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Mt Moon and Cerulean City Gym Battle

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Where we last left off the four heroes, they just left Pewter City and began heading down Route 3 towards Cerulean City. But they stopped for some mid morning practice battling. It was Ash's Pikachu and Swellow against John's Turtwig and Pidgey. John had Turtwig use Razor Leaf on Swellow and had Pidgey use Tackle into Sand Attack on Pikachu. But Ash Said, "Swellow, use Aerial Ace on Turtwig and Pikachu, use Thunderbolt on Pidgey!" John then shouted, Dodge them!" Turtwig and Pidgey were able to dodge and still hit their Targets. Gloria and Dawn watched them battle as Gloria said, "I find amazing and how Ash is helping John out with making his Pokémon stronger. He's such a kind person." Dawn nodded her head and said, "Yeah, Ash has that effect on people and Pokémon."

Dawn and Gloria then saw Pidgey use a Gust Attack on Pikachu. John cheered as Pidgey learned a new move. Ash then said, "Alright Pidgey, way to go." Pidgey landed on John's shoulder and said, "Thank you Ash, I try." John chuckled before he said, "You both were awesome, you and Turtwig." Pidgey nodded his head and said, "I know, I wasn't taking all the credit for myself. Both Turtwig and I did equally good, I just happened to learn a new move." Turtwig looked at the ground as John knelt and said, "Relax buddy, you'll get experience. We just have to train harder." Turtwig smiled and energetically jumped up and down as John laughed and said, "Okay Turtwig, calm down or you'll wear yourself out before our gym Battle with Misty." Turtwig nodded his head as Dawn said, "Okay boys, lunch time." John smiled as he and Ash walked over to the two girls. After which, everyone called out all their Pokémon and allowed them to eat as well. John then looked at Truven Raikou and said, "So Raikou, you said to us that you're from the Truven Region?"

"Yes, the Truven Region is a far away Region, further than the Galar Region. The Pokémon there live in harmony with Humans. There are Pokémon there from the other Regions in the Truven region. It also has Other Regional Variants. For Example, there are Kanto Pikachu, and Truven Pikachu, an Electric and Steel type. There's also Diglett and Dugtrio that are Fire and Ground types." replied Truven Raikou. John, Ash, and Dawn were speechless, there were more regional Variants of existing Pokémon. Dawn then asked Suicune, "Are there other variants of Legendary Pokémon?" But Suicune said, "Unlikely, Arceus tried to make sure that there were not many Legendary Variants, so he focused more on regular Pokémon Variants."

"I see, okay. I was just asking." said Dawn. John then said, "Arceus seems to like being a troll in some ways." Everyone chuckled at that comment. John then said, "Wait, aren't we near Mount. Moon?" Ash nodded his head and said, "Yeah, we're near the base of Mount Moon." John smiled and said, "Turtwig, Pidgey, let's go!" they then took off towards Mount. Moon. As Ash, Dawn, and Gloria, their Pokémon, and Eevee ran after them after packing up the food and equipment. Back with John, Turtwig, and Pidgey, Turtwig asked John, "Where are we going John?" and John said, "If we're near the base of Mount Moon, then there are Clefairy and Clefable here that can be caught, I always wanted a Clefable. Now's my chance to own one." Turtwig nodded his head as the three stopped and looked up.

Soon Ash, Gloria, and Dawn caught up to them and Ash said, "Damn it John, could you at least wait…." Ash stopped as he said John, Turtwig, and Pidgey looking up. Ash then got tapped on the shoulder by Gloria and he saw her looking up as she pointed up as well. When Ash looked up, he saw what they were staring at. On the side of Mount Moon was a hole, a man made Hole. John saw that it was a Bore hole. John had a theory about why it was there, but he ran into the nearby cave to see if it was true, with Turtwig, Pidgey, Ash, Gloria, and Dawn following him. Soon John came into a big room and was shocked to see what he saw. When Turtwig, Pidgey, Ash, Gloria, and Dawn caught up to John, they saw what he saw.

