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Chapter 10

Someone got me into My Hero Academia. I'm not even mad about it. Maybe I'll make a fic for it one of these days. I don't know. Fun fact about this fic: Kaguya was supposed to end up as a Jinchuriki for Isobu, I'm still on the rocks about it but I'd like the input from you guys to keep her a bit more relatable to write for.



The birds were singing, and the weather was hot. Summer had rolled into Konoha with a humid vengeance. Kaguya looked at the written test in front of her and let out a soft sigh. She could do this; she knew all the answers she just had to make sure not to second guess herself. She was a…she didn't really know anymore. Senju? Uzumaki? What did it really matter? She had people who were important to her that she had to make proud.

Tsunade even bet that she wouldn't drink sake for a week if she somehow ended up passing the graduation test at five. She was going to win that bet, Kaguya would make sure of it. It wouldn't be hard, the older woman had horrible luck. She bit the side of her mouth in thought.

Remember, never give up!

Kaguya narrowed her eyes slightly. It was easier said than done. She glared at the test before bringing her pencil down and answering the first question. It was on the fundamentals of chakra and how it could be used in conjunction with ninjutsu. She then had to apply it to combat.

Statistics and theory, something that was so simple but would easily be missed by her peers. It wasn't a genin test. She kept her face smooth and clear of emotion as she wrote down her answer. No, someone was testing her personally and that sent a shiver down her spine. A deep churning started in her stomach as she went onto the next answer. If she didn't have her voices memories she would've been lost. It was a ballistics question, one that she could answer due to her knowledge of algebra.

This is too advanced for a child, the voice in her head muttered and she barely felt annoyance at being called a child, Someone's pulling the strings or trying to sabotage you.

She knew that. She had to live this while the voice didn't. The voice was just an observer who liked to put in its two cents when it felt like it. She gathered that it planned on staying around a little longer. She wasn't going to get the mental reprieve that she originally thought she would. She gave an internal sigh at that before answering another question. She soon found herself bitting the inside of her cheek as she looked at the final question.

What do you do if your teammates get stuck or captured during a mission?

One of the shinobi rules was to put the mission above all else. She pondered the question and wondered if it was a morality test to see if she wasn't a budding sociopath. She chanced a glance around the room and noted that Sayori was giving her a worried frown. The woman seemed confused that it was taking her so long to answer academy level questions. Considering how many scrolls she had read through, and the information that was readily at the forefront of her mind, she didn't blame the woman for her confusion. She answered the question with a slight frown. She would finish the mission but make plans to try and help her teammates.

She turned in her test and was pointed towards the ninjutsu portion of the test. Her stomach churned slightly, and she let out a soft sigh upon walking in. Ibe wasn't in charge of the exam, it was a man with dark hair and dark eyes. He was noncommittal, average in a village with thousands of people with the same coloring and features. No wonder her and Kushina stood out like sore thumbs. Their bright red hair was iconic and easily identifiable in a crowd.

"Ah, Uzumaki-san," The examiner greeted with a bored tone, "We'll be having you make four clones, perform the kawarimi twice, and a henge."

"Right." Kaguya muttered.

"Let's start with the henge, it's stated here that you have quite an understanding of illusions," The man said as he spared a glance towards a piece of paper on the table in front of him.

She brought her hands together and henged. He raised a brow when a tall blonde woman with amber colored eyes stood in front of him with her arms crossed across a flat chest. She had a thin brow raised at him and waited to be told to continue. Ah, he had been expecting the cloud of smoke that came with the ninjutsu that academy students did. He barely narrowed his eyes, a clan kid that had been worked to the bone to be the best.


She dropped the illusion with ease and vanished from his sight after a few hand signs and was replaced with a log. She appeared again and he heard the log crash against a chair. He wrote down her grade and motioned for her to continue. She seemed a bit hesitant to do the clone jutsu but soon four clones stood by her and stared him down. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up at the sight of the dull orbs, and the intensity at which she looked at him. He felt like she was studying him, trying to figure out all of his weaknesses before exploiting them.

