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The Rain Brings Change @writer_of_many_subjects
Chapter 2

This chapter has been revisited and revised for any grammar mistakes and additions that I felt were necessary to add!

Chapter 2

I could hear a car coming towards me, and as I turned my world blossomed into pain. I could smell the asphalt, by the heat rising from it and the smell it had to be late summer. I blinked once and then I was struggling to breath.

I woke up sweating and breathing heavily at the tender age of sixteen. I ran a hand down my face in an attempt to calm down. I peered around my bedroom to see books strewn across the floor in a messy pattern. I let out a groan and rubbed my temples in annoyance. This was tenth time this week so far. I entertained the thought that I might be creating poltergeist activity due to my high stress levels. I snorted in dismissal. The logical reason behind the books was my habit of sleepwalking.

I sat up and noticed that Bones had climbed into bed with me and was shooting me a slightly annoyed expression with her eyes. It was ineffective with how adorable she looked with her tongue hanging out of the corner of her mouth. I sent her a small smile and scratched her behind the ears. The annoyed look melted into one of happiness. I stopped after a few minutes, rolling my eyes at the small whine I received in response. I climbed out from under the covers of my bed and got out of bed. I gave a small flinch when my feet came into contact with the cool air of the room. I stretched slightly and went over to my closet to grab my school uniform. I was the senior class rep. I believe it would be a bad mark on my reputation if I were late.

I walked into the bathroom and hung the uniform on the back of the door and placed my underwear on the counter. I moved my fringe from my eyes and turned on the water. I waited for the water to heat up slightly as I removed my pajamas. I shivered at the loss of the soft warm material as I tossed the dirty clothes into the hamper in the bathroom. I stepped into the shower and gave a shake as I started to wake up. My muscles slowly relaxed under the rain of the warm water. I felt a shiver go down my spine and I straightened up. I pursed my lips as a frown made its way onto my face.

I knew that feeling.

"I have the feeling that something is going to happen," I murmured, my voice a soft monotone.

I was given a small remembrance of my death. I shook my head at that. No, this was a different feeling. That particular feeling had been bugging me for a week before it finally happened. I finished with my daily routine before turning off the water. I grabbed one of the fluffy black towels and proceeded to dry off. I pulled my hair back and covered it with another towel before changing into my undergarments and sailor like uniform. My school uniform was made to look like a Sailor Fuku with a blazer. It was a rather strange combination.

I grabbed my glasses before finally leaving my room. I headed into the kitchen and filled Bones food bowl. I dipped a finger into her water bowl. She seemed like she had enough water to last her until I got home. I let out a slight shiver as a breeze of cool spring air came from the doggy door in the kitchen.

I live in a one floor apartment that has its own backyard so I didn't have to worry about Bones being stuck inside all day. I quickly made myself a breakfast of toast and tea. I sat down and ate it while I gave a last minute check to my homework. I cleaned up my dishes at the sink before heading to the front hallway. I pulled on my black leather dress shoes and grabbed my leather school bag.

"Bones," I called out. "I'm leaving for school. Be good."

A sniff followed that response and I smiled slightly at that. I walked out of the front door and locked it behind me. I took a deep breath as I began the walk to school. It wasn't much of a walk since I live pretty close to the school grounds. I felt something lightly touch my face and I looked up and noticed the cherry blossoms falling in the breeze. A softened expression appeared on my face as I caught a single pink petal in my hand.

'It's so peaceful in the mornings,' I thought as I continued on my way. 'I'm actually kind of glad that I don't have any friends.'

That sounded incredibly sad, and pathetic. I stopped in my tracks and looked up at the old school building,

'One of these days that thing is going to fall apart.' I noticed something inside the building and I was surprised to see a camera.

What is a camera doing in the old school building? Is there a voyeur on campus? Or is someone actually investigating the building. I opened the door and it gave a loud creek as the rusty hinges moved. I grimaced at that as I gently walked on the old wood and made my way to the camera. It was a rather expensive looking camera that had night vision and what looked to be high-definition video capture. I tapped my chin in thought as I stared at the camera. I faintly heard the door creek again and I was about to write it off as being the wind, but something stopped that theory in its tracks.

