This Is My Life @sara1991
Chapter 7


With Ryou, Ichigo, Kai & Mai:

Both Kai and Mai had woken up around two in the morning to use the bathroom…as they normally do. Ryou and Ichigo woke up shortly after; they heard Mai screaming.

When they got to the bathroom, the power was out, lightning was flashing every few seconds followed by bellowing thunder and…Mai had fallen into the toilet and Kai was hiding in between the toilet and sink while Ryou helped Mai.

"What happened in here?" Ichigo asked as she held a flashlight up.

Ryou sighed as he grabbed a towel and drenched it in some warm water before allowing Ichigo to clean the toilet water and urine off Mai.

"The power went out and thunder went off and Mai fell in…" Kai said as he came out of hiding.

"Ryou…she's terrified; she's shaking so horribly. She also needs a change of clothes." Ichigo said, holding Mai, wrapped in a towel; her clothes were soaked and smelled of pee.

"I'll take her; come here baby." Ryou said, taking Mai from Ichigo.

"Come here Kai." Ichigo said calmly, picking Kai up after noticing he was frozen in fear next to the toilet.

When Ichigo got to the room Kai and Mai were staying in, Ryou had just gotten Mai into different pajamas.

"I don't Mai's going to sleep in her bed tonight…" Ryou said as Mai held tightly onto his leg, before picking her up.

"Same goes for Kai." Ichigo said calmly, holding onto Kai.

"Let them sleep with us?" Ryou asked, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah." Ichigo said with a smile before they went back to their room.

Ryou and Ichigo were laying on their sides on the ends of the bed while Kai and Mai slept in between them.

Kai was doing slightly better than Mai was; he wasn't clinging to Ichigo like Mai was clinging to Ryou. He was just lying next to and facing Ichigo; he fell right to sleep…as Ichigo held his hand in hers.

As for Mai; she was clinging to Ryou. She was also very pale, shaking violently and crying so much that she was having a hard time breathing.

"Mai baby, it's ok; mommy, Kai and I are right here. Grandma and grandpa are sleeping as well; they're safe. Nothing's going to happen to you; you're safe." Ryou said calmly, placing an arm under her head so she could breathe as his other arm held her securely to him. She had her face buried so deep in his shoulder that she couldn't breathe properly.

As she held onto Kai's hand with her hand, Ichigo reached over with her other hand and started gently rubbing Mai's back.

After about five or ten minutes, Mai finally passed out, clinging to Ryou's night shirt.

"What are you doing?" Ichigo asked softly as Ryou started moving a little.

"She's finally asleep…and my arm is going numb; so, I'm rolling onto my back… Mai can then lay her head on my shoulder." Ryou replied softly.

"Mmmm…" Mai moaned when Ryou moved and got situated; but she never woke up. However, she did move around in her sleep so that she was comfy; she was laying on her side, with her head on his shoulder, one arm across his chest and one leg across his stomach. Come to think of it, I don't think her hips or upper half of her body weren't on the bed…only her one leg was; her one arm was on Ryou's shoulder and tucked up under her head.

"You look comfy." Ichigo said with a smile.

"Well, you know me; as long as she's comfy…that's all that matters. Now, go to sleep. Something tells me that tomorrow is going to be a long day." Ryou said as he closed his eyes.

"Right." Ichigo said with a smile as she too closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The Next Morning:

It was a little after six in the morning; the storms had come and gone and the sun was starting to come up.

Ryou, Ichigo and Mai were still asleep; Kai on the other hand had just woken up. He knew better than to wake Mai up…so, in his mind, he wouldn't be able to wake his parents up.

He got up and went to the bathroom, before going to check up on his grandparents. When he didn't see Shintaro, he thought that he was already up; so he went downstairs.

After a few minutes Kai seen that Shintaro was asleep on the couch; he was confused as he walked over to him.

"Grandpa, wake up." Kai said, poking Shintaro on the shoulder; he was the first to wake up, head downstairs and stumble upon Shintaro sleeping on the couch.

