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The Rain Brings Change @writer_of_many_subjects
Chapter 11

Revised Chapter!

Chapter 11

I woke up the next morning breathing heavily, I looked to see that both Ayami and Noriko were still asleep, though Noriko looked like she was about to wake up any second. I ran a hand down my face and got up from the futon so I could use the restroom and change into my clothes for the day. I did so and I should tell Ayako that she really found a good combination with these clothes, though I was going to wear my rebel jacket. I walked out just as Noriko got out of bed and shook Ayami awake. I started to clean up the futon and I was a little worried about where she wanted me to put it. I was motioned towards the couch and I nodded and placed it on the suede material.

"Good morning Yuki-chan." Ayami said as she sleepily rubbed at her eyes.

"Good morning Ayami-chan, Noriko-san, did you two sleep well?" I asked Noriko gave me a smile and I was happy to see that she was doing better as Ayami began to look at her clothes; I was surprised when she tugged on my shirt.

"Ne, Yuki-chan, which dress do you think I should wear?" Ayami asked me as she held up two dresses, one was an inch strap and the other was a normal sleeved dress, I pointed at the inch strapped dress and she rushed into the restroom so she could change for the day.

"I have the feeling you'll be a good mother one day." Noriko told me, I gave a nervous chuckle at that, I scratched the back of my head sheepishly as I fixed my glasses.

"I don't know if I'll ever get that far in life, but I hope one day I could have a family." I told her truthfully she seemed a little surprised at that and then made a thoughtful expression.

"I thought you and Shibuya-san were a couple." Noriko said as she blinked in surprise, I flushed at that and started to stutter.

"N-No, he's just my boss…ahaha." I said as I gave an airy chuckle, Noriko gave a small laugh at that.

"I was just teasing you Yuki-chan, don't worry about it." Noriko said as Ayami came out with a slight pout.

She looked slightly upset at something as we all walked to the kitchen to make some breakfast. I caught a glimpse of something out side and excused myself quietly.

"Kana-san." I quietly called as I walked outside, she stopped in her tracks and a guilty expression played on her face, "Ayami-chan needs you…"

She gave a small sigh and I saw her shoulders sag slightly. She turned to me and I noticed the expression on her face. Guilt, pure guilt and fear. She was scared of the house, and she felt guilty about leaving Ayami.

"I know, it's getting hard to stay in the house." Kana told me truthfully, I held an arm out to her and she accepted it with a small amused smile.

"I know, but I have a feeling that Naru and the others will figure it out soon, I have faith in my boss, I think the best thing to try and do in times of struggle is hope and stay with family." I quietly told her, Kana tensed up at that and then nodded in agreement as Ayami came running towards us with small tears in her eyes, it turned into full blown sobbing as she ran to Kana and clutched at her legs.

Kana knelt and held Ayami to her.

"I'm so sorry Ayami-chan, I was being a fool, can you forgive me?" kana asked, she looked happy that Ayami was finally talking to her.

"I can momma." Ayami said.

I felt a smile on my face as Kana looked elated to be called mom, though there was the underlying fear and worry there, hopefully she'll stay. We went back to the kitchen where, big surprise, Naru and Lin were already up and drinking coffee and tea, I was surprised that I hadn't been asked to make tea yet; I have a feeling that I will be doing many tea runs after this case is solved. I gave a small yawn as I took a seat next to Naru; Ayami walked over to the table and sat next to me with a look of pure concentration on her face. Bones walked into the kitchen and went to the food bowl that had been left out the day before. Ayami was in a good mood as she smiled as food was placed in front of her. I took a sip of tea and I noticed that Naru looked extremely tired, did he not sleep last night, I sent him a worried look and he simply shrugged it off.

'Dick.' I grumbled in my thoughts as I took a bite of the food that was placed in front of me, porridge again, it was good to be honest, Kana made a good cinnamon porridge.

I finished the food as a half-awake Ayako and a zombie Monk walked into the kitchen; I finished my food at the same time as Noriko.

"Why don't we sit outside and enjoy the weather today." Kana suggested to Ayami.

Ayami gave a sound of agreement and Kana smiled again.

'It's…like my dream…' I thought as I sat between the two older women as we watched Ayami run around the yard with Bones.