"What are you doing in here?!" A male voice yelled.

I jumped slightly and I felt the vibrations go through the wood. I spun on my heel and looked towards the source of the yell. The door was open and a man with black hair was standing in the door way with a glare.

"I'm sorry. I was just trying to see why there was a camera in here, and I guess I have my-" I started to say before the old shoe cubby started to fall towards the Camera.

My eyes slightly widened in surprise. I'm pretty sure the camera might be insured but I really don't want such an expensive camera breaking on my watch. I made a grab for the camera and I began to move back, but something slammed into me and I sent an annoyed look to the dark-haired man as he tackled me out of the way. I landed a few feet away and I set the camera down on the ground before scrambling to my feet.

"Dude, are you okay?!" I could hear my southern California lingo starting to reappear with my worry.

I went to help him but he slapped my hand away. I pulled my hand away from him. He didn't need to be so harsh. I stared at him and backed away, my steps causing the wood under me to creak loudly.

"I think you've done enough." The man said I clicked my tongue at him in annoyance, he didn't have to push me out of the way I would have been fine.

"I may have caused this, but you had to be noble and push me out of the way when I was going to be fine, just let me take you to the damn hospital already." I told him in a cold tone.

He looked somewhat annoyed at me before letting out a sigh and allowing me to help him up to his feet. I was glad that I was stronger than I looked as he leaned against my shoulder. I began to help him out of the old school building and towards the hospital that was right next to the school. The man was quiet and I was glad for that.

"Lin! What happened?" A boy my age asked as he rushed towards us and supported the man on the other side.

I quietly noted that he had dark hair that looked blue in the sun and dark blue eyes that narrowed at me in suspicion. The man I was helping, Lin, sent me a look and I let out an annoyed sigh. It wasn't me that he was asking, Lin. I felt my eyebrow twitch before turning towards the boy.

"I was curious as to why there was a camera in the old school building, I apologize, but nothing was said about people investigating the building, I was just making sure there were no perverts trying to spy on the other students." I stated as we made our way to the small hospital that was outside of the school.

I sometimes wondered why there was a hospital there but was glad since it could save a life. I've been inside it far more often that I'd like to admit. The sun light was my one true enemy and I have yet to prevent it from bothering me. The boy was giving me a calculating expression and I calmly returned it with a raised brow.

"Who are you?" The boy asked, he was trying to be charming and it just wasn't working for him.

"Yoshida Yuki, I would say it was a pleasure to meet you, but the circumstances aren't the best." I stated, my voice held little to no emotion, I was used to talking to people this way, my tone was either emotionless or sarcastic there is no in between.

"Well Yoshida-san, let me give you some advice the school bell rang a little while ago, you should head to class." The teen told me.

I felt my eye twitch at that lame attempt to get me to leave, it wasn't going to work. I caused the problem so I was going to help.

"I am already late, besides its just homeroom. We watch video's on Fridays." I told him with a shrug as we neared the hospital, the automatic door slid open and a nurse instantly rushed towards me.

"Heat problems again, Yuki-chan?" The nurse asked.

"No, this man was hurt; a shoe cubby fell on him Tama-san." I quietly answered.

I knew it sounded bad that I often had issues due to the sun, but I had P.E. in the middle of the day so I was often in the sun longer than was good for my health. The P.E teacher didn't want people to think I was special, so he always made me participate. The other students would ask to stay out of P.E if they saw me sitting out. Tama took the man from my shoulder and a few other nurses began to rush forward and I saw my normal doctor come towards me. He sent me a tired smile and I replied with a stiff nod.

"Here, I'll write you pass for school, but don't let this become a habit Yuki-chan." The doctor said as he raised a brow at me.

I scratched the back of my head before giving a slight sigh at his words.

"You know me Takahasi-san; I don't really pull those kinds of stunts." I said as I was handed a slip of paper.

Takahasi sighed and turned towards the teen my age.

"Your friend will be fine Shibuya-san, don't worry." Takahasi said as the teen next to me was given a name, I quietly filed it away for later.

I needed the rest of his name soon; I can't keep calling him 'teen my age'.

