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Some people just don't grasp the concept

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Chapter 27: Some people just don't grasp the concept of unwelcome

Julie Black

So, everything was taken care of, nice and simple.

The queen provided us an entire private jet, just as she promised. I knew Sam and others would be taking a normal commercial flight back to the States, and I almost asked the queen for a regular ticket myself, but in the end I just went with the flow, cramming myself in at the back with a bunch of smelly vampires.

Apparently the honey-blond one—okay, Jessamine apparently—and Archie, the annoying joke-cracking psychic, were interested to learn how to fly a plane, so before takeoff they'd already disappeared into the cockpit with the queen's minions. I sat in the back with my arms folded, mostly trying to concentrate on how great it was that the world wasn't ending, or else mentally work on a few new one-liners that would hopefully get under Edythe Cullen's skin at least a bit—unfortunately I was evidently off my game, because she didn't react even once, not even a little eye roll or nose wrinkle. She did glance in my direction once or twice—and, though I tried not to see it, I saw the hint of pity there.

I glared straight ahead, my arms still folded tightly across my chest. Trying not to think. About Sam, the pack, or the future. How strangely empty it felt.

At some point after takeoff, the leech momma and papa—Carine and Earnest—got up and left. It was a fairly large plane, and apparently they were curious to see more of its design. Edythe too eventually got up and headed toward the cockpit, muttering something about how she was also curious about how to fly a plane like this. Only the big blond and the one with the dark curly hair were left then, though they were at the front of the cabin, seemingly too absorbed in each other to notice anything else. And there was Beau, of course.

We flew along in silence for a short time, until at last he got up too. I expected him to go on to the cockpit to find his beloved vampire girl, but instead he turned and came to sit in the seat just ahead of me, turned back in my direction, his feet in the aisle. He gazed at me for a long moment—his skin pale as death, his eyes bright crimson.

"What?" I said at last, arms still folded.

He hesitated a second, then shrugged a shoulder. "Just wanted to see how you were doing." He paused, then added, "You know... with the smell and everything."

"It couldn't reek worse if you'd coated the place in sulfur and threw in a bucket of rotting fish," I noted. "But, I'm used to it. Werewolf, remember? We tough things out."

He nodded slowly, though he continued to eye me. He seemed to want to ask something else, but wasn't sure how to say it.

I sighed. "You know, if you really want to know how I'm feeling, you can just ask her. She can tell you."

He gazed at me a second longer, then shook his head slowly. "Actually, she can't. I have a shield over you right now, so she can't hear your thoughts."

I blinked, startled. "The entire time? That long?"

He nodded again. "It's easy to control now. I guess I just... had to get past all my hangups."

I considered that for a long moment. Then I rolled my eyes. "Couldn't have figured that out sooner, could you?"


Again, he watched me for a long moment. At last he said, "Edythe... did tell me what you did, though. That you fought off Sam's Alpha voice. And now you're kind of a pack all on your own."

I shrugged. "Yeah. No big deal, really. I didn't agree with her, so I wasn't going to go along. Glad my chieftess blood or whatever gave me the option to say no."

"Thank you," he said, quietly, sincerely. I glanced at him again, his bright crimson eyes, familiar, yet unfamiliar.

I shrugged again, staring off at the port window, the clouds rushing by outside.

"Do you have any plans for when you get back?" he asked. "Like... what you'll do?"

His tone was hesitant, uncertain. As always I could read him without even looking—how he wanted to show me we were still friends, family, but wondering if I wanted him to leave me alone, if he was making it all worse.

I sighed deeply, and let my eyes return to his face. I finally let my tense shoulders relax, my folded arms falling to the armrests instead.

"I guess I'll stop by to see Bonnie first," I said. "So she'll know I'm alive, and I wasn't eaten by bloodsuckers after all. After that... well, I guess I'll be a pack of my own. So I'll keep doing the wolf thing, keep Forks safe. It'll be nice to have my head to myself."

He was still gazing at me, and I heard myself say, "What about you? You have any plans? I guess it'll be the foiled honeymoon first."

Of course he couldn't blush anymore, but somehow he still managed to look embarrassed. "Yeah," he admitted, "Probably." He paused, then added, "Sulpicia gave me a computer to use, so I was able to see the real version of the message my mom sent, and send her one back. She's answered already—I guess she finally caved and got an ultrasound. She kept thinking I was going to have a sister, but looks like I'm getting a little brother instead."

I felt myself drawn back to our old familiar patterns—and I grinned. "Disappointed?"

He smiled back. "Not even a little." His eyes shone brightly—and I remembered then the queen's promise. That she'd make it possible for him to still be in the lives of his human friends and family, at least for a time. He would meet his brother. My smile was wide and heartfelt—whatever I was feeling now, whatever would happen, I was happy for him.

"Got a name picked out yet?" I asked.

