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After everyone had lunch, John introduced his turtwig to Dawn and she said, "Hi turtwig, my Name's Dawn, and this is my Partner Piplup." Piplup then waved to Turtwig who waved back and Dawn said, "So turtwig was the first Pokémon you chose when you played a Pokémon game?" and John nodded his head before he said, "Yeah, and my sister traded me her Infernape for a Pokémon I had caught already." Ash smiled and said, "Wow, so I guess that means you know how to battle." John nodded his head and said, "You bet, however, since Turtwig only knows Tackle and Withdrawal, I think it's safe to say that we have some training to do, am I right buddy?" and Turtwig nodded his head and said, "Turtwig." That was when John remembered the boulder Arceus told him about and he said to Ash and Dawn, "I just remembered something Arceus told me about." when Ash and Dawn asked what, John led them to a Boulder that was on the left hand side of Professor Oak's Ranch. Ash then said, "What are we doing here John?" and John replied as he scanned the Boulder, "Arceus told me in a telepathic message that I was to come to this Boulder after I got my starter Pokémon, I feel like there's something here that…" but John stopped as his hand passed over an area of the Boulder and it started to glow. Soon the boulder slide backwards and a stairway leading to a Doorway appeared, and it surprised Ash, Dawn, and John.

After walking down the Stairs and opening a Door, John, Ash, and Dawn saw a Pedestal with a Pendant on it. As John slowly walked towards the Pedestal, the Pendant began to rise into the air and John, Ash, and Dawn heard A voice say, "Human of the other World, the Pendant of communication senses your kindness and compassion for this world, and it has chosen you to be the bearer of it, it has powers beyond belief, you must always use this Pendant for good, never for personal Gain, use it well, use it wisely." Soon the Pendant floated over to John and placed itself around his neck. John then looked back at Ash and Dawn and Ash asked, "anything different?" and John said, "I don't know, but I do feel a lot of power emanating from the Pendant, how does it look you guys?" asking Pikachu, Piplup, and Turtwig.

"Looks Good." Said Pikachu. Then Piplup said, "It's okay, I guess." finally, turtwig said, "I think it looks great Master." John was speechless before he said, "Now I know why this Pendant is called the Pendant of Communication." When Ash asked John what he meant, John said, "I just heard Pikachu, Piplup, and turtwig speak in perfect English." that caught everyone off guard before John said, "I'm guessing you two heard them said their cries." John saw Ash and Dawn nod their heads, prompting John to say, "I think this Pendant only allows me to hear what Pokémon say but it's translated into English for me." John then saw a Map on an old table and when walked up to it and dusted it off, he saw the Kanto Region, the Johto Region, the Hoenn Region, the Sinnoh region, the Unova Region, the Kalos Region, and the Alola region. John then said, "Hey guys, look at this." when Ash and Dawn got to where John was, they saw the Map and Ash said, "The Core Regions, but what's with these X's all over them?" John saw the X's too and said, "I think these X's are for places like this, there's the X we're at right now." John pointed to an X that was right over the boulder they were under. Suddenly, the X turned into a Check mark, which caught the three readers off guard. John then said, "So I'm guessing that with everyone of these…. Vaults found, the X will turn into a Checkmark."

"Looks like there are vaults all over the seven Core Regions." said Pikachu after getting on Ash's Shoulder. Ash looked at John and asked what Pikachu said, to which John said, "He Just pointed out all of the Vaults being in all of the core Regions." Then Dawn said, "Yeah, does this mean we'll have to find them all?" and John said, "I don't think so, if we happen to find them nearby a destination of where we are heading then I think we should stop there." John then felt something appear in his pocket and when he pulled it out, it was a piece of Paper that read, "I forget to tell you this, but there will be Pokémon that will be guardians of certain Vaults. If you battle them and win, you will gain access to the Vaults they are protecting, yours truly, Arceus." John then said, "Okay, thank you arceus." John then rolled up the Map and said, "We should take this with us, just in case." Ash and Dawn nodded their heads in agreement and they all exited the Vault.