The room was covered in scorch Marks, the floor was littered with knocked out Clefairy and Clefable, and in the middle of the room was a raised platform with nothing on it. John walked up to the raised part and said, "Someone took the giant Moon stone that was here." Soon a voice said, "W…. who are you?" John, Turtwig, Pidgey, Ash, Gloria, and Dawn looked at where the voice came from, they saw a Clefable leaning against part of the wall. John took out a spare Super Potion and sprayed areas on Clefable to help it heal. John then asked the Clefable what happened, Clefable told him, "It all happened so fast, a bunch of humans wearing red clothes and a white H on the front of the shirt, they came in through the hole in the wall, used Poison type and Steel Type Pokémon to take us out, then hauled the Moon Stone away." John clenched his fist before he said, "Did you see which way they took it?

After Clefable pointed down a tunnel deeper into Mt. Moon, John looked at Ash, Gloria, and Dawn and said to them, "Stay here and heal the Clefairy and Clefable, I'm going to get that moon stone back." Ash and Gloria nodded their heads, but Dawn said, "I'm coming with you whether you like it or not." John smiled and said, "Okay then, let's get that moon Stone back." Dawn nodded her head and she, John, Turtwig, Pidgey, and Piplup ran down the Tunnel the Clefable told them. Along the way, John said, "Turtwig, to make sure we get back the right way, use Razor Leaf on the sides of the tunnel we went down." Turtwig nodded his head and soon they got to a crossroad where the tunnel split into two different paths. Before anyone could say anything, a Zubat flew towards John and said, "Human of the other world, I would like to join you on your quest." John smiled and said, "Well, right now we need to find a bunch of people and vehicles, do you know Supersonic?" Zubat nodded his head. John smiled and said, "Good, now Zubat, use Supersonic, if you can so kindly do." Zubat nodded his head and used the Move, after a while, Zubat said, "Left tunnel." Zubat then led John, Dawn, Turtwig, Pidgey, and Piplup down the left Tunnel.

Meanwhile, with Ash and Gloria, they were treating the injured Clefairy and Clefable as the first Clefable walked up to Gloria and said, "Is she going to be alright?" Gloria was confused until Ash said, "She'll be fine Clefable, trust me." Clefable nodded her head and walked to check on some other Clefable. Gloria looked at Ash and said, "I sometimes wish I had one of them for myself." Ash chuckled before he said, "Maybe you will get one eventually. I just hope my bro and Dawn are okay." Gloria looked at Ash and said, "So John's your brother." Ash looked at her and said, "In a way. We share the same dad, but different moms. After John found out the truth, he disowned his last name and asked to take Ketchum as his last name. My mom said yes and you know the rest. Didn't we tell you when we first explained it to you?"

"You did, but I strangely forgot." said Gloria. Ash chuckled as he and Gloria went back to caring for the injured Clefairy and Clefable. Back with John and Dawn, Zubat was able to lead them to the group of people that took the moon stone. They were in a big Room. John looked around a corner and saw the Moon Stone on a flatbed trailer next to a drill and people dressed exactly how the Clefable described them. Dawn looked and asked John, "How are we going to get the Moon stone back?" John smiled and said, "I have an Idea." Later, two grunts were walking by where John and Dawn were before getting wrapped by two vines and pulled into a side tunnel. A few minutes later, John and Dawn emerged from the cave, disguised as the two grunts. Slowly, they made their way to the flatbed trailer and made sure the moon stone was secured in place.

John then told Dawn to get in the passenger seat as he got in the driver seat. Afterwards, Dawn said, "They seriously left the keys in the ignition?" John chuckled as he turned it on and began to turn around, getting the attention of several grunts. One Grunt said, "Hey, what are you two doing?!" John then made a beeline to the cave they came from and stopped so their Pokémon, Empoleon, Truven Raikou, the wild Zubat, Dawn's Quilava, Turtwig, and Piplup, could hop on and provide cover by destroying the cave's ceiling by using Flash Cannon, Electro Ball, Supersonic, Swift, Razor Leaf, and Bubble Beam respectively and caused a Cave in. John cheered as he said, "Now that's what I call a Heist." Dawn chuckled as John maneuvered the cave to get back to where the Giant Moon Stone was originally.

