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Chapter 2



Kaguya stared at the red-headed woman in front of her and the woman stared back. She didn't say anything, and the woman was just as quiet. Soon, she began to wilt under the violet eyes, and she could feel her cheeks burning under such scrutiny. She didn't even gasp when a cheek was placed against her's.

"You are so cute, dattebane!" The Woman said and Kaguya blinked at that.

The girls face began to grow warmer as she felt embarrassment growing inside of her. She didn't know what to do, she wasn't used to such a person. She started to feel a bit suffocated.

"P-Please put me down, dattesa!" She squeaked.

That made it worse, the woman seemed to think she was cuter. A few of the people walking past the two rolled their eyes, one even sneered at the smaller red head. She gathered that they didn't like new commers. She felt a little uneasy at some of the looks she was getting.

"Ignore them," The woman told her as she finally released the smaller girl, "Just listen to Kushina-Onee-chan and you'll be fine, dattebane."

"Kushina-Onee-chan?" Kaguya quietly inquired.

"Well, we are related after all."

The grin she got from the woman was blinding. Kaguya gave a small nod and looked down at her feet. She felt so…shy. Had she always been shy? Well, it wasn't like she could answer that question. She felt a hand on her head and her cheeks grew warmer as she absentmindedly tugged at the hem of her shirt.

Kushina grinned at the sight of the little girl being so shy. She thought that she had been the last Uzumaki, so to see one standing before her brought her some joy. The last time she had even seen another red head had been granny Mito. Though, the extreme shyness did worry her a bit.

"Would you like to get some dango to celebrate?" Kushina asked her.

"Ano…what's dango?"

Well, that cemented that. Kushina grabbed the girl by the back of the oversized white shirt she was wearing and began to drag her through the village. She told her where everything was, the hospital, and the academy. She even dragged her to a table at her favorite dango place and made her sit down.

The woman was like a storm and Kaguya had the common sense not to argue with her, she could only guess that an argument with her would not be a fun endeavor it also wouldn't end in her favor. She put her hands on the table and lightly tapped her fingers against the surface as she kept an eye on her new "big sister". She chanced a glance around the area and saw other kids her age and older. One was a slightly older boy with spiky silver hair and a mask on his face, another was a boy with a toothpick hanging from his mouth also older even older than the silver-haired boy, a boy with a bowl cut and green spandex, and a boy with shaggy dark hair and bags under his eyes.

She quickly looked away when one of them looked over at her and silently willed Kushina to go faster. She could feel her heart speed up in her chest as her flight or fight instinct began to go wild. She felt the need to run away from the kids near her. Her tapping on the table stopped and her hands curled into fists as she tried to ignore the churning of her stomach.

"Huh, looks like there's a new girl in town," The boy with a toothpick hanging from his mouth said.

"Who cares?" The boy with silver hair grumbled.

The boy with dark circles under his eyes looked over to see who they were talking about. A woman with long red hair had brought a plate of dango to the table and was chatting to a girl that looked about his age. She had the same vibrant red hair and violet eyes of the woman, but her face wasn't as round. She was also quieter compared to the older woman, who had a grin on her face.

"Do you like it?" Kushina asked Kaguya.

She got a shy nod and she grinned at the girl. At least they had something in common, sweets always made everything better. Kaguya was tense and she knew why, the amount of people in the restaurant was bothering her. She didn't know much of where she had been, even the girl had just said a room, and her mind began to make up situations of what could've happened.

Even after they left the restaurant, she was still tense. She watched her from the corner of her eye. The girl would look at her hand before looking back down at the ground. It was obvious that the girl felt the need to hold onto something to deal with her nerves, the hem of her shirt being held in such a tight grasp was enough proof of that. She reached down and put a hand on the bright red hair and smiled as the girl gained a tiny smile.

"What do you think of the village?" Kushina asked her as they walked back to her apartment.

"It's huge," Kaguya quietly replied, "I think I'm going to get lost."

"I did," Kushina admitted with a chuckle, "When I first came here I frequently got lost, it took me about a month to get used to everything."

Kaguya looked up at her in surprise, her violet eyes wide. Kushina fought the urge to call the girl cute again. She had that innocent shyness to her that just made her absolutely adorable. She couldn't help but think that the girl was going to have trouble with the other kids in the academy. Her own hair had been made fun of when she first started, and the only reason why they stopped was because she sent a message not to mess with her.

Kaguya didn't look like she would fight anyone.

It didn't help that she was being kept under watch. She frowned slightly; it wouldn't be wrong if she were to defend herself from people harming her. Would the girl know that? She didn't think that she would.