Outside, John asked what Pokémon would Ash bring with him and he said, "Pikachu, Infernape, Sceptile, one of My Tauros, Swellow, and Heracross, give Bulbasaur some time from having it's bulb being sucked by Heracross." Then Dawn said, "I'm bringing Piplup, Buneary, and my Mamoswine." Ash looked at Dawn and asked, "What about Pachirisu, Quilava, and togekiss?" and Dawn replied, "Quilava and Pachirisu are at my house in Sinnoh, and Togekiss is back with Princess Salvia to catch up since they parted ways when Togekiss wanted to be on my team." John smiled and said, "Okay, and since I only just got Turtwig, I have room for more Pokémon." Ash and Dawn smiled and Ash said, "It's almost Supper time, what do you two say that you guys come over to eat at my house."

"Do you think your mother will mind us just dropping in like this?" John asked Ash, and Ash replied, "I don't think she will mind you guys, come on let's go." Ash and Dawn nodded their heads and followed John back up to Professor Oak's Lab. when they arrived, Professor Oak and Tracey walked out and Professor Oak had in his hands a Red device in his hand and Tracy bringing 5 Pokéballs and Professor Oak said, "Here you go John, this Pokédex has all of the information you need on Pokémon from Kanto to Kalos. I've also made it to where you can have as many Pokémon as you need to help you save both our worlds from whatever is threatening them." Tracey then handed John the five Pokéballs and said, "Since Turtwig is your only Pokémon, here are five more Pokéballs to catch more." John took both the Pokédex and the Pokéballs and thanked both Professor Oak and Tracey. John then said, "Sure wish I had a change of clothes, these are all I have, I have no sleeping wear, or winter Gear." Then Ash said, "We can head to my place, I have clothes you can wear, we seem about the same clothes sizes." John smiled and said, "I get to meet Delia Ketchum, mother of Ash Ketchum, sweet." Ash and Dawn sweatdropped as John said that. John then said, "Sorry, I'm a big fan of Pokémon, watched Ash's Journey from Kanto to Kalos. I know all of the Pokémon Ash and anyone who travels with him caught, go on, try me." Ash and Dawn looked at Each other before looking back at John and Ash said, "Pokémon I caught in the Kanto Region."

"Is that even a Challenge, in Kanto you got Pikachu as your first Pokémon, then you caught a Caterpie which evolved into a Metapod, then into a Butterfree and after which, you released it to be with a Mate. The next Pokémon you caught was Pidgeotto, who evolved into Pidgeot and was the second Pokémon you released so she can protect a flock of Wild Pidgey, which by the way, you have still yet to fulfill the promise you made to her that you would return for her." Ash sweatdropped as John continued speaking and he said, "Then there's Bulbasaur, who you decided it was best if Bulbasaur stayed here to be an ambassador. Your fifth Pokémon is Charizard, who you caught as a Charmander and when it evolved into Charmeleon, he refused to listen to your commands, and it still refused to follow your orders when it evolved into Charizard. He only began following your orders after you battled Tad's poliwrath and you helped him get better and soon you two became a perfect team. You even took him to Johto. However, when you, Misty, and Brock got to the Charicific Valley, you tearfully decided to leave him there because he wanted to train. After doing that, he has come back to help you in battles and win Badges and Frontier Symbols. Squirtle was the fifth Pokémon you caught, and sixth Overall. Before he met you, he was the leader of a group of Squirtles that was causing trouble, then they helped you put out a fire and saved the forest. They then became a firefighting group and Squirtle joined your team, after which you take him to Jhoto and he reunites with them and after the Fire and Rescue Grand Prix, you thought it was best that Squirtle rejoined the squirtle Squad. Then after a few failed times against Brandon, Squirtle, Charizard, and Bulbasaur all rejoined you for the final Battle and helped you win it. Your seventh Pokémon overall was Krabby and then it evolved into a Kingler. You temporary had a Raticate when you traded it for your butterfree, after which you traded back with Raticate's original trainer, even so, that was your eighth Pokémon. Then you caught a Primeape as your ninth Pokémon. You used him in the P1 Grand Prix and won the whole thing, then when the P1 Grand Prix was over, Anthony offered to train Primeape to become a P1 champion. Your tenth Pokémon was a Muk, you caught him with the aid of Pikachu and a Magnemite, in my opinion, you should have caught the Magnemite. Your eleventh Pokémon was a Tauros, and you caught 30 of them, which brings up this question, May I have one because you have freaking thirty of them." Ash looked at Dawn before looking back at John and said, "I don't see why not, sure you can have one." John smiled before Dawn said, "Is that all of the Pokémon Ash caught in Kanto?"

