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Chapter 9

Finally, Kaguya gets to show the knowledge of the voice in her head. Also this fic might be a bit heavy in the clan politic division, I don't think Ie seen it used that much in other fics but it's fun to play around with the sandbox that is Naruto politics.


Tsunade the Sannin

Kaguya looked towards the sign of the bar that she currently stood outside of. She couldn't help but frown. She was supposed to be finding Bear by sensing his chakra. She felt her frown deepen. He would hide in a bar just to see if she had the guts to go in. She'd have to henge herself, but she'd find him.

He comes up with some cruel tests, but they make sense if one were to think logically.

She agreed. It wouldn't matter how old she was she might have to spend time on a bar to find information for a mission. She might have to go into a brothel for the same reason. She didn't have to ponder about the moral reasoning behind it, because there was none. It was either succeed in the mission or fail. She refused to fail. She just needed to double check if he was in there or not.

She concentrated on weaving her chakra through her body and enhancing her senses. Her left eyebrow twitched at the sudden increase of sounds and smells, but that wasn't the sense she needed. She continued until she could feel the chakra around her. There were five shinobi inside the bar, one of which felt like an endless pool of chakra to her. She brought herself away from that feeling and found Bear.

His chakra was like a smoldering fire. He was making himself a beacon until she had more control over sensing. She wasn't a natural at sensing, but it brought her more control over her chakra so he taught it to her. His test was just that, a test to see if she could do it.

She walked away from the bar and into an alley way. She used the henge and made herself older. It was such a simple jutsu and one that she could do. It didn't use that much chakra but even putting more into it just made the illusion a bit more solid. She had worked with it to the point that she didn't have to use a ton of chakra and easily layered the illusion over her form. She wasn't prepared to see things from a higher elevation.

Huh, a bit too tall.

She looked down at the flat chest and smooth expanse of her illusion. She was androgynous, it was hard to tell that she was female. She liked it better like that. She ran a hand through her, now, short black hair and sighed. It was better than nothing.

She entered the bar and scanned the room for who she was looking for. Bear hadn't made himself noticeable and she welcomed the challenge. She took a seat at the bar next to a woman with blonde twin tails. The woman seemed to be completely hammered.

"What do you want?" The bartender asked.


"Amazake." She curtly said and the man went and got it while she fished out some ryo.

It's very low alcohol and sweet, but don't drink too much of it a child's body isn't really supposed to be filtering alcohol.

"Let me guess, can't hold your liquor?" The blonde next to her snorted.

"Not really," Kaguya shrugged, "I'm not a fan of drinking until inebriated."

"What's the point then?"


The blonde gave her a dubious look before knocking back the saucer of sake she had. Kaguya couldn't help but blink at the sight. That couldn't be healthy. The woman wasn't that old, maybe mid to late twenties. Actually, now that she looked at the woman she seemed familiar. She sipped at the alcohol in her hand and thought about it.

"Tsunade-sama?" She asked in surprise.

"Ah, so you just recognized me?" Tsunade asked with a wry smirk.

"Sorry, I wasn't expecting to run into a living legend," Kaguya sheepishly said as she rubbed the back of her head.

She was emulating Obito and Shisui. Those two could easily disarm someone with their personalities, she didn't have that ability. She was too shy, too cynical. She had to pretend to be someone she wasn't. She reached out with her senses and found that Bear was close, in fact he was right in front of her.

"Finally," Bear grumbled upon seeing her glare, "It took you too damn long, brat."

"I'm not a sensor," She hissed at the taller man as Tsunade raised a brow and studied the girl with a sharp eye.

Kaguya was cracking her knuckles but Bear was able to see her activating a privacy genjutsu. The girl was good at discreetly making those, it was the simple hand signs. He did wince slightly at the noise her hands made. They were ghastly.

"You'll be the best damn sensor by the end of the month," Bear rolled his eyes, "I know how you work."

"Hey, don't diss the hustle, dattesa!"

Well, Tsunade now knew who was sitting next to her. Little five-year-old Uzumaki Kaguya. The newest prodigy, and next body to be lowered into the grave. She snorted to herself and poured another saucer of sake. She had some pearls of wisdom for the kid.

"Stop trying to become a shinobi," Tsunade warned, "You'll just end up dead."

"Yeah, I don't have a choice," Kaguya wryly informed her, her voice like ice, "Blame your dear teammate for that."

