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After recalling Tyrantrum back into his Pokéball, John, Ash, and Dawn decided to relax at the Beach before heading to the next Town and the next Vault. Dawn wore a yellow and orange bikini, Ash wore Blue Swim Trunks and John wore the Swim Trunks Ash had in Unova. As Ash trained his Pokémon. Dawn was relaxing in the shade, not noticing that John was sneaking up beside her. When John was close enough to catch Dawn off guard, John began tickling Dawn and she begged him to stop. When he did, he sat down next to Dawn and said, "I always wanted to know if you were ticklish or not, now I do." Dawn chuckled and laid her head on John's shoulder as he wrapped his left arm around her and said, "I'm really glad that we're together Dawn." Dawn nodded her head in agreement and said, "Is it just me, or out of most of the Stories Crusherboy93 had written, you and I are a couple, for example in PokéMonster Hunters Chapter 02 you asked me to be your girlfriend. In Pokémon Highschool Rebellion, you and I are Married and have a Son, which leads into Star Wars Pokémon Rebels." John smiled and said, "You just had to break the fourth wall in this story huh?"

Dawn chuckled as she laid her head down on John's shoulder again and said, "Yup." John rolled his eyes and kissed Dawn on her forehead as they watched Ash train his Pokémon. That was when they heard a Pokémon cry out. John sat up and looked around and saw a small Pokémon being chased by some Mightyena. John called out Persian and Tauros and said, "Persian, Tauros, stop those Mightyena" Persian and Tauros obeyed and Persian used Dark Claw while Tauros used Take Down to send the Mightyena packing. John then walked over to the Pokémon and said, "It's okay. You're safe, my name is John, what's your name?" and the Pokémon said, "My name is Wooloo, thank you for saving me." John smiled and said, "Don't worry about it, something tells me you're not from around Kanto." and Wooloo said, "You have a good eye, I'm from the Galar Region, my trainer brought me to Kanto so we can relax." Before John could say anything else, a girl, about their age appeared and said, "Wooloo!" That was when Wooloo turned and saw her trainer and ran into her arms. John stood up and said, "I take it you're Wooloo's Trainer?" and the girl nodded his head and said, "That I am, my name's Gloria ." (A.N.: For those who haven't played sword or shield yet, Gloria is the name of the female playable character in Sword and Shield.)

"My name is John, that's Ash Ketchum and this is my girlfriend, Dawn Berlitz." said John as Dawn walked up to him and Gloria. Wooloo got a shocked look on her face as she just recognized the name and she said, "John, you mean the Human from the other world?" John looked at Wooloo and said, "Yes Wooloo, I am in fact the Human from the other world." Gloria was confused until John explained to him what Wooloo was talking about, and Gloria was more confused than ever. Then Gloria said, "Wait, so let me get this straight, Just to make sure I'm following what you're saying. You're telling me that you are from another world where Pokémon don't exist. But your father is from here but managed to find a way out and into the world you were born in, and Arceus brought you here to save both worlds and if you were to fail both worlds are doomed to be devastated?" John, Dawn, and Ash; who joined in as John explained the situation to Gloria, nodded their heads and said, "Yeah." Gloria looked at the ground with confusion before she looked back up at John and said, "You've lost me."

After what seems like forever, John explained it all to her again, this time they were at the Pokémon Center because it got dark out and Gloria said, "Okay, I think I have it now, you're from another world that your dad went to and met your mother. Then Arceus brought you back here to save both your homeworld and this one so a big catastrophe doesn't happen?" John nodded his head and said, "Yes! thank you." Then Ash said, "So the Galar Region, what's it like?" and Gloria said, "Oh it's the most Beautiful Region you could ever lay your eyes on. Luscious, Green Grass. Beautiful Mountains, tough Gyms to beat." That last one made Ash's eyes sparkle, but John said, "Let's focus on saving the world first Ash, then we'll go to Galar if you want." Ash chuckled and said, "Okay, hey Gloria, mind if I scanned Wooloo?" Gloria told Ash to go ahead and after scanning Wooloo with his Pokédex, it said, "Wooloo, the Sheep Pokémon. A normal Type, Its curly fleece is such an effective cushion that this Pokémon could fall off a cliff and stand right back up at the bottom, unharmed. This Wooloo is a female and knows Tackle, Growl, Thunder Wave, and Headbutt." John looked at Gloria and said, "Most recent catch?" and Gloria said, "How did you know?"