He made a face. "My mom has zero sense when it comes to picking baby names. I mean, look at what she did to me. She's gotten on this kick lately of making names unique, and you know what an impression Earnest made on her during all the wedding preparations—she was thinking a combination name between Earnest and Phil. Filearnest."

I stared at him. Of all the horrifying things I'd seen and heard this past week, that might be close to the top. "Wow," I said at last. "That is just—wow. I hope you're planning to do something."

He sighed. "I know. I've been thinking, and she might go for it if he was named after her instead. Ren sounds kind of nice. I'm going to get Phil on it too."

I shook my head. "Saving his life before he's even born. He'll love you."

Beau looked uncertain for a moment—then he smiled ruefully. "Hope so."

We were both quiet then. I tried to absorb it—how familiar things felt, even as now that everything had changed. The path I'd once hoped for closed off from me forever.

He stared back at me, still with those crimson eyes. At long last, he climbed to his feet, with exaggerated human slowness. "Well," he said, a bit awkwardly. "Just let me know if there's ever anything I can do. You know... to make things better. Thanks again, Jules—for everything."

I raised my eyes to his, and forced a smile—feeling suddenly free in the fact that Edythe Cullen couldn't tell him what I was really feeling. Beau's power wasn't flashy, but it was fitting. He'd had always wanted to protect the people he cared about—now he could. Even if it was just so I didn't have to wait to be alone to drown myself in the emotions threatening to overwhelm. I didn't need to force myself to be tough or glib, in my thoughts at least.

"You know I will," I said.

He gazed at me a moment longer, still with the same uncertain concern. Before at last he turned away, and went on to the cockpit after where Edythe Cullen had gone.

I closed my eyes, leaning my head back against the headrest. I'd done my part. The world was safe, and Edythe Cullen was safe, and Beau would be happy. And so, for the time being, I let myself slip back down into the dark, lonely barrenness of the future.

Lightning cracked overhead. Followed by a rumbling of thunder.

However, it wasn't that which woke me, but the voices. The babble in my head, which felt at once familiar and unfamiliar.

I climbed to my feet, disoriented, and it took me a moment to register four legs, clawed feet, and a tail.

I was used to sleeping as a wolf. When I was out in the woods on patrol, or just running for the sake of running, it was safer that way. Plus these days I didn't want to have any human thoughts, even when I was asleep. If I was going to dream, I wanted to have wolf dreams—hunting down prey to eat, tearing apart leeches. But still occasionally there was that moment when I first woke up when I forgot. When I forgot everything.

I shook my shaggy head vigorously, shaking the forest debris from my fur. I turned my eyes up to the glowing full moon above—I supposed I might as well go for another run. Maybe I would even find something to eat on the way. There wasn't technically anywhere I needed to be—no orders from Sam, or anything else. I'd seen Bonnie briefly, and told her I wouldn't be home again for awhile. She would be fine—she'd talked about how Charlie had been visiting more often lately, helping out around the place. I'd never noticed before, but now it seemed obvious where that was headed. Maybe it was Beau having left home that had made his dad realize it. Even Bonnie wouldn't need me before long.

...feeling sorry for herself. Naturally.

Be nice, Lee, or she'll make us leave.

You're such a pain.

I paused briefly, one paw half raised in a step forward. The voices again—I heard them all the time in my dreams, but I was awake now. Was I losing my mind?

It's okay, Jules! You're not crazy! It's us. We're here to join your pack!

I couldn't think. Couldn't respond.

Her idea, not mine, grumbled the other voice. If I'd known it was just going to be a big pity party...

I finally found my own mental voice enough to answer. Sarah? Lee? You can't be—what are you doing here? How can I hear—

We quit Sam's pack to join yours! Sarah's voice came back excitedly. Sam still thinks Edythe Cullen is dangerous, and wanted to do something about it. She called a meeting with the elders and everything. And I figured, well, if you're an Alpha now—I should be able to able to join you instead. And if Sam's pack is smaller, she won't dare try anything against the Cullens. Lee just decided to tag along.

Someone needs to keep you out of trouble, Lee grumbled.

I still couldn't seem to think. I tried to process it all. Sam—you—no. The both of you go back to Sam. I'm not an Alpha, I'm a—an outcast. An outsider. Go back right now!

For the first time, I noticed the blur of their surroundings as they both raced through the forest toward me.

We can't, Sarah said, still with the same buzz of excitement. What we did—it feels permanent. And I couldn't let Sam attack the Cullens.

Speak for yourself, Lee added.

My confusion was quickly turning to anger. I can't be responsible for the two of you. Sam's the leader, not me. Go away!

I added, Anyway, Lee, I know you agree with Sam. You think Edythe Cullen should go, too. Why are you here? You really want to take orders from me?

Someone has to look at for the kid, Lee said irritably, defensive. She might be a pain, but she's still my sister.

Still, in spite of Lee's usual antagonism, I couldn't help but noticed he seemed almost as keyed up as Sarah. More so than I could remember. There was something else he wasn't saying.

And that's your reason? I pushed. The only reason?

