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Pokémon, Two Worlds In Danger @crusherboy93
Pokémon, the truth is revealed

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As John, Ash, Dawn, Pikachu, Piplup, Eevee Turtwig, and Meowth walked through Route 1 towards Vermillion City, John kept trying Meowth to be nice, but Meowth refused to be nice. Then Eevee said, "Come on Meowth, this human is a good person, why can't you see that?" and Meowth came back with, "Whatever." that made Eevee sad until John said, "He's just a little Salty after losing the bet we made." that made Eeevee smile a little bit. Then Ash said, "So you only need two more Pokémon to complete your team right?" John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, because Turtwig was my first, Pidgey was my second, the Tauros you gave me was my third, and Meowth here is my fourth." Meowth said nothing as they continued walking when a Caterpie crawled in front of them. John smiled and said, "A CATERPIE!" and Caterpie saw the group and ran off, that made John sad. Ash then said, "Relax John, Route one has a ton of Caterpie, so you just have to be patient." John smiled and nodded his head when a sting shot stuck his face and after getting the string shot off, John, Ash, and Dawn saw a Caterpie, but it's color was different. John then realized why it was a different Color and said, "A Shiny Caterpie, awesome." then Caterpie said, "Human of the other world, word has spread fast of your arrival. I would like to battle you to join your team." John smiled and told Ash and Dawn, "Seems to me like this guy wants to join my team." John looked at Turtwig, who nodded his head, and hopped forward into an attack Stance. The Caterpie then fired another Sting shot at turtwig, who John said, "Dodge it and use Razor Leaf!"

Turtwig obeyed and jumped up and used the move John told him to use and struck the Caterpie several times, but it looked like it did very little damage. That was when John said, "Of course, Caterpie is a bug type, Grass type moves are weak to it. In that case, Turtwig, use Tackle!" and Turtwig charged Caterpire, who shot another string shot, But Turtwig was successful in dodging it and struck Caterpie, causing it to slide Backwards. John then said, "Keep using Tackle Turtwig!" Turtwig obeyed his trainer and continued to use Tackle, scoring multiple direct hits on Capterpie. John saw that Caterpie was weak, he could catch it, but before he could, another Pokéball came out of nowhere and struck the Shiny Pokémon and after three shakes and a Ding, whoever threw that Pokéball caught the Caterpie. John was heartbroken, he wanted to catch that Caterpie and demanded to know who threw that Pokéball. He got his answer when a boy his age walked out of the treeline and said, "Thanks for weakening it for me." John recognized the boy, as did Ash. John then said, "Damian, that Caterpie was mine to catch, I battled it!" then Damian said, "But I caught it, Catchers Keepers loser." Damian then ran off as he laughed, leaving John, Ash, Dawn, Turtwig, Eevee, Piplup, Pikachu, and Meowth in complete shock. John then fell to his knees and tears began to form in his eyes. John then said, "All I wanted was a shiny Pokémon on my team, I always wanted to catch a shiny. I had my chance, but that punk took it from me." Everyone felt bad for John. But Meowth said, "That no good Pokémon stealing kid, I'll show HIM!" and he charged after Damian. Ash looked at Dawn and said, "Follow him, I'll try to cheer John up." Dawn nodded her head and with Piplup in her arms, ran after Meowth.

