This Is My Life @sara1991
Chapter 2

Ichigo seen that knife coming and got Mai out of the way; however, she got cut in the process.

"Ichigo; are you ok?!" Ryou, Sakura and Shintaro asked in shock as Mai just started crying uncontrollably.

"I'm fine; just get Mai out of here." Ichigo said seriously.

"Right." Ryou said as he went to get Mai.

"I'll take her and Ichigo. You and Shintaro deal with Kai." Sakura said as she picked Mai up and helped Ichigo stand.

"Kai, why would you do this?" Ryou asked in shock as Sakura got Mai and Ichigo out.

"Why would you try to kill your sister?" Shintaro asked pissed off.

"Why? Why? WHY? I'll tell you why; she's always getting all the attention! No one ever pays attention to me! I wish she was dead!" Kai yelled furious.

"Kai; I give you and your sister the same amount of attention! And so does your mother!" Ryou yelled back.

"But Mai has arthritis; she needs more attention. If she wasn't around, you'd have more time with me! You and I have more in common than her anyways; we're both super smart! She's retarded!" Kai yelled walking down the stairs.

"Your sister isn't retarded; she's just a little slow…but she'll catch up." Ryou said as calmly as he could.

"Not if she's dead she won't. Then we can get rid of mom, grandma and grandpa; it can be just the two of us." Kai said eerily calm.

"Kai, I love your mother, sister and grandparents very much; just like I love you." Ryou said pleading with his son.

"Why? Why can't it just be us?" Kai asked seriously.

"Because it can't; we're all a family. Kai, you need help." Ryou said calmly.

"Daddy!" Mai cried running into the house.

"Mai, go back outside…now!" Ryou exclaimed; but it was too late… Kai threw a pocket knife he had and it hit Mai in the stomach.

"Mai!" Ryou and Shintaro yelled in shock as Sakura and Ichigo ran in along with some cops.

"Dad help!" Kai yelled struggling against the police.

"I can't help you…" Ryou said sadly as he did his best to stop Mai's bleeding.

"What do you want us to do?" The officer asked as his men got a hold of Kai.

"Get him help; he needs help…even if we can't see him anymore." Ryou and Ichigo said at the same time with tears in their eyes.

"Dad, mom…what a bunch of suckers; I'll be out by eighteen. And if she's not dead by then, I'll make sure she will be. All of you!" Kai yelled as the police officers took him away.

"Daddy…mommy…" Mai said weakly.

"Don't worry baby; we're right here." Ryou and Ichigo said at the same time as they followed her to the ambulance.

"Only one parent is allowed within the ambulance." The EMT said seriously.

"Daddy…mommy…" Mai said weakly.

"Ichigo, you go with; I'll drive behind." Ryou said seriously.

"Are you sure?" Ichigo asked shocked.

"Yeah; she needs her mother." Ryou said as he helped her up into the ambulance.

"Ok. See you there." Ichigo said softly.

"Can we come along with?" Sakura asked softly; she was afraid he was going to be mad because she called the police.

"Yeah, that's fine. And thanks for calling the cops; he apparently needed that…" Ryou sighed as he got his keys.

"Let's get to that hospital for Mai." Shintaro said seriously.

When they got to the hospital Ichigo was in the waiting room, arm bandaged up.

"What's going on?" Shintaro asked as Ryou went straight to Ichigo.

"She's in surgery…" Ichigo said becoming upset.

"It's ok; she'll be ok." Ryou said hugging Ichigo tightly before letting her go to her father.

"How are you?" Shintaro and Sakura asked as Ryou paced.

"I'm ok; it wasn't that deep. All they had to do was make sure it wouldn't get infected and then bandaged me up." Ichigo said as she went to hug Ryou again.

"No stitches?" Sakura asked stunned.

"Nope. Ryou, sit down before you have a heart attack." Ichigo said seriously.

"Right." Ryou said sitting down.

