This Is My Life @sara1991
Chapter 11

"Well hello; did you have a good nap?" Ichigo asked, looking at the twins.

"Daddy? Mommy?" Mai asked softly, looking past Ichigo and to Ami and Jin.

"Umm…" Ichigo started; she didn't really know them, and they were Ryou's parents.

"Come here baby." Ryou said calmly, picking her up while Ichigo picked up Kai.

"Ok… They ran into us earlier, so, Kai has already met them; Mai, these are my parents, your grandma, and grandpa. Mom, Dad, this is my and Ichigo's daughter, Mai. Please, don't overcrowd her; she's very shy and doesn't handle that very well." Ryou said calmly, holding a confused-looking Mai, who started crying.

"What's wrong?" Ryou and Ichigo asked, confused.

"I don't want them to eat my brains!" Mai cried, confusing everyone but Kai, who was doing his best not to burst out laughing.

"Why would they eat your brain?" Ryou asked, rocking Mai, while Ichigo looked a Kai, who all of a sudden looked guilty.

"Kai said zombies were coming, and zombies eat brains. Gramma and grampa died a long time ago; you said so." Mai cried into Ryou's shoulder.

"Kai…" Ryou and Ichigo said at the same time, narrowing their eyes at Kai.

"Sorry…" Kai mumbled.

"Something tells me they're going to be the typical brother and sister." Jin said, looking at everyone.

"Yes. But as long as they don't end up like my sister and brother…" Ami sighed as she remembered how her brother and sister were with each other, and how she was the go-between.

"Amen to that." Jin said simply, knowing her family history.

"Mai baby, zombies aren't real; your brother is just trying to scare you for some reason. As for grandma and grandpa…they're not dead; I was wrong. I had seen the fire that day and thought they were burned alive. They thought the same about me and Uncle Keiichiro.

Which reminds me; Keiichiro is alive as well; he is with his fiancé and children now. So, grandma and grandpa are alive and well…are not zombies who are going to eat your brain. Are you ready to meet them?" Ryou explained calmly and then asked just as calm.

"Is grampa mean, like our other grampa?" Mai asked, looking up at Ryou with some tears running down her rosy-red cheeks.

"No, Grandma and Grandpa Shirogane are very nice; just like Grandma Momomiya.

Now, what do you say; do you want to meet them? They really want to meet you." Ryou said calmly, bouncing Mai a little in his arms.

She turned a little in his arms and looked at Jin and Ami for a few seconds before turning back to Ryou.

"You promise they're not zombies?" Mai asked innocently, looking up at Ryou.

"I promise they're not zombies." Ryou said, looking her in the eyes, before shifting her a little, so that he could hold up his pinky; Ichigo had taught her about the power of the pinky promise a few months ago.

"Huh! Ooohh. Ok.' Mai gasped, and then said softly, wrapping her pinky around his.

A pinky promise was serious and meant that it was an unbreakable promise.

"Ok…" Ryou said with a smile as he set her down, in front of his parents.

She looked back at him for a second before slowly walking to Jin and Ami.

"Hi." Ami said softly, but with a huge smile.

"Hello." Jin said calmly, smiling at her.

"…Hi…" Mai said softly, looking up at them.

"She's so adorable; she's just a combination of the two of you.

Such pretty red hair like her mom and grandma, and big blue eyes like her daddy and me. Can I hug her?" Ami said, doting on Mai before looking up at Ryou.

"That's up to her." Ryou said calmly; Mai normally had a hard time with new people.

"Can I hug you sweetie?" Ami asked gently, looking at Mai, who looked back at Ryou.

"She's not going to eat your brain. Kai, get over here and apologize to your sister; explain to her zombies aren't real." Ryou said seriously, annoyed.

"Ok… Mai, zombies aren't real; I was just telling you a story from some show I had seen on the tv a few weeks ago. I'm sorry I scared you; grandma and grandpa are not zombies and are not going to eat your brain." Kai apologized, looking directly at Mai.

Kai loved Mai very much, but he was starting to get different interests than her and wanted to do his own things. Plus, he was smarter than her; she didn't understand what he was into.

Plus, they were safe now; they should be able to do and go their separate ways. But it's not like they won't still do stuff together; they'll always be brother and sister and have each other's backs. He was one hundred percent damn sure that they'd be doing family stuff together.

"Ok…you can go back to do whatever it is you were doing. Unless your mom has something, she'd like to add." Ryou said seriously.

"I never had any siblings to play or argue with…but I have seen friends who have; all I want is that you don't torment your sister. Same goes for you, Mai: no tormenting your brother. You both have been tormented enough as is. Neither of you needs any type of torment." Ichigo said calmly, yet seriously.

"Ok." "Yes, mommy." Kai and Mai said at the same time; Kai went over and hugged Mai before he back to the couch to watch tv.

After a minute or so, Mai turned back to Ami, walked up to her, lifted her arms, giving Ami permission to pick her up and hug her.

"You're are just the cutest little thing, I've ever seen; you're just too adorable. And you; you're one of the most handsome little boys I've seen in a long time. I miss having little, little kids around. Oh, your uncle will just love you two." Ami said excitedly.

"Uncle?" Everyone, but Jin asked, shocked.

"I didn't think you had any siblings." Ichigo said, looking at Ryou.

