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The Rain Brings Change @writer_of_many_subjects
Chapter 8

Revised Chapter!

Chapter 8

This was an awkward car ride. I attempted to read my book as I sat between Lin and Naru in the van; I was literally sitting between two people who were concentrating on what they were doing. Naru was staring at the folders in his hands and Lin was driving, a part of me wanted to jump into the back of the van where Bones was sleeping.

'So Morishita Noriko…she hired us to investigate her house, things were moving around and the child in the house was starting to shut herself off…this isn't a poltergeist…could this be a normal spirit?' I thought as I continued to read the book, it was the book by Oliver Davis, I still haven't finished it.

I sighed as we hit a small bump in the road; I was definelty not a fan of driving, I had been in an accident before in my previous life and I can say one thing, breaking multiple bones was not a fun thing. I turned the page of my book and I noticed that Naru had brought a hand to his mouth in thought; I guess this case was going to be interesting. I almost jumped when something wet and cold touched the back of my neck. I made a face and turned to look at Bones who was watching me with an amused gleam in her eye. I sighed as we finally stopped outside of a western styled house, it had two stories and I thought that it was a rather pleasant house. Naru opened his door and got out of the van; I followed after him and held the door open for Bones. I smiled softly and closed the van after the old lady got out.

"Wow…It's larger than I thought it would be." I quietly stated.

Naru rolled his eyes slightly and started up towards the house, I gave a small smile and followed him, I could hear my footsteps on the stone path that led the way to the house. He knocked on the house and a woman with light brown hair opened the door with a nervous look on her face.

"Are…Are you Kazuya Shibuya?" The woman asked in a soft voice.

"Yes." Naru said as we were invited inside, we didn't seem to have to take off our shoes and I was thankful for that, my flats were warm, and the air was still cool.

The moment I stepped into that house I was hit with a sudden wave of sadness and depression; I stumbled a little bit but continued to follow my boss. The feeling continued and I started to push them away from my current thoughts, I was just going to have to really ignore them as we gained more information from the client.

"This is Kana, my sister in law, and my eight year old niece, Ayami." Noriko told us, we took a seat on a couch as we all bowed in greeting, I noted that Kana had short red hair while Ayami had curly light brown hair, it seems as though Ayami wasn't Kana's child, a previous marriage perhaps.

I quietly took out a small notebook and a pen, I clicked my pen and waited for Noriko to begin to tell us what was going on.

"My brother is overseas on a business and we're the only ones living in the house right now, so I'm concerned…Strange things have been happening lately, all of a sudden our furniture will start shaking, or we'll hear someone banging on the wall when there's nobody in the room, or doors will open and close by themselves. It's just been very creepy…" I finished writing down what she said, and I was surprised that I had written it in French than Japanese; I believe I made it difficult for Naru on accident.

Kana looked at the three of us, Bones was spared a small glimpse and I carefully nudged her with a foot, Bones sat up a little straighter and I spared her a soft look.

"Who's in charge of your company?" Kana asked, Naru got up.

"I am, my name is Kazuya Shibuya, and I am the president." Naru stated, I saw surprise on Kana's face, and I can't blame her for that, Naru was young, he's my age, sixteen, I was pretty sure he was seventeen, how funny.

It is somewhat amusing that Naru is the president since he has such confidence.

"Well that's okay; do you really think there could be a spirit causing all these disturbances?" Kana asked after she gave a cough to save some of her dignity.

"That's our job, to find out." Naru said.

"Please follow me; I will lead you to the room we have set up for you." Noriko said.

I walked behind Lin as we went to the room that Noriko was leading us to. I closed my notebook and I was hit with a different emotion this time, I felt pure anger and sadness.

'What the hell is going on?' I thought in complete confusion.

We entered the room and Naru looked around.

"Lin, Yuki, let's begin setting things up." Naru said, I gave a nod and Lin made a slightly annoyed look.

I don't think Lin liked me that much, I was starting to think it was because I was Japanese, either that or I got him hurt, perhaps it could be a mixture of both. I was handed the collapsible shelves and I began to head back to the base as Bones found a nice place to lay down, I smiled at the old lady as she rested her head on her paws. I put the shelf down and started to build them up so there would be a place for the monitors. I easily got them up as the two males were walking in with the monitors in their arms. They placed them on the shelves and I began to hook up the monitors to the wires that would go to the cameras when they were placed. Naru left the monitors to set up the cameras, when he was done, it really only took him a few minutes, he walked behind Lin and began to look up at the monitors in thought.

"Based on what Noriko said, it could possibly be a poltergeist…but it's very unlikely…." I quietly stated, I jumped slightly when something ruffled my hair, I sent an annoyed look towards Monk who had just arrived.

"Hey part-timer, you sound like you're finally getting the hang of your job." He said with a grin, I simply sighed and shook my head.

"A real ghost hunter, making a big deal out of things as usual, it sounds like an earth spirit." Ayako said as she walked into the base, I smirked at that; this was no earth spirit, if it was I doubt that the feeling of this house would be like this.