"Congratulations," He told her, "Welcome to the ranks."

She accepted her Hitai-ate with a tiny hand and headed out of the room. He felt his shoulders slump from their tensed position. That girl was oddly unnerving. He looked back down at the information in front of him, she had laughable taijutsu skills but had been passed by the teacher. If he hadn't known better he'd think that Ibe just didn't like the kid. He didn't find any fault if that was the case, she was unnerving and had a bad habit of staring. He looked back towards the door. He was slightly excited to see just how far a kid like that would go.

Bear is busy and Tsunade is working with Shizune for today, what are you going to do?

Kaguya hadn't thought that far ahead. The hitai-ate in her hand felt heavy as she slowly brought it up to her neck and tied it around it, the material felt even heavier around her throat. She felt like she had just signed a contract that would end with her demise. She knew the statistics; ninety percent of the shinobi ranks never made it past fifty due to the nature of their career. She sighed, that was her luck.

Hush, you keep frowning like that you might end up looking like Kakashi…or Aizawa.

Kaguya didn't even want to know who Aizawa was. She brought a hand to her forehead as she was given the information by the voice. Ah, so the voice had daddy issues. Also, his scarf was an interesting concept and something that she had seen before. Wire work was normal with shinobi and that scarf of his was just like that. It was just thicker. She was tempted to see if she could find anything like that, but questioned the legality of it. Was it copyrighted?

Considering the fact that he doesn't exists, probably not.

It was an idea, an extremely specific idea. She couldn't just go around and do the same thing; besides she had a sword. She had to keep with her aesthetic, right? She huffed to herself and crossed her arms across her chest.

Do it.

She wasn't going to.

It'll be so cool though!

She wasn't a tool for the voice to live vicariously through.

Shisui might think you're awesome and not cute.

Right, she was doing it. She couldn't stand another minute of being called cute by the curly haired Uchiha. She walked into a shinobi shop and nodded her head in greeting to the woman running it. She knew that the woman was watching her every move in case she tried to steal from her. It was understandable other children her age liked to shoplift from this store. It was a bit amusing to hear the woman shout and throw shuriken at the thieves. She was surprised that the Uchiha police force didn't take the woman into custody.

She found a scarf that was nearly identical to the one from the memories that had been shown to her. She brought her hands together in thought and tried to figure out the probability of something like that happening. It was such a low chance, around a five percent. She looked up towards the sky and wondered if the kami liked messing with her for some reason. She had to wonder who she made angry to get the hand that life had given her. Seriously, what had she done to deserve trauma at age five?

I didn't do anything; I have no clue what you did.

She was fairly sure that it was nothing. She was a kid it wasn't like she could do some considerable damage, right? She picked up the scarf that was made up of metal fibers and almost buckled under the weight. She was going to have fun learning how to use it. She went up to the counter and paid for it. It was a bit pricy, but that was understandable due to how long it was. She wound it around her shoulders and blinked at the fact that it didn't dig into her shoulders. The woman didn't even inform her on how to use it, but she'd figure something out.

With her primary chakra nature, it would be easy to use it to take out enemies with electricity. She brought a hand up to her mouth and wondered if she was starting to turn violent due to the amount of training she'd gone through. She couldn't help but also think that it was also a little bit of brain washing. Military society, who'd have thought they'd be into brainwashing.

Kushina is with Minato on a mission, and his team is training by themselves.

Yes, she was out of options to talk to people. She wasn't too bothered by it, she could find something to do. She tugged on the scarf around her neck, well she could start working with the new weapon she had. She could deal with her angry parental figures afterwards. She looked at a shop as she passed and fought down a smirk. Tsunade would've made a wonderful mom, not that she'd tell the older woman.

She cared about Shizune more than she would admit. She also had a habit of bringing Kaguya along with her to clan meetings. Kaguya wasn't complaining, she was learning how to dance through clan politics with ease. She needed that information for the future.

She ended up outside of a training ground and sighed. She had to figure out her newest weapon through trail and error. She unraveled it from around her neck and judged the weight with her hands. She could feel her arms straining to lift the heavy material and let out a huff. Her training weights were getting in the way, no wonder it felt heavier than it actually was.