"Neither did I…" Ryou said, looking at his parents.

"Sorry…" Ami said, looking down.

"We were going to wait until you were done with your beach trip was over to tell you. But I guess we were also going to wait to see you as well. Right after the fire started, we did get out. About ten or fifteen minutes later, we could you screaming for us…and then it got muffled. We were drug away by some of the neighbors, but we did go back and look for you; we couldn't find you or Keiichiro anywhere. So, we assumed you were dead. And as it would turn out, you thought we were dead as well. Your mother became severely depressed for a few months; so, I thought it best that we try for another child. Maybe we could end up with a girl this time. It took a while, but she did become pregnant, but not with a girl; we ended up having another boy…obviously. That's why they have an uncle. Anyway, we named him Tomohiro Shirogane, and he is eleven and a half but will be twelve in August; so, he's eleven and a half years younger than you. He's smart but not as smart as you, but he is incredibly wise for his age." Jin explained calmly.

"We didn't have another child to forget about you; we never forgot about you.

My heart felt empty without you…even after Tomohiro was born. I mean, I love both of you boys more than anything in this world…well except for Kai, Mai, and even Ichigo now. Please forgive us…" Ami explained, panicking a little.

"I'm not mad at you… Hell, I can't be mad at you; I went out, got drunk helped create these two on what I thought was the anniversary of your deaths. I made a mistake. However, out of that mistake, I got two little miracles. At the time I knew you wouldn't approve of me wallowing in your deaths, but I didn't care; I missed you so much. I understand that you thought I was dead and just wanted to be happy. If a child filled that void…great. You never forgot or stopped loving me. That's what truly matters. And, as I said, I gained two miracles. Ichigo got two miracles, that without her, they most likely wouldn't be here." Ryou explained calmly.

"Oh, Ryou…" Ami cried with tears of happiness.

"Gramma, are you sad?" Mai asked softly when she felt tears on her face.

"No, I'm happy…incredibly happy." Ami said with a smile, but still had tears in her eyes.

Now, Mai was very confused; the only time she had seen people cry was when they were sad.

"Ok, pass the child; it's my turn to meet her. You shouldn't squeeze the life out of Ryou with her in your arms as well." Jin said seriously, yet calmly as well.

"Go see grandpa." Ami said with a smile, passing Mai to Jin.

"May I hold you now, Mai?" Jin asked as Ami held her there.

Mai stared at him for a few seconds before reaching for him.

Once he had her in his arms, Ami immediately ran to Ryou.

"Who would've thought I'd ever have a granddaughter? And such a pretty one at that?" Jin asked, looking at Mai.

"My baby boy is all grown up!" Ami cried, hugging Ryou, embarrassing him, before she went to hug Ichigo.

"Mom…" Ryou groaned, embarrassed.

"Would you like to meet him? Your brother?" Ami asked, looking at Ryou.

"Is he here somewhere as well?" Ryou asked, looking at his parents.

"No; he's with mom and dad." Ami said with a smile as Jin set Mai down.

"They're still alive?" Ryou asked, somewhat shocked.

"Of course. Why ever would you think that?" Ami asked, looking at Ryou.

"I called them a few times, but they never answered, or called me back when I'd leave them messages." Ryou said seriously.

"When did you do that?" Jin asked seriously.

"Uhh. Several times after the fire. After a month, I started calling once a month for four months before moving onto once a year for two years; and still nothing. I just figured they both died. I would've gone straight there, but I don't know where they live, let alone if they're still in the country." Ryou said, looking at his mother.

"Do you think they knew?" Jin asked, looking at Ami.

"I can't imagine them keeping that from us. Why would they that from us?" Ami asked, becoming upset.

"I don't know. I'll guess we find out when we go back there…either to pick him up…or to stay there." Jin said, looking from Ami to Ryou.

"Yeah, I'll meet him." Ryou said calmly.

"Great; we'll go get him." Ami said calmly, but inside she was conflicted; did her parents know Ryou was alive and didn't tell them? Or, did they not know?

"We'll be back in a few hours." Jin said as they left.

"Daddy, can we go swim now?" Mai asked softly, looking at Ryou after Ami and Jin were gone.

"Umm…for a little bit. But you need to promise that when I say it's time to go, you'll be a good girl and listen." Ryou said seriously.

"Yes daddy, I promise." Mai said, holding up her pinky.

"Good girl." Ryou said, picking her up.

"Are you coming?" Ryou asked, looking from Ichigo, to Kai, to Sakura.

"Nah, I'm going to stay here and eat my soup and then take a shower." Sakura said calmly, with a smile.

"I don't want to go swimming…" Kai grumbled.

"You two go and have fun; I'll stay here and watch Kai…and mom." Ichigo said with a smile.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Sakura asked, looking at her daughter.

"It means, I'm going to make sure you don't fall asleep. The doctor said you need to stay awake for four to five hours unless no longer seeing stars, shapes, or colors." Ichigo said seriously.

"How did you get to be so mature?" Sakura asked with a smile; she was incredibly proud of Ichigo.

"I have a great mom, a wonderful fiancé, and amazing kids…and I couldn't be happier. But mainly because I have a great mom." Ichigo said with a smile as Ryou took Mai upstairs to get changed…

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