"What time is it?" Shintaro asked, sitting up slowly; his back really hurt from the

"It's 6:23. Why are you sleeping on the couch? Did you and grandma have a fight? Are you going to get a divorce?" Kai asked, confused.

"What are you doing up this early?" Shintaro asked, rubbing his eyes.

"I couldn't sleep. Why are you sleeping on the couch; there's a spare bedroom you could've slept in." Kai said calmly.

"Kai…I know you're incredibly smart and you've probably figured things out; but it's not for you to worry about. This is adult stuff; and we'll figure it all out…one way or another. You don't have to worry about any of it. Oh, and don't tell your sister; she doesn't need the stress…and neither do you. Do you understand me?" Shintaro explained and then asked very seriously.

"Yes, I understand." Kai said, understanding what Shintaro was saying.

"What's going on down here?" Sakura asked groggily, walking down the stairs.

"Nothing." Kai said quickly, running past Sakura and back upstairs.

"What was that all about?" Sakura asked, looking directly at Shintaro.

"Well…Kai knows we fought last night." Shintaro said, rubbing the back of his head.

"How does he know that; he was sound asleep at that time." Sakura said, shocked.

"He found me sleeping on the couch." Shintaro said, stretching out his arms across the couch.

"Why on earth did you sleep on the couch; why didn't you sleep in the spare room?" Sakura asked angrily.

"I'm so sorry… I fell asleep watching the news and weather; I was making sure that the tornados weren't coming this way…or if they were I'd be able to get all of you and find somewhere safe to go." Shintaro said seriously, annoyed.

"But you fell asleep instead." Sakura said, folding her arms across her chest, stating facts.

"Yeah…after I was sure the tornados were done and over with. I'm not that stupid." Shintaro said, standing up, holding onto his lower back.

"I never said you were stupid. However, it was stupid of you to sleep on the couch when you could've just gone to the spare room, to the bed, instead of the couch; now your back's all messed up." Sakura said, staring at Shintaro with a pissed off look.

"You know what; I'm just fine. How do you feel?" Shintaro said and then asked in a snide tone of voice.

"Oh, I feel great. It was so nice to sleep and not hear snoring right in my ear." Sakura shot back.

"Really now? It was nice to finally be able to use a blanket and not have it pulled away from me." Shintaro shot back, even louder.

From there on their arguing became louder and louder, waking Ichigo in the process.

With Ryou, Ichigo & Mai:

Ryou and Ichigo just heard Kai running up the hall and to his and Mai's room. And then they just barely heard Sakura and Shintaro start arguing; it eventually became louder and louder.

"You've got to be kidding me… What time is it?" Ichigo asked, sighing in annoyance.

"Umm…roughly 6:30…" Ryou said, groggily as he held onto Mai.

"Good grief…" Ichigo sighed annoyed.

"Mmmm…" Mai moaned as she rolled a little, almost falling off of Ryou. If it wasn't for him, she would've fallen to the bed and possibly woken up.

Ryou gently laid Mai on the bed next to him.

"They're going to wake Mai at this rate. I really hope they're not the reason Kai's up already. But I sure as hell am up." Ichigo said annoyed, sitting up in bed.

"Kai, get over here." Ichigo said when she seen him sneaking over to the stairs.

"Good morning." Kai said, walking into the room.

"Morning. Did grandma and grandpa wake you up this morning?" Ichigo asked seriously; Ryou just sat up.

"No, I woke grandpa up." Kai said calmly.

"Why did you do that?" Ryou asked, falling back to the bed with his hand on his head.

"Well, I know not to wake Mai this early; I was sure if I tried to wake one of you, she would have woken up as well. So, I went to see if grandma and grandpa were up. When I didn't see grandpa was in bed, I figured he was awake; so I went downstairs. I looked around and seen that grandpa was sleeping on the couch." Kai explained calmly.

"So…you seen that he was sleeping and you thought it was a good idea to wake him up?" Ichigo asked, looking directly at Kai.

"Yes?" Kai asked, confused.

"Kai…when someone is sleeping, you don't wake them up…not before eight anyways. I'm actually kind of surprised that you're up this early with how late you were up last night…and with this morning…" Ichigo said, thinking about it all.