After finally catching up to Damian, Meowth shouted, "HEY YOU JERK!" Damian looked around and said, "Who said that?" and Meowth said, "Right here." When Damian looked at Meowth, he said, "You're that Meowth that was with that kid that I stole his catch from." and Meowth said, "You got that right bub, what gave you the right to catch the Pokémon that someone else was trying to catch, HUH?!" Damian was originally shocked to hear Meowth talk, but got his composure and said, "A Talking Meowth, that would be a great addition to my team, I can assume that loser kid caught you already right?" Meowth readied his claws and scratched Damian's face up with Fury swipes and said, "I may have been caught a few hours, but that Caterpie was John's to catch and his alone, give it back!" and Damian said, "Never, I caught that Capterpie, and there is nothing you can do about it." but suddenly, caterpie came out of its Pokéball and jumped over to Meowth and shot string shot at the Pokéball that was used to catch him, pulled it off Damian's belt and he said, "Meowth, Fury Swipes on my Pokéball, NOW!" Meowth knew what Caterpie was doing and used fury swipes on the Pokéball, destroying it. Damian then said, "Why you little!" but then Flames were shot at Damian and caused him to try and put the fire out. Meowth and Caterpie looked behind them and saw Dawn with Quilava and Piplup out. Dawn then said, "Meowth, Grab Caterpie and get behind me!" Meowth nodded his head and picked Caterpie up and ran behind Dawn. Damian then shouted, "Hey now, give me back that Caterpie, I was gonna sell it on the internet." Then Dawn said, "Why would we give it back to you so you can sell it on the internet? Selling Pokémon for money is illegal!" Then Damian said, "It's only Illegal if you get caught."

"Which you just were," said a voice behind Damian. When Damian looked behind him, a look of horror appeared on his face when he saw Officer Jenny behind him with her Growlithe. Dawn then said, "Officer Jenny, this Caterpie behind me was being fought by my friend and this guy stole it after it was too weak to resist, but this Caterpie doesn't want to be with him, he wants to be with my friend." Officer Jenny nodded her head and had her growlithe pin Damian to the ground as she took the Pokéballs off his belt and said, "We'll make sure these get to the right Owners, go take that caterpie back to your friend." Dawn nodded her head and picked both Meowth and Caterpie up and as she walked away, Meowth said, "I can walk by myself you know?" but Dawn said, "I know, but I figured you could use the lift since you ran to get Caterpie back." Caterpie looked at Meowth and said, "She's right Meowth, you came to my aid to rescue me, thank you." Meowth smiled and said, "I only did that so John can have you on his team, he was upset that Damian caught you and not him." Caterpie smiled at Meowth honesty, as did Dawn, Piplup, and Quilava.

Back to John, Ash, Pikachu, Eevee and Turtwig, they looked at the direction Damian went in and saw Meowth, Dawn, Piplup, Quilava, and Caterpie on Dawn's shoulder before he shot a string shot to a branch above John and rode it over until he released it and landed on John's lap. Caterpie then said, "We meet again Human of the other world. This time, instead of a battle, I will let you catch me right here." John was speechless, he looked at Meowth who said, "I got him back for you, didn't want you to feel bad for doing all that battling just to have the Pokémon taken from you by someone who was just going to sell it online." Dawn, Piplup, Dawn's Quilava, and Caterpie nodded their heads in agreement to what Meowth said. John smiled and thanked Meowth, he then took out a Pokéball and tapped it on Caterpie's head and after Caterpie went inside it, three shakes and a ding later, John caught the shiny Caterpie. John called caterpie back out along with Pidgey and Tauros. John then said, "Pidgey, Tauros, this is our newest team Member Caterpie." Tauros walked over to Caterpie and said, "Welcome Caterpie, I bet we can create some powerful move combinations." then Pidgey flapped over and said, "That goes the same with me." Caterpie smiled and said, "I look forward to working with you both as well." John smiled as he saw his Pokémon being friendly with each other. John then said, "well, let's get going, we still have a ways to go to Viridian City and the next Vault." Ash, Dawn, and their Pokémon nodded their heads and after recalling Quilava, Tauros, Pidgey, and Caterpie back into their respective Pokéballs, John, Ash, and Dawn continued on their journey towards Viridian City.

Along the way, John pulled the map out and said, "Looks like that the vault we will be stopping at is near the Pokémon Center, and it looks like there is some kind of Pokémon guarding it." Ash looked at the Map and said, "Looks like it's near the Ocean, I know that location, when I was in Viridian City one time, there was a cave with a dead end near the area of where I was at." John smiled and said, "Okay, since you were there before, you take lead on this one Ash." Ash nodded his head and they continued walking towards Viridian City. Along the way, John asked Ash, "So Ash, since you're in your Kalos Clothes, I can safely assume you came back from Kalos?" Ash nodded his head and said, "Yeah, that's right, I just got back and was heading to Pallet Town when Pikachu ran off and into you." John smiled and said, "Okay, now answer me this. What did you think when Serena kissed you before she went to Hoenn?" Ash Immediately stopped after John asked that question. Dawn looked at Ash and said, "You got kissed by a girl?" and John said, "Yeah, right on the lips. At least that's what fans think happened, it's not the first time." Then Dawn said, "I knew about two kisses before we met, but you got kissed by a girl after we met, how come you didn't tell me that?"