"I'll be in class if anyone needs me." I quietly said excusing myself out of the hospital and hurrying towards class, "Don't need me."

I didn't want to stay in that hospital any longer, it reminded me far too much of that day. I ran a hand through my still damp hair; I could distantly still smell my Peppermint conditioner. It was calming as I changed shoes and started towards class 3-A, I had been in the advanced classes since I was the freshman representative, though most of the students had no clue who I was when they heard my name, the only time my name really came up was when the exam results were posted on the bulletin boards.

It was quiet when I opened the doors to the classroom and I knew that we were watching Star Wars a New Hope today. I came in just as Luke claimed that he wanted to go to Toshi station to get some power convertors. I almost smirked at the whinny voice that Mark Hamill had used; it was amazing how far he has come since that movie since he turned into an amazing actor. The teacher came towards me and I handed her the tardy pass, she accepted it with a raised brow and tilted her head to my seat in the back. I went to it and sat down quietly, resting my elbow on the desk top as I rested my cheek in the palm of my hand. As I watched the movie I felt the pangs of nostalgia, I wonder if it would be possible for me to find the series in an electronics store. I doubt it though. I tensed when I felt the little hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

'I'm being stared at…' I thought as I glanced at the teacher.

The teacher held an annoyed look on her face as she frowned at her desk, she was using this time to grade some papers. When she looked up to look at the item of her ire I followed her line of sight and gave a mental groan of disbelief. It was Shibuya. Why the fuck is he in my class room? I quietly cursed at the fact that my curiosity got the better of me today. The movie was paused in the place we would pick up and I was unamused as it paused during the fight between Obi-wan and Darth Vader. Even though they were making rather comical faces in their paused state.

"Hey, Rep? Can I have a few minutes of your time?" One of my classmates, a teen with dyed blonde hair and bright hazel eyes, asked.

He held a nervous expression on his face as I turned to face him with a blank expression on my face.

"What's wrong?" I queried.

I wasn't really worried since my classmates never seemed to talk to me unless something happened.

"What movie do you think we should watch next?" My classmate asked with a grin, I thought about it for a few seconds as I grabbed my school bag and opened it, grabbing the book that had a light blue cover on it, it was break and I usually read during it.

"Well, I would say the next in the series, it would help keep the story interesting and the Empire Strikes Back is pretty good." I stated with a shrug as I opened my book.

It was by Dr. Oliver Davis the man was a genius but the way he had written things made it seem like he was a rather full of himself, or like everyone else was an idiot.

"I see." My class mate said as he broke off nervously, I looked up from my book and fixed him with a raised brow.

"Was there anything else you needed?" I deadpanned at him politely; I was raised with manners after all.

My classmates face flushed a bright red and quickly retreated to his group of friends who were laughing at him. I returned to my book as my other classmates began to whisper. Their gossip was the same as it had been in my previous life, filled with nicknames such as 'Ice Queen' and 'Freak'. I felt my lips quirk up slightly in amusement; it was as if they thought that their words actually hurt me. A hand on my shoulder caused me to narrow my eyes slightly behind my glasses; I looked to see Shibuya standing behind me.

"Excuse me." I was hoping that he wouldn't even try to speak with me, I looked at him, "May I speak with you?"

The whispering increased as I placed a bookmark in my book before snapping it shut. I got up and followed Shibuya out into the hallway. I closed the door behind me and he continued walking. I gave a very quiet sigh and followed after him, my book tucked under my arm. I don't really trust most of my classmates.

"Is your friend doing better?" I quietly asked, I was somewhat concerned for the man, but it was a stupid thing for him to push me out of the way; I am not worth the effort.

I pushed those dark thoughts away as Shibuya sent me an emotionless look, his eyes were the only thing that really showed his emotions. He was annoyed at something, it was probably at me and the fact that I got his friend hurt.

"That is what I wanted to speak to you about; he sprained his left leg pretty badly and won't be able to stand up on his own for a while." Shibuya informed me.

I looked ahead at that and felt some guilt begin to pool in my stomach, I squashed it with ease before it got out of hand.

