This Is My Life @sara1991
Chapter 14

Warning: This chapter contains A LOT of information in bulk. So if you do not wish to read a lot of information in bulk; you may skip or skip through the information. The character explaining everything only appears to the group once & makes maybe one more appearance later on. So yes, I wanted all the information written down together; I did not want it broken apart or separated.

I will place where large groups of information starts & where they end.

"Hello. I've just come to check on the children's vitals and everything. How are you two doing?" A nurse politely asked, walking in, noticing Ryou and Ichigo were awake.

"Could be better. Would be better if they were." Ryou answered while Ichigo watched the twins.

"Yes, I can understand that. I'd be the same way if anything like this ever happened to any of my children." The nurse replied, taking Kai's vitals before moving onto Mai.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Hello? I don't mean to intrude, but we have people claiming to be grandparents and an uncle wondering what was going on and if they could come back. Do the names Sakura Momomiya, Jin, Ami, and Tomohiro Shirogane sound familiar to you?" A receptionist calmly asked.

"Yeah. Sakura is my mother. Jin and Ami are Ryou's parents. And Tomohiro is Ryou's younger brother. Can they come back?" Ichigo answered and then asked, looking up.

"Of course. I'll be back after a few minutes." The nurse politely replied before leaving.

"Ok. Kai's perfect: no fever. BP, heart rate, pulse, and oxygen are all normal. Unfortunately, Mai has a fever of 102.3—which is two degree higher than the last time she was checked. Her BP is slightly lower, her heart and pulse are fast, but her oxygen levels are perfect. She has a two different doctors working her case: one for the bullet and anything dealing with that, and one for everything else. When she first arrived, she had a small fever of 98.8—and instead of going down, it's been creeping up. Both doctors are working together, and both agreed that—as long as they had… Da. Da. Da. Dad's permission. Sorry. I've heard of your situation—well, we all have; you're all famous among doctors and hospitals. We all know there are a few different ways achieve pregnancy—and one is for a woman's eggs to be implanted into another woman and then have a man's sperm added. However, your perfectly healthy eggs were not only stolen and implanted into a different girl—along with her perfectly healthy eggs. Your eggs were fertilized with his sperm directly. With two sets of perfectly healthy eggs, do you know what the chances of that are—especially on only the first try. You two—well three including Maya, are so far the first and only successful case. All other the participants failed—some several times. You look confused." The nurse gave Kai and Mai's results before yammering on and on before noticing the confused looks on Ryou's and Ichigo's faces.

"Here we are." "Umm… Yeah. What does the doctor want to do with Mai?" Ryou asked just as the second nurse brought Sakura, his parents, and his brother into the room.

"With your permission, her doctors would like to do some bloodwork and a full-body MRI. They both agreed not to do a CT Scan because of how little she is unless absolutely necessary. And then her second main doctor, Dr. Frisk, because her fever keeps going up, wants to do a Lumbar Puncture, also known as a spinal tap. He wants to be able to rule out Meningitis. And of course, because she's so young, she would be sedated." The nurse explained, shocking everyone.

"Yeah ok; they can do bloodwork and an MRI. They can do the Lumbar Puncture AFTER they rule out every other possibility—not before. Yes, our situation is unique, but we didn't think we're famous. And if anyone knows us, knows we're doing everything so Ichigo can legally make medical decisions. We got the first part done and now she's on their birth certificates. Now, I'm going to make myself perfectly clear: if a doctor or someone wants or needs something and need permission; they can ask both of us. Or if I'm not in the room, they can ask Ichigo." Ryou gave his permission and then firmly informed.

"Yes, of course." The nurse replied.

"Now—what were you talking about? Participants and all that?" Ryou asked, watching the nurse.

"Oh, my God. You didn't know, did you?" The nurse asked, stunned—almost horrified.

"Know what?" Ryou and Ichigo asked, standing up.

"Do you know a Dr. Noah Takishi?" The nurse asked, looking at Ryou and Ichigo.

"I've heard of him, but I don't actually know him." Ryou responded.

"I've never heard of him." Ichigo replied.

"I met him once at a conservatory convention; he was kind of a nut and got kicked out." Jin spoke up.

"But neither of you know him?" The nurse asked, looking at Ryou and Ichigo.

"No." Ryou and Ichigo once again answered.

"What is going on?" Sakura demanded, having enough.

"Mom, please calm down or you'll end up in the hospital as well." Ichigo pleaded with her mom.

"Sorry." Sakrua apologized but was still puffy.

"I don't know much because I didn't stay; I had my kids to take care of. But what I do know is that Dr. Takishi's wife passed away years ago—before they had any kids. He preserved her eggs and had a few planted in some other lady and she gave him a daughter who passed away after being hit by a truck. He saved several of his wife's eggs. And the rumor is that he still has them saved. He had been doing research—a lot of research on pregnancies, eggs, sperm, and all of that; he wanted—wants another child of his and his wife's. He's only thirty-nine; he could have kids. But he refuses to move on or just adopt. He started with rabbits because they breed indiscriminately. He then moved onto dogs and finally cats. He would sedate the animals, take the females' eggs, and implant them into two other females: one with perfectly healthy eggs and one with no eggs—after removing them. It was successful with five bunnies, two dogs, and twelve cats. Cats seemed to be the one with the highest success rate. The rabbits, dogs, and cats who gave birth rejected the babies right away—and even tried killing them. However, the mothers whose eggs were taken and implanted stepped in and protected their babies. The dads were also severely protective—which in the animal world—especially with cats isn't normal. Males will usually kill the babies so that the females will go into heat again—so that they can get action again. Well, after several successful attempts, Dr. Takishi decided it was time to try testing humans. So, he put up fliers asking for willing participants… A.K.A. Test subjects. He needed thirty people for ten groups of three. Umm… Hold on a second; let me see if I can find you a flyer. I'll be right back." The nurse explained before politely excusing herself.

She came back after five minutes; however, to Ryou, Ichigo, and everyone else, it was like an eternity.

"Sorry about that. I had to go to a different people. I have another patient to attend to, but here. This the flyer." The nurse apologized before handing Ryou the flyer and then left.

Attention People of Tokyo, Japan!

Do you need or short on Cash?

