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(A.N.: This will be taking place after Ash gets home from Kalos. A.N. Update: I don't know how it happened but I accidentally clicked the document above this one, this is the actual Chapter.)In a small suburban house, a young boy, about 10 or 11 years old, wearing Jeans, a Blue T-shirt, and white Tennis shoes, is watching Pokémon on his laptop when his mother walked in and said, "John, you need to stop watching Pokémon and get to your homework." John looked at his mother and said, "One more episode mom… Please…" and John's mother rolled her eyes and said, "Fine, one more Episode, then homework." John nodded his head and his mother walked off. John looked back at the screen and whispered, "I wish I could live in the World of Pokémon." Soon, John saw an Arceus appear on his screen and it had a textbox saying, "John Bertrand, the Pokémon world needs your help."

Before John could even react, his screen turned purple and swirled around as it sucked John into the Laptop and closing the Lid. As John fell aimlessly, he was stopped and was able to stand up straight and saw banners of Pokémon lining the walls of the giant room he was in. Soon Arceus appeared before John and Arceus said, "John Bertrand, both of our worlds are in a Dire situation. There is a threat to both worlds that must be defeated if they are to survive. Your love for Pokémon has shown me that you are the right human for this quest, do you have any questions before I place you in the town from which you will be starting from?" John smiled the biggest smile he could make and said, "Oh great and Mighty Arceus, I have no questions, other then will I be able to return home?" and Arceus said, "When the threat to both worlds has been vanquished, rest assured you will be sent home if you please, and may return whenever you like." John smiled again and said to Arceus, "I'm ready Arceus." and with a wave of his leg, Arceus opened a doorway and told John, "Once you walk through that doorway, the quest you will undergo will be dangerous and full of peril. If you choose not to take the mission, I will send you home." John looked at Arceus and said, "I'll take the mission Arceus." Arceus nodded his head and John walked through the doorway to enter the world of Pokémon.

When John stepped through the Doorway, he saw Pidgey fly away and Rattata run across the field. John smiled even bigger when he saw that and he said in that moment, "I'm in the Pokémon World, SWEET!" just then, John saw a yellow mouse run up to him and John immediately knew what Pokémon it was and he said, "Pikachu." John knelt and held his hand out to let Pikachu sniff it. Suddenly, a wild seviper appeared and was about to bite Pikachu, but John grabbed Seviper and threw it back into the Bushes. John then asked the Pikachu if he was alright when the Seviper came back and John grabbed pikachu and held him close to keep the Seviper from getting at him and when the Seviper was about to bite, it was hit by a Solar Beam attack. When John saw where the Solar Beam came from, he saw a Pokémon that he knew as Bulbasaur and a kid about John's age, black hair, Z's on his cheeks, A red hat, and blue and white clothes. Pikachu then hopped out of John's Hands and into the Boy's arms as he said, "Pikachu, you okay buddy?" and Pikachu nodded his head. The boy looked at John and said, "Thank you for protecting Pikachu from seviper, my name is…" but the boy was cut off by John shouted, "ASH KETCHUM!" The boy was surprised when John shouted his name and said, "You already know my name?" and John said, "Yes, I've watched you in every Pokémon League. In the Indigo Plateau Conference, you placed in the Top 16. In the Silver Conference and the Ever Grande Conference you placed in the Top 8. You placed in the top four in the Lily of the Valley Conference. In the Vertress Conference, you placed in the Top 8, when in my opinion you should have gone further. In the Lumiose Conference, you were Runner-Up for Champion. I've been following your Journey and I always wanted to meet you in person." Ash chuckled and said as he extended his hand, "Then your wish is granted, nice to meet you…"

John was confused until he realized that he neglected to tell Ash his name and after he shook the trainer's hand, John said, "My name's John, John Bertrand." Ash smiled and said, "Well John Bertrand, I do thank you again for saving my Pikachu, but why didn't you use a Pokémon?" and John told Ash, "Because I don't have any yet." Ash smiled again and said, "Well, let's get you one, follow us to Professor Oak." John nodded his head and followed Ash as he thought, "I can't believe that I'm going to speak to the Professor Oak, so COOL!" Just then, John heard a voice in his head say, "John, before you react, this is Arceus, I am contacting you through your mind. Once you get your Partner Pokémon, head to a boulder to the left of the front door of Professor Oak's ranch." John mentally nodded his head and followed Ash to Professor Oak's Ranch.

After following Ash out of the Forest, John saw a lot of Pokémon and a building with a windmill on it and John whisphered, "Professor Oak's lab." Ash then said, "Come on John, can't to introduce you to the Professor." and John said, "Can't wait to meet him." Ash nodded his head and said, "By the way, what Region are you from?" John was speechless, he didn't know what to say when he heard Arceus say, "Tell Ash that you are from the Truven Region, a region far away but is closest to Alola." John mentally nodded his head and said, "I'm from the Truven Region, a region far away from here but it's close to the Alola Region." Ash nodded his head and said, "I heard of that Region, Sounds pretty cool. Come on, Professor Oak should be in his lab right now." John nodded his head and followed Ash to Professor Oak's lab.