"Tackle, Growl, and Thunder Wave. I've played a lot of Games revolving Pokémon. My guess is that Wooloo hatched from an Egg, right?" Wooloo looked at Gloria and said, "This Human is very intelligent for a being that's been in our world for only a few days." John looked at Wooloo and said, "I'm a big fan of Pokémon." Then Ash said, "That's obvious." John chuckled and said, " Well, it's almost nighttime, we need to get up early tomorrow if we're going to save the world." Ash smiled a devilish Smile and said, "Are you going to sleep with your girlfriend?" John shot his brother a Look and said, "Very funny." John then looked at Dawn and said, "So…" but he was cut off when dawn said, "Yes John, I would like to sleep with you, let's just not do any funny business just yet though." John chuckled and kissed Dawn on the Lips before he said, "Alright then, let's get to bed guys." Dawn and Ash nodded their heads and got up to go to bed.

Later that night, John was in the room he and Dawn shared when she came in wearing the Pajamas she wore in Sinnoh and she said, "You ready?" and John said, "Yeah, just wish I had my Laptop with me." John laid down in the bed as Dawn laid next to him and asked, "What do you mean?" and John told her, "I may or may not have written some Fanfiction stories on it about the two of us before getting sucked into the world of Pokémon." Dawn smiled and said, "By any chance, the pen name you write under, is it Crusherboy93?" John looked at his girlfriend and said, "And what, give people that my name that they can use to find my house? No way, it's actually MadDoctor1942." Dawn chuckled before she said, "Okay, I was just making sure." Dawn then snuggled up with her Boyfriend, kissed him on the lips and they fell asleep in each other's arms. As John dreamt, he looked around and realized that he was on Mount Silver. That was when a giant Bird flew over him and he recognized the bird and said, "Ho-oh…" Soon Ho-oh flew down to John and landed in front of him and took one of his feathers off and gave it to John before he said, "This Feather must only be used in emergencies, is that understood Human of the Other World?" John looked at the Feather before looking back at Ho-oh and said, "I understand Ho-oh." Ho-oh nodded his head and disappeared.

The next morning, John woke up and saw Dawn in his arms and he smiled at the sight. But out of the corner of his eye, he saw something glowing in his other hand. When he looked, he saw a Rainbow feather. John was shocked to have received the Feather in real life when he dreamt about it. That was when Dawn slowly moved and said, "Five more minutes please." John Chuckled and kissed Dawn on her head and said, "Sorry Sweetie, maybe later." Dawn chuckled and when she opened her eyes, she saw the Rainbow feather and was in aww. Dawn then looked at John and asked, "Where did you get that?"

"From Ho-oh himself in a dream… didn't think i would really get it." John replied. The two then got up and changed as John placed the Rainbow feather in his pocket and walked out as Ash and Gloria waited for them with Pikachu on Ash's Shoulder and Wooloo next to Gloria. John then pulled out the Map of the Vaults, looked at it and said, "Looks like our next stop is Pewter City." Ash then said, "That's where Brock is, we should pay him a visit." Then John said, "We have to go and see him, the Entrance to the Vault in Pewter City is near the Gym itself." Dawn, Gloria, and Ash looked at the Map and saw that the entrance to the vault was near the Pewter City Gym and it had a picture of a Steelix next to it. Ash then said, "You think Brock might know something about the Vault?"

John looked at Ash and said, "I don't think so, but his steelix might." John then put the map away and said, "Let's get going." and John was about to leave when he stopped, looked at Gloria and said, "I forgot to ask you this, but may we see the rest of your Pokémon?" Gloria smiled and said, "Sure, besides Wooloo, I have three more Pokémon with me." Gloria then led John, Dawn, and Ash all out and after grabbing three Pokéballs, threw them into the air and said, "Come on out Gang and say hi!" After words, three Pokémon appeared; a big Purple Bird Pokémon with its feathers looking like Armour, and Yellow-Orange Elephant like Pokémon, and a small white Bunny like Pokémon with red on his ears and Feet. Gloria then said, "Say hello to my team, the bird Pokémon is Corviknight." Ash took his Pokédex out, scanned Corviknight and his Pokédex said, "Corviknight, the Raven Pokémon, and the final evolved form of Rookidee. A flying/Steel type, This Pokémon reigns supreme in the skies of the Galar region. The black luster of its steel body could drive terror into the heart of any foe. This Corviknight is a male and knows Steel Wing, Iron Head, Rock Smash, and Brave Bird." Gloria then went to the Elephant like Pokémon and said, "This little girl is called Cufant."