After a short while, John and Dawn returned the Moon stone to the Clefairy and Clefable. Back in their regular Attire and their Pokémon recalled back to their Pokéballs, except for Turtwig, Zubat, and Piplup, the first Clefable walked up to John and handed him a pouch. The Clefable then said, "This pouch has some Fragments of the Moon Stone, and we decided to give them to you." John was speechless until he asked the Clefable if she was sure, and the Clefable said, "We are sure, please take it." John smiled before he said, "It's a generous Offer, but I feel that the moon stones would serve you all better, I will take one Moon stone, if you don't mind." Clefable smiled before she said, "Of course, and you will always be remembered here, human of the other world." After John took one Moon Stone, he asked Clefable what would happen to the giant Moon Stone, and Clefable told him, "We will move it to a different location in Mt. Moon, so that no one can ever use it for evil." John nodded his head before leading everyone out of Mt. Moon and back on the road to Cerulean City.

Back on Route 4, John asked Zubat if he was ready to be caught. After getting a head nod, John threw a Pokéball at Zubat and he was pulled into it. After three shakes and a Ding, John cheered before he said, "I just caught a ZUBAT!" and Turtwig cheered. John then called Zubat back out and scanned him with his Pokédex. John's Pokédex said, "Zubat, the Bat Pokémon. A Poison and Flying type, Zubat Emits ultrasonic cries while it flies. They act as a sonar used to check for objects in its way. This Zubat is a male and knows Absorb, Supersonic, Bite, and Pursuit." John smiled and said, "Zubat, you are a tough Pokémon. Can't wait to use you in battles." Zubat flew around before landing next to Eevee, who happened to jump onto John's Shoulder as his Pokédex read Zubat's Entry.

Eevee then said, "Wow John, it seems that you make friends with any Pokémon that crosses paths with you." John smiled and said, "Yeah, I noticed that. I guess it's a gift Arceus gave me. Now, let's get going to Cerulean City." Everyone cheered as they resumed their Journey to Cerulean City so John could battle Misty. Along the way, Ash asked John, "So who were the guys that took the Moon stone?" John shrugged his shoulders before he said, " Don't know. I didn't ask while Dawn and I were getting the Moonstone back." John then went into sarcastic mode when he said, "Uh excuse me Mr. evil Grunt, will my girlfriend and I steal the giant Moon Stone, do you mind telling me who you work for?"

"Haha, damn John, that was actually funny." said Gloria. Dawn glared at Gloria, but John placed his arm around Dawn's shoulder and said, "Relax Dawn, you know you're the only girl for me." John then kissed Dawn on her cheek before she said, "Dang it John, you're making it impossible to not love you." John chuckled before the two lovebirds shared a kiss before Ash said, "Okay, get a room you two love birds." Soon everyone was laughing as they continued down Route 4. Soon enough, they got to the hill overlooking Cerulean City. John smiled and said, "Cerulean City, hard to believe I'm actually here." Ash smiled and said, "I bet you are, because this is where your next Gym Badge awaits." John looked at Ash and said, "Yeah, let's get to the Pokémon Center first so we can let mom know we're here." Ash nodded his head and the four walked into Cerulean City.

Arriving at the Pokémon Center, everyone got their Pokémon checked while John and Ash made a call to Delia to let her know they were in Cerulean City. Delia then said, "Thank you for letting me know boys, you know I worry whenever you're on a journey. on a journey." Ash nodded his head and said, "Don't worry Mom, we'll make sure to call you at every Pokémon Center, love you mom." Delia then said that she loved them both before ending the Call. John and Ash were then joined by Dawn and Gloria when Dawn asked John, "So where is Cerulean City's Vault John. I make it sound like we're pulling off a heist." John chuckled before pulling out the map and placing it on the nearby Table.

The Vault in Pewter City had a checkmark next to it, John then looked at Cerulean City and said, "Looks like the Vault is near the Edge of Town going towards Route 5, and looks like the Guardian Pokémon is a… Pidgeot." Ash smiled as he thought of his own Pidgeot. Soon a voice is heard saying, "Ash!" The four looked at the door to the Pokémon Center and saw a Girl with Orange Hair with some of it in a ponytail. The girl wore a yellow crop top and jean shorts held up with red suspenders. She also wore red, yellow and white sneakers with it, and was carrying a red drawstring backpack. The girl was also holding an Azurill. John and Ash recognized as Ash said, "Misty!"