"Kushina-Onee-chan," Kaguya softly called and she felt something gently tugging on her orange shirt, "Do…Do you think that the other kids will like me?"

"I don't know," Kushina admitted before grinning, "But I think you're adorable, they'd have to be idiots not to like you, dattebane!"

"T-Thank you, dattesa!" Kaguya smiled up at her as her cheeks stayed a bright red.

Kushina couldn't help but wonder if she had just lied to her. She made a mental promise to start training that girl as soon as her hand was all healed. She was going to make her one of the best kunoichi in the village. She would make her clan proud!

Now they needed some rest, because Kaguya looked like she was going to faint.

"W-Who are you?" Kaguya questioned as she opened the door in the morning.

A man with blonde spiky hair and bright blue eyes was looking at her in surprise. She was rubbing at her left eye with her bandaged hand and staring up at him. He blinked for a few seconds as she gave a tiny yawn. Her mind really didn't like working for her in the mornings.

"Are you here for Kushina-onee-chan?" She finally asked him.

"Ah, yes." He answered with a nod.

"Oh, one moment please."

He looked at the now closed door and fought the urge to chuckle. He just had the door shut on him by a tiny version of Kushina. The door slammed opened again, and the adult version of the woman basically dragged him inside with a strange expression on her face. She seemed rushed and he didn't know why.

"Kaguya, you'll be late for the academy if you don't get dressed," Kushina informed the small Uzumaki that was watching her in slight surprise.

Kaguya tensed at that and the blonde man had the feeling that she didn't really care if she was late, but she still ran off to get ready. Kushina was glad that she had kept some of her old clothing, they didn't have time to go shopping for clothes. She sighed and looked at the man, a hand on her hip.

"What did you need, Minato?" She asked him with a small smile.

"I was wondering if you'd like to have lunch with me today," He answered before a thump got his attention and Kushina quietly chuckled, "Where'd the little girl come from?"

"She was found in the forest a few days ago," She answered, all traces of humor was gone from her face, "All she remembered was being trapped in a dark room."

Minato couldn't help but feel bad for the kid, but also a bit skeptical. If she had been trapped in a dark room, then how did she get out? She was five, she didn't look like she could easily escape anything. When she came back into the room she was dressed in a bright orange shirt and dark pants. She looked up at him and he tilted his head at her in response. He blinked when her face became a light red and she made a move to hide.

Well, he wasn't expecting her to be shy.

She had hidden herself behind Kushina and the woman looked amused at the action. He knew that Kushina had a soft spot for cute things, and the girl was admittedly adorable. He gave a small smile at her and she seemed to grow shyer.

"I'd love to have lunch you, Minato." Kushina told him.

Kaguya looked at her in confusion before it seemed to dawn on her. He was welcomed to a five-year-old staring him down with a small frown, all shyness gone. It was like he was being judged by her. She looked away from him. Well, he had just passed whatever she had been looking for.

"Ah, ramen?" He questioned with a smile.

"You know me so well," She grinned before putting a hand on Kaguyas head, "But first, I have to get Kaguya to the academy."

"The academy, huh," Minato quietly said, "Are you looking forward to it, Kaguya-chan?"

Kaguya didn't reply and Kushina looked down at her and noticed that the girl was thinking. She gave a slight shrug and Kushina gave a quiet sigh. She was worried about the other kids not liking her, and she was worried that she wouldn't be able to do anything without someone trying to say that she was dangerous. It was something the girl was going to have to play by ear. Kaguya knew it too.

Mozart was easier to play by ear, Paganini was an absolute bitch to play by ear.

She paused at such thoughts. Mozart. Paganini. Those names meant nothing to her, but at the same time they meant everything. A hand on her shoulder brought her out of her thoughts and she smiled up at a worried red head. It didn't do to dwell on thoughts that didn't really mean anything.

Minato walked with the two to the academy. Kaguya would never admit that it was like being a third wheel where a third wheel shouldn't even be counted for. She held onto the older red heads hand on the way there and then hid behind her leg as they neared the academy. There were so many people in front of it.

There were already tight knit groups formed and she knew that she had no chance to join one. She shyly looked around the area and paused on one of the boys from the dango shop. He had his hands in the pockets of the large red coat he was wearing and was talking to a boy with spiky black hair and dark eyes. She clutched at Kushina's pant leg and the red head looked down in surprise.

"It'll be okay," she informed the girl as she continued to walk to the academy.