"Um well, you see…. It kind of caught me off guard when she did that and I didn't know how to take that at the time." said Ash. Then John said, "You got that right Ash." Then Dawn said, "Seems to me that someone is in love with Ash." John nodded his head and said, "We all know that, even Mr. Dense is just an act." Then Ash said, "Are you talking about Pokémon High School Rebellion and Star Wars Pokémon Rebels?" John nodded his head and said, "That's exactly what I'm talking about and just in General, you guys have broken the Fourth wall so many times, I've lost track. For example Ash, in Advanced Generations Episode 4, also called You Never Can Taillow, you, Brock, and May all fought Team Rocket for control of the larger portion of a split screen, meaning you were all aware of its existence, that took place after Team Rocket confessed to eating Brock's Sandwiches. In the Episode called Doc Brock of season 11 called Pokémon Battle Dimensions, you interrupted the Narrator saying that you forgot Gliscor. Then there was the time in Kalos. Pokémon XY, which is season 17, episode 01. You tell Team Rocket that you and Pikachu will always stand up to them, but Jessie told you that all you will end up with is reruns, implying that the show will end due to them succeeding in capturing Pikachu, which never happened."

"Are you done with the fourth wall breaking?" Dawn asked John, to which he said, "Please, I need to make up for lost time since Crusherboy93 has never been able to find a good spot for a fourth wall break, a good spot should be when Ash, May, Max, and I talk about it in Power Rangers Poké Fury, HINT, HINT, CRUSHERBOY93!" then Crusherboy93 appeared through a window in the scene and said, "I'm trying okay, I have a lot of things in my head right now." Crusherboy93 then closed the window and it disappeared. Ash then said, "anyway, let's get going, we're almost to Viridian City. Then Meowth said, "Seesh, you did more fourth wall breaking than any of us did in a single Episode." John smiled and said, "I'm a big fan of Pokémon." John, Ash, Dawn, Piplup, Pikachu, Turtwig, and Meowth then continued on their way to Viridian City when they fell in a Pit trap. John laughed as he said, "A Pit Trap, classic Team Rocket Procedure." Soon Jessie and James appeared and James said, "Listen here now you new Twerp, we're here to rescue Meowth, so don't try and stop us." then Meowth dropped the bombshell when he said, "Sorry you guys, but he actually caught me." James and Jessie were shocked, their long time friend and Team Rocket Member, caught in a Pokéball. They then saw John nod his head and said, "He's right, caught him last chapter after we sent you two blasting off. Now if you would kindly help us out of this pit trap, we can be on our way." But Jessie said, "Not until you release Meowth from your control. He is a Team Rocket member and is to remain with us." John smiled and said, "Alright, how about this, you both choose one Pokémon to battle me and I get to choose two Pokémon to fight for me, if I win, Meowth stays with me, if you two win, I'll release Meowth and he can rejoin you." Meowth looked at John and saw him look back at him and John said, "If I am to lose this, the time we hung out was actually fun."