"I told them that you were her father and had legal rights." Ichigo said sadly.

"Don't worry; you will once we get married. You are her mother no matter what. And her DNA proves it." Ryou said holding onto Ichigo.

"I love you." Ichigo said with tears in her eyes while Sakura and Shintaro held each other.

Two Hours Later:

"Mai Shirogane's family?" A doctor called from a door.

"How is she?" They all asked at the same time.

"She's alive and out of the woods. The knife missed any and all vital organs; but it did go in deep. She is one very lucky little girl. But I suppose the one who threw the knife was just a little boy as well…her twin?" The doctor asked in shock.

"Yes; don't ask us we because we don't know other then he claimed we didn't give him enough attention." Ryou said calmly.

"Every now and then…in rare cases, one twin can turn out to be evil…" The doctor sighed sadly.

"Can we see our daughter now?" Ryou asked; he didn't want to talk about Kai right now.

"Yes of course; follow me." The doctor said calmly, leading them to Mai's room.

"Mai." Ryou and Ichigo sighed with tears in their eyes as they ran to their daughter.

"Daddy, mommy." Mai said softly.

"I'm so sorry baby." Ryou said; he felt this was all his fault.

"No, I'm sorry; I should've been holding onto you better." Ichigo said sadly.

"I sowee…" Mai said sadly; it was her fault for running back inside.

"None of you are a fault. It's all Kai; there's just something wrong with him." Shintaro said seriously.

"Shintaro…" Sakura started.

"No, he's right; Kai is a sociopath. He felt no empathy for what he did; he even said he'd kill her and all of us when he got out at eighteen." Ryou said seriously.

"So what are we going to do?" Ichigo asked scared as she held Mai's hand.

"Make sure Mai is protected; she is our number one concern." Ryou said seriously.

"I agree." Shintaro said seriously while Ichigo and Sakura nodded their heads in agreement.

With that Ryou and Ichigo woke up covered in sweat.

"Mom…dad…" Kai said standing on their side of the bed with Mai.

"What is it; what's wrong?" Ryou and Ichigo asked looking at Kai.

"There's something wrong with me. And no, I'm not nervous about taking the schools entrance exams tomorrow." Kai said calmly.

"That hasn't happened yet?" Ichigo asked in shock.

"No…" Kai said looking at her confused.

"What wrong Kai?" Ryou asked looking at his son.

"I think Mai's in danger and it's my fault. It feels like there's another presence in my body." Kai said seriously.

"Like you being possessed?" Ryou and Ichigo asked at the same time.

"Yeah. And Mai's seen someone walking around our rooms." Kai said looking at his parents.

"Is this true Mai?" Ryou asked looking at Mai.

"Yes…" Mai said softly right away.

"I knew ghosts existed." Ichigo said freaked out.

"That dream you had was a warning." A voice said out of nowhere.

"Who's there? Kai, Mai, in bed now." Ryou said as Kai climbed in bed and Ryou picked Mai up.

"I'm not going to hurt you. Ichigo, its grandma…" A voice said calmly.

"What's going on in here? Mom?" Sakura asked and then stood in shock when she seen her mother, who had been dead for the last eight years;

"I thought she was gone…" Shintaro said before passing out.

"What's going on?" Sakura asked again.

"The twins are in danger." The ghost of Sakura's mother said calmly.

"What do you mean the twins are in danger? How are we even seeing you?" Ryou asked annoyed.

"Sakura, Ichigo and Mai have the ability to see ghosts; all the women on our side of the family have that. You and Kai are able to see me as well because Mai has different abilities. Moving on…Kai is in danger of being possessed by the spirit of an older brother who was used to being the only child until his parents had a disabled child. The child only had diabetes, but still the parents paid more attention to the new child. The boy was hit by a truck and killed instantly; he blames his parents and now he goes around looking for parents like you with young children…one child is always disabled." The ghost of Sakura's mother explained very seriously.