"I just woke up to use the bathroom and wasn't tired anymore. And grandma and grandpa always say to wake one of them if neither of you are awake." Kai said honestly.

"Ok…" Ichigo sighed as she sat there in disbelief; if she had even attempted to wake her parents or grandparents before seven if they weren't yet awake, she'd get yelled at.

"I'm sorry…" Kai said, looking down.

"No, it's fine; if they told you to wake one of them, then it's fine." Ichigo explained calmly.

It was plainly clear that both Mai and Kai were still suffering with PTSD. Neither of them could handle being lectured; or when Ryou or Ichigo sighed in annoyance or something along those lines. Of course they handled it differently; Kai would just look down guiltily, while Mai would just start apologizing like crazy and start crying.

"Did I do something wrong?" Kai asked, looking out the bedroom door and towards the stairs when they heard Sakura and Shintaro arguing more clearly.

"Really? You have got to be kidding me. No, you didn't do anything wrong. Stay here; I'll take care of them." Ichigo said seriously, annoyed, getting to head downstairs.

"Come here Kai." Ryou said, urging Kai to come to the bed.


"Just because we're grandparents now, doesn't mean you can become a lazy slob! If you refuse to get a new job, you could at least help around the house every now and then! Or actually spend time with both your grandchildren, not just Kai!" Sakura yelled furiously.

"I do spend time with Mai!" Shintaro yelled back.

"When? When do you spend time with just Mai?" Sakura asked sternly, demanding an answer.

"I-" Shintaro started, but couldn't continue. He knew she was right; he didn't spend one on one time with Mai; and they both knew why.

"You can't answer that, can you? Why is that?" Sakura asked seriously.

"You know why; she looks too much like Ichigo." Shintaro said distantly.

"We both know that's not the real reason. Just because you can't have an intellectual conversation with her, doesn't mean you can't spend time with her!" Sakura exclaimed pissed off.

"Will you two stop it already?! Just stop!" Ichigo yelled, walking down the stairs; she had heard enough.

"Ichigo…what are you doing up so early?" Sakura and Shintaro asked at the same time, shocked.

"It's kind of hard to sleep when all I can hear is you two fighting with each other; I don't know how Mai can. But if you keep this up, I'm sure she'll eventually wake up. It's already bad enough that Kai knows what's going on…to a degree. Ryou and I heard you two fighting last night as well. What is going on with you two? Every time you two are in the same room together, it's been really tense as of late. And now, because you've obviously held it in for so long, you're fighting. So what is going on?!" Ichigo asked, beyond pissed off.

"It's complicated…" Shintaro said, not wanting Ichigo to know what's going on.

"It's not complicated at all. I love your father very dearly; but, I can't stand being around him 24/7 anymore. Also, I can't stand the favoritism he shows to Kai over Mai. I mean, yes, I get it, he loves spending guy time with Kai; he's never had his own son… But, he has two grandchildren…something we never thought we'd ever have. He should want to spend time with both of them." Sakura explained calmly…or, as calmly as she could.

"*Sigh…* Don't get me wrong or anything; I love both Kai and Mai very much…" Shintaro started, but stopped.

"But?" Sakura and Ichigo asked at the same time, narrowing their eyes at Shintaro.

"But, Mai looks too much like Ichigo…minus the eyes of course. It's hard to deal with. Also, it's hard to have a conversation with her when she barely talks; she barely talks to any of us. The only one she really talks to is Ryou. I mean, I get that too; she's daddy's little girl, daddy's princess. But, she could talk to others as well. At least Kai talks to all of us." Shintaro explained, shocking Sakura and Ichigo.

"Is that all?" Ichigo asked, tapping her foot on the floor.

"No; that's not all. But I do not wish to talk about that right now." Shintaro said seriously.

"No, tell me; tell me now." Ichigo demanded right away; these were her children they were talking about.

"Ichigo, now is not the time." Shintaro said, hoping she'd just let it go and they could go on enjoying this vacation…and maybe they'd have so much fun that she would forget about this conversation completely.

"No, now is the perfect time." Ichigo said seriously.

"Mommy?" Mai asked softly from the top of the stairs, rubbing her eyes.