"You mean that after you caught me after the bet we made, you're willing to let me go in another bet?" Meowth asked John, to which John said, "Yes, the bet we made was done fair and square, and I'm sorry for being a bother for so long." Meowth looked at John with tears in his eyes before he said, "John, you may be a new twerp, but you have treated me with respect, so in return, I want to battle them." Jessie and James had a look of surprise as Ash, Dawn, Pikachu, Piplup, Turtwig, Eevee looked at him with a look of shock before John said, "You want to battle with me against them?" Meowth nodded his head and said, "You bet. I was getting tired of Blasting off anyways, so whaddya say?" John smiled and said, "Very well, let's do IT!" Out of the Pit trap, Jessie and James sent out Seviper and Carnivine respectively while John had Meowth out and chose Tauros as his second. Meowth Spoke to Tauros and he said, "Alright Tauros, let's show them how we work." and Tauros said, "You Bet Meowth." Seviper then said, "Meowth, you are a Traitor. I'll make sssure you sssuffer." Then Meowth said, "You guys might wanna watch your speech. Do you guys know who caught me? If you don't let me tell ya, it's the Human from the other world." Seviper and Carnivine were speechless and shocked as Jessie and james looked at each other and said, "Human from the other world?" and John said, "Let's just say I'm not from around these parts, and by the looks on Seviper and Carnivine, I can tell they know about me." Meowth looked at John and said, "All wild Pokémon were told of the Legend of the Human from the other world. Legend says that the Human from the other world can befriend any Pokémon no matter what." Then Carnivine said, "Yeah, and all Pokémon have a choice of joining you or helping you out." Carnivine then looked at James and, "James, May I join his team?" James realized what Carnivine was asking him and he said, "You want to join his team?" John was shocked, Carnivine wanted to Join his team, but James looked at Carnivine and said, "Are you positive you want to join?" and carnivine nodded his head, causing James to say, "Alright, after this Battle you may join his team." Carnivine smiled before looking back at Meowth and Tauros and said, "Let's get this battle underway." Meowth, John, and Tauros nodded their heads and Ash said, "The Battle between John of the Other World and team Rocket will now BEGIN!"

John made the first moves and he said, "Meowth, use Fury Swipes on Carnivine, and Tauros you use Take Down on Seviper!" and Meowth and Tauros followed John's Orders and attacked as Jessie said, "Seviper, use Poison Tail on Meowth!" and James said, "Carnivine, I know you want to join his team, but use Bullet Seed on Meowth as well!" and both Pokémon used their attacks and as Meowth was about to get hit, Tauros shoved Meowth out of the way and took both moves head on. Meowth looked at Tauros as he slid backwards and he ran to check on him and he said, "Tauros, why did you do that?" and Tauros said, "It seemed like they wanted you out first, so I am defending my teammate. I know you didn't want to be a part of this team, but you could go far with him as your trainer." Meowth began to get a tear in his eye, Tauros was protecting him from the attacks, after all the times he, Jessie, and James Harassed Ash and his friends. Now that they were teammates, they all cared from him. Meowth then got angry, looked at Jessie, James, Seviper, and Carnivine and he said, "That crosses a line. With you guys going after me because I wanted to partake in the battle, causing Tauros to take both hits, I'm making sure you guys don't win this Battle, that is something I will do for my Friends!" Soon Meowth started to glow, which caught everyone off guard and John said, "Meowth's evolving!" Soon Meowth began to grow and he got on all fours and when he stopped Glowing, Meowth was now Persian. John took out his Pokédex and it said, "Persian, Kanto Form, the Classy Cat Pokémon. Getting this prideful Pokémon to warm up to you takes a lot of effort, and it will claw at you the moment it gets annoyed. This Persian knows Power Gem, Hyper Beam, Fury Swipes, and Shadow Claw." John smiled and said, "Alright, Persian, Let's show your old friends some of your new moves, USE HYPER BEAM ON SEVIPER!" Persian nodded his head and shot a powerful beam at Seviper and scored a Direct hit, sending Seviper into Jessie. After the Dust settled, Jessie got up to see Seviper knocked out. John then said, "Okay Persian, since you used Hyper beam, it will be a while before you can move, so Tauros, if you are still able to move, use Take Down on Carnivine!" Tauros nodded his head and charged at Carnivine while James said, "Carnivine, use Vine Whip to grab Tauros by the Horns." and Carnivine used Vine whip and wrapped them around Tauro's Horns. John smiled and said, "Tauros, Stop!" and Tauros Stopped, confusing Carnivine and Jessie. John then said, "Give Carnivine a Spin!" Tauros nodded his head and began to spin Carnivine around and as he spun, Persian looked at John and said, "I'm ready Now John." John nodded his head and said, "Tauros, Stop spinning Carnivine, and Persian, use Shadow Claw on Carnivine!" Both Pokémon obeyed and as soon as Tauros stopped spinning Carnivine, Persian used Shadow Claw on Carnivine and with Tauros spinning, he was unable to dodge the Shadow Claw and was hit back towards James and was also knocked out.