After walking through the field, Ash opened the door to Professor Oak's Lab and let John in. Ash then said, "Professor Oak, you here?" that was when ASh and John heard a Voice say, "Ash, is that you my boy, I'm upstairs, come on up." Ash motioned John to follow him and when they got upstairs, they saw an elder man in a red shirt, tan pants, and a white lab coat, standing next to a younger man in his early twenties with black hair, wearing a Green shirt and red shorts and a headband. When the two looked at Ash and John, the Elder man said, "It's been a while Ash, and who is your friend?"

"This is John Bertrand, I met him when he rescued Pikachu from a wild Seviper." said Ash ketchum. The elder man walked up to John, who had a look of awe on his face as the elder man said, "Nice to meet you, John, my name is Professor Oak." John then saw professor Oak extend his hand, and he quickly grabbed it and shook his hand. The other man said, "My name is Tracey, pleasure to meet you." Ash then said to Professor Oak, "John here needs a starter Pokémon, figured you would give him one." and Professor Oak said, "A wise decision Ash, unfortunately, I don't have the normal Kanto Starters, but I do have a Totodile, Torchic, and turtwig from Jhoto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. I believe John will like to choose one of them?" John quickly nodded his head and said, "Yes, can I see them?" Professor Oak then led John and Ash to the three Pokéballs and Tracey said, "The left one had totodile, the middle is Turtwig, and the right one is Torchic." John already knew the one he wanted, and it was the one he first chose for Pokémon Peal. John immediately picked up the middle Pokéball and said, "I choose Turtwig." Professor Oak smiled and said, "Wonderful, call him out, take a look at him." John nodded his head and said those words he wanted to say for ages, "Turtiwg, I CHOOSE YOU!" and soon, the tiny leaf Pokémon appeared. John walked up to turtwig and said, "Hey there little guys, my name is John, want to be my Partner?" and the turtwig immediately ran off. Professor Oak then said, "Of course, I was told that one would always run off, I'll let you choose from the other two." But john shook his head and said, "I chose Turtwig and turtwig is who I want, I'll go find him." John then ran off to find turtwig.

Back outside, John looked for Turtwig and he saw Turtwig run into the Forest and followed him in. When he caught up to the tiny Leaf Pokémon, it was attacked by Beedrill and that Seviper John fought off before. John saw that it was scared and he ran to protect it. Like Pikachu, right before Seviper struck Turtwig, John tackled it and threw Seviper into the Beedrill. John then scooped up Turtwig and ran off. As he ran, John spoke to turtwig and John said, "Don't worry Turtwig, I'm not going to let them hurt you." soon, John got hit in the back by a Poison Sting attack and when he fell to his knees. John asked Turtwig if he got hit by the Poison Sting and turtwig shook his head. John looked back to see the Seviper again and the Beedrill.

"Turtwig, get out of here buddy,I'll hold them off." John said to Turtwig as he placed the tiny leaf Pokémon down. But turtwig was hesitant to flee, seeing that a human was willing to give his life to protect a Pokémon that he just met. So Turtwig ran in front of John and said, "Turtwig." John smiled, seeing that turtwig wanted to fight and he said, "turtwig, use Tackle on seviper." and turtwig charged Seviper and scored a direct hit , sending Seviper sliding backwards. Soon Turtwig heard something fall behind him, when he looked, John was on the ground and he ran to John's side to protect him as the Beedrill flew closer and Seviper recovered from the tackle. Turtwig wasn't going to let them get closer.

Just then, turtwig heard someone say, "Pikachu, THUNDERBOLT!" soon, a bolt of lighting appeared and struck the Seviper and Beedrill. Soon, Ash, Pikachu, Professor Oak, and Tracey ran and Pikachu said, "pika, Pikachu?" and turtwig nodded his head and Professor Oak checked on John and he said, "He's been poisoned, we need to get him back to my lap to give him an antidote." Ash nodded his and said, "Get John back to the Lab, we'll be right behind you." Professor Oak nodded his head and picked up turtwig as Tracey carried John back to the lab as Ash and Pikachu fought off the Seviper and Beedrill.

When John opened his eyes, he saw that he was back in professor Oak's Lab. When he sat up, John saw Turtwig on the floor by the couch John was on. When John sat up, he tapped Turtwig and when the Tiny Leaf Pokémon woke up and saw John awake, Turtwig hopped onto John's lap and said, "Turtwig turtwig?" and John chuckled before he said, "I'm fine Turtwig, I'm glad to see you're okay." Just then, Professor Oak and Ash walked in and Ash said, "John, good to see you're up." John nodded his head and said, "How long was I out?" and Professor Oak said, "A few hours, you were hit by a Poison Sting attack, whether it was from the seviper or from the Beedrill I do not know." Then Ash said, "Yeah, when we got to you and Turtwig, you were on the round and Turtwig was defending you." John looked at the Tiny leaf Pokémon and saw him smile. Then Professor Oak said, "When we got you and Turtwig back here we administered the Antidote and laid you down on the couch. Turtwig didn't even leave your side at all." John looked at Turtwig, smiled and said, "So Turtwig, want to join me on my Journey?" and Turtwig said, "Turtwig!" John smiled and said, "Welcome to the team buddy." Professor Oak smiled at the sight of John and Turtwig before he got a serious look on his and said, "where are you really from John?" John immediately sat up, darted his eyes in the direction of Ash and Professor Oak and said, "The Truven Region, like I said." Professor Oak then crossed his arms and said, "Really, because after we got you on the couch, I placed a call to the Truven Region and there is no bertrand Family living there, so do you care to tell us the truth."