The house felt as though something sad had happened a long time ago. Ayako plopped down on a sofa and began to file her nails.

"Though that could be what it is, I doubt it…" I said with a small shrug.

Ayako glared at me.

"Oh really what do you think it could be?" She challenged.

"I don't know….If I figure it out you'll be the first one to know." I told her as Naru turned to look at us with an annoyed look on his face, I held up my hands, "I'm going to go have a look around."

I walked out of the base and closed the door behind me with a small sigh, I almost ran Into Noriko. Bones had followed and I got a dog to the back of the legs, I sent the old lady a look and her tail began to wag.

"Ah Yuki-chan, perfect timing. Ayami's going to have a snack, would you like to join us?" Noriko asked me, I knew that it would be a good time to figure out what the main problem is.

"I would like that very much." I said with a soft smile, Ayami was adorable.

"I'm impressed with all the equipment you brought to investigate the spirits. This is very different from what I expected." Noriko said as we walked up the stairs.

I gave a nervous chuckle.

"Yes, Naru seems to take the scientific route to finding what is wrong then just jumping to conclusions…he's very good at what he does, at first I was surprised at how intricate his investigation skills were." I told her, she looked at me for a few seconds before a knowing smile played on her face, I flushed slightly, "Ayami-chan is cute, and did she take after her father or mother?"

"Her mother." Noriko said as we made it to the door, she gave a few knocks on the door before opening it and walking in, "Ayami, I brought you some tea; Yuki-Chan's going to join you."

"Nice to meet you Ayami-chan." I greeted with a soft smile.

Ayami looked up at us in slight surprise before getting up and grabbing a type of toy, I felt a shiver go down my spine as she got closer. I forced myself to act kind as Ayami ran up to me and stopped with a small smile. Bones began to whine and I started to think that there was danger in the room; I was ready to protect Ayami if necessary.

"Hello." She said, holding out the hand of a creepy doll, I smiled at her.

'There's something off about this doll, I have a bad feeling about this case…' I thought as I took the dolls hand with a smile of my own.

"Hello. What's your doll's name?" I asked.

"Minnie." Ayami replied with a larger smile.

"Ayami, were you reading a book?" Noriko asked the reaction happened instantly; Ayami tensed up and gained a somewhat scared face, though her eyes showed how scared she was.

I started to hypothesis what could be going on; perhaps she's being threatened by whatever is here. I shared a look with Noriko.

"Hey, would you like some snacks?" I asked.

"I….I don't want any." Ayami told us.

I gave a small sigh at that and Noriko lightly tapped my shoulder, I looked at her and we went out of the room. I looked down at the ground and Noriko gave a soft sigh. Bones pushed her nose into my hands and it gave me some comfort.

"She's scared of something…." I quietly said, "Her eyes, they looked so scared."

"I….I worry about her." Noriko quietly admitted, I nodded in understanding.

"Don't worry we will try whatever we must to solve this case." I said before giving a small bow and heading back to the base.

I walked in and noticed that Naru and Lin were quietly talking to each other, they stopped as soon as I entered the room, I raised a brow at Naru and I got a small eye roll in reply, I smiled to myself at that as I took a seat on one of the couches, Bones jumped up and laid in my lap. I grabbed my book and started to read it, I was halfway through it I really wanted to finish it.

"Yuki," Naru quietly said my name and I stopped reading as I gave him my attention, he seemed to be carrying that one piece of equipment from the experiment the one with the blinking red light, "I want you to stay in here during the experiment."

"Oh….sure…no problem." I said, my confusion leaking into my sentence a little bit, Naru closed his eyes as I was left in the room with Lin, I waited for a few minutes before attempting to talk to Lin, and "Would you like some tea….Or coffee?"

He narrowed his eyes at me in slight annoyance; I sent him a similar look. He sighed at that and I shook my head at his actions, I guess he really doesn't like me. Monk walked back into the room and sat down next to me. He gave Bones a raised brow before scratching her behind the ears.

"Anything interesting happen yet?" Monk asked and I shook my head no.

I gave a yawn and we watched the monitors as Naru entered the room. Two hours must've passed when I got a sudden chill down my spine that caused me to jump slightly.

"You okay kiddo?" Bones was watching with something close to worry in her eyes.

"Yeah, just a chill." I told him with a small smile as the chill got worse; it felt as though my back was burning slightly.

I rolled my shoulders and decided not to say anything; I doubt that they'd even believe me. Bones seemed to know and gave a very small growl, whatever was causing that burning sensation backed off instantly at the sound of an angry puppo.

"Any movement?" Naru asked.

He had spared Bones a look and he seemed to be thinking about something.

"Nothing yet." Lin said, I got up to stretch and Bones simply remained on the couch.

Rushing footsteps echoed down the hall and I opened the door, almost getting run over by Kana.

"Come quick!" Kana said.

"What happened?" Naru asked as I took in a breath to calm myself down.