"I have a feeling she's going to ask for a dog after this." Kana said with a small chuckle.

Noriko chuckled as well.

"It would be nice to have an animal around, are most Golden retrievers this nice?" Noriko asked.

"Yes, well, most dogs are, but their personalities have a bit to do with how one raises them, I do know someone that had corgis and they always looked so happy to see people. They're a small dog so it is a little entertaining to watch them run around." I said with a small snicker at the thought. Kana and Noriko smiled at that as I rolled my shoulders, my back was no longer hurting, and it was just some deep bruising, "Oh, Naru and the guys are cleaning the writing off the all."

"That's good, I'm glad that Ayami didn't see it." Noriko said with a small sigh of relief.

"Thank you, and I'm sorry." Kana said, I looked at her in surprise, "I was about to leave because it was getting hard to live in the house…But seeing Ayami happy is worth the fear of staying."

"I understand, I wouldn't worry about it too much, quite a few people would do the same." I said as Ayami ran up to us.

"Aunt Nori, how's your ankle?" Ayami asked.

"It's gotten much better since you've started talking to me again." Noriko said with a smile of her own.

"I'll go pick some flowers for you, Yuki-Nee-Chan, come with me." Ayami said as she gently tugged on my arm.

"Okay." I said as I got up and walked with her to the garden with different kinds of flowers, there were some carnations and dandelions the flowers were really pretty to be honest, "Which ones should we pick?"

"The prettiest ones!" Ayami told me, I chuckled at that.

"That's going to be hard, they're all pretty." I said with a smile.

Ayami seemed to find the perfect flower and tensed up with a small cry. I felt a shiver go down my spine. This was identical to my dream.

"My hands are stuck Yuki-nee." Ayami told me.

"Hold on." I told her before I starting to gently pull on her arms, my attempt of pulling her free, "Pull with me Ayami."

She gave a scared nod and we both started to pull, she got free and started to run.

"Yuki-chan, go after her, there's a pond over their!" Noriko yelled at me, I nodded and noticed that Kana was running back inside.

I ran after Ayami and I was glad that, if she fell in I would be able to swim and help her; I had taken some more swimming lessons.

"Minnie! I'm sorry!" I heard Ayami shout as I tried to run faster to help her.

She reached for a tree as if she was trying to stay out of the way of something, she fell in with the force of a push and I instantly dove into the water to try and find her. I searched around until I finally found her, I pulled her towards the surface and brought her to where Noriko was waiting, once she was out of the water I gave a small sigh of relief, before I felt multiple hands grab me in different places, around my thighs, neck, arms, wrists, and ankles. I went to say something before I was dragged back under the water with force. I started struggling instantly; I felt fear and panic beginning to settle in as my greatest fear was beginning to happen. The spirits were holding me under water and I couldn't get towards the surface. I felt tears well up in my eyes as I tried to hold my breath and get to the surface. Dark spots started to fill my vision as a figure came towards me; darkness engulfed me before the figure reached me.

Third Person POV:

Kana ran through the hallway to the base that Naru had set up, she had a feeling that something bad was going to happen to Yuki, it was something that had bothered her as soon as Ayami took off towards the lake, she could have sworn that she had heard laughter as soon as Yuki took off after Ayami. She reached the base panting heavily and Naru fixed her with a patient look.

"What is wrong Kana-san?" Naru said, Kana looked up at him and Naru felt as though something was very wrong.

"Ayami-chan was running to the lake and Yuki-chan followed after her, as soon as Yuki-chan followed after I heard someone laughing, I think Yuki-chan is in danger, can she swim?" Kana asked, Naru tensed up at those words.

Yuki could swim, but if a spirit was involved then she was in danger. Lin watched as Naru ran out of the base, he stood up and started to follow after in case Yuki needed some kind of CPR. He knew that she was half Japanese, but even half was a bit much for him, though she was entertaining when she sent Naru looks of annoyance and disbelief. Naru ended outside first and ran towards the pond, when he reached it he noticed Ayami crying into Noriko's shoulder as Noriko watched the water with extreme worry.

"Where did she go down?" Naru asked, urgency in his voice.