"Mai, what are you doing up? What time is it?" Ichigo asked, confused.

"It is a few minutes after seven." Ryou said, coming up behind Mai, picking her up before he and Kai started walking down the steps.

"When did she get up?" Ichigo asked, looking at Ryou.

"A few minutes ago. Don't worry; they didn't wake her. She woke up because she had to use the bathroom." Ryou said, covering Mai's ears.

"Could you keep them up there for a little bit longer? Dad and I are having a discussion." Ichigo said seriously.

"Yes, I know…I can hear just fine. I was just about to take the twins to the park for a little bit before getting breakfast at the diner up the road. They don't open until eight; do you want to meet us there in about an hour?" Ryou asked calmly as Kai ran to the door.

"Sure, I'll meet you there later." Ichigo said with a smile.

"Ok. See you in a little bit then." Ryou said, leaning down to gently kiss Ichigo, Mai right between them.

"Bye mommy." Mai said, hugging Ichigo around the waist while Ryou kissed her.

"See you in a little bit." Kai said, waiting by the door, itching to go.

"See you in a little while. Love you all." Ichigo said when Ryou pulled away.

Once they were gone and the door was completely shut, Ichigo looked back at her father.

"Ok, they're all gone; so talk." Ichigo said, demanding an answer.

"You want to know what I think; really want to know?" Shintaro asked, narrowing his eyes at his daughter and wife.

"I wouldn't be asking if I didn't." Ichigo said very seriously, while Sakura stood there in shock; she was starting to get what he was getting at.

"Fine; but you're not going to like the answer. So, let me get my shit packed first." Shintaro said heading upstairs.

"Is it really that bad?" Ichigo asked confused, looking at her mother.

"It must be…" Sakura sighed in frustration.

Ten Minutes Later:

Shintaro just finished packing his things and eating a muffin.

"So, are you going to tell us what's going on?" Ichigo asked, becoming impatient.

"Fine… I think you're making a huge mistake." Shintaro said calmly.

"What are you talking about?" Ichigo and Sakura asked at the same time.

"With all of this. You shouldn't be a mother at your age. Yes, I know you didn't get pregnant and give birth to Kai and Mai. And yes, I know you didn't give consent for your eggs to be used. And I understand that's what unfortunately happened. But, you could've-should've either put the twins up for adoption or handed custody over to your mother and I when you found out. Or when you found out, you should've gotten full, one hundred percent custody of them. But they were three when he got them; they should've been put up for adoption." Shintaro started explaining, before taking a quick breath before continuing.

"It would be completely different if he had gotten them as babies and then you found out. Don't get me wrong or anything; I like Ryou, I really do. But those kids are our blood…and he has no family to help him out like you have us. Also, I don't think Ryou is the right one for you; nor do I think you're the right one for him. I'm not saying you're stupid or anything; you're actually very smart when you put your mind to it; but he's a genius…and so is Kai. Also, you two come from totally different worlds; he's rich and we're not." Shintaro continued on, taking a quick break to drink some water.

"It's been a fun ride; but it's time for the ride to be over. I know it won't be the same, but we can get an apartment or something and we can get you a puppy or some kittens; and he can live in that house with his kids. This just isn't right for any of us…especially you; maybe, you're just not meant to be a mother. I mean, things happen for a reason, right? You were sick as a child and then had that accident that made it so you couldn't have children…or well, couldn't carry a child…let alone twins. Sure, you had fifteen good eggs that could be fertilized, but all but two of them died. Even all, but two of the eggs that were stolen died. I believe it's a sign that you were never to have children. All of this…all of this was just a mistake. Well, there you go; that's what I think. That's the truth you wanted so badly to know." Shintaro finished explaining what was on his mind.

"Wow…" Ichigo and Sakura said in shock; Ichigo had to sit down before she fell.