Do you want to possibly make a little pocket money?

My name is Dr. Noah Takishi.

I'm offering 30 willing people $10,000 each to be participants or test subjects if you'd like in a research study of mine.

However, I can't just take anyone in; you have to meet specific criteria.

Even if you don't meet the criteria, I will give you $2,000 just for signing up.

I need 20 willing girls and 10 willing guys.

You need to be straight and comfortable about your sexuality.

20 of you will be required to have intercourse.

10 girls with good eggs will have to give up some of their biological eggs.

The other 10 girls will receive the other girls' eggs and become pregnant with the guys' sperm.

The goal is to see if a man can naturally impregnate a girl using a different girl's eggs.

5-10 eggs will be taken from Girl 1 and implanted into Girl 2. After a few days, the guy and Girl 2 will have intercourse—and they will continue to have intercourse until Girl 2 is pregnant.

10 out 20 girls must want to become pregnant—whether they want to keep the baby or not.

If Girl 2 does not want the baby, it'll be up to the guy and Girl 1 to decide if they want the baby or not.

If you do this, because you'll all most likely be strangers, waivers must be signed, saying you're giving consent. Another waiver dealing with custody rights will be signed. Whoever takes the child has to agree not to file for child support—unless you wish to work together.

Once Girl 2 becomes pregnant, she must carefully monitor her entire pregnancy and give me the results.

However, the biggest task of this is finding out the maternity of the mother.

Girl 1's eggs will be implanted into Girl 2 and her eggs. All the eggs will be mixed together, leaving it up to chance.

Girl 1, because only her eggs are needed for this, will be paid as soon as her eggs are extracted.

Girl 2 and the guy will receive payment once she is pregnant.

If Girl 2 ends up pregnant with Girl 1's baby, the results will be a success.

If Girl 2 ends up pregnant with a baby with her DNA, the results are a failure.

Success or fail: it does not matter. You WILL be compensated either way.

You will be put into ten groups of three; you must all decide then and there what you want to do with the baby.

If Girl 1 wants the baby and Girl 2 doesn't, you must keep in contact.

If Girl 1 doesn't want the baby, but Girl 2 does, there's no need for you to keep in contact.

Once Girl 2 is pregnant & the guy doesn't want anything to do with the child, he doesn't need to keep in contact. If he does want anything to do with the child, he will need to stay in contact with Girl 1, Girl 2, or both.

I will do my best to make sure each group gets one girl who wants the baby and one who doesn't.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (090) ***-**** or email me at _takishi *****.com

I currently work at Mercy Angel Hospital West. My office is on the second floor, room B12 on the East side of the building. Please grab an application outside of my office door, fill out all the appropriate information and place it in my mailbox.

Everything is confidential: I will be the only one to go over and see everything.

If you do not qualify for my study, I will send you a letter and a check for $2,000 in the mail.

If you qualify, I will send you your confirmation letter and information on where to meet me.

"What a crock of shit. Aside from Maya, Ichigo, and myself—this is damn near impossible." Ryou stated right after reading the letter before letting Ichigo read it.

"But clearly, you three proved that it is indeed possible." Jin spoke up.

"Yeah… I realize that." Ryou sighed, looking at the ceiling.

"Maybe this is a bad time…" Ami sadly spoke up.

"Yes, the timing is awful, but it's not your fault; it's not any of our faults. You're all welcome to stay if you want." Ryou sincerely replied.

"You really wouldn't mind?" Ami asked, eyes sparkling with tears.

"No. It's been over eleven years since we saw each other; I would never turn you away." Ryou stated, stunned.

"It just sucks it has to be here and like this." Tomohiro spoke up.

"Right. Ryou, this is your younger brother, Tomohiro. Tomohiro, this is your older brother, Ryou." Ami happily introduced her sons to each other.

"I kind of figured as much." Ryou and Tomohiro stated at the same time.

"But it's nice to finally meet you. Yes, Mom and Dad loved me very much and always spent time with me and everything; they talked about you every day for at least an hour or so." Tomohiro told Ryou, walking over to him.

"Ryou's the same; he used to tell Kai and Mai stories all the time." Ichigo stated with a smile as her mother returned the flyer to Ryou, who gave it to his dad.

"It's nice to meet you as well. I do wish the circumstances were different, but here we are. And at least Kai and Mai got to meet Mom and Dad yesterday—before all this happened." Ryou replied, shaking Tomohiro's hand.

"What did happen?" Ami and Sakura asked.

"A few years ago, Mai had been shot at some point; doctors say it looked like the original entry point is that scar on the back of her right shoulder. The bullet had never been removed and at some point, in the past few hours, it dislodged from wherever it was originally and started slowly moving until it found its way in her chest. Even though she was only grazed by the bullet yesterday, it still could've been the reason why the bullet dislodged in the first place. They said she was lucky it wasn't near her heart and that it didn't bump any important arteries or anything like that. However, it did pass near her lungs—and that's why she was screaming and crying in her sleep and stopped breathing. Doctors explained she most likely felt the bullet moving within her and it caused her so much pain she screamed until she couldn't breathe. It is unclear whether or not Kai had ever been shot, but there was puncture wound near his appendix. It wasn't anything serious, but we had his appendix removed just in case and they fixed the puncture wound." Ryou explained.

"Mai had her appendix out as well." Ichigo added.

"Right…" Ryou sighed, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Those poor children…" Ami sadly sighed.

"Yeah…" Everyone agreed.

For a few minutes, everyone sat in silence, watching the twins, tv, or reading a book until lights started flashing and machines started beeping.

Two nurses came rushing in.

"Her heartrate's dropping and fast! Code Blue!" The first nurse yelled while the second nurse started getting things around.

Meanwhile, Ryou, Ichigo, their parents, and Tomohiro were freaking out.

Tomohiro didn't know Ryou, Ichigo, the twins, or Sakura, and yet he was freaking out.

"She's flatlining! Get those paddles!" Nurse One yelled to Nurse Two.

"Right. Please watch out, Sir." Nurse two calmly but firmly told Ryou.

"Ready. And..." "No! Don't shock her!" A doctor urgently exclaimed, walking in just as the nurse was about to shock Mai.