John knew he was busted and didn't know what to do, that was when he heard Arceus say in his head, "The time has come quicker than I anticipated, take professor Oak, Ash Ketchum, and Tracey Sketchit outside with you." John mentally nodded his head, stood up and said, "You're right Professor, I do need to tell you the truth, and if you can come outside with me, I'll explain it all to you." Professor Oak and Ash followed John with turtwig and Pikachu right behind them. Outside, Tracey saw John, Professor Oak and Ash walking out and Pikachu and Turtwig in pursuit. When Tracey got up to them, before anyone could say a word, a bright light appeared and forced everyone to cover their eyes. When the light faded and everyone uncovered their eyes, they saw Arceus before them. Arceus then said, "Greetings Humans." Ash, Professor Oak, and tracey were speechless until Ash said, "Arceus, what are you doing here?" and Arceus said, "The Reason John asked you out here is because I wished to explain why I called him to our world." Everyone was confused until Tracey said, "I get it now, John is from a different Universe." John and Arceus nodded their heads and John said, "In my world, Pokémon are just in a Video Game and TV show. I was watching a video of your battle when I said that I wished I could be in the world of Pokémon. That was when a digital Arceus appeared saying that the Pokémon world needed my help. Next thing I knew, I was sucked into a portal."

Arceus and John went on to explain what happened and that left Professor Oak, Tracey and Ash all speechless, Pikachu and Turtwig too. John then said, "Yeah, I figured that is what you guys would do when we told you the truth, I just hoped it was later." Ash then walked up to John and said, "Well, that explains why you didn't have any Pokémon when we first met and how you knew all about the Leagues I participated in.." John nodded his head and Arceus said, "Ash Ketchum, I have foreseen you traveling with John to aid him in his quest to save our worlds, will you accompany him on his quest?" Ash nodded his head and said, "Of course Arceus." John smiled and said, "I get to travel with the Ash Ketchum, this is every Pokémon fan's dream" Ash chuckled as Professor Oak said, "John, will you also be partaking in the Pokémon league yourself, Kanto's next one is this year." John thought about it and smiled before he nodded his head and said, "Absolutely." Then Arceus said, "I also think that you participating in the League will be good for you." John looked at Turtwig and said, "How about it turtwig, ready to take on the Pokémon league with me pal?" Turtwig nodded his head and Professor Oak said, "Now for a Poem, For those who travel to the west, Turtwig is the very Best. For those who rise with the sunrise, a turtwig will always be by your side." (A.N.: Not the best poem I could create for turtwig. But hey, a Poem is a Poem.) John's eyes glistened as he said, "Not only am I going to be traveling with the Ash Ketchum, but I also heard a Poem from the one and only Professor Oak, So cool." Arceus then said, "I must now leave now, but know this John Bertrand, that I will always be watching over you and protecting you on your journey." Soon a bright light appeared again and caused everyone to cover their eyes again and when the Light faded, Arceus was gone.

"Can someone explain to me what just happened?" said a voice behind Professor Oak and John. When everyone looked at where the voice came from, they saw a Girl about John's and Ash's Age, with Dark Blue hair and eyes, the girl wore a black V-neck tanktop with a white undershirt and a pink skirt. On her head, was a white beanie with a pink Poké Ball print on it. Her hair was held up by gold hair clips and she had black bracelet on her right wrist. On her feet were pink knee-high boots with black socks underneath. By the girl's side was a small blue Penguin like Pokémon. Ash and John both knew the girl, as did professor Oak and they said, "Dawn!" John ran over to Dawn and got within a few inches of her and said, "You're Dawn Berlitz, Pokémon coordinator and former traveling companion of Ash Ketchum, you are amazing." Dawn looked at Ash and asked, "Who is this kid and why is he so close to me?" John then backed up a few steps before he bowed his head and said, "I'm sorry if I intruded on your Personal space Dawn."

After another couple of minutes of John apologizing, Ash explained to Dawn what happened and she said, "Wow, there are multiple worlds out there." John then looked up from apologizing again and said, "yeah, Ash and I were going to go on a quest where I have to save both worlds, would you like to come along?" Dawn smiled and said, "To save our world and your world, you bet." John smiled and the three talked about what to do on their journey, for the road ahead of them was long, the three would face challenges and rivals. Will they succeed and save both worlds, or will both worlds be brought to an end, find out as the Journey begins.

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