"Technically yes, Ash, Lapras and Snorlax were caught in the Orange Islands and Haunter only traveled with Ash and he never caught him. Although, a ghost & Poison type Pokémon would have been effective against Pokémon that Liza and Tate use, not to mention Olympia. Plus with Haunter also being a Poison type, like I said earlier, he could have been useful in battling Grass type and Fairy type Gym Leaders like Ramos or Valerie." Ash gave John a Look that John took as, "Are you done?" and John said, "Okay, I'm sorry for thinking you should have caught Certain Pokémon, which of course I'm not saying that the Pokémon you did catch weren't good. With cases like Liza and Tate, ghost type Pokémon would be super effective against their Solrock and Lunatone."

After an hour of John Apologizing, John, Ash, and Dawn arrived at Ash's Home and saw Mr. Mime out front and Ash said, "Hey Mr. Mime." Mr. Mime looked at and saw Ash and was happy to see him and Dawn. When Ash, Dawn, and John got to the Gate, Mr. Mime saw John and said, "Who's the Stupid looking kid?" John then got angry and said, "Now I know why you are one of the most hated Pokémon in my world." Mr. Mime was shocked John knew what he said and said, "Um, I'm going to go get your mom Ash." Mr. Mime then ran into the house while Ash and Dawn looked at John as he said, "He called me stupid." After which, Ash's Mom came out and said, "Ash! And Dawn, so nice to see you." and Dawn said, "Good to see you too Mrs. Ketchum." Ash's Mom looked at John and asked Ash, "Son, who is that?" and Ash said, "Mom, can we talk about him inside, it's a long Story." Ash's mom nodded her head and led Ash, John, and Dawn back inside her house where Ash and John explained to her John's situation.

"Huh, so you're from another world, interesting." Said Ash's Mom. John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, Ash and Dawn were going to join me, but when I told them that I have no Winter clothes, Ash suggested that I could wear some of his old winter clothes, is that okay with you?" and Ash's Mother smiled and said, "Of course John, what is your last name by the way?" and John said, "Oh, it's Bertrand." Ash's mom then went silent and dropped the cup in her hand. She then said, "Oh, how silly of me, let me go get the broom and clean up my mess." Ash's mother then walked off to get the broom, causing John to say, "That was...strange." Ash and Dawn nodded their heads and Ash said, "Seems like she knows your last name?" John nodded his head in agreement and when Ash's mother came back and she said, "I'll take care of this, why don't you go show John what you have in the ways of winter clothes." Ash nodded his head and led John up the stairs to his room and gave him his Sinnoh coat and John thanked him and when John tried the Jacket on, he said, "It's a perfect fit, you were right Ash."

"I know, but did you see the way my mom acted as soon as you said your last name?" said Ash. John nodded his head and said, "Yeah, it's like she knew the name. Ash, is Ketchum your mom's maiden name?" and Ash said, "Yeah, that's what she told me it was." Then Dawn said, "Guys, can we focus on saving the world?" Ash and John nodded their heads and Ash said, "When do you want to leave John?" and John said, "Honestly, the sooner we get on the road, the better. However, since it looks like it's about to be sunset, why don't we spend the night and start out first thing in the morning." Ash and Dawn nodded their heads in agreement and went back downstairs to hear Ash's mother speaking to herself and she said, "If he's son of that terrible George, I'm going to kill him. Imagine, George Bertrand, going to another world and leaving his wife and son behind and start a new family." Ash, John, and Dawn, were all speechless until Ash said, "Mom, everything okay?" Ash's mom then stopped Muttering to herself, turned to face them and she said, "everything's fine sweetie, will your friends be staying for dinner?" and John said, pretending not to have heard what Ash's mom just said, "I know I am, I'm starving." Ash's mom smiled, hoping that they didn't hear what she said. She then said, "And what about you Dawn?" to which Dawn replied, "I'll be traveling with John and Ash, so I guess I can stay for dinner." Ash's mom smiled and said, "Excellent, I'll get dinner started." Ash's mom then walked into the Kitchen to get dinner prepared.