"I'm sorry Dr. Val, but I can't do that; she's flatlining!" Nurse One argued.

"Trust me; if you shock her, you'll kill her! She's not flatlining." Dr. Val seriously informed, walking over.

"Are you blind?" Nurse One asked, glaring at Dr. Val.

"No. Are you?" Dr. Val asked, bending over; he plugged something into an outlet.

After a few seconds, the lights stopped flashing, the machines stopped beeping, and Mai's heart monitor when back to normal.

"What the—she was just flatlining." Nurse Two started babbling.

"Kia, you're a trainee; I don't expect you to see every detail—especially when you're doing the right thing and listening to your trainer. Even though your trainer isn't paying attention to her surroundings. Mai Shirogane, how was she reacting?" Dr. Val told Nurse Two, Kia, before asking both nurses.

"She wasn't moving. She wasn't responding to anything." Nurse One answered right away.

"Was she breathing?" Dr. Val asked, watching Nurse One.

Nurse One didn't say anything; she just stared at Dr. Val.

"*Sigh…* I didn't think so. Layla, you should know better by now; you've been her eight years now. You still don't follow protocol or listen to your superiors. Seeing as you didn't follow protocol, you needlessly freaked the family out. I came in to check up on the patient for Dr. Cochran and talk to the parents because he had an emergency to tend to. Kia, let this be a lesson to you: when lights start flashing and machines start beeping, make sure you check the patient first. If they are breathing and their heartbeat is normal or around normal, make sure the IVs are all properly connected, check the saline and medication bags to see if they're empty or not. Most importantly, check the see if the machines are plugged in and that the Pulse Oximetry is on her finger. It saves a lot of panic. Kia, go to the nurse's area and tell them that you need a new trainer: Dr. Val said so. Also, let Gale know I'll be sending her Layla and have her take her to Administrations and wait. Now both of you, go." Dr. Val scolded Nurse One, Layla, before explaining to Kia and then instructed.

While he talked to the nurses, Dr. Val placed the Pulse Oximetry back onto Mai's finger.

"I apologize for those two and the senselessness of freaking you all out. But please don't be mad at Kia; she's in her final training stage and this is only her first day here, in this section of the hospital. This is her most important stage because this is the area she wants to work in: Emergency cases with children twelve and down. I'm Dr. Val. As I mentioned before, I'm here checking on Mai for Dr. Cochran; he is her main doctor for everything not dealing with the bullet. The doctor responsible for anything to do with the bullet is Dr. Yan." Dr. Val apologized, introduced herself, and then started explaining.

"Yes—Dr. Yan I met when we first got here." Ryou calmly stated, running his hand through his hair.

"You must be Dad. And you're Mom?" Dr. Val replied to Ryou and then asked Ichigo.

"Yes, that's correct." They both replied.

"I'm Ichigo and this is my mother, Sakura—one of Kai and Mai's grandmothers." Ichigo explained.

"I'm Ryou and these are my parents, Ami and Jin—Kai and Mai's other grandparents. And this is my younger brother, Tomohiro; he's the twin's biological uncle. We have some very close friends we consider family." Ryou explained, looking at Dr. Val.

"Well, I'm here to kind of explain what's going, check on Mai. But first, I heard from another one of Mai's nurses who you all are. It's nice to meet you, but I'm not going to gush or anything. I kind of wondered if you knew or not. Sorry. I was one of Dr. Takishi's many assistants for about two years and I was there that first day everyone arrived. After hearing his plan, I couldn't believe this was the same man I studied and did my thesis on in college. He used to be such a brilliant man. Yes, I knew his wife dying hit him hard—and then years later he finally gets a child, and she is killed in a car accident. I suppose that could make anyone crack, but not like that. But I was there and stayed until his "study" was done and over with. I know and remember every one of those thirty—twenty-seven people who showed up that day. Did either of you ever receive your $10,000?" Dr. Val started explaining before asking.

"No. We didn't even know about this!" Ichigo snapped.

"Ichigo, Sweetie, calm down; she's just asking." Sakura told Ichigo, rubbing her back.

"Sorry. I didn't think either of you knew. Ichigo, on your own, you can't have kids, yes?" Dr. Val asked, looking at Ichigo.

"How?" Ichigo asked at a loss for words.

"Your file. I have Ryou's as well. You two knew Maya well—and she knew you well. She definitely knew you well enough to fill out all the paperwork and forge your signatures. These belong to you. I knew Maya; she was my cousin. She lived with my parents, my brothers, and me for a few years; I know—knew her handwriting and kept the forms from Dr. Takishi. Oh, and these belong to you was well." Dr. Val explained, handing Ryou their files and two envelopes with $10,000 cash inside.

"I figured even though you didn't know, you should have what's yours. Maya was not happy when she found out what I did, but oh, well. But anyway, I have records from the previous hospital when she had pneumonia and understand your situation. While I know this probably means nothing, but I'm sorry for all the trouble this caused you. I also understand that you have full custody and rights of Kai and Mai—and you have since you found out about them. Everything has to be ran by you and not by Ichigo, who is their mother and didn't know it until that hospital visit. You would think they fix things then and there. But what do I know? I'm just a doctor. However, I was also a lawyer before—and I have connections. I can't do anything about you figuring out your situation about getting Ichigo legally as their mother and all that. However, if Ryou signs these papers, saying he allows it; whoever he writes down can have medical say over the twins. Please keep in mind that this is only valid at Mercy Medical hospitals and any hospital associated with us—including the one you go to normally. And until you figure something out permanently, this has to be renewed yearly—and Ryou will still be Primary decision maker on things like pulling the plug if it were ever to come to that. No, I don't think that's going to be necessary with Mai; I'm just explaining to you the rules. But with that said, Ichigo, if he signs these papers, and he writes your name down, you'll be able to give doctors permission or not to do something. Like… Say, you take the twins for the day, just you three—or Mommy-Daughter time or Mommy-Son time and something were to happen. For example: one of them steps on a nail or gets attacked by a wild animal and you have to take them to a hospital or clinic? You'd take them to one of the Mercy Medial or associates and the doctor tells you they need tetanus or rabies shots, but they need permission; you can give it. Should you decide to sign these, you can have spouse and two grandparents, but you can name as many emergency contacts you want." Dr. Val explained, holding papers in front of Ryou.