"Brat," Bear warned.

"She's one of the Sannin and should've been told by the Sandaime what was going on," Kaguya sighed as she leaned back with her drink, "That man's probably ruined more lives in this village than Sandaime-Sama would like to admit."

"Be that as it may," Bear sighed, "Don't go picking fights."

"I doubt a twerp like her could do much damage to Orochimaru," Tsunade said before she sipped at her sake, "What's she going to do, cry?"

"Trap him in an auditory genjutsu and run like hell," Kaguya muttered as she finished off her drink, "I know my skills and they are no where near where they need to be to defeat him."

Tsunade had to give the kid credit, she was smarter than she looked. The androgynous female sitting next to her was an illusion, but there was some aspect to her that brought forth the small child. The slight dislike of alcohol was one, she had caught the grimace the girl gave when she first sipped at the amazake. She shot the brunette man a dirty look, he should know better than to give a minor alcohol.

"I wanted to see how long it would take her to notice," Bear shrugged, "She's sharper than she looks…Well, currently looks."

"It's a good face," Kaguya shrugged, "Not too memorable and androgynous enough that gender is difficult to discern."

"Subterfuge, you paper ninjas scare me sometimes," Bear admitted.

"Good, one day we'll rule the world," Kaguya said without missing a beat, "We think things through and come up with solutions."

"Yet, you still can't figure out how Shodai-Sama was able to use Mokuton," He challenged and Tsunade paid close attention to the conversation.

"I'm working on it," Kaguya argued, "There's no possible way that no one else can use it, it's the combination of water and earth chakra. He melded it a way that was unique but not impossible to replicate."

"It's a kekkei genkai," Tsunade stated.

"Yet no one else in the Senju family is able to use it?" Kaguya challenged, "Meaning it's not a kekkei genkai, he figured out a way to mold the chakra to encourage rapid plant growth."

"I already tried that," Tsunade informed the girl.

She watched as the girl became stumped before gaining a thoughtful expression. The plants cells were different compared to a humans. She couldn't help but note that shinobi weren't really aware of that fact. They were more aware of the human body than plants. She had been a bit upset at the lack of biological knowledge when it came to plants but understood that understanding chakra was more important.

"You do realize that a plant cell is different than a human cell, right?" Kaguya questioned, "The differences might make it difficult to wield but he knew that…the man's a bloody genius!"

Tsunade's eyes widened at that and she grabbed onto the back of the kids turtleneck. Bear was a bit surprised when the Sannin stole the kid right from under his nose, but it seemed that two just had a breakthrough that was rather important. He smirked. It was his reason for luring Kaguya to that bar. That meeting was crucial. He knew that to protect the youngest Uzumaki she'd need Someone of a higher class looking out for her. Tsunade had a soft spot for energetic optimists and the Uzumakis were that, though Kaguya was cynical. They were also family, distant, and that meant more to the blonde than she would ever admit.

"Do you have a microscope?" Kaguya questioned the blonde as she was placed down at a table.

"Yes, but it only goes to four hundred times magnification," Tsunade answered as she moved towards a cabinet and brought out a light microscopes.

Huh, they really are behind. This looks like something out of the nineteen sixties, I think I used an electron microscope to see the individual plant cells…good thing I'm in your head and you have access to my knowledge.

Kaguya agreed with that. She quietly made a promise to the voice in her head to bring the Shinobi world into the twenty first century. She'd do it while they screamed if she had to. This was pathetic, so many years of inventing and this was how far they had gotten. They are able to manipulate the cells in the human body to increase healing and remove cancers and yet they'd never looked at the plant life before besides archaic medicine? She found it difficult to wrap her head around. They had so many paper ninjas yet they didn't utilize them. There could be a medic Corp or a science division! They could totally militarize the village and nothing would change. The ranking system on the missions would stay the same, but once a shinobi was in the ranks for three years they had a choice of joining a division. If they never moved past genin or Chunin then it gave them a chance to shine.

"Right, you know how to use this?" Tsunade taunted Kaguya.

"Of course, but to see each individual cell we might need more than four hundred times magnification," Kaguya answered in a calm tone, "Or some due to show the nucleus."

"Right." Tsunade muttered.

