This Is My Life @sara1991
Chapter 3

"Kai, Mai; can you two come here please?" Ryou and Ichigo called from the living room where they and Ichigo's parents were waiting.

"Yes, what is it?" Kai asked looking at his parents and grandparents.

"Are we in trouble?" Mai asked looking at Ryou.

"No, you're not in trouble; we've just got something we want to tell you." Ryou said calmly.

"What?" Kai and Mai asked at the same time.

"We're going on a family vacation just before you two start school." Ichigo said happily.

"Yay!" Kai and Mai exclaimed happily.

Since the whole Kai nearly getting possessed incident, Kai has been active in more family events like bored games and such.

The twins both took their entrance tests to see where they would be; Mai would be in regular kindergarten while Kai would be in a special class with other kids like him…much like in Ryou's and Ichigo's dream.

"Where are we going?" Sakura asked looking at Ryou and Ichigo.

"We are going to my family's beach house." Ryou said calmly.

"That sounds like fun." Sakura said happily.

"We haven't been to a beach in years…" Shintaro said trying to remember the last time.

"Mommy starts school too right?" Mai asked softly.

"Yep; my final year." Ichigo said proud of herself.

"Will I get to see you in school?" Mai asked hopeful.

"No…I'm in high school; it's a whole different school." Ichigo said softly.

"Oh…ok…" Mai said sadly.

"Don't be sad; we'll see each other before and after school." Ichigo said with a smile.

"Ok." Mai said looking up at Ichigo.

"Do you want to learn how to swim?" Ichigo asked looking at her daughter.

"Yeah!" Mai exclaimed happily.

"Let's go. You too Kai." Ichigo said happily.

"The tub's too small for them to both learn how to swim…" Ryou said confused.

"Mom got them one of those inflatable pools… Didn't you know?" Ichigo asked looking at Ryou.

"No…I didn't…" Ryou said looking at Sakura.

"Shintaro was supposed to tell you the day you two were spending time together…" Sakura said looking at her husband.

"I guess it slipped my mind…" Shintaro said calmly.

"Of course…" Sakura sighed.

"Ok…let's get your swimsuits that daddy bought you on." Ichigo said happily.

"Yay!" Mai exclaimed happily.

"I can get mine on myself, thank you very much." Kai said blushing as he went to his room.

"Can you get yours on yourself?" Ichigo asked looking at Mai.

"No mommy." Mai said with a little giggle.

"Well then I'll help you." Ichigo said happily as she went to the Mai's room.

"I'm glad they turned out to be Ichigo's; it's made her so happy considering she was told she'd never have kids of her own." Sakura said with tears in her eyes.

"I'm not a fan of how they were conceived, but I'm glad they're hers as well." Ryou said happily.

"Thank you Ryou." Sakura said with a smile and tears in her eyes.

"For what?" Ryou asked confused.

"Letting all of us be a part of their lives. Even if they weren't Ichigo's you let us in; so thank you." Sakura said happily.

"It's not a problem. Thank you for letting me date your daughter." Ryou said with a smile.

"What if you and Ichigo weren't a couple?" Shintaro asked as Ichigo and the twins came out.

"Why don't you two wait in Mai's room for a little bit?" Ichigo said gently pushing Kai and Mai into Mai's room and shut the door.

"What's going on?" Ichigo asked coming back out.

"You're mother was thanking Ryou for allowing us to be part of Kai's and Mai's life. I was just asking Ryou, what if you and him weren't togeter. So if you two weren't togeter, would you still let us be part of their lives? I mean you have one hundred percent custody." Shintaro said looking at Ryou.

"Of course; they're her kids too. And even if they weren't her kids…before we got together officially, she was going to be their babysitter. But they are her kids so she should be able to see them. I don't know how, but I'd figure something out. Whether she gets them every weekend or three and a half days out of the week or whatever; I'd figure something out. I want what's best for them; I'd never take them away from their mother…well except for in Maya's case; she wasn't a great mother from what I understand…" Ryou said looking directly at Shintaro when he answered.

"I really like this kid." Shintaro said with a smile.

"Can we come out now?" Mai asked standing on the other side of her door.

"Yeah. Sorry; we had to have an adult discussion." Ichigo said letting Kai and Mai out.

"Can we learn to swim now?" Mai asked looking at Ryou.

"Yeah, let's go." Ryou said with a smile.

In the end, Mai learned how to swim pretty quickly; Kai on the other hand…took awhile.

"Yay! I learn something before Kai!" Mai exclaimed happily.

"Yeah, yeah…I'm sure there are other things out there you'll be able to do first." Kai said looking away; he would normally get mad if she knew something first; he was the smart twin after all.

"Yay!" Mai exclaimed happily as she knocked Kai over in the pool causing the adults to laugh…

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