Ryou took the papers and read them over to make sure everything was legit. Once he was sure, he started filling everything out.

For rights to give doctors permission, Ryou wrote:

Ichigo Momomiya

Sakura Momomiya

Ami Shirogane

For emergency contacts, he wrote all the information for:

Ichigo Momomiya

Sakura Momomiya

Ami Shirogane

Jin Shirogane

Keiichiro Akasaka

He would've written Tomohiro down, but he's still a minor, so he couldn't.

"Ok. I'll get these in the system, and you'll be good to go by late tonight or tomorrow morning. I don't know what's wrong with Mai, but right now, just looking at her, I can safely rule out Meningitis." Dr. Val informed Ryou and Ichigo.

"So, no Spinal Tap?" Ichigo asked, hopeful.

"Well, that's not up to me; that's between you and Dr. Cochran. But I highly doubt it. I'm just going to check her arms, legs, stomach, back, and listen to her chest." Dr. Val answered and then informed, walking over to Mai.

"What time is it? Hey, what are you doing to Mai?" Kai asked, stretching a little.

"Good morning to you too. It's a little after nine. I'm just checking on your sister. How are you feeling?" Dr. Val answered and then asked.

"My side hurts a little, but I'm fine. What about Mai? What happened to her?" Kai answered and then asked, panicking a little.

"Kai relax before you rip a stitch." Ichigo calmly told Kai, holding his hand.

"Kai, were you shot a few years ago?" Ryou calmly asked, watching Kai.

"No. Why?" Kai asked, confused.

"When Mai was shot, the bullet got stuck and was never removed until last night…" Ryou started but stopped when Kai just stared at him.

"Mai was never shot." Kai spoke after a few seconds of shock.

"Kai, she was shot a few years ago—way before we knew about you two. The bullet was stuck somewhere and then got dislodged and moved to her chest; that's why she was screaming and crying like she was before she stopped breathing. Right now, the doctors are doing everything they can to save her. And as far as I know, she's stable. You both had your appendix removed. Now, clearly, you're confused, but I need you to think. Was there ever a time when you and Mai were not together—maybe for a day or two?" Ryou calmly explained before firmly asking.

"Yes, Mai is stable. She still has a fever, and her BP is still low, but her pulse and heartrate are normal—as is her oxygen. I'm going to talk to Dr. Cochran and suggest Mai only get a chest X-ray. Everything seems fine, except her chest seems a bit congested. Ultimately, it's not up to me, but I'll talk to him. Well, I'm going to head out." Dr. Val reassured everyone before explaining while Kai sat there, thinking.

"Oh, but before I go. Fair warning: Dr. Takishi is looking for you. He has none of your information; I made sure of that. But if you want to avoid him, stay away from the west side of Tokyo; that's usually where he sticks to. Although, I'm sure he'll see somewhere what hospitals you visit the most and all that. Because of Maya, he does have your names. However, he's not happy because she held information from him. I just have that feeling. If he for some reason shows up here, do you want it so that he can't enter this room?" Dr. Val warned before asking.

"Yeah. If we ever run into each other, fine; I'll talk to and give him a piece of my mind. I can't speak for Ichigo or anyone else, but I don't want him disturbing or upsetting the twins while they're in here, sick." Ryou seriously answered.

"I agree." Ichigo spoke up, agreeing right away.

"Ok. I'll let security, doctors, nurses, and everyone—including janitors know. Have a good rest of your day. Or—at least try to. Dr. Cochran will be in as soon as he can. If you need anything, just press the red button and a nurse will be in. Bye, now." Dr. Val let them know before leaving.

"There was the one time when we were two that Maya's father took me camping and hunting for the weekend—Friday through Monday; we got back early Tuesday morning. It was after his wife died. He wouldn't take Mai because it was a men's weekend. Do you think someone shot her then? Did she get hurt because I left? I swear, I didn't want to leave; Maya's dad made me, saying it would make me tough." Kai panicked after telling them about the time he and Mai were apart.

"Kai, no. Kai, relax. It's ok. It's ok. It wasn't your fault. You were only two; he was a grown man. There was no way you could just fight him off. It wasn't and still isn't your fault. Yes, that's probably the time she was shot—unless there was a different time you were separated." Ryou calmly explained while Ichigo held and rocked Kai.

"No—not that I can remember anyway." Kai replied.

"Then yeah; that's probably when. We don't know what happened. I really don't want to have to ask Mai, but I'm sure we'll have to…" Ryou told Kai before talking more to himself.

"But we'll do it together—when she's feeling better." Ichigo firmly put her foot down.

"Yes—a lot better." Ryou agreed with somewhat of a smile.

"Her fingers are twitching." Tomohiro spoke up, noticing Mai starting to twitch her fingers before bending her knees up and down.

"Mai? Baby?" Ryou calmly asked, turning to look at her.

"Go. Sit next to her. I have Kai; we're fine. Plus—we can see her better if you're not in the way." Ichigo sternly insisted before teasing Ryou a little.

"Ok." Ryou replied, going back to his spot.

'To most I know it seems like Ryou cares more for Mai. But that's just not the truth; he cares for them both the same. He tries to spend equal time with them. And even if he cared for Mai a little more, I'll always love Kai. I'll always love them both just the same. My babies. My and Ryou's babies.' Ichigo thought to herself, holding Kai close while watching as Ryou took Mai's hand in his.

As soon as he took her hand, Mai slowly opened her eyes—blinking a few times.

She was confused; she didn't know where she was—or whose bed she was in.

In a matter of seconds, Mai's confusion turned to fear, and she just started wailing.

"Mai, Baby; it's ok. It's ok. You're safe. You're in the hospital; you had to have surgery." Ryou calmly spoke to Mai, lightly squeezing her hand, getting her attention.

"Da-Daddy?" Mai asked, tears pouring down her cheeks.

"Yeah, I'm here. I'm right here and I'm not leaving until you get to." Ryou promised.

"Mommy?" Mai asked, trying to look around.

"Mommy's here as well; she's over with Kai. He had to have a surgery too. Hold still. Don't move." Ryou calmly told Mai before carefully turning her head so she could see Ichigo and Kai.