"I am sorry to hear that, I hope he gets better." I quietly said, I swear if he tried to say anything about the camera I would say that it was insured, a camera like that had to be worth a lot of money so if he had enough to buy that kind of camera then he could easily insure the damn thing, "How do you know him?"

"Assistant," Shibuya replied.

I closed my eyes in amusement my face remaining passive, Shibuya is rather easy to read if one knows what to look for.

"Anyone else would have thought that you were the assistant, but I think that you're his boss." I stated.

I was used to reading people I had taken criminology back in my previous life. It would've helped me a bit if I had actually made it to be a psychiatrist. I noticed that Shibuya had a somewhat amused and annoyed look to his eyes.

'He has a kind of sadness to him though…like me …' I quietly thought.

It was the same sadness that has remained since my parents passed. The kind that sticks with you for years.

"So now I have a problem. Because my assistant is too injured to work, don't you think you're responsible for this Yoshida-san?" Shibuya asked me. I gave a sigh at that.

"I could say no, but that would make me seem heartless, but if I say yes that makes me look like an idiot. There is no good answer, so I will stick with a maybe." I stated with a shrug before narrowing my eyes, "Though, perhaps he shouldn't be yelling into an abandoned building if he see's someone. Though no one should enter that building, it looks like it's going to fall down any day now."

It was quiet for a few seconds after that.

"Would you fill in as my assistant?" Shibuya asked.

I scratched at my cheek. It sounded more like an order than an actual question.

"Alright, but I should warn you I live close to the school. So I have to go make sure that my dog is fed before I help. Either that or I bring my dog with me. It is up to you after all." I informed him, he looked somewhat annoyed.

"Fine." He stated.

I felt my eye twitch slightly. What was with this guy? He didn't even answer my question, the dick.

"What is your name? I'm afraid I only know your last." I said as I gripped onto my book a little harder.

"I am Kazuya Shibuya." Shibuya told me.

I felt eyes on my person, and I turned my head to send the girls in my class a glare; they all made frightened noises and went back into the classroom. I sighed at that. What right did they have to eavesdrop on this conversation? They didn't.

"So are you the person who opened up that research center in Shibuya?" I asked, Kazuya gave me a very curt nod at that, and I gave a slow nod, "I will see you later then, class is about to start."

I bent my head in farewell and I only stopped when something lightly tapped my head. I sent a slightly annoyed look towards my new part-time boss. I swear he was amused at the fact that I wasn't amused.

"Read up on this case, I don't want to explain things to you." Kazuya told me as I accepted a small notebook.

"Right, I wouldn't expect to learn anything on the job." I quipped before I entered my classroom.

I was instantly rushed by a group of girls.

"Rep, you didn't tell us you had a boyfriend." One of the girls stated.

I rolled my eyes at that.

"I don't have one. Besides, why would I tell you that information? I am a rather private person after all. There is the added fact that I don't really know you personally." I calmly stated.

I was starting to feel stressed by the sudden attention. I really don't like being up in front of people if it's speaking, I could only feel somewhat relaxed when I have an instrument in my hands. Now that I thought about it, I missed my violin, I had built that damn thing myself and now I know that it was most likely sold after my death by my family. Well, I could hope that it was kept by my friends.

"But he's so handsome; I heard that attractive people stick together." A different girl said.

I made a face at that and decided to mess with them. I wanted to let my sly smile spread across my face, but easily kept a poker face.

"You think I'm attractive?" I asked in mock surprise, a few of the girls blushed as they nodded with the boys, "You all have good taste."

I almost let my humor show on my face as they all made surprised sounds at that. The quiet girl had a smirk on her face; she knew exactly what I had done. I think I like her. The teacher came back and quietly called for order. I opened up the note book that Kazuya gave me and the notebook that I used for this subject. Reading cursive in an English lecture? It was funny.

'I never was good at reading cursive, but his handwriting is pretty. If not a little messy…' I thought as I continued to read the notebook.