Meanwhile, on a Secluded Island, a Man in a Black suit was being dragged by two people towards a chair and one person said, "He's tough sir, he still hasn't broken." The person in the Chair motioned to his guards to leave them and when he and the man in the black suit were alone, the man in the chair said, "You still holding onto hope for your rescue Giovanni. Face it, you'll never be rescued." The Man in the black suit looked up at his "gracious host" and said, "Well Josh, you know as well as I do that the other world will never be yours to control." The man in the chair then stood up and walked over to giovanni and kicked him in the side before he said, "Just tell me the location of the vault that has the map to the Portal and we can end your life quick and Painless." Giovanni then spat in Josh's face and said, "As long as the Order stands, my fellow members will stop you and your Forces from conquering the Real World." Josh chuckled and said, "It's only a matter of time before the portal is found and the invasion begins."

Back at Ash's house, they just finished Dinner and got into their Pajamas, Dawn had her Pink Pajamas on, Ash had on a white and red sleeveless undershirt and blue shorts, while John wore a white T-shirt and Boxers on as he got a sleeping bad out and asked Turtwig if he wanted to sleep outside of his Pokéball or inside and Turtwig said, "I want to sleep outside of my Pokéball, next to you John." John smiled and got in the sleeping bag and saw Turtwig lay down next to his head. John then heard Ash cough to get his attention and Ash said, "So John, since we're Half-Brothers, do you think we should confront my mom?" but John shook his head and said, "No, if anything it's our father who we should confront and demand an explanation, but only when the time is right." Ash nodded his head and said, "Night John." and John said, "Night Ash."

Later, at around Midnight, Ash was fast asleep, as were Pikachu and turtwig, but John was still looking at the map they found in that one Vault and saw that an X was right near Vermillion City, John then said in his head, "So it looks like we would be facing a Pokémon at that Vault, I sure hope Turtwig can beat that Pokémon, whatever it is, but with Ash and Dawn helping me out, whatever threatens both worlds doesn't stand a chance." John then heard a tapping outside the window and saw a Pidgey there. John then snuck down the stairs and saw Dawn sleeping on the couch. Outside, the Pidgey landed on John's arm and said, "Greetings Chosen one of the other World, I saw you walking by earlier in the day and I was hoping to join your team." John smiled and pulled out a Pokéball. John then said, "Then I welcome you to my team Pidgey, and I hope we win a lot of battles." Pidgey nodded her head and tapped the button on the Pokéball and got sucked inside the Pokéball and after three shakes and a ding, John caught Pidgey. John then went back inside and got into the sleeping bag and went to sleep.

The next morning, john showed Ash and Dawn his newly caught Pokémon and said, "Caught it last night when I was looking at the Map, and the Map showed a Vault near Vermillion city, I think we should check it out." Ash, and Dawn nodded their heads and they were about to head out when Ash's mother said, "Be careful you three." and she waved them off as Ash, Dawn, and John waved back at her and Ash said, "We will mom, We'll call when we get to Vermillion City." John then looked at Ash and Dawn and said, "So Ash, I think since we're passing by Professor Oak's Lab, Mind if I got the Tauros you said I could get." and Ash said, "Sure, let's go." Dawn agreed and she followed John and Ash back up the stairs to Professor Oak's Lab.