Noriko pointed at the middle of the lake and Naru jumped in and started to swim towards the speck of orange he could see, a part of him was glad that she wore her jacket and another part of him was annoyed that she had gotten dragged down in the first place, though if anyone asked Lin he would say it was worry. Naru noticed her figure slowly starting to stop moving, her struggling coming to a stop as she struggled to stay conscious, he could see the fear on her face as he reached her and wrapped an arm around her waist, as soon as he grabbed onto her the spirits let her go and he began to swim back to the surface. He broke the surface with ease and Lin instantly started to pull the two from the water, Naru watched as Lin checked to make sure that Yuki was still breathing.

"She's breathing, but barely." Lin said.

Naru gave a nod of understanding before he picked Yuki up, she was much lighter than he thought, Bones was whining and it was the first time he noticed that the dog was there, Bones had such a worried expression in her eyes, her tail was between her legs and her ears were pressed to her skull.

"We should make sure she is monitored so that if she needs first aid we can help her instantly." He said.

They silently thought of the base and Kana looked at the albino teen in worry, noting that she has some bruising around her neck and the part of her wrist that she could see. Naru carried Yuki into the house and Ayako ran towards them with towels, the group went to the base and Naru set Yuki down on a couch, her glasses had somehow stayed on the entire time, Ayako and Noriko began to dry Yuki off with a towel and Naru noted the bruising on her arms and wrists, he was sure that if they looked at her legs there would be bruises up to her thighs. Ayako moved Yuki's bangs from her face and he sighed, he was just relieved that he hadn't lost one of his team members.

"She'll be out for a while, but other than that she should be fine." Ayako said as she covered Yuki with a towel, Ayami gave a sniffle and rubbed at her eyes as she held Kana's hand.

"I'm sorry; I was trying to get away from Minnie." Ayami said, Naru sighed and decided to go the Yuki route and try to calm the crying child.

"Ayami-chan, Yuki would not blame you, she would be glad that you weren't hurt, that's the kind of person that Yuki is." Naru told Ayami.

"Your right Yuki-nee-chan is exactly like that." Ayami quietly said as she started to think, she ran off and Kana sighed.

"What should we do, at this rate we'll have to sell the house?" Kana stated.

"Some spirits will follow even if you move." Naru said, Ayako huffed at that.

"Then what should they do?" Ayako asked in annoyance, she was on guard since Yuki had been taken out of commission and she was one of the few people that could translate Naru and present it in a calm and kind manner.

"Please calm down," Naru said, "I did some research on the house and its previous owners. Your family moved into this house ten months ago, before you was the Watanabe family who lived here for three years, they sold the house due to a job relocation, previous to that was the Nogi family, their nine year old daughter died of an illness while in the house, before the Nogi family was the Onuma family but….their three children died in a matter of half a year. They were ten, eight, and seven years old, two boys and one girl, they died of illness and accidents and afterwards the Onumas decided to get rid of the house, before that was the Murakami family, they had a fifteen year old daughter but she was fine, before them it was the Taniguchi family, their three teenage children were all fine, but their ten year old cousin died while visiting."

Everyone was starting to wonder if he had swallowed a textbook on the history of the house and eyes flickered to Yuki as she moved in her sleep, her REM going crazy at whatever she was dreaming about. She didn't look happy about her dreams.

"Before them it was the Ikeda family, they lost their youngest daughter who was only seven but that was after moving to another house, and finally, the original builder of the house, the Tachibana family. Their eight year old daughter passed away as well. That's everyone."

"So that means it's dangerous for a young child to be here…" Noriko said, she then placed her face in her hands, "What should I do?"

It started to cause people to think that the reason why the spirits went after Yuki was because she was getting close to Ayami and trying to help her.

"Let me call in an expert, if you're planning on moving at least wait until he comes." Naru said, he had crossed his arms in his usual way.

His eyes slightly flicked towards Yuki, Ayako and Lin were the only ones to notice it. Naru used Yuki's phone to call John since she seemed to have his number on speed dial in case he was needed.

"Hello? Yuki how are you?" Came John's voice as he happily picked up on the other line, he was speaking English and Naru started to wonder if Yuki could speak English.

"John, it's Kazuya." Naru said, he heard some silence before hearing a worried sigh.

"What's wrong? Did something happen to Yuki?" John asked.