The girl then walked over to the group and said, "I didn't expect you to be in Cerulean City again, what brings you here?" Ash told her the whole story about their mission. Misty sat down and said, "Wow, so your dad was a cheating dick." Ash nodded his head and said, "Yeah, and like I said before. When John found out, not only was I pissed, but so was he." Misty looked at John and said, "So that was when you disowned your family and asked to be called John Ketchum?" John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, and since you're here Misty, I challenge you to a battle, what do you say? Since I'm collecting the Badges as we complete our mission." Misty smiled and said, "I accept your challenge, to the Gym."

In the Gym, Misty said, "How about a three-on-three Battle?" John smiled and said, "I'm fine with that." Misty then expanded one Pokéball and said, "Dewgong, I choose you!" and the Sea Lion Pokémon appeared, making its cry. Gloria then took out her Pokédex and scanned Dewgong. Her Pokédex then said, "Dewgong, the Sea Lion Pokémon, and the evolved form of Seel. A Water and Ice Type, Its entire body is a snowy white. Unharmed by even intense cold, it swims powerfully in icy waters. This Dewgong is a female and knows Aqua Jet, Waterfall, Iron Tail and Ice Shard." John then took out his own Pokéball and said, "In that case, Carnivine, let's go!" and the Bug Catcher Pokémon appeared before turning around and biting John's head, shocking everyone.

"Hey carnivine, I appreciate the affection buddy, but we have a battle to win." said John as he laughed. Carnivine then let John go so John and Carnivine can battle. Dawn wore her Cheerleader outfit and said, "Go John go!" Misty made the first move and she said, "Dewgong, use Ice Shard!" Dewgong obeyed and formed light blue orbs of energy around her body and they spun around it in a circle. The light blue orbs then glowed a bright white, and when the glow faded, the orbs turned into multiple shards of ice that were fired at Carnivine, but John said, "Use Bullet Seed to Counteract the Ice Shard, then use Vine Whip!" Carnivine obeyed and fired multiple glowing yellow seeds from its mouth at a high velocity at the incoming Ice Shard. Both moves met in the middle, creating a big smoke cloud. Suddenly, two dark green vines came out from Carnivine's side of the smoke and struck Dewgong, sending her backward.

Misty then said, "Dewgong, move and use Iron Tail!" Dewgong rushed through the smoke and tried to strike Carnivine. When the smoke cleared, Carnivine was gone, which surprised Misty. John then said, "Bullet Seed!" Soon more glowing yellow seeds struck Dewgong from above. Misty looked up and saw that Carnivine was hanging from the Ceiling. Misty then said, "Dewgong, Use Ice Shard on the Ceiling!" Dewgong obeyed and fired Ice Shard at the Ceiling. John then said, "Use Vine Whip to get out of there then use Bite!" Carnivine obeyed and used Vine Whip. Carnivine then swung in and bit Dewgong. Misty then said, "Use Ice Shard close Range!" Dewgong nodded her head and fired Ice Shard at close range, not only doing major damage to Carnivine, but also to itself. John then recalled Carnivine and sent out Persian. John then said, "Power Gem!" Persian obeyed and used Power Gem, hitting Dewgong and knocking it out. Misty recalled Dewgong and said, "You deserve a good rest. I gotta say kid, never thought you had a Persian and Carnivine on you already."

Persain and John looked at each other before Persain said, "You'd be surprised on what he has orange-hair twerpette." Misty then gasped at the fact Persian was talking, she only knew one Pokémon who could talk and she said, "Meowth?!" Persian nodded his head and said, "Yup, it's me. But John here caught me and now I'm helping him save the world." Misty smiled as she pulled another Pokéball and shouted, "Starmie, Let's go!" and the Mysterious Pokémon appeared ready to battle. Gloria then scanned Starmie with her Pokédex and it said, "Starmie, the Mysterious Pokémon, and the evolved form of Staryu. A water and Psychic type. This Pokémon has an organ known as its core. The organ glows in seven colors when Starmie is unleashing its potent psychic powers. This Starmie knows Tackle, Water Pulse, Thunderbolt, and Psychic.