"Well…that's your opinion. And I'll give you one thing; you're right when you say I shouldn't be a mom at my age. But that's all you're right about because I am a mom to two perfect kids-a handsome young man and a beautiful little girl. And you know what? That's never going to change. And yes, Kai is a genius, but Mai is not stupid, not in the slightest. As for the "option" for putting them up for adoption… There is no option. Those are my kids…even if they weren't biologically; Ryou asked me to adopt them after he asked me to marry him. And I said yes…to both questions. Because those two are NOT mistakes. Also, that would've been my only chance to be able to have kids and be a mom; and since they are mine biologically, it's still my only chance-and I'm taking it. God must've wanted me to be a mother, because he gave me this chance…even if I had to wait until they were three instead of as babies. I also answered yes because I love him. You do remember what it's like to be in love with the one, most important person in your life, don't you?" Ichigo asked, looking at her father with tears in her eyes; he was just standing there just as shocked as his wife and daughter were.

"Ichigo, you need to calm down a little." Sakura said softly, rubbing her daughter's shoulders.

"No, I'm not done. As for Ryou…I know he's smarter than me by leaps and bounds. I also know that Kai is going to be the same way. I also know Mai and I won't; and that Mai is a hell of a lot slower; but that doesn't stop how much I love all three of them. Also, I don't love Ryou for his smarts or money; I love because of his personality and because he's nice to me. He treats me with love, kindness, tenderness and respect. And yes, the love making is amazing." Ichigo said seriously, but with a smirk when she said the last part; that caused Shintaro to sit down in shock.

"Going back to biology…yes they do have my blood running through their veins; but they also have Ryou's. He was found first; he was given custody of them, not me. But, he still let me be part of their lives…before we even found out they were mine biologically. I will not take them away from him. When we did find out the truth, he never kept them away from me. And even if we weren't together, he said he wouldn't take them away from me; they need their mother. Well, they also need their father. And he does have family to help him out; he has Keiichiro. I thought I had people to help me out; but my dad…or the man who is supposed to be my dad just told me that he thinks my kids are nothing but mistakes. I hope I still have my mom on my side; but if I don't…" Ichigo started, only to be interrupted.

"Don't you even dare think about finishing that sentence. You will ALWAYS have me. I love you and those kids more than anything. I even love Ryou. Don't you ever think that you don't have me." Sakura said very seriously.

"Thank you mom. At least I have you. I don't want a puppy or kittens; I want my kids…and their cats and dogs that they already have at home. This is not just some ride for me; this is forever. I personally give a shit, damn or flying fuck what you think about Ryou and me dating-being engaged to him; I love him…and our two perfect little angels. And dad, if you thought this was all a mistake to begin with, why didn't you say something to begin with? I mean, I wouldn't have listened either way. But why did you decide to get so invested in their lives to begin with?" Ichigo asked, annoyed, stressed and hurt. By now, her eyes were red, puffy and tears were running down her cheeks.

"Why? Why? Why did I get so invested? Because they are my grandchildren and I wanted to try to get to know and love them as much as I could. But…I unfortunately couldn't. I mean, at first I did; but they weren't yours. Well…they were; but none of us knew that. When we found out, I was really happy for you; I really was. But then, all I could see was him in them…especially with the girl; she's always clinging to him; she doesn't seem to have a connection with you at all. And the boy, he's smart, yes; but he's also too damn nosey. Also, him being so smart is because of Ryou; that's his genes. As for the girl…she's not average; she's below average. She's never going to get anywhere because of how slow she is. I mean, where do those genes come from; because you're smarter than that; you're not slow whatsoever. Neither of them get any kid of intelligence from you; one's uber smart and has everything ahead of him while the other isn't going to go anywhere. You just need to let them go and forge-" Shintaro was explaining until Ichigo had had enough; she got up and slapped him hard across his face.

"Shut up! Just stop! I will never forget about them! I will never just abandon them for no real reason; I love them too much. They are not mistakes; and I will NEVER see them as such. And their names are Kai and Mai; Kai and Mai Shirogane. And eventually, my last name will be Shirogane as well; and we will be a family…with or without you. And as I've said before, I will love them both no matter what. Yes, Kai is a genius compared to Mai; but she is not stupid. And she will amount to something just as much as her brother will. And finally, if you don't want anything to do with them; you don't want anything to do with me. That's just fine; I don't want anything to do with you either. I want you out of my life forever…unless you come to accept all of this. I want you out of Ryou's house as well. Find an apartment or whatever; I don't care; I just want you out." Ichigo said, crying; tears were running down her face and she could barely breathe; she was so upset, frustrated and most of all angry.