I could hear the quiet padding of wolf paws on the forest floor now, and the quiet sound of even breathing. Abruptly two forms burst from the foliage into the small clearing. They both kicked up debris as they each skidded to a stop. Sarah was, of course, small, the color of sand, while Lee towered over us both, a giant gray, hulking mass. As I looked at him, he bared his teeth at me, trying not to think the answer to my question—but he did anyway. Only a glimpse, but it was more than enough for me to understand.

And it slowly sank in for the first time—I wasn't going to be getting rid of anyone. Much as I hated the idea of having to call the shots and be responsible for anyone else, Sarah I thought I could handle, like having a younger sister around. But Lee was just a bag of snark and endless negativity that just made everything bad in the world suck even more. But even he was here to stay.

I felt a flash of anger from him as he knew I'd seen through to his more personal thoughts, but after a moment he turned morose instead.

Come on, he thought sullenly. It's not like I'll get in your way. And it's like the kid said. No way Sam will try anything against your precious bloodsuckers if she doesn't have the numbers.

Lee had gotten the raw end of the deal where Sam was concerned. He had loved her, and loved her still. But she had fallen for someone else. He'd done his best to do the right thing, step out of the way. But then he'd found himself in the pack, and suddenly all his pain and self-pity was on display for everyone to see. But most agonizing of all was the horror of being inside Sam's head—forced to be an intimate witness to the love she had for someone else. And worse, the guilt and pity she felt toward him. He hated the pity more than anything, which was why he always acted like such a jerk, trying to make us all hate him instead. But Sam would never hate him. She just continued to feel horrible.

Lee didn't like me, but what I thought of him didn't really affect him. Being out of Sam's mind, the mingle of painfully intense guilt and pity that was no longer love, he was almost jubilant. He didn't care so much about the bigger picture where the bloodsuckers were concerned, or whatever Edythe Cullen had done. He would gladly move right in with the bloodsuckers if it meant freedom from the prison of Sam's thoughts.

I grumbled to myself. We are going to be the most pathetic pack in the history of packs.

I can live with that, Lee said. Now that I already knew his secret, he seemed less tense. He knew I didn't want him around, but he didn't care. He pranced in a circle, suddenly full of energy, triumphant. He abruptly turned back to me. So what are we doing, Oh-mighty-alpha? Do you want to go warn your bloodsuckers what the others are up to? We can call ourselves, 'the vampire lap-dog pack.'

I knew if I rose to every one of Lee's barbs, we weren't going to get anything done. So I just said, Yeah, I guess we better. They might already be kind of expecting that, but better they have their guard up.

I can do it! Sarah volunteered. I'll go down to their house and talk to Edythe, while you and Lee can stay here and do perimeter checks to make sure they aren't coming close.

I had a thought at this, then instantly regretted it.

Sorry, Sarah said, instantly contrite.

I didn't—I tried to say.

You did, Lee thought smugly. You thought, 'I'm in charge, I'll give the orders.'

I didn't think it like that—I tried to argue, then realized I was fighting a losing battle. Lee always knew how to get under my skin.

You're the boss now, he said. You can either accept it and try to do a good job, or you can keep pretending you're not and acting all embarrassed, and make us all look bad. Your choice.

I hesitated there a moment, staring back at the two of them. My eyes settled briefly on Lee, and though I tried not to think it, for a moment I was impressed by that bit of wisdom. At last, I sighed to myself. I knew he was right. There was probably always going to be some tension between the wolves and the bloodsuckers—or at least there obviously was right now. Which meant that someone had to deal with it, someone had to try to keep the peace and help keep things from blowing out of control. Might as well be me.

I could feel it rising inside me now—beneath the hopelessness. A sense of renewed purpose. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised—I'd always been different from Beau, and Edythe Cullen too. I was always more resilient, even if it hurt.

We'll all head over to Cullen land, I thought. I want you two to run the perimeter, and let me know if you notice anything suspicious. I'll go talk to the Cullens.

Sarah seemed disappointed, but she didn't argue, and in a moment, we were all running. She didn't need to be disappointed—with the role I was setting up for this pack, she was probably going to be seeing a lot more bloodsuckers. So much even she might get sick of them.

So you know, Sarah thought after a moment, bright. I don't think our pack is pathetic. Actually, broken hearts can be very cool. Just think about all the movies about loner tough guys with a tragic past that has to do with a woman. The more crap you've gone through, the more awesome and deep you are.

Lee and I rarely agreed on anything, but for once we were perfectly in sync. Lee put into words both our thoughts.

You know something, kid? Shut it.

Sarah decided not to pursue the subject any further, and the three of us ran as one through the forest, our paws throwing up bits of pine, as the brilliant sun rose in the distance.

A/N: And, there it is. Considering Eclipse ended on a chapter from Jake's perspective, I thought it fitting to get a bit of insight into Julie's thinking here, especially since she doesn't get the imprinting version of a happy ending.

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