"Hi, Princess." Ichigo softly spoke.

"You're going to be ok." Kai told Mai, trying not to say anything about her being shot.

"And—they're not the only ones here. Grandma, Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Tomohiro are here as well." Ryou told Mai, carefully turning her head again; he then carefully sat her up so she could see everyone.

"You remember Grandma and Grandpa, right? My Mom and Dad." Ryou asked, looking at Mai, who looked a little confused.

"Met at beach?" Mai slowly asked.

"Yes, that's correct. And then, Mai, Kai; this is my younger brother, Tomohiro. He is your uncle. Tomohiro—even though we don't know each other well, these are you niece and nephew, Mai and Kai." Ryou calmly told everyone.

"Hi." Tomohiro and Kai greeted each other right away.

"Hi." Mai shyly greeted.

"Can we swim now?" Mai asked, a little groggy as Ryou pushed the red button.

"No, Baby. You're much too sick right now. I know. I'm sorry; this wasn't how I wanted our vacation to go, but things happen. At least we had a little fun. You and Kai got to meet your grandparents—something I thought would never happen. But they're alive, and I have a younger brother. So this hasn't been all bad. One way or another, I promise both of you, we'll do something once you're both better. We'll do something just the four of us. And then we'll do something with us, Grandma, Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Tomohiro. Ok." Ryou explained, looking at both Mai and Kai.

"Uncle Keii?" Mai softly asked as a nurse came in.

"Well—we can ask him, but I can't promise anything. You have to remember, he and Aunty Zakuro have their babies to look after right now. But I'm sure one day, we'll spend time with them. Ok?" Ryou calmly told Mai.

"Ok." Mai replied.

"Good. Good girl. Now it's time to listen and do what this nice nurse tells you to. Ok?" Ryou told Mai.

"Nurse?" Mai asked, confused.

"Hi, Sweetie." A nurse spoke with a smile.

"Not nurse." Mai very clearly spoke; she sounded so sure as well.

"Not nurse?" Everybody but the nurse asked, watching Mai.

"I think her fever's making her delirious." Jin told Ryou.

"No! No nurse!" Mai cried, freaking out.

"Ok. Mai, Baby; you have to calm down. It's ok. Ok. She's not a nurse, ok. So what is she?" Ryou told Mai, getting her to sit forward a little so he could rub her back.

Looking at Ichigo, Ryou decided to humor Mai by asking her what the nurse really was.

"Strong help spirit." Mai softly answered, not taking her eyes off the nurse.

"Strong help spirit?" Ryou asked, confused, watching Mai; she was so focused, it was scaring him a little.

"She's both keen and smart with sharp eyes." The "nurse" spoke up.

"Hmm?" Everyone but Kai hummed.

"Who are you?" Ryou demanded.

"Relax. I'm not here to hurt the children; I'm actually to help—in more ways than one. She is certainly special; she saw me for what I am when not even Sakura or Ami could. Up until the girl was born, they were the strongest two spirit seers I've ever seen." The "nurse" calmly spoke.

"Spirit seers?" Sakura, Ami, and Ichigo asked, confused.

"Spirit seers. That's what I call you. Some people call you "Mediums," "Ghost Whisperers," "Conduits," "Psychics," the "Occult," or "Wack jobs." The list goes on and on. I call those who can see, feel, hear, and communicate with the dead "Spirit Seers." "Wack Jobs," by the way, are what nonbelievers call you. But I'm sure you know that already. My personal favorite is "Wack-a-doodles." That one… Oh, but I'm not here for that…" This "nurse" explained with a relaxed demeanor.

"Who are you?" Ryou asked once again.

"What do you want? Are you here to take Mai?" Ichigo asked, becoming upset.

"Good heavens, no. The girl will survive just fine—no matter what you decide. My name is Yosei, and I am a "Helper Spirit." I'm also a "Wish Spirits. I'm not so surprised that Ichigo couldn't see or sense me; she never used her abilities, so they're dulled. I am, however, surprised Sakura and Ami didn't sense me for who I truly am. But I suppose they share grandchildren—both powerful in different ways." Yosei quickly answered, explaining who and what she was.

"What do you want then?" Sakura and Ami asked, narrowing their eyes.

Never mess with Grandma's grandchildren—especially when you have two grandmothers in the room.

"To offer Ryou and Ichigo something. I'll get to that in a minute or two. The boy: his power is his physical strength and protectiveness of his sister. He has some spiritual abilities, but he's nothing like his sister. The girl: physically, she's a lot weaker than her brother. Her spiritual abilities, however—those are massive. They are far stronger than Sakura's mother ever wished to even come close to. Many will come for her because of her abilities. There are people who want stuff that they know their family or treasure hunters or whoever hid. Her abilities are so massive, that if she called forth a spirit—even if they've passed on, will be forced to come back. She is a powerful beacon—or light. However, she is just a child. There are other children out there like your twins—a lot of other children. The difference between them and your girl is that they all had a choice. Your son also had a choice; your daughter does not." Yosei explained.

"Why is that?" Ryou demanded.

"Daddy's girl. Mama's boy. Looks like I won that bet."

"So, what Kaede and Kosai didn't tell you about is that your daughter is a reincarnation of powerful priestess from thousands of years ago. This priestess could do everything; she had immense powers. And she was kind. She was also immortal—to a point; she reached seventeen or eighteen and just stopped looking like she aged—as did the people she cared most about. However, she could be killed—and she was by a demon who sought ultimate power. He did other things to her first, but because there are children, I won't explain that. Anyway, while he was doing that, she was slowly poisoning him. Her dying words to him were: "Peace WILL rule over the world—NOT power. Yes, there will always be people seeking power—and it may win sometimes, but power will NEVER rule over anything. Power isn't everything. Peace, love, and friendship are. Always remember that. You may have taken my life, but I am not gone; I will live on in spirit, watching over the planet and its people. I may be stuck here forever because I have also taken your life." And then she died. The demon died hours later in agonizing pain."

