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Chapter 8

Short Chapter.


Shisui and Kaguya

"You can't kidnap people, Kaguya," Kushina said in an amused tone.

Kaguya had dragged Shisui along with her to training and the boy seemed both surprised and slightly annoyed. The fact that she had physically dragged him with what annoyed him. Kaguya looked up at her older sister before looking down at her feet. The closed toe sandals had confused her sister before she shrugged off the strange request. The fact that they had a heel went unsaid. She had surprisingly good balance in them.

"I didn't even think, sorry," Kaguya apologized.

"Well, it's nice to see you be spontaneous," Kushina commented, "I think you might've startled him."

"I'm alright, Uzumaki-san," Shisui said as he gathered his bearings.

"Well, since Kaguya brought you along, why not train with us?" Kushina offered, "You could learn something new or increase a skill."

"Okay." Shisui agreed.

Five minutes later found Shisui taking cover on a tree branch. Training with Kushina meant a free for all spar. He heard a quiet rustling below him and noted that Kaguya was hiding as well. She had a bruise on the side of her face as she quickly went through hand signs. He raised a slight brow. It was her auditory genjutsu. He got caught up in it slightly.

It wasn't her usual classical music. Even the voice inside her head had favorite artists besides those that were long gone. She chose one that went by the name EVE. A Japanese artist that she found she liked the instrumentals. She also found that some of them made her feel at home, and she didn't really know why.

Nonsense Bungaku- Eve, definitely a personal favorite.

Kushina's eyes looked side to side for the source of the distant music and Shisui took this as his chance to strike. He substitute with a pebble that was near her feet and surprised the older red head. She still blocked his hit and he found himself face first in the ground. Kaguya joined him a few minutes later. They both shared a look of agreement, they would bring down the red hot habanero of it was the last thing they did.

Kushina looked between the two children that were planning mutiny and gave a slight smile. If those two got placed on a team together they'd make a good one. They already worked well with one another's weaknesses. Shisui was faster but Kaguya was a bit more sly with her approach. She hadn't been expecting a genjutsu. It felt like she had been surrounded by musicians and they kept moving around. She was forced to pay attention to it, admittedly she liked the song.

"How do you stand getting pummeled like this?" Shisui whispered to Kaguya.

"I plan revenge," She whispered back, "They'll rue the day, mark my words."

"Can I help?" He asked.

"Of course."

Kushina sighed at the two and put her hands on her hips. They tensed and looked up at her with slight fear. She felt the urge to grin at the sight, but kept her face impassive. She had to set them straight.

"Shisui, you have a good grasp on the kawarimi but you lack a good follow up to it," Kushina informed him and he gained a thoughtful expression, "Kaguya you lack conviction to actually attack your opponent and deal damage, I'm stronger than I look dattebane."

"I know," Kaguya mumbled with a slight pout.

"Then try again," She told them.

An hour later saw Kushina treating the two children to lunch. Kaguya actually engaged in combat to harm, and Shisui started to use a tanto after he used kawarimi to swap with something. She was proud of the two. She looked over the grilling meat before looking at them. It was an oddly fast friendship, but a welcomed one. She gathered that the Uchiha might be pushing Shisui towards her sister to try and form a friendship between the two clans. It wouldn't work. Not on her watch.

She flipped the meat on the grill and noted that the two children were watching it with hunger in their eyes. An amused grin slipped onto her face. Training did bring people together. As odd as that was, it seemingly did for them.

"Ah, Kushina," She looked up and smiled at Minato and his team.

"Hello, Minato," She greeted back, "It's after training lunch."

"More like the Child beating hour." Shisui whispered to Kaguya.

"Oh, I thought I was the only one thinking that," She couldn't help but respond with, "Nice to see I'm not crazy."

"Unless we're both crazy," He added.

"Care if we join?" Minato asked Kushina.

"The more the merrier." She answered.

Soon five kids were staring at the grill in hunger. Minato and Kushina noted that they were varying levels of dirty. Minatos kids were the cleanest but had bruises and cuts all over their skin. Shisui and Kaguya were almost caked in dirt and sweat, heavy bruises lined their skin but they seemed happy.

"How'd you two meet?" Obito asked his cousin.

"I noticed that she was practicing a genjutsu," Shisui answered as Kushina gave him and Kaguya some of the cooked meat, "I got curious."