John looked at Persian and asked, "Wanna continue?" and Persian nodded his head. John smiled and said, "Alright, use Shadow Claw into Power Gem!" Persian obeyed and used the super effective Ghost-type attack, followed by the normal damage Rock type attack, and those attacks sent Starmie into the water. Starmie came back out and Misty said, "Use Psychic and Thunderbolt!" Starmie obeyed and used Psychic to hold Persian in place and used Thunderbolt to deal a blow to Persian. John then said, "Persian, you okay?" and after getting a head nod, John shout, "Okay, use Shadow Claw again!" Persian obeyed and tried to use the move but static appeared around him. John realized that Persian was Paralyzed. Misty then said, "Starmie, use Tackle!" As Starmie charged Persian, John saw that Persian's Paw was up, so John said, "Persian when I saw now, Shadow Claw, straight down." Persian nodded his head and just as Starmie was about to strike, John shouted, "NOW!" And Persian worked through the Paralysis and struck Starmie down to the ground. When the dust settled, Starmie wasn't getting back up, and Misty recalled Starmie back to it's Pokéball.

"I can't believe that you already took down two of some of this Gym's Pokémon, but this last one won't go down so easily." said Misty as she took out another Pokéball. Misty then said, "Gyarados, help me win this fight!" and the Atrocious Pokémon appeared. For the third time, Gloria scanned Misty's Pokémon with her Pokédex and it said, "Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokémon, and the evolved form of Magikarp. Rumors exist of a town that made Gyarados angry. That town was burned to the ground in one night, leaving no trace. This Gyarados is a male and knows Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Hurricane, and Crunch." Misty then said, "We're also taking it up a notch. Gyarados, let your inner beauty shine bright, Mega evolve now!" Soon Misty's Gyarados began to glow and change. When the light faded Gyaradoes was in it's mega evolved form.

"Okay then, since you sent out your Gyarados, I'll send out mine." said John as he pulled out another Pokéball of his own. John then shouted, "Gyarados, I need your assistance!" and John's own Gyarados appeared. Soon John's eyes and Gyarados's eyes glowed a bright blue as John said, "We're going to give it our all, no matter what!" Soon Gyarados changed shape to become mega Gyarados with a blue Aura. Ash was astonished, Dawn was gasped, Gloria was speechless, Misty and her Gyarados had their mouths hung open, while John and his Gyarados were surprised. John then said, "Okay then, Gyarados, use Thunderbolt!" John's Gyarados obeyed and shot a thunderbolt at Misty's Gyarados, just as it got over it's surprise and had no time to dodge and got hit by the super effective move. Misty then said, "Gyarados, use Rain Dance into Hurricane!" Misty's Gyarados nodded his head and used Rain Dance and then shot a hurricane at John's Gyarados.

When John's Gyarados was hit, John felt the pain. Dawn was worried for John now. But John said, "Gyarados, use Iron Tail into Thunderbolt!" John's Gyarados obeyed and managed to break through the Hurricane and Struck Misty's Gyarados with an Iron Tail and another Thunderbolt. Misty's Gyarados looked like it was running on fumes, so Misty said, "Use Crunch into a Hurricane and into Hydro Pump!" Misty's Gyarados obeyed and struck John's Gyarados with a Crunch, a Hurricane and a Hydro Pump in succession, all the while John looked like he was being hurt as well. John then said, "Gyarados, full power Thunderbolt, let's end this!" John's Gyarados obeyed and shot a fully Powered Thunderbolt at Misty's Gyarados and ended the battle there. Soon the rain cleared up and both Gyaradoses reverted back to their normal forms, and John fell on his ass. Dawn ran to John to check on him as Misty recalled her Gyarados.

Dawn asked John if he was okay and John said, "I'm fine Dawn, I didn't think that Gyarados had the Battle Bond Ability." Dawn looked at John and said, "Battle Bond Ability?" John then said, "Yeah, Ash's Greninja has that ability, and I thought it was just to Greninja only." Misty then began walking over to John and Dawn as she said, "That was impressive battling for a beginner trainer, how did you have such tough Pokémon?" Ash and Gloria joined Dawn, John, and Misty and Ash told her about John's destiny and how Pokémon were able to be friended by John very easily. Misty then said, "Wow, your father is an Ass." Then both Ash and John said, "Tell me about it." Soon everyone was laughing. After which, Misty handed John his Cascade Badge for beating the Cerulean City Gym. Misty then said, "Good luck on saving our worlds, I'll be cheering for you." John smiled and shook Misty's hand before he, Dawn, Ash, and Gloria began the journey to Vermillion City so John could face Sargent Surge.

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