"The priestess and demon both died that day. Neither of them were aware that they were being watched—watched by a powerful witch. Back then, most witches were evil, but there were few who were good and pure. She heard everything and decided to make sure the priestess was able to keep her word. Every two hundred years, the priestess is reincarnated—in a sense. The girls chosen as her reincarnation isn't the priestess; they are who they are and born to be. The girls chosen as the reincarnation were always kindhearted and had some of her abilities. However, none of the reincarnations were nothing like your daughter; she is an exact reincarnation. She and her brother are direct descendants of the priestess: that's why he has abilities as well. So are Sakura and Ichigo; the priestess is ancestor of yours." Yosei explained.

"So you're saying history is repeating itself and Mai's going to be taken and murdered?" Ichigo asked, panicked.

"No. Your children will not die. However, in saying that. In order to use her magic the way she did, the witch by the law of nature and natural law, had to bring the bad as well as the good. She had to use the same spell on the demon—who has also been reincarnated several times. Your Mew Mews have already dealt with that though; he was called Deep Blue. He shouldn't be reincarnated anymore seeing as your girl is the final reincarnation of the priestess. That does not mean his loyal followers won't try to bring him back or follow in his footsteps—and they will find her because she's a beacon."

"Before I get to what I'm here for, it should also be mentioned that during her ritual, the witch was killed by someone who didn't want the demon to come back. He was sorry about the priestess and all, but bringing her back wasn't worth him coming back as well. However, he was too late—and not only were the priestess and the demon reincarnated. So was the witch—also your daughter; Ami, Ryou, and your children are her direct descendants as well. That is why your daughter is beyond far stronger than Kaede, Kosai, Sakura, Ami, and Ichigo."

"Your boy doesn't have the abilities your girl does because the priestess and witch were girls of power. Yes, they had lovers and believed in equality. However, they had to be stronger than the men because most men didn't listen to them. Yes, their lovers treated them as equals. Yes, your twins are direct descendants of the priestess and the witch, but only the girl is their reincarnation. However, because they were born twins, the priestess and the witch felt it was only right that they both get something from them. Obviously, by now, you know the girl is spiritually strong. But given time, she'll be able to use strong magic. And give it time; the boy will also be able to use strong magic. They're both too young for that right now, though." Yosei continued to explain, taking small breaks to let it sink into everyone's heads.

"Their names are Kai and Mai. And why do they both get magic but not spiritual or whatever?" Ichigo started becoming defensive; Ryou had to hold her back.

"I know what their names are; I don't use them because I don't want to get attached to either of them. I like all of you people, but I don't want to be stuck here, on Earth—again. They both have powerful magic because the witch split all of what she had evenly between the two—or she tried to. She did that because she knew the priestess wouldn't be able to. Yes, the priestess wanted to. However, even though she could control all her abilities and could give her other reincarnations a gift or two; she could not control splitting her abilities in half like the witch. That was part of the witch's curse. In the end, the witch had to help the priestess with even giving your boy anything from her. It took a lot of strength for the priestess—and the witch. That is why the twins are how they are—as unfortunate as that is." Yosei answered and then continued to explain.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? As unfortunate that is?!" Ichigo snapped.

Ichigo had calmed down right and felt terrible about becoming defensive—and then Yosei went and said that.

"It means—that even though your girl is spiritually and magically stronger than your boy, she is not physically stronger. If the witch hadn't helped the priestess, your girl would be dead by now. Your girl got all of the priestess's abilities, but not her strength. The witch was able to split her magic evenly and help the priestess. But like with the demon, a price had to be paid in order to keep balance. She was able to take the tiniest amount of the priestess's strength and give it to your girl; the rest went to your boy. Your boy received all but that tiny amount of strength from the priestess and over half from the witch. Whereas your girl got maybe a quarter of her strength. Your girl got a little more than half of the witch's magic while your both got a little less than half. The unfortunate part of that all, is that your boy is and will always be healthy, but your girl will not. Your girl will always be weaker physically than your boy. Your boy girl strength and smarts. Your girl got spiritual and magic abilities. You were told she has RA, yes?" Yosei told everyone, shocking them, making Ichigo sink to her chair.

"Yes, that's correct." Ryou replied.

"If you think it's bad now, just wait until she gets older. As she grows, it will be harder and harder for her to move around on her own. You add in her breathing and intellectual issues. Although she may be slower, she's smarter than others give her credit. But that's why I am here; I'm here to make you a deal that will kind of change their lives—to a point." Yosei explained, shocking everyone even more.

"What deal?" Ryou and Ichigo asked.

"Every time a really goodhearted reincarnation with bad situation appears, I or one of my associates come and make deals to make their life a little easier." Yosei answered.

"What's your deal?" Ichigo desperately asked.

"Keep in mind, should you accept my deal, you have to take the good with the bad to keep everything balanced. Can you accept that? No matter the consequences?" Yosei reminded and then explained.

"Do we have to say yes or now right this instance?" Ryou asked, looking at Yosei, holding Ichigo; Kai and Mai both fell asleep a few minutes ago.

Everyone else was intensely listening to Yosei and watching to see how Ryou and Ichigo would react.

"No, you do not. If you want to keep it how it is, I will leave. If you want to hear my deal, I will tell you and then you can talk, come to an agreement, and tell me your answer. Do keep in mind, you two are the only ones who can make this decision; your parents and brother cannot, and do not have or get a say. However, yes, you may get their opinion on it all. And so there's no resent, whatever you decide, none of you will remember this day. The decision is up to you two. Also know, there won't be a lot of changes with your boy; this will mainly concern your girl." Yosei replied.

"I want to hear her deal." Ichigo told Ryou right away.

"Yeah, I know; so do I." Ryou replied.

~Warning: First Batch A Lot of Information Starting here~

"Ok. There is a lot, so try to keep up. Your boy is very goodhearted and helpful while your girl is pure-hearted, helpful. Your boy will still be physically stronger and smarter than your girl. Your girl will still be spiritually and magically stronger than your boy. You will rarely have to worry about your boy. Whereas your girl, you will always have to keep an eye on her—or someone you trust will. They will both have friends; you don't ever have to worry about that."