For a second she could see her old teammate standing there. Dark haired and golden eyed, staring through a microscope. Kaguya shook that image by giving her a tiny smile that made her dull eyes light up. Tsunade felt a smile appear on her face, it was hard not to smile back at such joy. Curiosity was good to nurture to a point and this child was as curious as they came. It did remind her of Orochimaru but there wasn't a darkness in her.

"Oh, good specimen," Kaguya muttered as she slowly focused the microscope on the blade of grass that Tsunade had easily gotten on their way, "Look you can see the cell wall and some of the individual parts of the cells."

She moved out of the way and Tsunade took over. Kaguya was right a higher magnification would make it a bit easier to study the plant cells. She brought a hand up to her chin and frowned. There was a trove of information to be found about how plants worked. The technology wasn't there yet.

"I'm surprise that there isn't a science division in the shinobi ranks," She heard Kaguya mutter, "Konoha could have a monopoly on technological advances and bring more trade in."

"Well, I think that might sway over the civilian council," Tsunade smirked, "Let's bet on that."

"I'm not a betting woman," Kaguya snorted as she crossed her arms across her chest, "I know that would sway them, the civilian council is just as greedy as they look, the shinobi council would be harder to sway."

"Oh, you don't think you could?" Tsunade goaded, wanting to see just how far the child had thought.

"The war would make things difficult," Kaguya admitted, "They want all abled body shinobi out on the field but seem to neglect the small amount of shinobi that would be better off as healers or scientists, those who don't want to be frontline fighters but still want to serve Konoha."

"Were you a politician in a past life?" A male voice asked and Tsunade didn't even stop the kid from vaulting a kunai in the direction it came from.

"What is it you want, Jiraya?" Tsunade asked as she put away the microscope.

"I heard a rumor that you dragged a woman to your home," He answered as he swung the kunai around his forefinger, "I didn't think it'd be a kid."

Tsunade looked at Kaguya and noted that said kid looked highly unimpressed. It got to the point where Jiraya was starting to deflate at the flat looking being sent his way by her. Tsunade joined in on the look and he soon ended up pouting. A sly smirk on Kaguya's face told her that she knew exactly what she was doing.

"She's been looking into mokuton," Tsunade sighed, "She pointed out that Plant cells are different than human cells."

"All research on mokuton's been rendered forbidden," Jiraya pointed out in a serious tone.

"I know," Kaguya piped up, "But I like the challenge and I'm not planning on experimenting on anyone."

"That's what all evil geniuses say," He countered and Tsunade hit him outside the head when the kid flinched slightly.

"The only way someone could use Mokuton is if they have Water and Earth martyred chakra," Kaguya quietly said and he looked at her in surprise, "I'm water and electricity."

"Wind and electricity," Tsunade sighed, "But it seems we won't be able to recreate it ourselves, but we can start a non dangerous theory on the possibility on plant cells being used."

"We?" Jiraya and Kaguya asked unison and Kaguya glared at his smirk.

"Of course," Tsunade nodded before she put a hand on Kaguya's shoulder, "The Uzumaki and Senju are related by my Grandmother Mito, if the two were somehow combined to bring a unison to the two families once and for all."

"Oh," Kaguya said in realization before she gained a smirk that was just like Tsunades, "I like the way you think."

Jiraya was slightly fearful of both woman. Who knew what the hell they were planning. Well, he had an inkling. Tsunade was about to claim an heir and get the council off her back while doing so. It also got the village off the tiny Uzumaki's back. Oh, his spy network had picked up the mutterings and gossip. There was a leak somewhere in ANBU. Some of the information was classified. He sighed and watched as the kid rubbed at her eyes in a sleepy manner, no matter how adult her mind worked her body was still young. He couldn't help but smile as Tsunade easily lead the kid to a guest room to get some sleep.

"Are you sure about this?" Jiraya asked, "You already have Shizune-Chan."

"That Girl could possibly end up like Orochimaru," Tsunade said, "This village would see her turned into him just to have a reason to vilify her."

"You'd have to talk with Kushina-Chan," He pointed out, "I don't know how the red hot habanero will feel about her little sister being thrown head first into clan politics."

"That Child could easily over play see real of the civilians and a few clan heads," She stated with a slight smirk as she grabbed a bottle of sake and two saucers, "And they wouldn't dare mess with a Senju."