After every Pokémon that took part in the battle, James said goodbye to his Carnivine and both he and Jessie said goodbye to their former Team Member and Jessie asked John, "Can you use Meow… I mean Persian to send us off on a blast off, for old times sake?" John looked at Persian, who nodded his head and John heard Carnivine say, "May I also send them off?" John looked at James, who nodded his head, causing John to look at Carnivine and he said, "Does that answer your question?" and Carnivine nodded his head. Soon, Persian and Carnivine stood in front of Jessie and James and John said, "Carnivine, you use Bullet seed, and Persian, you use Hyper Beam to send off Jessie and James off!" and the two Pokémon used the Moves they were told to use and sent Jessie and James off and the two said, "We're Blasting off one last TIME!" soon they were no longer visible and John looked into the sky until that point. John then looked at his Pokémon and called out his Others. John then said, "We haven't even reached the first Gym yet, but look at where we are now. We have a New Team Member joining us, Meowth evolved into Persian during our Battle, and he learned new Moves as well. We have a full team now. But when I catch more Pokémon, I will be alternating my team, which means I won't be sticking with you guys all through my journey. But I promise you that you will all have a turn in any Pokémon Battle we partake in." All of John's Pokémon were Excited to hear that and cheered.

Ash and Dawn smiled as Pikachu, Piplup, Turtwig, and Eevee cheered as well. Ash then said to Dawn, "John sure does have a lot of Energy, reminds me of me." Dawn chuckled and said, "I bet, but you have to admit, John does care for his Pokémon, and I admire that." Ash looked at Dawn and said, "Dawn Berlitz, are you falling for John?" and Dawn Immediately blushed before she said, "No." causing Ash to chuckle and he said, "Relax, I'm not going to say a word to him." Dawn smiled and as she breathed a sigh of relief, Ash thought in his head, "I won't tell him ...yet." John then recalled all but Persian and Turtwig and said, "Alright, next Stop is the Viridian City Pokémon Center, then the Vault in Viridian City." Ash and Dawn nodded their heads as they continued walking towards Viridian City. Along the way, John looked at Persian and said, "Didn't realize how close you were to evolving Meow… I mean Persian, but it was only a matter of time though." Persian nodded his head and said, "Well, I was always trying to keep myself from evolving, but now that I'm traveling with you Boss, i wanted to evolve." Then Turtwig walked up to Persian and asid, "So I take it that you're finally respecting him?" and Persian smiled and said, "Well, he can't be all bad of a trainer, might as well give him respect." John smiled and said, "I'm glad to hear that Persian. Rest assured that I will give you my respect as well." Presian smiled. Then Ash said to Dawn, "Is it just me, or did Meowth/Persian become friendly with John too quickly?"

Dawn nodded her head and said, "You're not the only one, I noticed it too. It's something about John that makes people and Pokémon like him very quickly." Then John said, "You know if you guys are going to talk about me, do it a little quieter." Ash and Dawn realized John was listening in on what they were saying. Before Ash or Dawn could say a word, Persian said, "They do have a point though, as we traveled I quickly become friendly to you and we're not even in Viridian City yet." John told them that he had no idea why it happened and Pikachu said, "Do you think that it's part of the Legend about you John?" and John replied, "Maybe, I don't know, I don't even though the full Legend yet." The Meowth said, "None of us do actually, we just heard that there would be a boy that would come to our world and save both his world and this one."

