Pokémon, making John vomit at the sight. Ash then said, "Let's heal the fainted Pokémon out." Dawn and Gloria nodded their heads and as Ash and Gloria went straight into helping the Pokémon, Dawn checked on John to make sure he was alright, and John said, "Yeah, I'm good. Let's treat the injured Pokémon." Dawn nodded her head as she followed John to treat the injured Pokémon. Ash was spraying a Potion onto an Oddish when John said, "I'm going to get the phone and call for Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys." Ash nodded his head and said, "Be careful John, whoever did this might still be around."

"Try right behind you." said a voice that made John, Ash, Dawn, and Gloria jump a little. They then turned around to see four people in red clothes with the letter H in white on the front stood behind them. John recognized one from Mt. Moon and he said, "Who are you people?" one grunt said, "We're Team Hell, we want to conquer this world and the other world." John clenched his fists, he may hate some people in that world but he made Friends there. Grotle jumped forward along with Piplup and Pikachu as Gloria and Ash called out Corviknight and Pidgeot. The four Grunts called out a Pyroar, a Seviper, A Chandelure, and a Salazzle. John pulled out another Pokéball and said, "Gyarados, let's GO!" and John's Gyarados stood ready. The first grunt said, "Pyroar, use Flamethrower on the Grotle!" and the other grunts told the Seviper to use Poison Tail, Chandelure to use Flame Charge, and Salazzle used Venoshock on Grotle as well.

"Piplup, use Bubble Beam on the Chandelure!" Shouted Dawn as Ash said, "Pidgeot use Air Cutter on Salazzle! Pikachu, use Electro Web on Salazzle as well!" While Gloria told Corviknight to use Steel Wing on Seviper and John said, "Gyarados, use Hydro Pump on Pyroar, and Grotle, use Electric Leaf on Chandelure!" Pikachu, Piplup, Corviknight, Pidgeot, Grotle, and Gyarados all used the moves they were told to use and they struck the Grunt's Pokémon, knocking out Chandelure and Slazzle, while knocking back Pyroar and Seviper. The one grunt growled but he placed his hand to his ear and said, "Yes sir? What?! But we… No sir, I understand, very well, over and out." The lead Grunt then said, "We are to withdraw now, orders from Command." The other three grunts nodded their heads and they all recalled their Pokémon. The lead grunt then threw down a smoke bomb, surrounding the Area.

When the smoke cleared, the Team Hell grunts were gone, pissing John off severely. John then said, "The Bastards… they'll fucking pay for this." Dawn wrapped her arms around John's left and said, "Relax John, nothing we can do now except treat the injured Pokémon and let Officer Jenny know about them." John sighed and nodded his head and placed a call to Officer Jenny to the hidden Village. Later, several Pokémon Doctors and Nurse Joys arrived at the hidden Village to treat the injured Pokémon, and Officer Jenny was taking down Statements from John, Dawn, Ash, and Gloria. Officer Jenny then said, "I see, looks like we have a new Team Rocket on our hands. This Team Hell might cause problems for the whole world." John nodded his head as he thought, 'Not only that, but they plan on conquering my home world as well. I can't let that happen.' Officer Jenny then walked away and allowed John, Dawn, Ash, and Gloria to continue on their journey.

After a while of walking, the four arrived in Saffron City. John smiled and said, "Ah Saffron City, home to the Saffron City Gym, and Sabrina the Gym Leader. Her Badge is Number six, so I want to open the Saffron City Vault when we come back." Ash nodded his head as Dawn said, "For now let's just head to the Pokémon Center to check in, looks like it's getting dark soon." John nodded his head and led them into Saffron City and towards the Pokémon Center. After arriving at the Pokémon Center, They handed their Pokémon to Nurse Joy to get checked out, John and the others bought some food and sat down at one of the tables when the four heard a Voice say, "Ash, that you?"

Ash looked at where the voice came from and smiled. The voice came from the Town's Gym Leader Sabrina. Ash then said, "Hey Sabrina, good to see you." Sabrina then joined them at the table and said, "Who are your friends?" Ash introduced them all with John last as he explained to her the situation. Sabrina was shocked, but John asked, "Why didn't you use your Psychic powers?" Sabrina sighed before she said, "Because my Kadabra was taken from me a few days ago, since then I couldn't use my powers." Soon a Haunter appeared next to Ash, scaring Gloria and Dawn,while making John laugh.

John then said, "Hey Ash, isn't that the same Haunter you managed to get to battle Sabrina here and it stayed to keep her company." Ash nodded his head and said, "Hey Haunter, how have you been?" and Haunter said, "I'm doing fine Ash, did I interrupt Sabrina to tell you guys about how she lost her Kadabra?" Ash nodded his head and said, "Yeah you did, continue Sabrina." Sabrina nodded her head and said, "Yes well, a few days ago, people in Red uniforms with a white H on the top came into my Gym and took all my Psychic type Pokémon. Haunter was the only Pokémon I had left." John clenched his fist and said, "Team Hell. Do you know where they are?" and Sabrina shook her head and said, "No, I honestly have no clue. With Kadabra nearby, I could tell if he was, but I couldn't find him. I'm really worried about him and the others."