That old school building was weird. When the building was in use, one to two people would die every year. The roof fell in during the demolition of the west wing, five people were hurt, but that happened due to human error, six years ago a child's body was found. I remember that Misa wouldn't let me go out by myself since I was eleven at the time. It was a little unnerving to hear about people who would harm a child like that. I then read about the teacher who committed suicide, but that man suffered from neurosis. The truck that went out of control was due to the driver being drunk. Kazuya was a good investigator if he found all of this in such a short amount of time. I sighed as we changed subjects, math was never my strongest point I barely passed with C's when I originally took it in my first life.

It wasn't due to a lack of trying.

'I don't think that the building is haunted, it's probably subsidence.' I thought before placing a hand against my chin, 'Perhaps a human causing some poltergeist activity. After all there are plenty of high school girls and most of them are stressed, so it's not impossible.'

I started to take notes down in my math notebook. I closed the one that Kazuya had handed me and I worked on my class work all the way to lunch. The class took its break and I grabbed the lunch that I had prepared yesterday. A regular pastrami sandwich on rye, it was something that made me happy, very happy, almost Castiel with a cheeseburger happy. I went up to the roof to eat my lunch; I sometimes went up to the roof just so I could watch the school campus or even the clouds. It was always interesting to watch how the students interacted with each other.

The school day went off without any other problems I went to my shoe locker and went to change into my normal shoes. I heard a slight sound in one of my shoes as I moved it and tilted it upside down. A very familiar object fell into my palm. It bounced slightly before glinting in the light.

'A tack, seriously? Am I getting targeted because Kazuya talked to me? Is he really as handsome as people think? How superficial of them, then again I am older than them and I look for personality than looks.' I thought as I put the tack on the inside of my shoe locker and put my regular shoes on.

I checked the other shoe and a tack fell out of that one as well. I sighed in annoyance and put my school shoes in the shoe locker and headed towards the apartment. I walked pass the old school building and pass the black van that most likely belonged to Kazuya. I entered my apartment and I quickly changed into a long sleeved black shirt with black skinny jeans.

"Bones, where are you old lady?!" I gently called, the large golden retriever rushed towards me and I scratched her behind her ears as she let her tongue fall out of her mouth, "Promise me you'll be on your best behavior. We have a job to do and it will be all night."

Bones nodded her head, it still surprised me how smart she could be. I grabbed her harness and she stood still as I easily got it around her chest. I chose a harness instead of a regular collar for walking since I didn't like the fact that I could be choking my dog. This old lady is too important to me to choke her with a leash. She walked to the door and I pulled on my black converse. I wasn't even going to put a leash on her since I trained my dog to stay with me. I made a sound as I grabbed the note book Kazuya had so kindly gifted me. It was still in my book bag and I gave a small sigh of relief as soon as it was in my hands. I grabbed my keys and turned off the lights. As soon as I opened the door Bones walked out and shook her body, her tags making a jingling sound as her whole body stretched and warmed up. I walked out and closed my door; I locked it and attached my keys to my belt loop.

"Let's get going." I said to Bones who gave a sniff. She didn't really bark unless there was a problem. I walked back to the school and I noticed an impatient Kazuya standing outside of the van, "Kazuya-kun, I am sorry that I am late."

Kun seemed to be an appropriate honorific to add since he seemed to be around the same age as me.

"It's fine. I never thought your dog would be that big." Kazuya said while he mumbled the last part to himself.

I rolled my eyes at that as Bones simply sat down next to the van, knowing that I was going to be doing work. I sighed and scratched her head. I turned towards Kazuya with a blank expression.

"What do you need me to do?" I asked.

He nodded his head back towards a row of microphones. I rolled up my sleeves; I had a feeling that I was going to end up doing some heavy lifting. Good thing I was stronger than I looked.

"Take those microphones down and gather them up, I'll get the mike stand." Kazuya ordered me.

I gave him a curt nod before looking towards Bones.

"Bones stay." I quietly ordered the silent golden retriever.

She simply rested her head on her paws and closed her eyes as I easily grabbed the microphones, making sure to stay out of Kazuya's way. He easily lifted up the mic stands, and I was somewhat surprised, he didn't look like he was that strong. I guess I was the last person to say that.

"So, you check the outside of the building before going inside?" I quietly asked.

I'm trying to get a feel as to what he was doing with this investigation of his. I had an idea of what he was doing. I just wanted to be sure.