"School contacted you yesterday, saying something was wrong and they had to retake their entrance exams. Your boy will be fine to be take them again and can go to school. Your girl however—she may barely pass and get in, but she will always be behind the other students and she will be mercilessly bullied for her lack of intelligence and differences. As hard of a decision this would be for you, it's better and safer for her to be homeschooled or something like that. But with that said, you'll have the choice to send her to school or not. However, you will see before they start school how bad it'll be."

"I can take away her rheumatoid arthritis, but she will occasionally, for no reason, just fall over. She wall also easily become easily winded because of her weak lungs and asthma. That does not mean she won't be able to have fun; she'll be able to go to parks, zoos, waterparks, activity places where you play in ball or foam block pits and crawl all over the place. She'll just have to take it slow and be monitored. She will not be able to run more than a few minutes before becoming winded."

"I can make it so your girl doesn't have autism, but she will have severe ADD and mild OCD. With the OCD, she'll understand other people have different ways of keeping things, but things in her room or around your house (not any of your rooms) she'll have to have a certain way, or she'll have a panic attack. She won't have basic anxiety but will have social anxiety; it will be somewhere between mild and severe. Your girl may get upset, but she won't have an attitude and will rarely argue with anyone."

"Your boy will also be OCD, but his won't be as bad; he will however, as he gets older have an attitude—mainly towards Dad. Though he may have an attitude, he does love and respect both parents, his uncle, and all grandparents except Grandpa on Mom's side. As he gets older, he'll pull away and not want to spend so much time with his sister, but he will always love and be super protective of her. He will defend her against all bullies and what you call haters."

"Your boy will be both smart and athletic—and popular. He will be top of his class and be in several sports and clubs: Math Elites, Science Club, Chess Club for a short time, Soccer, T-ball, Soft Ball, Baseball, and Basketball. He will be in Science Club far longer than Math Club and will be the president. In two of the sports, he will be captain."

"Your girl may be slow, but she isn't and will never be stupid—no matter how many people say otherwise. She will struggle with math, every type of science, geography, consumer education, most things about computers. But if she's given time, she may be able to figure something out. History, because she likes to read, will be hit and miss. She's not very good at retaining information, but if she re-reads something a few times, she may be able to retain it for longer than a day or two. For several reasons, she will never be able to live on her own. Your girl will succeed and excel in reading and writing stories and poems."

"But onto the important stuff—not that all that information wasn't important. This has to do with before you. You didn't find out about them until they were three because Maya kept and didn't tell you anything about them. She lied, cheated, and stole for money to get them. I cannot change that. If I changed any of that, they won't exist—or they wouldn't be your children; they would most likely have a different mom. Dad would still be the same because Maya got you drunk and had sex with you. With that said, I can make changes. This is where everything I said before comes into major play."

"Again, you didn't find out about them until they were three. However, with this deal and change, Dad, after you had that last drunk night with Maya, you and Keiichiro moved back to America for a little over a year for reasons I cannot tell you. You and Maya had a few drunk nights together—and most of those times, she drugged you with ecstasy. Anyway, you moved back to Japan because you missed your friends and you finished whatever business you had to take care of there. You become sick for some time and end up in the hospital for a few days. That's how your DNA is obtained. The day you leave the hospital is the day you find out about your twins. When you find out about them, they will only be a few months and only suffered light abuse. Like this time around, you have more DNA tests for proof and take them as soon as you can after that. Seeing as they were only mildly abused, they grew up happy children with you."

"The price for that is you being on your own in the café for two years because Keiichiro stayed in America for another year because he was dating someone—you don't like. And all the girls have their own lives to live. They help you when you absolutely need, but otherwise you're on your own."

"Mom, you and Dad don't find out you're the twins' mother until they're two and a half because you've been living with Masaya in England for the past few years. You finally have enough and move back; he follows. However, shortly after he starts acting shady because as you know, he is cheating on you."

"Because you had been living with Masaya and Dad had the twins by himself for nearly two and a half years, they live eawith him during the week and you on the weekends. That is of course, until you, of course, move in with them. You and your mother help Dad whenever he needs. Your dad, on the other hand is your price; he leaves as soon as you find out and decide to a part of the twins' and Dad's lives. As soon as you decide you're going to be part of their lives, you and Dad do all you can to do what you're trying to do now. You get your name on their birth certificate almost right away, but Dad has primary custody and makes any and all decisions involving them—not by choice. That's all law and government and such. You won't get any say until they're four and a half or five."

"Now, those all seem like easy prices, right? Well, we still have to go over their PTSD. Your boy will not have PTSD because won't go through—or have to go through anything to cause it. However, he will have and hold onto anger because your girl will have something horrible happen to her to give her severe PTSD. No, I cannot tell you what, but if you take the deal, you'll soon know. I can say it'll be worse than what they went through before they came to you this time. It's why your boy is so protective of the girl. One of the reasons. I can't tell you what her triggers her PTSD or if she has nightmares or night terrors. But she will have all of you for help."

"Your girl will often be sick—mainly with pneumonia. It's only bad enough to need a hospital twice. She won't need many ER visits and you won't be here right now. This will never have happened."

"Yes, you will find out your parents alive and that you have a brother. And the stuff with your grandparents is still the same as well. None of that will change and no price is needed."

"Now, it's plainly clear that your girl is a daddy's girl, and your boy is somewhere in between. With this change, your girl will still be Daddy's girl and will cling to him more, but she will still love Mom and want to do things with you just you and her—or you and grandma(s). Your boy will be Mama's boy and will cling to her more. But like your girl, he will still love Dad and want to do things with just you and him—or you and grandpa—until he's a teenager."

"Dad will baby and mostly care for your girl more, whereas Mom will want her to do things by herself. However, Mom babies and mostly cares for your boy more, whereas Dad will push him."

"Your parents and brother will all be involved, but they won't live with you. Mom, your mom will still live in her old home; the bank didn't take it. There's no price because they illegally took it from them. Your dad lives elsewhere—unknown because you don't have a relationship with him. Dad, once you find out about them, your parents and younger brother talk and move near you. Dad, you don't live in the house you live in now because Keiichiro never moves in with you; he and Zakuro move in together right away. You live in a home with just one floor, a basement, an attic, two-car garage, a cellar, on three acers of land in the country. You'll have two pools, gated in, a hot tub/jacuzzi, jungle gym, and a playhouse in your yard. The house has a five rooms: master and four regular rooms. There are a few bathrooms. It's nice, but that's all I can tell you."