Dawn was next to take her Pokédex. She scanned Cufant and her Pokédex said, "Cufant, the Copperderm Pokémon. A Steel type, It digs up the ground with its trunk. It's also very strong, being able to carry loads of over five tons without any problem at all. This Cufant is a female and knows Iron Defense, Bulldoze, Dig, and Body Slam." Finally came the white bunny and Gloria said, "This little guy was hatched from my first ever Pokémon that I got and I paired him up with a female Hawlucha I caught, his name is Scorbunny." Finally John scanned Scorbunny and his Pokédex said, "Scorbunny, the Rabbit Pokémon. A fire type. It has special pads on the backs of its feet, and one on its nose. Once it's raring to fight, these pads radiate tremendous heat. This Scorbunny is a male and knows High Jump Kick, Flame Charge, Flamethrower, and Blaze Kick."

"Wow, your scorbunny knows some powerful moves, why hasn't it evolved yet?" John asked Gloria, who answered, "Here's the thing, he doesn't want to evolve, so I gave him an everstone to help his wish." John then said, "I see, hello everyone, my name is John Bertrand." that caught all of Gloria's Pokémon off guard as Cufant said, "You mean you are the human destined to save both our worlds?" John nodded his head and said, "That's right Cufant." Then Corviknight said, "It will be an honor to fight alongside you and your Pokémon sir." John smiled before he said, "Thank you Corviknight. I look forward to working alongside you as well." John then said, "Okay gang, next stop is Pewter City." but Ash asked John, "Wait John, what about the gym here?" John told him, "Right now Ash we have a mission, and that's saving the world. I'll compete and get this Gym's badge later." Then Gloria said, "Not to mention that she's not in right now. I heard she's on vacation." Then Dawn said, "And didn't you say that you wanted to take on the Pokémon league?"

"I did say that didn't I?" said John, who got a head nod from Ash and Dawn. John then said, "Okay then, let's get going to Pewter City." As he led Ash, Dawn, and Gloria out of Viridian City and along route 2 to Pewter City. Along the way, the four stopped for lunch when a Rattata slowly approached them. John saw him, and broke a piece of his sandwich off. John then offered it to Rattata and said, "Here you go little guy, you must be hungry." Rattata cautiously took the piece of food John offered it and happily ate it and cheered, making John, Ash, Dawn, and Gloria laugh and Eevee said, "It's amazing how you're so kind to Pokémon John." Pikachu nodded his head and said, "Yeah, He got Meowth… I mean Persian friendly with us. He's got the legendary Pokémon Arceus helping him out and watching out for him. I wonder what else is going to happen to him?" Eevee said that she didn't know before she ate more Eevee Pokémon Food.

John saw the Rattata sit next to him and he got some normal Pokémon food and placed his hand in front of Rattata, who happily ate out of it. Dawn then said, "Seems to me that you made a friend." John smiled and asked Rattata, "So Rattata, wanna join me on my journey?" and Rattata said, "I would, but I can't leave my mother, she got hit by a Poison Sting attack by a Beedrill." John and Dawn gasped as John asked, "Where is your mother?" and Rattata said, "This way." John got up and told everyone, "I'll be right back guys." Dawn nodded her head and told the others what Rattata said as John, Turtwig, and Persian followed Rattata. They didn't have to follow for long as Rattata led them to a cave where a Raticate was laying on her side, with 4 other Rattata sitting around her. When they saw John, they got into a defensive stance but John said, "Relax little ones, I'm here to help your mother, I was told she got hit by a Poison Sting by a Beedrill. Looks like she was poisoned, luckily, I have an antidote with me." John walked over to the Raticate, knelt, and sprayed the Antidote on the area where the Poison Sting made contact. John then looked at Turtwig and Persian and said, "Persian, Turtwig, find me some Oran Berries, and bring them quickly."