Minato fought back a laugh at the sight of Kushina gracefully walking through the area with a five-year-old attached to her leg, much like a barnacle on the bottom of a ship. Granted, the girl didn't weigh much. One could easily tell by the sunken in appearance of her face and the skinny arms and legs. She looked like she was swimming in clothing that should properly fit her.

A skeleton wearing skin.

"You really are shy, huh?" Kushina chuckled at the girl.

"I…I don't like big crowds and small spaces."

Kushina knew she wasn't supposed to hear that, and her stomach churned. Whoever had decided to hurt a member of her clan was going to die if she ever got her hands on them. Oh, it may have been a day, but she was always able to form bonds quickly, with certain people of course.

She shook those thoughts from her head as a teacher walked up to her. The chuunin took one look at Kaguya and the red head knew that he didn't like her. It had been such an immediate dislike that it threw the woman for a loop. Did he know the circumstances to how she'd been found?

"Uzumaki Kaguya?" He questioned and the shy girl gave a small nod, "I'm Ibe Toru, I'll be your Sensei for the physical portion of classes."

"Who's the Sensei for the formal lessons?" Kushina asked.

"That'd be me," A woman with dark hair said as she walked up, "I'm Uchiha Sayori, nice to meet you Kaguya-chan."

"I-It's nice to meet you too, Sayori-sensei." Kaguya stuttered out with a shy smile.

Uchiha Sayori had a feeling that the girl in front of her was going to be bullied mercilessly by her peers. She'd have to keep an eye on her to make sure she stayed safe. The girl had some potential, being an Uzumaki she had abnormally large chakra reserves and seemingly boundless energy, but her shyness was going to make it hard to teach her. Not impossible, but extremely difficult.

"I'll make sure to pick you up some school supplies after lunch," Kushina informed the girl as she handed her a small bento box, "Is there anything she can borrow for today?"

"I'll set her up with some paper and a pencil," Sayori smiled.

"Be good, okay?" Kushina told the girl.

"Okay, Kushina-onee-Chan." Kaguya smiled at the woman.

She reluctantly released the death grip she had on the woman's pants and shyly looked towards Sayori. The dark-haired woman gave her a kind smile before leading her to the classroom. She could hear the other kids in there. Sayori paused for a few seconds before putting a hand on Kaguyas head.

"You'll be okay, Kaguya-chan."

That was about as reassuring as the sheet music for a piece falling off the stand in the middle of a concert.

She couldn't help but agree with that thought, as weird as an analogy as it was. Sheet music? Concert? She felt like those were truly familiar to her. As Sayori quietly told the class that there was a new student, it hit her.

This world is wrong.

She looked down at her feet with a frown. Yes, everything around her felt wrong. The door opened and she looked up at Sayori. The woman quickly ushered the shy girl inside the classroom, completely unaware of the sudden realization she came to.

The students in the classroom took one look at the red headed foreigner and scoffed. Her cheeks were a bright red and she refused to look up from the floor. Anyone that had shown interest in making friends with her lost it and decided that she wasn't worth the effort. She would be out before the year was over.

"This is Uzumaki Kaguya, please be kind to her," Sayori told the class her eyes narrowed until the class was sitting up straight, "I'll have you sit with Gekko Hayate, Hayate-kun."

The boy with the red coat raised his hand. Sayori gave the Uzumaki a soft push and she scurried to her seat, she refused to meet anyone's eyes. As soon as the girl was sat down she started the lesson on the founding of Konohagakure. She was pleased that so many of her students were taking notes.

Gekko Hayate thought the new girl was suspicious. She was taking notes like everyone else, but it was done in foreign symbols. She did her notes in code? He narrowed his dark eyes at that and watched as she slowly got distracted by something. Her attention had waned, she was doodling something on her paper while Sayori talked.

He contemplated telling Sayori that she wasn't acting normal. It would be his duty as a future Konoha Shinobi, but if Kaguya was putting on an act then he'd be putting his family in danger. He decided not to say anything until she showed a more devious side. She could just be a weird girl; it wasn't unheard of for clan kids to be weird.

Uzumaki had been a clan that they learned about a while back. They were Fuinjutsu experts and all had bright red hair. The girl next to him had the hair, but didn't show any knowledge of chakra when it was brought up in the lesson.

Chakra sounds somewhat familiar.

Kaguya tugged on her hair in slight thought as a break was called before they went outside to do laps and practice chakra control exorcises. She looked at the words on the board and narrowed her eyes, it was different compared to what she had written. She could read it, both languages, but wondered why she didn't write in the same language. Was it because she found it to be slightly quicker in getting the point across?

She didn't really know, she doubted that she'd ever know.