She closed her eyes and tried her first thought. Chakra, she could use it like she did her ninja wire. She ignored the memories that the voice was giving her of the animated character. The voice had a type apparently, she didn't really understand it. It had to be the fact that she was still a child. She was going with that reasoning.

She felt her chakra go through the scarf and released it from her hand to stick it to a tree. It wrapped around the trunk and she tugged on it. She blinked when it tore through the wood with ease. She looked down at the scarf, one of her brows raised. She had to wonder if she just purchases a weapon of mass destruction, or if she just had too much chakra going through the metal fibers. She pulled some chakra back and tossed the scarf at a different tree. This one allowed her to pull herself to it. Her feet slammed onto the hard bark and she concentrated on not breaking it. Her brows were furrowed as she concentrated on training. She found a way to use the scarf and she was going to expand on it.

Four hours later she was on the ground with her chest rising and falling. Her breaths were harsh as sweat poured down her face. She had found a way to use her scarf with the sword, she could wrap it around the hilt and pull it towards her and away from herself. She closed her eyes in slight amusement, she really was a long-distance fighter. She was cementing that for eternity, wasn't she? She brought a hand up and wiped away the sweat. She could taste it, much to her annoyance.

"Kaguya!" She jumped when a shadow fell over her.

"Ah, Shisui," She quietly greeted with a slightly lazy wave.

This looks familiar.

She ignored the voice. Shisui stood above her and was staring right at the hitai-ate around her neck. She didn't say anything, choosing to see what he'd do. A sad smile appeared on his face and she gave a soft sigh. He understood her aversion to the shinobi life more than others. She didn't even want to know how he was able to figure it out. She almost didn't like how well he could read her.

"Ahh, finally a tiny shinobi," He quipped, and she lightly smacked his arm as he grinned, "But seriously, you had to go and cement the prodigy title?"

"I felt challenged." She said with a slight grimace.

"Of course, you did," He gave a soft chuckle at that, he got a dirty look in response, "So, what's with the new weapon?"

"I like it," She shrugged, "Plus it doubles as a scarf and is surprisingly warm."

"How the hell can you lift this?" He asked in surprise as he tried to lift a small part of it, "Are you holding out on me?"

"How would I be holding out on you?"

"You've allowed me to beat you every time we arm wrestle, don't you?"

She looked away from him and that was answer enough. He let out a soft grumble before laying back on the ground and looking at the soft clouds that were slowly moving through the sky. He was glad that Kaguya wasn't the kind of person to just fill the silence with pointless talking. She liked the quiet as it allowed her to think, though sometimes he worried about what went through her head. She was strategic and could easily be planning his demise for the slight teasing he put her through.

He felt his own hitai-ate against his skin and it felt heavy. He wanted to be a shinobi due to his father being one. He wanted to make his old man proud somehow. He almost felt like he'd been surpassed by the girl next to him. He noticed that she trained enough to get out of the academy. She really did cement the title of prodigy, yet she still wasn't on the level as Kakashi. She didn't really care about such things.

"Your hair is starting to get longer," He commented, and he heard her scoff.

"That happens when it doesn't get trimmed in a while," She shrugged, "I'll probably trim it before my first ever mission."

"Short hair is harder to grab onto," He nodded his agreement, "Smart move."

"Yeah, I wouldn't be a part of the curly hair club if I let it get long again," She teased with a slight smirk.

"I wouldn't kick you out if it got long."

Oh, that's genuinely sweet.

Kaguya wished that the voice would shut up. She felt her cheeks warm up at the genuine words coming from Shisui. She hated the fact that her face was growing warm. She didn't like the part of her that got flustered at such genuine words. She looked at a cloud and let out a soft sigh. It kind of looked like a cat. She let a tiny smile appear on her face, she liked cats. She didn't know why, she just really adored them. They didn't mind her and sometimes they followed her around.

Wow, I was joking about being like Aizawa you really went that direction with your thinking…You're valid.