Turtwig and Persian nodded their heads and ran off as John reached into his bag and pulled out an apple. John then placed it in front of the Raticate and said, "Here, you need to eat to regain your Energy." Raticate looked at John and saw that he was really trying to help her, so she took a small bite of the Apple. Soon, Turtwig and Persian came back with some Oran Berries, and John said, "Thanks guys. Persian, go back to the others and tell them I need a bowl, hurry." Persian nodded his head and ran off. Back with Ash, Dawn, Pikachu, Piplup, and Gloria, Persian came back and said, "John needs a bowl!" Gloria jumped a little before she asked, "Did John's persian just talk?" Ash nodded his head and said, "Long story, but why does he need a bowl?" Dawn asked, "Is it for Rattata's mother?"

"Yeah, John had Turtwig and I gather some Oran Berries, I believe he's going to make something with them in the bowl." Dawn walked over to the clean dishes they just placed out and took one of the bowls and asked Persian, "Where is he?" and Persian said, "Follow me." and Persian led Dawn to the cave. Back in the cave, John got the Oran Berries washed after Gyarados used Hydro Pump to get some water in a hole that the Rattata and Turtwig dug for that exact purpose. Soon, Persian and Dawn arrived and Dawn handed John the Bowl. John kissed Dawn on the lips and said, "Thanks sweetie." Dawn chuckled as John placed the Oran Berries in the Bowl and began to smash them up as he added some Water to them, making a soup like mixture to help Raticate heal up. John then took a small spoonful and gave it to Raticate, who took it. About an hour later, Raticate was back to normal and she thanked John for helping her

"It was my pleasure to help a Pokémon in need. I always loved Pokémon from when I could first walk." Raticate then said, "I see that my son has also taken an interest in you." John looked down and saw the same Rattata that led him to his mom. John then said, "Yeah, I believe he smelled the food from our campsite and was drawn to it. I then fed him a bit of my sandwich and then some Pokémon food. After that, he told me that you were hit by a Poison Sting from a Beedrill and I came as soon as I could." Raticate smiled and asked her son, "Did you want to go with this trainer son?" and Rattata nodded his head and said, "Yes mother, I didn't want to leave here without knowing you were taken care of by someone. So I asked for this human's help in healing you." Raticate smiled and said, "Then son, you may go with this trainer…" She then looked at John and said, "Take care of my son please." John nodded his head, pulled out another Pokéball and said, "Ready Rattata?" Rattata nodded his head and John tapped the button on the Pokéball against Rattata's head and he went inside it. After three shakes and a Ding, John said, "ALRIGHT! I CAUGHT A RATTATA!" Turtwig jumped up as well as Persian too. John then called back out his Rattata and said, "Welcome to the team Rattata."

"Thank you boss, happy to be a part of it." said Rattata. Ash and Dawn smiled as Gloria's lower jaw hung loose before she said, "Is he always this capable of catching Pokémon?" and Ash told her, "Apparently so. He also has made Pokémon become friendly to him after catching them." Gloria was impressed as she, Ash, Pikachu, Dawn, Piplup, John, Turtwig, and Persain continued heading to Pewter City, with John's recently caught Rattata on his left shoulder and the Shiny Eevee on his right. Along the way, John said to Eevee, "Once we get past Pewter City, we'll be one step closer to Route 17 and finding your family." Eevee smiled and said, "I can't wait to get home to my family." John smiled as they continued walking down Route 2. Along the way, John and Dawn saw Ash and Gloria getting along well. John then said, "Hey Dawn…" and when Dawn acknowledged him, John said, "Do you think Ash and Gloria would be a cute couple?" Dawn then giggled before she said, "I guess great minds think alike, I was thinking the same thing." John smiled and kissed Dawn's head and held her close in his left arm as she laid her head on his shoulder without disturbing Rattata.

After what seemed like a while, they finally reached Pewter City. John looked around and said, "Wow, Pewter City, home of Brock Hartman, the Pewter City Gym Leader." Ash smiled and said, "Come on, let's get to the Pokémon Center and get us some rooms." John nodded his head and the four of them walked into Pewter City to check into the Pokémon Center for the night. After arriving at the Pokémon Center, they approached Nurse Joy and asked for some rooms and their Pokémon to get checked out and Nurse Joy said, "Sure, anything for Ash." Ash was confused before he said, "You know me?" and Nurse Joy told him, "You're friends with my husband aren't you?"