When they got there, they saw Professor Oak outside in the field and Ash shouted his name. When Professor Oak looked at Ash, John, and Dawn walking up to him. Professor Oak said, "Why hello again Ash, what brings you three back to my lab?" and Ash said, "I was wondering if I could give John one of my Tauros." and Professor Oak said, "Why how marvelous. What a Wonderful Idea, I'm sure one Tauros would be happy to Join John's team." Just then, they heard a noise and saw one Tauros running towards them. Everyone got out of the way, But John jumped up, landed on Tauros's Back, grabbed Tauros's horns and slid him to a complete stop. When John got off, Tauros said, "I heard you wanted a tauros on your team and was wondering if I could join it." John smiled, looked back at Professor Oak, Ash, and Dawn and said, "This Tauros wants to join my team." Professor Oak smiled and said, "Well, in that case, let me get 22's Pokéball." Ash was confused until he heard Professor Oak say, "I said 22 because I numbered all of your Tauros, all thirty of them, and that Tauros happened to be Tauros Number 22." Ash smiled and said, "Okay, he's all yours John." John smiled, looked at Tauros and said, "Welcome to my team Tauros." Tauros was happy and when Professor Oak came back out, he had a Pokéball with the number 22 written on it and gave it to John and he said, "Here's his Pokéball John." John smiled and took the Pokéball from Professor Oak's Hand and had Tauros go inside it. John then put Tauros's Pokéball on his belt and walked over to Ash and Dawn with professor Oak and he said, "Next stop is Vermillion City." Ash and Daw nodded their heads and began their Journey to Vermillion City.

After leaving Professor Oak's Laboratory, John, Ash, and Dawn along with their Pokémon were traveling along Route 1 when they came across an Injured Shiny Eevee in the Middle of the Route and John motioned Dawn and Ash to stay back as he slowly approached the Eevee and he saw that the Eevee was scared and John said, "Calm Down Eevee, I'm not going to hurt you, I just want to help you out." but Eevee was hesitant and said, "The last human who said that did hurt me, I'm not taking that Chance." But John replied when he said, "I'm not like that last human. Please… Let me help you." Eevee was hesitant, before she finally accepted John's help. John saw that Eevee was Limping and made sure that the Hurt Paw was outside and slowly raised the hurt Eevee and stood up slowly. John then looked at Ash and Dawn and said, "We need to get back to Professor Oak's Lab, he's possibly the closest right now with the equipment to treat Eevee." Ash and Dawn nodded their heads and followed John back to Professor Oak's Lab.

After getting back to Professor Oak's lab, Eevee was treated and Professor Oak told John, "Eevee is going to be fine, it was a good thing you found here when you did." John then said, "Can I see her?" and Professor Oak nodded his head and led John, Ash, and Dawn to where Eevee was sleeping. When they saw Eevee, she was fast asleep on a table and Professor Oak said, "Her Paw was sprained so we wrapped it, you did good with keeping her Paw on the outside as you held her John." John nodded his head and said, "It's the best thing I could have thought of." Professor Oak smiled and said, "Arceus made the right choice when he chose you for the Mission you are on." John smiled again, but looked at Eevee and said, "But what I'm still trying to figure out is why Eevee was all the way over on Route one, Eevees are usually along route 17." Professor Oak nodded his head, looked at Eevee and said, "She must have been abandoned." John looked at Eevee and said, "That would make sense, as I moved towards her, I told her that I was going to help her and not hurt her, she told me that the last person to say did hurt her."

"I think it would be best if Eevee traveled with you John." Professor Oak said to John. John nodded his head and said, "I'll take her with me, maybe we can meet the trainer she had before and kick his or her Ass." Professor Oak smiled and soon they heard a small yawn and they saw that Eevee was awake. John walked up to Eevee as she asked, "Where am I?" and John told her, "You're in Professor Oak's lab, I brought you here to get healed." Eevee looked at her Paw and her stomach area and saw that they had bandages on them. Before anyone else could say a word, there was an explosion outside and Professor Oak said, "What in the world?" Then John said, "I bet I know who it is." and he lead Ash, Pikachu, Turtwig, Dawn, Piplup, Tracey, and Professor Oak outside to see a Hot Air Balloon in the shape of a Meowth's head with a Big Red letter R on it. In the Basket were two people and a Meowth. Ash clenched his fist and said, "Not you guys again." The woman with Magenta hair said, "Face it Twerp, it's us again." The man with Purple hair looked down and said, "How's the new Twerp?" and John said, "The name's John Bertrand, James, and I will not let you and Team Rocket take any of these Pokémon, you ready Turtwig?" and Turtwig nodded his head in agreement. Ash and Dawn looked at Each other before they nodded their heads and Ash said, "Pikachu, let's go." while Dawn said, "Piplup, let's help Ash and John." Pikachu and Piplup nodded their heads and jumped into battle. Just then, Ash's Bulbasaur and the rest of Ash's Pokémon arrived. Ash then said, "Charizard, use Wing Attack to attack the balloon. Noctowl, you use Air Slash on the Balloon as well, Swellow use Aerial Ace! Staraptor, you use Aerial Ace as well!" Unfezant, use Air Cutter! Talonflame use Steel wing and Noivern, use Dragon Claw on the Balloon." All of Ash's Pokémon obeyed and used the Move they were commanded to use and destroyed the balloon, sending the Basket to the ground. James , the Meowth, and the woman hopped out of the Basket and James said, "Jessie my Dear partner, shall we call out our Pokémon." the Woman with Magenta hair nodded her head and said, "I agree James, let's call out our Pokémon." James and Jessie then sent out two Pokémon, a Yamask and a Gourgeist. John knew where those Pokémon came from and realized that since Meowth was technically a wild Pokémon, he could be caught.