"It's dangerous to go into a haunted building that you're not yet familiar with, so it's important to first collect as much information as possible from outside of the building." Kazuya told me.

He didn't sound so worried about going into a possibly haunted building.

"You don't sound worried about going into a building that could be haunted," I quietly commented, saying my thoughts out loud for once, we walked together back to the van and I had to study him a little bit, "No offence, but it's a little unusual that someone your age does this for a living. Why did you choose this kind of job?"

"It is because they need me." Kazuya answered without hesitation.

I made a face at that.

"Ever come across a case that you couldn't solve?" I asked.

"There has never been a case I couldn't solve." Kazuya stated.

Bold statement Kazuya, but I wondered if anything he said was true.

"Impressive, you're both handsome and smart." I stated in a bored tone, I was hoping to mess with him.

He simply fixed me with a look, and I stared back at him, I wasn't going to be unnerved by him. I had yet to lose my touch, and this won't be the guy to do me in.

"You think I'm handsome?" He asked, he sounded genuinely curious.

His eyes showed it too.

"I think you're smart, I was just adding in something some of the girls in my class said." I stated with a slight shrug, "I don't really care about physical attributes."

He almost stopped in his tracks; I don't think he's ever had a girl not fall for his charm.

"They have good taste." Kazuya said.

A light chuckle passed through my lips before I could stamp down on it. He was an actual narcissist compared to me; I had said that to be a pain in the ass where it sounded like he was being truthful. Bones moved when Kazuya went to the van and opened the back doors to the vehicle. She lied back down, and I sighed in fondness. She was just a sleepy old dog, who just wanted to rest.

"Where do you want the mics positioned?" I asked.

He tilted his head in the direction of a small bin as he placed the mic stands inside the van. I did as he said and I waited for the next order form my narcissistic boss.

"Let's carry these out." Kazuya ordered.

I gave a nod as he removed his coat and rolled up his sleeves; the coat gave him a rather lanky frame, but the shirt showed he did have some muscle. I wondered why.

'Okay, I can see why.' I thought as he placed parts for a shelf in my arms, I felt my arms strain as the heavy lifting was using muscles I didn't usually use.

My shoulders were going to hurt tomorrow and so were my upper arms.

"No need to worry I won't make you go in by yourself." Kazuya told me.

I gave him a blank look before I looked at Bones.

"I wouldn't be going alone anyway." I told him in a dead pan as I gave a small whistle and Bones got up to her feet and walked over to my legs her tail wagging with her enthusiasm.

Kazuya sighed and began to lead the way into the building. I rolled my eyes and followed him, I kind of like this guy he was quiet and somewhat snarky. I think we'll get along just fine. We went up a floor as Kazuya seemed to search for something.

"Let's use this room." Kazuya said as he opened the door to a classroom.

He walked in first and I noticed that Bones followed him and climbed under one of the tables to sleep again.

"I owe her a walk…" I muttered to myself as I placed the shelf parts on the table next to where Kazuya had placed his.

'I need a nickname for this guy, Naru; he is a narcissist after all.' I thought as I looked at Kazuya.

"Could you build a shelf, please? I'm going to bring in some more equipment." Naru told me.

Yes, that'll do nicely. That's a nickname that is going to stick, and stick like cement. Narcissus didn't seem like a good nick name for him, besides I think he would enjoy being called the name of a Greek mythos way too much.

"Sure, be careful though." I told him without thinking.

I started to build the shelf in the dark. Bones was watching from her post under the desk. I heard Naru leave the room after a few seconds and I raised a brow at Bones.

"What?" She simply made a small huff and I pouted at her, "I guess I'll just have to pick you up some new treats when I get the time."

That got her out of that funk and her tail began to wag a mile a minute. I heard something creak and I began to look around in confusion. I had no clue where it was coming from, if I had to guess it was from the second floor. The lights came on and I jumped slightly, slamming my head against the shelf I had built.

"Ow, who turns on the lights suddenly and doesn't announce it?" I asked out loud in French as I tried to stop my hand from hurting by placing my other cold hand on the area that was hurting, Bones got up and bumped into my leg, "I feel the love."