Even if it was just in name. The slight blood relation between the two families made it even easier. Tsunade hated clan politics but she could play them with ease. She'd noticed that nothing was being done about the war or the village. A small child questioning why there wasn't scientific advances or a medical division was enough to show that. She herself had brought up the medical division only to have one person agree with her. They needed someone in the Hokage spot that would actually listen and agree, or give good reasons as to why not. Monetary problems lied more with the war than anything. If they finally ended it, then they could start to build up the economy.

A scientific monopoly would be best. It was a genius suggestion and there would be so many genin and chuunin that wanted to have some piece that didn't want to work at that academy. They could be given a choice of the two divisions or desk jobs. The possibilities were endless.

Well the two of them were going to have to raise hell.

Kaguya looked up at the blonde woman . She had her violin in her lap and was putting some rosin on her bow. It was all tuned and ready to go. She slowly started and frowned.

"Could…could you repeat that?" She asked, she was sure she had heard incorrectly.

"I asked you to become my heir," Tsunade said with a slightly raised brow, "I'm not planning on having any children and it would get the council off both of our backs."

"Ah, I had heard that they were pushing for Kushina-onee-Chan to either name me as heir or call me a branch family member," Kaguya muttered, "Clan politics make no sense sometimes."

"I will agree with you on that," Tsunade muttered before she spoke up, "Get used to the village calling you Kaguya-Hime because they will never stop."

"Shisui already calls me Hime," Kaguya shrugged, "I think I've learned to mentally block it out."

"Uchiha Shisui, huh?" Tsunade raised a brow.

"He's nice," Kaguya shrugged, "And he's one of the few friends I have."

Tsunade gathered that Shisui meant a hell of a lot to Kaguya. She'd seen the curly haired Uchiha around, mainly causing mayhem with how unusual he was for an Uchiha. He seemed like a good kid, he was more polite than the Hatake brat. She'd purposefully bumped into both of them to get a read, in disguise of course. Shisui had deeply apologized before hurrying off. Hatake had just glowered before stiffly apologizing.

"So what's this I hear about baking?" Tsunade asked, trying to change the subject.

That was how she found herself supervising two children as one of them baked. Shizune had offered to help, wanting to get to know the small red head, and the two girls were oddly well matched as friends. Polite, a bit shy around new people, and good conversationalists about nothing as everything. Tsunade could easily say she'd never heard a conversation about different breads and the best one to serve during the holidays. The fact that they were making bread wasn't lost on her. She didn't even know that she had pistachios from the west.

The kitchen was soon filled with the smell of baking bread as the two worked on the cinnamon glaze. Tsunade took a discreet deep breath and enjoyed the spiced scent to the air. Cinnamon was warm and inviting and took away the emptiness of the house, it was a bit amusing when Kaguya began to have allergies to the scent.

"It's airborne," Kaguya muttered as she instructed Shizune on what to do, "I can eat it just fine it's just that the smell gets over powering."

"Hm, maybe you have a sensitive nose," Shizune commented as the glaze finished and she lowered the heat on the stove.

"Probably," Kaguya agreed with a light laugh.

The loaf of bread came out and the glaze was poured on top of it. Once the glaze hardened powdered sugar was sprinkled on top. Tsunade would ask for that bread to be made again, it went well with green tea. That kid was in the wrong profession, or clan. Kid should've been an Akimichi.

Tsunade was around to hear her practicing violin. It was a bit scratchy at first but soon a soft melody began to play. There were pauses in between the playing that made her wonder if there should be more instruments. Kaguya was a natural at music, the only thing she had any natural talent in. She had trained her mind and her body, but music she understood from the depth of her being.

Hearing the violin felt like receiving a hug from a parent she hadn't seen in a long time. Vivaldi's Winter, it made her happy. Her favorite season, she adored the snow. She could almost picture other children playing in the snow and building snowmen, she could see the ginger hair and bright grey eyes. She stopped playing when she felt something wet going down her face. She brought a hand up and wiped away the tears.

Sorry, I got lost in the music. It brought forth memories and emotions, I didn't mean to project them.

Kaguya hadn't minded. She understood the feeling of loneliness and absolute longing that the voice felt. She had started to feel it when looking at the other children in the village. She found herself longing for companionship. Then, Hayate began to talk to her and hang around her a bit more. She get a smile appear on her face, she also had Shisui, Obito, Rin, and Shizune. She wasn't lonely anymore, not really.

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