"I don't know if this is real or just a dream…but what do we do?" Ryou asked seriously; he didn't want anything to happen to his kids.

"Mai needs to stay strong and keep Kai protected long enough for Sakura to cross him over. I've already talked to his family through their dreams and such…they've apologized and have been blaming themselves since the accident. The daughter however, will not apologize; she's become kind of entitled…but anyways, Sakura is the only one who had training; she needs to cross him over." The ghost of Sakura's mother said seriously.

"Why can't you?" Sakura asked annoyed; she wasn't into this like her mother was.

"Because I'm dead." Sakura's mother said calmly.

Just then banging was heard from the kitchen.

"Fine…I'll do it." Sakura said as she went to the kitchen; Ichigo went with her while Ryou stayed in his room with Kai and Mai.

"Don't worry; everything will be ok." Ryou said holding Kai and Mai close.

"Daddy, I scared." Mai said softly.

"So am I…" Kai admitted holding onto Mai.

'There's the boy I know and love…' Ryou thought to himself, sighing in relief.

"You both have to be brave. Mai, you have to keep the bad spirit away from your brother or he'll hurt you." Ryou said holding onto them.

"Yes daddy." Mai said holding onto Kai.

"He's here…" Sakura's mother said softly.

"Go away!" Mai yelled holding onto Kai.

"What is this?" The boy asked annoyed.

"This is a loving family. Mom, dad, brother and sister." Sakura said walking in with Ichigo.

"But he's not older…not by much…" The boy said looking at Kai and Mai.

"No, they're twins." Ichigo said climbing back into bed.

"But she consumes all of your attention!" The boy yelled.

"No…mommy and daddy love us both." Mai said holding Kai's hand.

"We both get equal love and attention. And if she gets more I understand; I actually like to be left alone every now and then. She's my sister and I love her more than anything." Kai said shocking the boy.

"No…tha-that's not true." The boy said backing up.

"It is. And I will always protect her." Kai said hugging Mai close.

"And I love my brother and will do my best to protect him." Mai said hugging Kai back.

"And we will love and protect them both equally." Ryou and Ichigo said at the same time.

"No!" The boy yelled.

"Coal. That's your name right? Your death was an accident; your parents are very sorry and wish they could've done something to help you every day that go by. They visit your grave every day. Think about it; you know it's true." Sakura said calmly.

After a few minutes Coal went from having a black aura to having a light pink aura.

"I'm sorry I've caused so much trouble…" Coal said looking down.

"It's ok; it's not your fault. But it's time for you to cross over." Sakura said calmly, but seriously.

"Ok…I've seen that light before. Goodbye." Coal said walking into the light.

"See, that wasn't so hard, was it?" Sakura's mother asked looking at Sakura.

"I hate this job…" Sakura mumbled.

"What's going on?" Shintaro asked coming to and then he seen his mother-in-law.

"I will never leave you; I'll be with you forever." Sakura's mother said with a smile causing Shintaro to pass out.

"Mom!" Sakura exclaimed annoyed.

"What? I never liked him; I always thought you could do better. Now Ryou, him I like." Sakura's mother said causing Sakura to roll her eyes.

"I saw that young lady. Well, I'd better be going. Oh Ryou, just ask Mai someday; she sees your parents often." Sakura's mother said before leaving.

"Well…I'm going to bed. Come on Shintaro, wake up." Sakura said shaking her husband.

"Is she gone?" Shintaro asked coming to again.

"Yes, she's gone. Come on; let's go to bed. Night you four." Sakura said getting her husband up.

"I sleep with you tonight?" Mai asked softly.

"Me too?" Kai asked shaking.

"Of course." Ryou and Ichigo said at the same time; they wouldn't have it any other way that night.

That night Ryou and Ichigo slept on their backs while Mai slept across Ryou's stomach and Kai slept across Ichigo's stomach…

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