"Fine…if you truly feel that way, I'll leave." Shintaro said calmly, picking up his bags.

"I want a divorce as well." Sakura said calmly, but seriously, folding her arms across her chest.

"Fine. This has been a long time coming. I can't believe you're ok with all of this." Shintaro said calmly.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Sakura asked, annoyed.

"I mean; I can't believe you're ok with your daughter making these mistakes and ruining her life like she is." Shintaro said seriously, striking Ichigo's last nerve.

"Ichigo, dear?" Sakura asked, concerned.

Ichigo didn't say anything; she just got up and bolted out the front door, tears just pouring down her face.

She didn't know where she was going; she couldn't see anything as her vision was horribly blurred by tears. All she knew is that she had to get away from there…from her father.

"Good going. Get out; here's your cards and some money for a cab. Don't go back to the house; just start looking for some place to live. I'll pack your shit and send it to your parents or something. And don't you even think about trying to get custody of Ichigo; she's mine. Not to mention she doesn't want anything to do with you. And don't worry; I'll start the paperwork for divorce papers when we get home in a few days." Sakura said beyond pissed off.

"Fine. I don't want either of you, unless you BOTH come to your senses." Shintaro said, walking to the front door; he left, slamming the door behind him.

Once he was gone, Sakura just sank to the floor and cried.

With Ryou, Kai & Mai:

"Daddy, I'm hungry." Mai said, walking over to Ryou and tugged at his pants leg.

"I know baby; but we still have…ten minutes until eight. The diner doesn't open until then. Not to mention we have to wait for you mom. How are you feeling? Are you tired or hurting?" Ryou asked, picking Mai up.

"I'm tired and my knees hurt." Mai said softly, leaning against Ryou.

"I'm sorry baby; I wish I could do something for you." Ryou sighed as he held onto her and watched Kai on the diggers.

All of the sudden, Mai leaned forward and held her head in pain.

"Mai, what's wrong?" Ryou asked, very concerned as he tried pulling Mai back to him.

"Make them go away!" Mai cried, nearly screaming; Kai came running over.

"Make who go away?" Ryou asked, concerned.

It was a good thing that they were the only ones at the park at the moment; it was still a bit dark, gray and chilly out at the moment.

"Ghost!" Mai cried, still holding her head.

"But…didn't grandma's mom make those go away?" Kai asked, climbing onto the bench.

"I thought so…we'll have to talk to mom and grandma…" Ryou sighed.

"Mommy! Daddy, mommy's hurting!" Mai screamed.

"Baby, calm down; it's ok. What do you mean mommy's hurting?" Ryou asked as he began to rock Mai.

"She's hurting; she's crying a lot." Mai cried, clinging to Ryou and laying her head against his shoulder; she was starting to run out of energy.

"Ok, let's go; we'll go see if we can find mommy. Kai, either take my hand or stay right ahead of me." Ryou said seriously, standing up.

"Yes dad." Kai said calmly; he was worried about not only Mai, but also Ichigo.

Not even two minutes later and they seen Ichigo sitting on the ground, just crying.

"Mommy!" "Mom!" Mai and Kai cried, running to Ichigo as Ryou set her down.

"Kai? Mai?" Ichigo sniffled, looking up through blurred vision.

"Mommy…" Mai said, holding onto one of Ichigo's knees.

"Yeah, it's us. Dad's here as well." Kai said, holding onto Ichigo's other knee.

"Babies!" Ichigo cried, pulling both Kai and Mai to her, holding them tightly as tears continued to run down her cheeks.

Mai cried as she held onto Ichigo while Kai held onto her confused while Ryou stood there watching them in shock and concern.

Still no one was out; and cars just passed on, not stopping to see what was going on.

"Strawberry, what happened?" Ryou asked, concerned.

"Ryou…" Ichigo said softly, somehow pulling him down next to her so that they could all group hug…

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