"Just follow me!" kana said, she turned and then ran, I was the first to follow her and the others followed. We ran up the stairs to Ayami's room, "We came upstairs so Ayami-chan could go to bed and this is what we saw!"

I felt my eyes widen in my surprise as I looked at all the turned furniture, even the carpet was turned, hell it didn't look like the bed had been moved and then placed back on the carpet, and it looked as though it had been moved with the carpet. Bones was growling and I noticed that she was starting to scare Ayami, so I gave a small whistle to try and quiet her down, it reduced the sound but I could tell that whatever caused this was not good, Bones left the room and I sighed. This was going swell so far.

"Woah….Ayami-chan are you okay?" I asked as I knelt so that I was eye level with her, she gave a nod and I noticed that she seemed confused.

"What's going on? Aren't you here to prevent this type of thing from happening?!" Kana asked as the others filed into the room.

"Are you sure Ayami didn't do it?" Ayako asked.

"If you know a man who could turn the carpet with all the furniture on it, I would like to meet him." I said as I gave her an unamused face.

"She's right; I couldn't even have done this." Monk said as he inspected the carpet.

"May I inspect the room?" Naru asked, he really did stand out in his black attire.

"Go ahead! We'll be downstairs, let's go Ayami-chan." Kana said, Ayami walked up to her and grabbed her hand.

"I didn't do it." Ayami said, she looked upset and I walked over to her and I gave her a soft smile.

"It's okay Ayami-chan, I know you didn't." I told her.

Ayami brightened up and went downstairs with Kana. Ayako walked over to me and put her arm around my shoulder.

"My, my, it seems as though you are filled with surprises, who knew you could be good with kids." Ayako said.

"I seem to be pretty good with dealing with you, don't I?" I asked, it took her a few seconds and she pinched my cheek in annoyance as Monk snickered at my words.

"What do you think Naru?" Monk asked as he calmed himself, Naru crossed his arms.

"I would love to meet the person capable of doing this…there's no trace of anything, it's impossible for a human to have done this." Naru stated, I got a sick feeling in my stomach and I had to close my eyes for a few seconds.

That's when the loud barking started, then a scream went through the house and we all ran towards the source, I swear I am going to lose ten pounds just running up and down these damn stairs. This time…all the furniture was turned upside down. Bones was growling at something and watching something move across the room with a protective glare.

"Naru, even the carpet is upside down." I told him as I knelt to examine the damage.

He stayed quiet and stared at the room in thought. I went over to Bones and started to scratch her behind the ears, giving her quiet orders in French.

"Dang, this is definitely a poltergeist." Monk said and I sighed slightly at that, not wanting to say anything since that sicking feeling was getting worse.

"That's obvious; the question is who did it, right?" Ayako asked, "I'm sure it was a land spirit! Don't worry I'll get rid of it tomorrow, just you wait, you'll see. Good night."

She just walked away like Sasquatch, I'm pretty sure she is aware of her own bail.

"What' wrong? You look like you're deep in thought, is something bothering you?" Monk asked, I turned to see Naru in his classic thinking pose.

"Don't you think that the spirit reacted too quickly?" Naru asked us.

"Yes, usually a spirit wouldn't show itself like this, at least…not on the first day, that's a big reason why those ghost hunting tv shows either pull fake stunts or have little to no evidence besides orbs…do you think that the spirit might be angry?" I questioned.

"Smart kid…" Monk said, Naru closed his eyes before giving a sigh.

"Yes, this case seems as though it may take some time. I want everyone to be on their guard. Yuki, keep Bones with you at all times, she seems to be able to see what is here, if she starts to growl or bark leave the area and inform one of us." Naru told us.

I gave a nod before giving a small yawn.

"I think I will turn in, I'm not feeling the best right now, g'night." I said with a small wave as I exited the room and went to the one Ayako and I was sharing.

Bones followed.

"You sleep in black pajamas?" Ayako questioned as soon as I walked in, I went to answer but got hit with such a wave of nausea that I clamped a hand over my mouth and rushed to the bathroom. Ayako quickly entered the bathroom just as I threw up, "I guess you had something bad to eat, you aren't running a fever."

I sent her a look before the next wave happened, Ayako grabbed the longer parts of my hair and I was in the bathroom with Ayako for ten minutes before it finally stopped. I guess Bones decided to wait outside of the bathroom.

'Where the hell did that come from…Am I specifically being targeted…is it because I figured out that Ayami was scared?' I thought as Ayako left the bathroom and tossed my pajamas at me.

I gave a weak smile at that; I may get on her nerves but at least she cares. I closed the bathroom door and I quickly got undressed. I winced as pain went down my back; I turned and looked at my bare back in the mirror. I felt…I guess fear as I looked at the hand print on my back, this was starting to turn somewhat dangerous, and I shall attempt to stay safe during this. I got into my pajamas and then climbed into bed, I was surprised when Bones jumped onto the bed and rested her nosed next to mine, she could tell I was feeling bad and was cuddling up to me. I smiled softly and cuddled up to the large dog and went to sleep.

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