"I can't believe that's your natural hair color." A girl with short purple hair stated.

Kaguya didn't answer her and stared at the desk in front of her. She was inwardly cursing the shy nature she seemed to have and wanted to call back the scared girl that had been in the dark room. What would've happened if she had acted like this inside that room? Well, she didn't really need to think hard about that.

She would've been dead.

"I'm talking to you, foreigner." The other girl growled.

Kaguya continued to ignore her and began to tap her fingers to a song that only she could hear. It wasn't against the desk, that would've brought too much attention to it, it was against her thigh. She needed to keep her hands busy so that she wouldn't react to the girl.

Debussy's Clair De Lune on Piano was always a calming piece, thank god for overachieving teachers.

Piano, huh. A musical instrument that she could barely picture. She could picture fingers moving across ivory keys and the symphonies that would flow from it. It helped to calm her down a bit, and block out the raging girl next to her. If anything, the other kids might think she was deaf and leave her alone.

"Are you stupid, is that why you don't say anything?" The girl tried again.

This time Kaguya responded.

"I don't have to reply to a girl who has nothing better to do than insult someone."

Well, it wasn't the best thing to say. The fist to her face was proof enough of that. She felt something warm go down her face as the front of her shirt was clutched in the other girl's fist. She didn't react to it, but kept her eyes pointed to the side. She needed to work on that.

"Man, one of these day's your mouth is going to get you into trouble."

It did, she got another hit to the face and simply clenched her jaw. She could see one of the people who found her in the forest standing in a nearby tree. The cat mask was easy to spot. She couldn't retaliate and not be seen as a threat. She may be five, but apparently five-year olds could be dangerous. Another punch caused pain to explode from her nose and she had a feeling that it was now broken.

"Naomi-chan, I think you proved your point," A girl with dark hair said as she held up a hand with a worried expression on her face as the girl kept hitting the red head.

"The new girl can sure take a beating." A boy's voice said.

She couldn't really pinpoint what direction it had come from. She slowly moved and reached up with a hand to try and pry the other girl's fist from her shirt. She was able to do so and fell back as she went to hit her again. Well, it was a good thing she sat in the back of the classroom.

Naomi just slammed her fist into a wall and the loud crack that filled the room was enough for everyone to know that she broke something. Her dark eyes welled up with tears and glared at dull violet ones. The red head was bloodied, and her left eye was shut tight, but she didn't seem to register the pain.

It was a different pain compared to her hand. She just refused to cry in front of the other girl. Perhaps it was a matter of pride, or perhaps she felt that Kushina wouldn't have cried if she was in the same position. She didn't really know; she was just taking cues from the people around her.

"Naomi-chan!" The girl with dark hair exclaimed as she began to lead the other girl to the nurse's office.

Kaguya stayed down for a few seconds before slowly standing to her feet. Sure, she was leaving blood down the front of her shirt, but she refused to see the nurse and answer questions. It would be her word against Naomi's and Naomi was the one they'd believe. She was just a foreigner to them.

She simply stared at the desk in front of her and went back to tapping music on her thigh, this time to a different piece. She frowned in thought, the pain in her face increased at that. Actually, her entire face throbbed in pain with every breath she took.

"You should go to the nurse," The boy who sat next to her said.

She spared him a glance, she tried to remember his name. Gekko…Hayate, if she was remembering it correctly. She gave a quiet sigh. He didn't say that out of concern, more like he was stating a fact.

"I-If I do there'll be questions," She quietly replied, a slight stutter in her voice, "I-I'd rather not get in trouble for breaking her hand."

"Ah, so you admit to breaking her hand."

Hayate didn't miss the flinch the girl gave at the appearance of Toru. The man was glaring down at her and she slowly got up from her chair and continued to stare at the floor. She didn't even look up when the man began to usher her out of the classroom.

Not even a full day of the academy had passed, and she was already causing trouble.

Hayate gave a sigh as he looked at the blood that was on the floor. She had taken a beating without flinching, but couldn't meet anyone's eyes. She stuttered when she spoke to someone, but had told Naomi off without doing so. His desk partner was a weird clan kid.

"She assaulted another student." Toru told the hokage.

"I highly doubt that," Kushina stated as she frowned.

She had been called to the hokage tower only to see Kaguya standing before the man. There was a dark-haired girl that was crying, large fake tears while sending the smaller red head a nasty look. She couldn't help but see a girl that just wanted to hurt other people.

"I-I only removed her hand from my person and sat back," Kaguya quietly defended herself as she met the Hokage's eyes, "Is it my fault if she couldn't stop her punch before she hit the wall full force?"