John then asked Ash if he could borrow his Bulbasaur for a moment and whispered something into Bulbasaur's eye, which caused a look of surprise to form on the Seed Pokémon and John said, "Trust me Bulbasaur." Bulbasaur reluctantly nodded his head and walked off. Ash looked at John and asked, "What did you ask Bulbasaur?" and John told Ash, "You'll see Ash, now have Pikachu use Thunderbolt just a few inches in front of team Rocket, then have your flying types flap their wings to create a dust cloud to blind them." Ash was confused but John said, "Trust me, please." Ash nodded his head, looked at Pikachu and said, "Pikachu, use thunderbolt a few feet in front of Team Rocket." Pikachu was confused with what Ash was asking him to do, but he listened to his trainer and shot a thunderbolt a few feet from Team Rocket. Ash then said, "Charizard, Gliscor, Staraptor, Swellow, Noivern, Talonflame, Unfezant, Noctowl, flap your wings and create a Dust cloud." The Pokémon Ash said were confused but like Pikachu, obeyed Ash's commands and created the dust cloud, which blinded Team Rocket. John then shouted, "NOW BULBASAUR!" and two vines appeared from behind some bushes and wrapped themselves around Meowth and covered his mouth as he was dragged into the Bushes. John then told Ash to have them stop and Have Pikachu fire a Thunderbolt Directly at them this time. Ash nodded his head and said, "Alright guys stop, and Pikachu, you use Thunderbolt, direct hit this time." All of Ash's Pokémon obeyed and the flyers stopped making the Dust cloud before Pikachu fired a thunderbolt at Team Rocket, creating an explosion and sent them flying. As all of the Pokémon cheered, Ash asked John, "Now will you tell me what you needed Bulbasaur for?"

"Better yet, I'll show you, COME ON OVER BULBASAUR!" said John. Soon Bulbasaur appeared and had a certain Scratch Cat Pokémon in his vines and Bulbasaur said, "I sure would like to know why you wanted to get this guy." and everyone heard Meowth shout as he said, "Let me go this Instant, you have no right to capture me, let me go NOW!" When Ash saw Meowth, he looked at John and said, "Why did you have my Bulbasaur take Meowth?" and John said, "Because I wanted to challenge Meowth to a Battle with my Turtwig. If I win, Meowth joins my team by letting me catch him, however if I lose, Meowth is free to go." Meowth looked at John and said, "So you're telling me that if I lose to you I have to join your team but if I win I'm free to go?' John nodded his head and said, "Of course,you were never caught before and Iris tried to capture you, twice, and once by Cliff. This way it's legit, do you dare risk it?" Meowth looked at John, smiled, and said, "You're on!" Bulbasaur released Meowth and as John was about to ask Turtwig, Ash said, "Why not use the Pokémon I gave you?" but John said, "No Ash, I need to train my Turtwig." Meowth smiled again and said, "Me against a newbie Pokémon, this will be a cake walk, I'm home free." John smiled and said, "Turtwig, Tackle!" and turtwig tackled Meowth and meowth slide backward. Meowth then charged Turtwig and Ash said, "Look out, Meowth's using Fury Swipes!" John then told Turtwig to Dodge the Fury swipes and use Withdrawal, Turtwig obeyed and used the Move John told him to use and his Defense rose. John then said, "Tackle again!" and Turtwig obeyed, but Meowth dodged it, Soon the little tree on top of turtwig's head began to Glow and then Multiple Leaves came out and struck Meowth. Ash then said, "Turtwig just learned Razor Leaf!" John was happy and said, "Way to go Turtwig! Now use Razor Leaf again!" Turtwig obeyed and used Razor Leaf again, dealing more Damage to Meowth. Meowth's Paw then glowed a Dark Purple color and he charged as he said, "Have a taste of my Shadow Claw!" but John said, "Dodge it!" and Turtwig successfully Dodged, but Meowth then used his tail to hit turtwig so he could land a Fury Swipes attack. John then said, "Turtwig, bite Meowth's Tail!" and turtwig bit Meowth's tail and swung him around.