I continued in French, muttering to myself as I made sure that everything was built correctly. The door opened and it caused me to look behind as Bones growled a little bit. It was just Naru. I was slightly relieved as Bones stopped growling and simply let out a yawn.

"Well done." Naru said as he looked over my work.

"Anything else I need to do?" I asked as I rubbed the spot on my head that was throbbing.

"No, these monitors can weigh as much as 40 kg; I don't want you to drop them." Naru simply told me.

I sent him a look at that and started to grumble in French to Bones who looked somewhat amused. It was a few choice insults that I had heard my mother say once. I heard Naru stop in his movements and I felt eyes on me. I ignored them and continued to grumble to Bones who simply licked my face. It put a stop to my grumbling since Bones giving me a look, her special way of telling me to shut up. It was silent so I was a little sad that I didn't bring my book with me, I liked reading when I was bored. I sat down on the ground and began to massage Bones behind her ears. Her tongue made an appearance and her tail was wagging like crazy as I continued to run my fingers through her fur. She moved and I was engulfed by a dog in my lap. She rolled till she was on her back and was staring up at me with her paws in the air.

"You're a strange old lady." I mumbled to her.

I received a paw to the cheek.

"Yoshida-San, take the temperatures in each of the rooms." Naru ordered.

"Right." I said as I moved Bones off my lap and got up to grab a digital thermometer and take the temperatures.

I grabbed a clipboard and began my walkthrough of the old building. So far everything was normal the only problem I had with this building was the fact that it was obviously sinking. I went to step in a random classroom, and I felt my ankle bend to the side uncomfortably and I tumbled to the ground without any grace. I landed on my right knee and I grimaced as I got back up to my feet and took the temperature of the room. I felt my cheeks heat up in embarrassment.

"I could go for some tea." I murmured to myself as the digital thermometer let out a beep and I wrote down what it said, and I picked it up.

I went through the rest of the building with a slight limp. I gave a sigh; there weren't any cold spots that couldn't be explained away with logic and reasoning. I returned to the base where Naru had set things up at. I opened the door and Naru was standing there while Bones's tail wagged a mile a minute, it was like someone had been petting her a few minutes before I got back. I slightly narrowed my eyes before the expression vanished and went back to being blank. If Bones thought he was okay, who was I to argue. Bones was a fantastic judge of character.

"I have the temperatures you asked for; the temperature wasn't low in any particular place. Anywhere the temperature dropped was easily explained by a draft from the inside. There's a room on the second floor that I should warn you about, the floor is uneven, if you go in there watch your step." I warned Naru.

He gave me an absentminded nod and I placed the digital thermometer on the desk next to his audio recorder.

"We'll position the infrared cameras; four of them will go on the first and second floor hallways and one at the entrance." Naru told me.

I nodded and we did so, he took the first floor and I did the second floor. A part of me wondered if he knew I hurt my knee, but I might've scrapped it up and not noticed it. Bones followed me as I plugged up the camera's and placed them where Naru wanted them. I turned and gave her a fond expression as I reached down to give her head a gentle pat. She seemed to perk up from the contact.

"I'm finished, what else do you need me for?" I called to Naru; he was writing something down.

He didn't even stop when he responded.

"You may go home now, we're done for today," Naru told me, "The cameras will do the rest of the work."

"Okay, have a good night Kazuya-kun." I told him as I began to walk home with Bones.

I didn't really get a reply from Naru, but I didn't expect one. A part of me missed normal human conversation, that part was very small. I had all the social interaction I needed, all from Bones of course.

'Geez Marie, you spend too much time in the dorm, you need to get out there and find someone!' I could hear my old dorm mate's voice and I paused in my tracks; my eyes wide.

It had been a long time since I had even thought about her. She had always wanted to see me with someone, man or woman she just wanted me to be happy. Sure she was a little out there but she never shot down my ideas, she always seemed to support me in what I did. She once told me that if I kept up my attitude I was going to get stuck with a narcissist for the rest of my life. I made a face at that.

'That would be kind of funny if I ended up with Naru, or weird, probably weird if Lilith had actually jinxed me that way.'

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