"She threw a kunai at him," Kushina added as she sent the girl a proud smile, "Never sneak up on a shinobi, it doesn't matter what rank they are they will throw a kunai at you."

"Genjutsu? Ah, what kind, Kaguya-Chan?" Rin asked in surprise.

"It's an auditory genjutsu, I think aniki called it the distant sound illusion," Kaguya answered before taking a bite of the meat.

Minato's brows raised at that. A C-rank genjutsu, and she was able to pull it off? He knew there was a chance she could be a prodigy, but he didn't think she'd prove him right. He'd have to up her fuinjutsu lessons. He can't be outdone by Bear, it was starting to become a matter of pride as an older brother figure. It also didn't help that she had mastered explosive tags, he wondered if he should regret teaching her that early. It could be a sign of absolute destruction in the future. He was thinking too much about it. This was the girl who made a sponge cake and then turned it into a tiramisu. She was planning to make something sweet for the winter and he was excited for it, he surprised Kushina with his sweet tooth.

"Ah, can you show me Kaguya-Chan?" Obito questioned with a grin.

"If it's okay with Minato-nii and Kushina-onee-Chan," Kaguya said.

Obito turned towards the two adults with wide eyes and a smile. He was excited to see what the tiny red head could do. He trusted that she wouldn't go too far or try to scare him. Shisui seemed to trust her and that was enough for him.

"Sure, but limit it to this table only," Kushina told Kaguya.

She got a small nod in response. Kaguya quickly flew through the hand signs and layered her chakra in the air around the table. She didn't have to think about which song she wanted to do. She could tell that they were surprise at the soft piano.

Clair de Lune- Claude Debussy, over done to hell but very iconic.

She almost agreed with that, but found that she still enjoyed the song. She watched as Obito's eyes glazed over and he gained a peaceful smile on his face. That was why she first fell in love with music. The simple fact that it could change a mood or make someone think in a different way. It brought a smile to her face. She looked towards Kushina and Minato and watched as the blonde gave her a small nod. She stopped the genjutsu.

"That was awesome!" Obito exclaimed.

She jumped at that and looked at him with wide eyes. Kakashi gave a quiet grunt at that, she couldn't tell if he agreed or not. Rin had a peaceful smile on her face and it brought one to Kaguya's. She liked Minato's team, even Kakashi, they seemed genuine in their kindness.

"Do you play an instrument?" Shisui asked, "Because I've never heard that song before."

"She does," Kushina said for her, "I just haven't been able to find the instruments that she knows."

"Sayori-Sensei said there's a trader from the west that comes by with the type of instruments that I play," Kaguya piped up, "I was saving my allowance just in case they had one of my instruments."

"That explains why your wallet is so full," Kushina grinned.

The turtle shaped wallet was practically bursting, but Kushina hadn't said anything. She wanted to see just how much Kaguya could save while spending a minuscule amount on small snacks and fuinjutsu supplies. She did a rather good job. Hopefully, it was enough to buy her the instrument she wanted.

"If you find it, play for us." Obito requested.

"I might have to practice a bit just to get to where I used to be, but I'd have no problem doing so," Kaguya smiled.

Rin was the first to notice that the longer she was around the small red head the less shy she was. She was growing used to them and it made her happy. Kushina had an adorable little sister, it was going to be interesting to see how far she went as a shinobi. It made her want to work just as hard.

"I should be heading home," Shisui said as he noted how busy the village was getting, "Do you want me to pay, Uzumaki-san?"

"Don't worry about it, lunch was on me." Kushina answered.

He gave her a bright smile and waved at Kaguya before he hurried off. He let his smile drop when he was out of sight. He knew that Kushina was glad that Kaguya had finally made a friend. He almost felt guilty when he remembered that Sayori had asked him to befriend her. His aunt cared about her student and was worried that the girl would go down a dark path of she didn't have any friends.

Upon meeting the small red head he knew there was no chance in hell that she'd go rouge. She was sarcastic but extremely shy. He liked messing with her when she was training and liked the small glimpse of music he got when she practiced that genjutsu. He sent a quiet prayer to the kami that she'd end up on a team with people who would help her break free of that shy nature.

A few weeks later saw him being handed a scroll by an amused Sayori. Apparently, Kaguya had handed it to her to give to him for his birthday. He didn't even know how she knew that it was October nineteenth, he never told her. It took him a while to unseal his present and when he did a smile spread across his face. An apple Tarte Tatin and shoulder holster for a tanto came out of the scroll. Something homemade and something practical.