Politician. Everyone in that room, bar the children, was reminded of a sharp politician. That girl was going to be an asset to the village, especially if they trained her. A man with dark spiky hair and a scar on his face looked at the small red head, yes a definite asset.

"Liar," Naomi hissed.

Kaguya looked at her for a few seconds before gaining an expression that told she thought the other girl was stupid. Her face was messed up and she was trying to play the victim? She never really understood those types of people. What, was she hoping the hokage would buy her bullshit story?

She's a Karen.

Whatever that was, she was it. She looked away from the girl and towards the man who ran the village. He was smoking on his pipe and he watched as she narrowed her eyes at it. Well, she could only narrow one of them the other being welled shut and turning a dark purple.

"Kaguya," Kushina quietly warned.

"I believe that Kaguya-chan is telling the truth," The Hokage stated, "There is more evidence to support her side of the story then yours."

He was supposed to be leading his village not taking care of academy problems. They were at war, for Kami's sake! He let out a large cloud of smoke and watched as Kaguya gained a surprised expression before she tilted her head at him. She was thinking, trying to figure out his motives. Ah, the sharp minds that hid behind such shy natures.

Minato had been like that as well; the boy had been shy until he was put on a genin team.

"I think it's best if Uzumaki Kaguya is removed from this particular class," Toru said.

"A-Ano," Kaguya began before turning to the hokage, "Is it okay for me to speak?"

"I'm curious as to what you have to say." He allowed with a serious expression.

"She came up to me and continued to insult me until I said that I didn't have to reply to her," Kaguya explained, "This could happen again, even if you take me out of the class, you might cause more problems if you do."

Thank god for general education and debate!

She knew how to talk around a person like this. Toru was a bully, just like Naomi. He had his favorite students and she wasn't anywhere near that list. She really was just a foreigner to them. She needed to remain in that class, if not then it could hurt that career that everyone was pushing her into. She didn't want to be a kunoichi, but she was being forced to. The most they could do was stop trying to sabotage her before she even began.

"Why should I be the one that's punished when I didn't really do anything but refuse to reply to someone insulting me?" She asked with a slight frown, "It seems like you condone bullying by doing such a thing."

Kushina kept in her smile at that. Shy she was, but not afraid to stand up to herself in a situation like this. Toru and Naomi couldn't do anything, so she felt like she was able to argue her side. She didn't have the Uzumaki temper, but she had their wits. Well, she would have to treat her to ramen for standing up for herself. She just had to make it seem like she wasn't rewarding her for fighting, which she wasn't.

"Hokage-sama," Toru sighed, "Are we really listening to this child?"

"While she is a child, she does bring up valid points," The Hokage sighed as he frowned in slight annoyance at the escalating issue, "Uzumaki Kaguya will not be removed from your class, perhaps its best to control your students and stop a problem like this from occurring again."

He wasn't picking sides for no reason. He needed the Uzumaki clan to stay within the village. They were assets and the fact that there was now two of them, one under a probation period, gave them a small amount of power. The Uzumaki made strong soldiers and were the best at Fuinjutsu.

It would be a stupid move to push one away.

"This issue is now over," He informed them all.

They all bowed before they began to leave. Kushina made sure that Naomi and Toru were gone before heading out of the tower with Kaguya right behind her. She looked down at the little girl and noticed that she was tugging on the hem of her bloodied shirt.

"I ruined your shirt, I'm sorry."

Well, that wasn't the type of apology she was expecting. She thought the apology would be for fighting, not for ruining an old shirt that she couldn't wear anymore. She sighed at that and ran a hand down her face before chuckling.

"I'm not mad, dattbane," She informed the confused girl with a grin, "I got in trouble for fighting on my first day as well, you were only brought before the hokage due to the teacher being a tightas- jerk."

She almost cursed in front of Kaguya. The girl tilted her head at that before chuckling. She felt as though she'd heard worse before. She wasn't bothered by the Freudian slip of the older woman.

"I think I've heard worse than tightass," Kaguya said before letting out a slightly pained sound as a fist crashed down on her head.

"You are not allowed to curse," Kushina hissed at the girl, "Wait until you are at least thirteen to start cursing not five!"

"Y-Yes, Kushina-Onee-Chan," Kaguya quickly accepted.

Her dull eyes were wide as she held her head and looked at the taller red head. She was then dragged somewhere like the previous day and she felt relieved at the return to normality. Her day had been too hectic for her liking.

She just wanted to play music.

Oddly enough, she agreed with that sentiment.

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