"This case we've seen some dark spirits, they tried to drag her down under some water and succeeded, we think that the one that drag her down is using a doll to get around the house with ease." Naru said and he instantly heard movement as it sounded like John was hurrying to do something.

"I will need the address and I will get there as soon as possible." John said, Naru was somewhat surprised at that and gave him the address, John hung up and Naru then called Masako while he had Yuki's cell phone.

"Hello, who is this?" Masako asked as she picked up the phone.

"Hara-san, it's Kazuya." Naru said, he may have respect for the woman but he had a feeling that she knew who he was.

"What can I do for you Naru?" Masako asked.

"This case that my teams taken on, we can't seem to figure out how many spirits are here, we are in need of a medium to find the main spirit and have them pass on." Naru said.

"I will be there soon; I know what house you are at, you didn't use on of your phones did you?" Masako asked.

"I have borrowed Yuki's mobile phone." Naru said as Masako made a sound of understanding before she gave a quiet goodbye and hung up.

He closed Yuki's flip phone and placed it back in her bag, it was just him and Lin in the base and he was glad to hear the quiet, it was something that was hard to come by with everyone around, he heard some quiet muttering and went to Yuki who was talking in her sleep.

"Who the fuck is Tomiko….Why the hell are you throwing yourself down a well?" Yuki was muttering in complete frustration before giving an unamused groan.

Naru was amused by her mutterings before he placed a hand on her forehead, he felt his head skip a beat when he saw what she was dreaming, Gene was standing in her dream as she watched a woman toss herself down a well, she looked so stressed out that Gene looked a little amused by her actions, his twin seemed to know that he was watching and sent him a wink and held up a finger to his mouth, he wanted to keep the fact that he knew a secret. He stopped seeing her dream and sent her a look, he couldn't bring it up in casual conversation and she didn't really seem to know who he and Gene truly were. He had a feeling that Gene was simply guiding her, after all she had some very powerful latent psychic ability, if the moved chairs and book shelfs in the old school building was anything to go by, it could also have been the fact that things in the base were moving when him and Lin were studying about the history of the house, the fact that the objects were warm told him all he needed to know.

"She's entertaining to listen to; do you think she might be having a dream about one of the spirits?" Lin asked, he narrowed his eyes at Naru when he noticed that Naru had paled slightly, "You used your PK again didn't you?"

"I wasn't trying to; she was watching past events with Gene, he knew I was watching." Naru quietly told Lin.

"Does she know?" Lin asked, slightly suspicious of the girl, she was reading one of Naru's books after all.

"No, she just thinks that he's Kazuya Shibuya's brother, but I wouldn't put it past her to figure it out, she is rather smart." Naru stated, "I don't think he's told her where his body is…"

"He knows your pride." Lin quietly murmured as Naru took a seat next to Yuki, she was still muttering, he caught a small 'cryptic ass' and it made him smile a little bit, it's nice to know that Gene was still being himself.

She quieted down and gained a sad expression on her face, he wondered what she was dreaming about before he remembered what the medical file said, and she had witnessed her own mother's death and was blamed for her fathers. He watched as Ayami walked in quietly and set something next to Yuki's glasses before flushing and leaving the room in a hurry. Naru looked at the object and saw that Ayami had made a charm for the bracelet that Yuki never seemed to take off, it was a little bead of the letter A. He continued to study his part timer and he could see the old scars from the glass of the first case he had taken on with her, though she was forced into working for him. He noticed that she was slowly waking up and he took note of the time, she had been asleep for three and a half hours, he didn't realize that he had been studying his part timer for that long.

"Someone turn off the sun…" he heard her complain, it was good to see that she was still the same.

"Good to see that you're still the same." Naru told her, she gave him a snort and he was amused at the glare she gave him.

"I could say the same," She told him in French, it sounded natural coming from her, he stopped himself from dwelling on his thoughts as he crossed his arms and went to look at the monitors, he herd her grumble to herself in French as she attempted to find her glasses, he heard a thump and turned to see that she had fallen face first, "I'm okay."

Lin had stopped tying and was amused to watch her try and find her glasses, she seemed to be somewhat blind as she ran into a table, it was going to be a while before John and Masako arrived.

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