Sayori never got to have any of the tarte tatin, he had sealed it back into the scroll after taking a bite and rushed up to his room. He refused to share it with anyone.

If he ever got wind that she was baking he would somehow appear at the Uzumaki apartment and sit with Kushina and watch Kaguya bake. She always gave them scraps so she could gage if it was any good. He could only say that she made a lot of bread and her desserts were delicious. He made sure to tell her that every time she sent him home with a few pieces of what she made.

Kaguya looked at the dusting of snow that covered Konohagakure one winter morning. She had been planning to go to the library before going to train with her Katana. She still could, but the snow was calling her name. She also wanted to bake some holiday cookies. Sugar cookies, a crunchier cookie that was iced with vanilla frosting with some sprinkles on top.

"Its snowing Onee-Chan," She informed Kushina in a bright tone as she finally exited her room.

"It is," Kushina grinned down at her, "We'll have to have some winter fun, huh?"


Kushina made sure the girl was bundled up for the cold weather. A turtleneck underneath a heavy jacket wasn't enough. Kaguya exited the apartment in thick pants and her closed toe sandals. She was wrapping a scarf around her neck as she slowly went down the apartment stairs. She slid down the last two steps but easily caught herself with chakra. She did create a tiny crater when she placed her other foot down on the ground.

"Ah, wait," she muttered as she looked at the carter, "Could I actually punch a mountain in half?"

She had thought about it, but decided that it was unlikely. Here she was standing before a crater she made due to chakra. She needed to do more research on the human body, but she'd already read all the ones in the public section. She really needed to graduate already. She let out a soft breath.

Six more months to go, and six more months of Bear and Minato training.

She knew that, and was thankful for it. Minato was having her work on harder seals, some of them could deal damage or cut off the chakra supply to the body without killing the opponent. She had to learn how to bend her fingers correctly to get it to work. She had to jam them into the stomach of her opponent. Which was easy for Minato, him being the yellow flash and all, but difficult for her.

She wondered if he'd ever teach her that move. She'd love to move faster than the speed of sound. She gathered that he was moving at the speed of light, but also somehow ripping into the fabric of space and manipulating it. She needed more information on how it actually worked to come to a scientific conclusion.

She blinked when she felt something familiar coming towards her. Shisui was running towards the apartments and she smiled. He slid to a stop in front of her and grinned. She raised a brow.

"That merchant is here in town," He informed her, "He has some instruments."

Kushina grabbed both kids by the back of their jackets and hurried towards the direction that Shisui had come from. That trader was late and she'd be damned if Kaguya wasn't able to find an instrument. She scared the crowd of people looking over the strange wares but they all scooted away when she began to lead Kaguya through them. Shisui watched the entire thing and owlishly blinked. He didn't know why the villagers shied away from Kaguya, she was a clan heir they could get in trouble for that.

A few minutes later Kushina was leading a beaming Kaguya out of the crowd. She had a dark case in her small hands and was clutching at it as if it was a life line. Kaguya seemed so…happy. Shisui gained a grin of his own as they headed back to the apartments to have some fun in the snow.

After a snowball fight, where team Minato had shown up and went into the different teams. Rin had joined Kaguya while Obito joined his cousin. Minato and Kushina were a team and Kakashi watched them all with a raised brow and boredom in his dark eyes. He got a snowball in the face from Obito and Kaguya. No one scolded them seeing as they apologized immediately and claimed it was bad aiming while trying to hit the other.

Minato didn't care enough to call them out. He wanted Kakashi to join and behave like the eight-year-old he was. He was a bit disappointed when the silver haired child didn't return fire. He didn't know what team he would've assigned him to, but he could've figured it out.

It started to become dark and everyone was invited inside for warm drinks and a dessert that Kaguya had baked the day before. Povitica, a Croatian swirl bread. It was popular with the other kids and the praise Kaguya got made her turn a light pink. Even Kakashi praised it, and he wasn't the biggest fan of sweets.

Kaguya was the first to fall asleep. Her head hitting the counter startled the shinobi in the room before Kushina let out a soft snort before picking the girl up and taking her to her room. Kaguya had finally crashed after a long day of excitement. She didn't even get to play the instrument that she had bought.

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