After the conversation the three and their Pokémon had. John, Ash, and Dawn continued on their Journey to save both worlds. Meanwhile, in John's home world, John's father asked John's mother where John was and his mom said that he was in his room and when his father opened the Door and saw that he was gone and his laptop was closed. John's father then realized what he was looking at and he said, "Oh, no…" Back in the world of Pokémon, John, Ash, and Dawn finally arrived in Viridian City. John looked around at the City and said, "Viridian City, we're finally here." Ash nodded his head as Dawn said, "Let's head to the Pokémon Center to get our Pokémon checked out and Ash and I can call our respective moms." Ash and John nodded their heads and walked into Viridian City.

After walking for a few minutes, they reached the Pokémon Center and after giving their Pokémon to Nurse Joy, Ash and Dawn called their mothers and as Dawn talked to her mother, Ash and John talked to Delia. John asked Delia if he could ask her a question, and when she said yes, John asked, "Did my father, George Bertrand, marry you?" Delia was silent after John asked that question with a look of shock on her face before she said, "How did you find out?"

That question confirmed what Ash, John, and Dawn all thought, John's father, was Ash's father as well. John then answered Delia's question by saying, "We heard you say something about it before we got back downstairs for the Dinner we had at your house, about George Bertrand leaving his wife and son to have another family in another world." Delia sighed and said, "I thought I was saying it quiet enough to make sure no one could hear me." Then Ash said, "No, we heard you, so John and I are brothers." Delia nodded her head and said, "Yes, all because of George." John and Ash remained quiet until Ash said, "We… we got to go mom." Delia nodded her head and they ended the Call. Afterwards, Dawn walked up to them and said, "I told my mom where we're at and she is glad I'm traveling with someone she knows." but Ash and John didn't respond

"What's wrong you guys?" asked Dawn, to which John replied, "My father… is Ash's father as well." that shocked Dawn. Dawn then said, "How did he get to your homeworld from ours then?" That was when John said, "I don't know, but when I find out, I'm going to confront him about it and demand to know why he lied to my sisters, to my mother, but most importantly to me." Ash nodded his head and said, "And I'm going to ask why he left me and my mom." Dawn and John nodded their heads and John said, "It's almost night time, let's rent a room out here and go to the cave in the morning." Ash and Dawn nodded their heads and after getting all their Pokémon from Nurse Joy, rented out a room and got ready for sleep. Before going to bed, John looked outside and Turtwig saw that he was upset and walked up to John and asked, "Everything alright John?" causing John to look at Turtwig and he said, "I'm fine Turtwig, I'm just… thinking about what happened here to cause my dad to leave his first wife and son." Turtwig was confused until John told him what he and Ash found out.

"Wait, you and Ash are brothers by your father and he lied to you about his past?" asked Turtwig. John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, next time I see him I'm going to demand answers." Turtwig nodded his head and said, "I will stand by you John, as will everyone else with you." John smiled and rubbed Turtwigs head before the two went to sleep." As he slept, John saw himself in a white room like the one he was in before he started his journey. That was when Arceus appeared and said, "Greetings John." John looked at Arceus and said, "Arceus, why am i here now?" and Arceus told him, "Your father has discovered that you are here." John was speechless, his father knew that he was in the world of Pokémon, his father's homeworld.

John asked Arceus what he is to do and Arceus said, "Your father will try to force you to go home, face him in a Pokémon battle with a Pokémon that I will send to your aid, then that Pokémon will ask you to catch him." John nodded his head and asked Arceus, "What is the Pokémon that I will be catching?" Then Arceus made three Pokémon appear, a Kingler, a Gyarados, and a Tentacruel. Arceus then said, "Choose from these three powerful Pokémon and I will send him to aid you in your battle against your father. They will then ask to join your team after the battle is over." John looked at his options and said, "Gyarados." Arceus nodded his head and said, "There is a Powerful Gyarados that knows Hydro Pump, Stone Edge, Iron Tail, and Thunderbolt, I will tell him to aid you in the upcoming battle." John nodded his head and soon Arceus disappeared and John continued to sleep.