John told Sabrina, "Don't worry Sabrina, we'll find Kadabra and the other Pokémon you own, you have my word." Sabrina then smiled and said, "Thank you, last I saw them, the people who took my Pokémon ran down Route 8, towards Lavender Town." John nodded his head and said, "The mission will have to wait, saving Sabrina's Pokémon has just become top priority." Ash, Dawn, Gloria nodded their heads, got their Pokémon, and ran down Route 8 to rescue Sabrina's Pokémon. Along the way, John heard Arceus say in his head, "Be careful John Ketchum, this team Hell is a dangerous group and might try to kill you. Always be vigilant when you rescue her Pokémon." John mentally nodded his head and continued running down Route 8 to find the Team Hell grunts and free Sabrina's Pokémon. Soon, a voice said, "Human of the other world. I know you are looking for us. I have read your mind, we were taken to Lavender Town and are still here, please hurry." John nodded his head and came to the conclusion that it was Sabrina's Kadabra and he said to his friends, "Sabrina's Pokémon are in Lavender Town, let's go! We should be there shortly."

Ash, Dawn, and Gloria nodded their heads and continued to run towards Lavender Town. but they were then Approached by a vehicle and the driver revealed herself to be an Officer Jenny. Officer Jenny then said, "You guys going after the Team Hell grunts that stole Sabrina's Pokémon?" John nodded his head, which prompted Officer Jenny to say, "She told me that you were going after her Pokémon, need a ride?" John and the Others nodded their heads and Officer Jenny drove them to Lavender Town. Soon John was contacted by Kadabra again and he said that they were in the tower. So John said, "Lavender Tower, let's go!" Officer Jenny nodded her head and drove them to Lavender Tower. Upon arriving, John called out Grotle and readied Persian while Dawn called out Tyrantrum, Gloria called out Corviknight, and Ash had Pikachu.

John then looked at Officer Jenny and said, "Can you bring back up in case we need it." Officer Jenny nodded her head before driving off to get another Officer Jenny. John then said, "Let's go get Sabrina's Pokémon back." After getting a head nod from Ash, Dawn, and Gloria, John led them into Lavender Tower to rescue Sabrina's Pokémon. In the tower, John and his friends were jumped by Grunts of Team Hell and a Mightyena, Seviper, Sneasel, and Crobat. John called the first mover and shouted, "Electric Leaf on Crobat!" Grotle obeyed and fired Electric Leaf at Crobat. When he moved to dodge, the Electric Leaf turned and struck Crobat, paralyzing it so Persian could hit it with a Shadow Claw. Ash told Pikachu to use Thunderbolt on Sneasel, and he obeyed, striking the Sharp Claw Pokémon. Then Dawn shouted, "Piplup, use Bubblebeam, and Tyrantrum, use Dragon Tail on Seviper!" Piplup and Tyrantrum used their respective moves on the Fang Snake Pokémon, sending it into its trainer. John then looked at Ash and said, "Keep the grunts busy, I'll find Sabrina's Pokémon."

Ash nodded his head and said, "You got it bro, stay safe." John nodded his head and with Persian and his team, ran past the grunts to rescue Sabrina's Pokémon. The level above them John ran into more grunts and called out Caterpie and Pidgey. John then said, "Pidgey, use Gust to create a smoke screen! And Caterpie, use String Shot!" Pidgey and Caterpie did what they were told. They then used Gust and String Shot Respectively. Tying up the grunts and their pokemon, John ran past them and got to the top of the tower and met the leader.

"Ah John Bertrand, we meet at last." She said to him, calling out a Camelrupt and Mightyena. John then called out Gyarados and Empoleon. John made the first moves immediately as he said, "united HYDRO BLAST!" they obeyed and as Gyarados used Hydro Pump and Empoleon used Hydro Cannon. Pidgey and Caterpie freed Sabrina's Pokemon. As John fought hard. The leader of the grunts said, "Impressive. Camerupt, Mega EVOLVE!" After Camerupt mega evolved, John said, "Ready Gyarados?!

"Ready Boss!" Said Gyarados. John then said, "We're going to give it our all, no matter what!" Soon Gyarados changed shape to become mega Gyarados with a blue Aura. John then shouted, "Gyarados, use Hydro Pump on Camerupt!" and Gyarados fired a Hydro Pump at Camerupt, scoring a direct hit. The leader told Mightyena to use Shadow Claw, but it was stopped as Alakazam used Psychic to stop Mightyena and shot him into Camerupt. The leader growled before telling Camerupt to use smokescreen to cover their escape and he did.

When the smoke cleared John saw that the leader and her pokemon were gone. John was pissed that they got away as Ash and the others joined him. Ash looked at Sabrina's pokemon and said, "We got them back." That was when John said, "Yeah, but we don't know why they were taken though. Well, let's get them back to Sabrina." Everyone agreed and went back to Saffron City. Along the way, Alakazam said, "Thank you for saving us, Human from the other world." John nodded his head and said, "Of course." Then Hypno said, "Will you be coming back here to fight Sabrina Sir?" John nodded his head and said, "After I get the Soul badge from the Fuchsia City Gym." Hypno nodded his head as Dawn kissed John's cheek and said, "That was fun honey." John smiled and held her close to him.

Back in Saffron City, Sabrina held all her pokemon close to her as she looked at John and said, "Thank you." John nodded his head and said, "No problem Sabrina, happy to help. Now we need to get going if we're gonna face Lt. Surge at his Gym." Sabrina nodded her head and said, "Very well, until we see each other again." They said their goodbyes and started on the journey to Vermillion City and John's battle with Lt. Surge.

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