Soon, turtwig let Meowth Go and he flew into a Tree and Meowth was knocked out. John then took a Pokéball and threw it at Meowth and he went inside the Pokéball. After three shakes and a ding, John successfully caught Meowth. John walked over and picked up Meowth's Pokéball and called him back out. When Meowth appeared, he asked, "What happened?" and John walked over to him, knelt, and said to Meowth, "You lost the battle and I caught you." Meowth's Mouth hung open and he fell to his knees and he said, "I can't believe I lost to a new twerp. I can't believe I got caught!" John smiled and said, "Hey, look on the bright side Meowth, not only did you help me and turtwig out by battling us to help him learn Razor Leaf, but you also won't be blasting off now." Meowth looked at John and said, "Listen Here New Twerp, just because you caught me doesn't mean I'll let you give me orders in battle, I'll fight by your side, but my moves are mine to choose, you got that." John smiled again and said, "Sure Meowth, you got it buddy." Meowth and everyone was speechless at the way John was talking to Meowth. John's turtwig then walked up to Meowth and said, "Thanks for helping me learn Razor Leaf Meowth."

"Save the Thanks Turtwig, we're not friends." replied Meowth. John then said, "Meowth, you're going to be spending a lot of time with us so you might want to get used to us being nice to you Meowth. You're the fourth Official Pokémon that I caught." Meowth crossed his arms and said, "Fine, But I ain't staying in no stinking Pokéball." John chuckled once more and said, "Fine, Turtwig doesn't like being in his Pokéball anyway too." John then stood up, looked at Professor Oak and said, "Shall we check on Eevee?" and Professor Oak nodded his head and he led John, Ash, Dawn, and their Pokémon into the Lab to check on Eevee.

When they entered the Lab, they all saw Eevee sitting and she asked, "What was that noise?" and Meowth said, "That Eevee just asked…." but he was cut off when John said, "She asked what the noise was." John then looked at Eevee and said, "Don't worry Eevee, the situation has been resolved." Meowth looked at John and said, "HEY, WHY DID YOU GO AND CUT ME OFF LIKE THAT?!" causing John to look at Meowth and said, "Because I knew what she said Meowth. I have a Pendant that allows me to understand what Pokémon say." Meowth was speechless until he said, "Oh, okay." John then looked at back at Eevee and said, "Tell you what Little Eevee, you come with us and we can get you back to your family." Eevee smiled and said, "Would you please, I want to be back with my family." John smiled and said, "Okay, we won't catch you, but if you do want to be caught, all you have to do is ask." Eevee smiled and allowed John to pick her up and put her on his shoulder. Then Turtwig said, "Gosh John, you really care about Pokémon, I can see why you would have given your life to protect me." John smiled and said, "Yeah, I love Pokémon and they should be treated as friends never as tools." Ash smiled and said, "I take it I was one of your all time favorites in your world?" and John said, "Yeah, you and anyone you were traveling with, you guys are what inspired me to try to become the best I could ever be." Ash smiled again and said, "Good, anyway, we better get going to Vermillion City." John nodded his head and he, Ash, Dawn, and their Pokémon began their journey again to Vermillion City as Meowth, Turtwig, Pikachu, and Piplup walked on the ground and Eevee was enjoying the ride on John's shoulder, she couldn't wait to get back to her family.

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