The Next morning, John had Ash and Dawn up early so they could get out of the Pokémon Center and to the cave as quickly as possible before John's and Ash's father showed up. At the Beach, Ash led John and Dawn where the cave he saw was and when they got there, the area was under water and John said, "I'm guessing that the cave is only accessible at a certain time, which means we have to wait for the tide to go down to access the cave." Ash Nodded his head, looked around and when he looked behind them, Ash tapped John's shoulder and said, "He's here." John looked behind him, Ash, and Dawn and saw his father standing there. He then said, "I was hoping that what Mrs. Ketchum wasn't true, but now I see that she was telling us the truth."

"You were never meant to be here Son, now come on, we're leaving." said John's father as he took a step forward. But John said, "No." that caused his father to stop and question what John just said and John said, "I said no. I'm not going back home. You lied to me, to mom, and to Valerie and Danielle." John's father was silent for a few moments before he said, "Your mother knew the truth." John was speechless before he said, "So all this time Mom knew? But what I also want to know…. IS WHY THE HELL DID YOU LEAVE YOUR FIRST WIFE AND SON IN THE FIRST PLACE?!" John's father was confused before he looked at Ash and said, "Delia's your mother?" Ash nodded his head and said, "Yeah, Dad." John's father then got angry and said, "You're coming home with me now son, and that's an ORDER!"

"How about this, I challenge you to a one-v-one Pokémon Battle, if I win I get to stay here. If you win though, I'll go home." John's father clenched his fist before he took a Pokéball from his belt, expanded it and said, "I accept that arrangement. Charizard, teach him some Manners!" Soon an orange lizard with wings appeared and shot a flame into the air. John took out his Pokédex and scanned the Pokémon and his Pokédex read, "Charizard, the Flame Pokémon and the final evolution of Charmander, a Fire and Flying type, Its wings can carry this Pokémon close to an altitude of 4,600 feet. It blows out fire at very high temperatures. This Charizard is a male and knows Flamethrower, Seismic toss, Fire blast, and Steel Wing." John's father then said, "Send out your Pokémon son."

Just then, something appeared in the water and crawled up onto the sand and it was a Gyarados. Dawn took her Pokédex out and scanned it and her Pokédex said, "Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokémon. A Water and Flying type. It has an extremely aggressive nature. The Hyper Beam it shoots from its mouth totally incinerates all targets. This Gyarados is a male and knows Hydro Pump, Stone Edge, Iron Tail, and Thunderbolt." Gyarados crawled up to John and said, "Human of the other world, I have been sent by Arceus to assist you in this battle." John smiled and said, "I know Gyarados." John then looked at his father and said, "I choose this Gyarados here who wishes to fight with me." John's father growled and said, "Whatever, Charizard, use flamethrower!" and Charizard flew up and shot a Flamethrower at Gyarados and John said, "Use Hydro Pump to counter the Flamethrower!" and Gyarados obeyed and shot Hydro Pump at Charizard's Flamethrower, put the flames out and struck Charizard. John's Father growled and said, "SEISMIC TOSS!" and John said, "STONE EDGE!" and Charizard dove down as Gyarados shot sharp stones at Charizard but as Charizard got closer, John Shouted, "Hydro Pump and Thunderbolt!" and gyarados obeyed and the two moves combined and struck Charizard and sent him flying back towards John's Father and a dust cloud formed as Charizard Landed behind John's Father. When the dust settled, Charizard was down for the count and Ash said, "Alright!" Dawn Cheered as John breathed a sigh of relief as he walked up to gyarados and said, "Thank you Gyarados, you ready?"