"Finally, for reasons I cannot tell you, instead of turning five, the twins will be turning four and your boy won't be entering school for another year. But that's it. Now, the decision is up to you. I will give you ten minutes to talk and decide what you want to do. I'll be back in ten minutes." Yosei spent about an hour explaining everything, taking breaks to breathe, and letting what she was saying sink in before informing them they had ten minutes and left.

~Information Ends Here~

"Well—that certainly was a lot of information." Sakura spoke first, leaning back in her chair.

"Yeah—p." Everyone agreed.

"So, what are you going to do?" Tomohiro asked, looking at Ryou and Ichigo.

"It's not our business; it's there's. Who knows what could happen if we get involved?" Ami told Tomohiro.

"Maybe we should let them be." Sakura sighed, standing up.

"Agreed." Jin and Ami agreed right away.

"Wait. Please. You may not have a say, but she did say you could tell us your opinion." Ichigo stopped them before they could leave.

"Ichigo's right. For reasons that it might sway our decisions, don't give us your reasonings, but just say yes or no if you think we do this or not." Ryou told them.

"I don't know you—any of you, so I can't tell you what to do. I honestly don't have an opinion. The only thing I want is to get to know you—whatever you decide." Tomohiro was the first to answer.

"Hunny, there's not right or wrong decision. All that matters is that you two have these two wonderful miracles. That's all that should matter. You're both doing amazing jobs. Whatever you decide, I'll support you—both of you." Sakrua sincerely told Ichigo before kissing the top of her head and warmly smiled at Ryou.

"She's right. But yes, I think you should take the deal." Ami spoke, knowing something the others didn't.

"Honestly, I don't know. We just found you again. How long will it take to find you if you take the deal? But as long as we find you again, it's going to be fine. You two talk and make a decision together." Jin spoke, leaving with the others.

"Well—what do you want to do?" Ichigo asked, concerned, looking at Ryou.

"I think we should take the deal. I know they were trying to keep us from noticing, but I saw something in Mom's and your mom's eyes. They know something. And honestly, if we don't take the deal, what's going to happen to Mai?" Ryou answered Ichigo and then asked.

"Yosei said she wasn't going to die, though." Ichigo told Ryou.

"I know what she said—but the way she said it and how she explained everything… I'm not so sure. And just looking at Mai now—she's not doing well. Ichigo, look; everything's dropping except her temperature. I don't know what you want to do, but I want to take the deal." Ryou told Ichigo.

"I want them both to survive, but I'm scared." Ichigo admitted.

"I'm scared too. I don't know what could be worse than what they went through those first three years with Maya—and honestly, I'm terrified to find out. But I also don't want to lose our daughter or son. Do you absolutely not want to take the deal?" Ryou admitted and then asked Ichigo.

"I don't know. What would happen if we can't decide what we want?" Ichigo questioned, looking at Ryou.

"Do you really want to know?" Yosei asked, appearing out of nowhere.

"It hasn't even been five minutes." Ichigo protested right away.

"I know that. I asked if you really wanted to know what would happen if you couldn't agree." Yosei replied.

"Yes, we want to know." Ryou and Ichigo answered.

"If you can't agree, I can grant the deal for just Dad—and you two would just be in alternate universes. Staying here, the girl would die and it'd just be the boy. After some time it would drive Dad crazy and he'd kill himself because, as much as he loves you and the boy, the girl was his world. So it'd just be Mom, the boy, all three grandparents, and the uncle. No his family wouldn't push you away because it wouldn't be your fault."

"Taking the deal, all changes would be the same—with the added addition of there being a fifty/fifty percent chance of you and Mom being together. If you two end up together, everything above applies. If you don't end up together, there's a fifty percent chance that Mom is dead or you each take custody of one child. Dad would get the girl because of their bond and Mom would get the boy because of their bond. With the option of the parents each having a child, the only thing that would change is that the boy wouldn't be as protective of the girl. Mom and Dad don't want to separate the children, so they bring them to meet up somewhere for a few hours. Or one takes both for a day and then the other takes them for a day the next time. So the boy is still protective, but not as. If he sees or hears someone bullying or picking on her, he'll snap. But otherwise, he has his friends and life." Yosei answered and explained.

"So, you're saying the theory of multiple universes do exist? Does the Mew Mew Project exist in both worlds?" Ryou asked.

"Yes, it does; you're the one who completes it." Yosei answered.

"If we both agree to take the deal, what happens here?" Ichigo asked, closely watching Yosei.

"Both children die. The girl in the hospital and the boy later on because Dad kills himself and Mom's out of touch until it's too late and she kills herself, leaving the grandparents and uncle alone." Yosei answered.

"Wouldn't that be the same fate if we split the deal because we couldn't agree?" Ryou asked.

"No. Because Mom decided to stay. It would be her choice to stay." Yosei answered.

"I'm sorry, Ryou, but I want to stay." Ichigo firmly told Ryou, not changing her mind.

"I'm also sorry. I don't want to lose either of my children; I want to take the deal." Ryou told Ichigo, standing his ground.

"Well—this is definitely different and not what I was expecting. I guess I loss that bet. But ok then. Mom, you'll stay here and that'll be that. Dad you've decided to take the deal and head into the unknown. Once you both wake, you'll remember nothing of any of this. And Dad; you'll find out whether or not you and Mom will be together because you and your children will be home. Mom, your boy will be turning five. Dad, your twins will be turning four in a few months." Yosei told them, lifting her arms to get ready.

"I'm sorry. Goodbye. I loved our time together." Ryou and Ichigo told each other with sad smiles.

"Oh, and before I do send you on your ways. Just for my entertainment: Mom, your boy will have a few different girlfriends, but does eventually find the right one and gives you grandchildren. Dad, your boy has lots of girlfriends for several different reasons; it takes him a long time to find the right one. Your girl only has one boyfriend; he takes really good care of her and you approve. You have lots of grandchildren." Yosei told Ichigo and Ryou. Ichigo seemed ok, but Ryou looked horrified before everyone passed out and went wherever it was that they were going…

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