"You talking about me sweetie?" said a voice from behind Ash, Gloria, John, and Dawn. When the four of them looked, there stood a man with squinty Eyes, spiky hair, and a tan line. He wore a green vest over an orange shirt, Brown pants and white and blue Tennis shoes. Ash, Dawn, and John and shouted, "Brock!" the man smiled and said, "Ash, Dawn, good to see you, how are your friends?" Then Ash said, "The boy next to me is my now legally adopted Brother, John Ketchum, and the girl's Gloria from the Galar Region." Brock looked at John and said, "Pleasure to meet you John." John shook Brock's hand and said, "Likewise…" Brock then looked at Gloria and said, "Welcome to Pewter City, I'm Brock the Gym Leader." Gloria smiled and thanked Brock for the introduction. Brock then asked them, "What brings you all to Pewter City?"

John then went on to explain their mission and John's past. They sat down at a table as Brock's wife brought them all drinks and Brock said, "So let me see if I understand this correctly, you are from a world where Pokémon. Your dad is Ash's dad and he left this world to go into your world, met you mom, had you and two girls. After which, you wished you could be in this world, then Arceus pulled you into this world where you met Ash, Dawn, and Gloria. You are a chosen one to save both your homeworld and this one from a catastrophe and Ash and Dawn are accompanying you to help you in that goal?" John then said, "Not to mention that our dad came here and I told him I disowned the Bertrand name and changed my last name to Ketchum, and got with Dawn too."

Brock smiled as Ash playfully punched John's arm and Dawn kissed him on the cheek. Brock then said, "Are you taking on the league too?" John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, but I also want to finish the mission Arceus asked me to take. But since you asked me about the league, since I'm here…" Brock smiled at what John was saying and he said, "Tomorrow Morning, I accept your challenge." John smiled, looked at Persian and said, "You ready Persian?" Persian nodded his head and said, "You bet." Brock's jaw dropped when he heard Persian speak and he said, "Is that Team Rocket's Meowth?" Persian looked at Brock and said, "That's right tall twerp, I mean Brock. John caught me and I evolved when we was fighting Jessie and James." John then said, "I also have a Rattata, a Gyarados, James's Carnivine, one of Ash's Tauros, a shiny Caterpie, a Turtwig, and a Pidgey." Brock was speechless as Ash said, "Apparently, he can make friends with Wild Pokémon easily. In Carnivine and Tauros's case, they asked James and me if they could join John's team. Rattata, Caterpie, and Pidgey chose to join John's Team on their own. Turtwig was actually scared of John, but he earned Turtwig's respect when he saved him from some wild poison type Pokémon."

"And the Shiny Eevee?" asked Nurse Joy, looking at the shiny Evolution Pokémon on John's Lap as he said, "This little girl got taken from her home on route 17, I plan on returning her to her family there if she hasn't been caught yet." Brock smiled and said, "So she's still a wild Pokémon?" John nodded his head and said, "I told myself that Eevee would be a part of the team if she wanted to be, so don't catch her and force her to join it." Brock smiled again as his wife said, "You really must care about wild Pokémon's feelings John." John nodded his head as Dawn said, "One of the many qualities I find attractive." John shot Dawn a smirk before kissing her on the lips. Ash then said, "Enough about my brother, when did you two get married?"

Nurse joy answered that by saying, "It was after he got back from his journey in Sinnoh with you and Dawn. He asked me out on a date and I said yes, a year later, he proposed. I said yes, we've been together ever since." John chuckled before he said, "Damn Brock, didn't think you could NOT be a perv." Nurse Joy chuckled as Brock rolled his eyes and said, "Whatever John. Anyway, it's almost time for bed, I want to get up early for us to do our battle." John nodded his head and they all said good night to each other as Dawn joined John in his room. Nurse Joy looked at Ash and Gloria and said, "Unfortunately, I only have one room left." Ash shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's Okay, I can sleep outside." But Gloria said, "Nonsense Ash, you and I can share the bed. Dawn and John do it, so why can't we?" Ash blushed, and knowing that she wouldn't take no for an answer, he said, "S… s… Sure." Gloria chuckled as she dragged Ash into their room for the night. Brock chuckled as well before he said, "Tonight's going to be interesting."

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