Gyarados nodded his head and after tapping Gyarados on the side with a Pokéball that he took out and after three shakes and a Ding, John said, "I JUST CAUGHT…. A GYARADOS!" and Turtwig cheered as well. John looked at his father who was recalling Charizard and he said, "You did well old friend, get some rest." John's father looked at John and said, "I guess you're thinking that sending out Charizard I accepted that deal…." John's father went silent in the middle of his sentence. John felt someone grab his arms and he saw that it was Dawn on one side and Ash on the other. John Father finished his sentence by saying, "I'll stick to the deal that put into play before we battled, you may stay and continue this journey you're on." John smiled and thanked his father. But before John's father could leave, John got his attention and said, "Since you and mom lied to us, me, Valerie and Danielle. You left your first wife and son. You have lost all trust I had for you, as of this moment, with Mrs. Ketchum's permission, I was allowed to change my last name to Ketchum. I disown you and mom. I never want to speak to you or her again." John's father was heartbroken and stayed silent as he walked away. Ash looked at John and said, "Welcome to the family Bro." John smiled and the two shared a brotherly embrace. After which, John looked at Dawn who wrapped her arms around his neck and said, "I'm so glad you're staying here John." John chuckled a little before wrapping his arms around Dawn's waist and said, "Me too Dawn, me too." After they separated from the hug, Dawn gave John a peck on the cheek and that made John blush a Crimson red.

"Dawn, why do I have the uncanny sense that you love me?" said John, causing Dawn to blush and she said, "Maybe…." John smiled and kissed Dawn on the lips before he said, "I was hoping my feelings weren't wrong, because I love you too Dawn, and I was hoping that you could be my girlfriend." Dawn smiled and the two shared a long kiss as Ash had his arms crossed, knowing that those two would make the perfect couple. After the Kiss ended, the Water receded and the Cave was accessible now and as John, Dawn, and Ash entered the Cave, John's Pendant began to Glow as did his hand. John looked at Dawn and Ash before he took the Pendant off and placed it into the Hand that was glowing and slowly moved it around the tunnel they were in and walked forward. As they walked forward, the pendant and John's hand glowed brighter and brighter until they came to a section of the tunnel where John's Hand and the Pendant glowed very brightly. Putting the Pendant in his free hand, John took his hand that was glowing and placed it on the wall and moved it around until it got stuck and lines of glowing light just like his hand spewed out and formed a doorway. John's hand was then freed and all three were allowed entry.

Inside the Vault laid a single Pedestal with an ancient looking Pokéball on it. John looked at Dawn and Ash and as they stepped forward, John and Ash were stopped by something, but Dawn wasn't. John looked around and saw pictures on a nearby wall and examining them, looked at Dawn and said, "I think that Pokéball is for you Dawn." Dawn looked at the pictures and saw that the girl in the pictures looked a lot like her. She then looked at the Pokéball and as she got closer, another Pendant floated into the air and it said, "Dawn Berlitz of Twin leaf town, this Pendant of Communication and the Pokémon inside this ancient Pokéball are for you to help the Human from the other world on his quest to say both his world and ours, do you accept this burden." Dawn looked at John, who looked at her, smiled, and nodded his head. Dawn smiled and nodded her head back before turning to the Pendant and she said, "I accept this Burden, to save the worlds, and to help the man I love." Then The Pendant floated towards Dawn and placed itself around her neck. Dawn then put her hand on the Pokéball and picked it up. Dawn then led Ash and John out of the Vault and cave just in time too as everything was collapsing around them.

Outside, Dawn threw the Pokéball into the air and out came a giant Dinosaur looking Pokémon. John and Ash were shocked by the Pokémon and they both said, "It's Tyrantrum!" Dawn pulled out her Pokédex out and scanned Tyrantrum and her Pokédex said, "Tyrantrum, the Despot Pokémon, and the evolved form of Tyrunt. A Rock and Dragon type, The king of the ancient world, it can easily crunch a car with the devastating strength of its enormous jaws. This Tyrantrum is a male and Knows Rock Slide, Dragon Tail, Bulldoze, and Brick Break." Tyrantrum looked down at Dawn, John, and Ash, lowered his head and said, "Greetings Dawn Berlitz, I am Tyrantrum and I am at your service." Dawn smiled and welcomed Tyrantrum to her team before she said, "I guess that this Pendant of communication does it's job, Because I just heard Tyrantrum speak." John smiled and walked up to tyrantrum and said, "Greetings Tyrantrum I am…." and Tyrantrum interrupted John by saying, "John Bertrand, the human from the Other world and boyfriend/Future Husband to my new master." That caused John and Dawn to blush a crimson red as Ash laughed loudly, knowing that the future for them together was just waiting for them.

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