The voice really thought she was trying to be an anime character with her thought process. It was oddly weird. Yet, she couldn't fault it for thinking that. Judging from what she'd seen of the character, yeah they'd probably get along due to their liking of cats. That'd be the only thing they have in common.

"What's on the agenda for the rest of the day, Hime?" Shisui questioned as he looked towards the quiet red head.

"I was waiting for lunch before continuing to learn how to use the scarf in combat," She answered, "I wouldn't be averse to a training partner."

"Ohh, fancy language."

That got a slight grin to appear on her face. He got up from the ground and held out a hand to her. She accepted it and easily gathered the scarf before tossing it around her neck. They headed into the village and right to the dango stand. A few of the academy students and some genin were sitting around and he blinked when one of the students seemed surprised to see Kaguya next to him. The other boy was slightly sickly looking with shaggy dark brown hair.

Hayate Gekko was a bit surprised to see Kaguya standing next to an Uchiha. His eyes caught sight of the Hitai-ate and he frowned slightly. She had gone and graduated. He wondered if she had done so just so she could read more scrolls at the library. It sounded like something she'd do.

"Ah, isn't that the kid that sits next to you?" His friend asked him.

"Yeah, I guess she graduated early," Hayate shrugged.

Kaguya and Shisui are their dango in peace. He couldn't help but watch as the villagers passed by the stand. It definitely catered to shinobi more than civilians. It was nice to have an area where people wouldn't stare. Two children with hitai-ate would cause them to do so, it didn't help that he had the number one problem child hanging out with him. He inwardly smirked at the fact that if they said something against her then they were going against the Senju clan. No one wanted to face the ire of Tsunade, the woman was a terrifying force of nature. He caught sight of the blonde-haired woman and noted that she was heading right towards them.

"There you are," Tsunade huffed as she stood before the table they were at, "You have a bad habit of hiding."

"Ah, sorry," Kaguya softly apologized.

"You're needed right now," Tsunade informed her in a voice that caught the small red heads attention.

A spark of curiosity came to the dull violet eyes and Shisui felt a shiver go down his spine. That was oddly terrifying, and didn't bide well for anyone in the immediate area. He got a tiny smile before his friend headed out with the taller woman. He finished his dango and gained a contemplative expression. Maybe he should invest in a long-range weapon, or even a sword. They could start another club of swordsmen. He liked the idea of that, he would go with a tanto it would be the best thing for him to learn. He knew where his strengths lied.

"Congrats on graduating," Tsunade said to Kaguya as they walked through the village, "I guess you win that bet, brat."

"You don't have to go through with it," Kaguya softly sighed, "I know that Sake is one of your favorite drinks, it wouldn't be fair for you to have to give it up for a week."

"I'm a woman of my word," Tsunade countered, she then tugged on the metal scarf that hung from the new genin's neck, "New weapon?"

"I thought it was cool."

"Have you even figured out how to use it?"

"It works with chakra; it reacts like the wire that Aniki got me."

Ah, Aniki. Tsunade had almost forgotten about the ANBU that liked to stay around her little "heir". He acted like Kaguya was his honorary little sister, he had most likely lost his own sister due to the war. She understood his reason, and was glad that someone saw fit to arm the child. She had seen the girl sparing with the man and noted that she would be formidable once she was older. The kid couldn't keep up with his speed, but she could plan around some of his attacks.

"You'll show the world what a paper ninja can do once they put their mind to something,' Tsunade sighed, "Make sure to keep your wits about you."

"Others will try to sway me, but they will fail," Kaguya said in a surprisingly serious tone, "I'm quite fixated in my beliefs and anyone who truly believes they can change them will be surprised."

Tsunade didn't doubt that. She gave the girl a serious look. There was something in the way that she was acting that made her think that she already knew of some people that would try to sway her to their side. Tsunade smirked, she couldn't wait until they came forward. They truly would be in for a surprise. She turned her gaze towards the sky and gave a slight frown, it looked like they were about to hit their monsoon season.

She sometimes hated the rain.

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