Family is All That Matters @sara1991
Chapter 11

After half an hour, they arrived at a large house.

"Where are we?" Teddy asked, looking out her window.

"Who's house is this?" Kishu asked, causing Knickers to shake his head.

"This is our house—our home." Trunks answered, removing the keys from the ignition.

"Really?" Kishu and Teddy excitedly asked.

"Yep. Starting tomorrow this is where we'll be living." Trunks replied before getting out.

"Tomorrow?" Teddy asked, confused when Trunks opened the door.

"Yes. Tomorrow. Elm and Lily won't have their beds and dressers until tomorrow. And I promised Grandma we'd spend one more night at their place before moving." Trunks explained.

"Ok." Teddy replied, happy with that answer.

"Can we get out now?" Kishu impatiently asked.

"You can, but you need to stay by the van and Grandma. Don't go running off. Do you understand me?" Trunks answered and then sternly ordered.

"Yes." Kishu and Teddy answered.

"That means you too, Knickers." Trunks told Knickers.

"Yes, Dad." Knickers calmly replied.

"Can we go to the other side of the van to look at the house?" Teddy eagerly asked.

"Let me out, please." Vegeta told Trunks, standing there.

"Ask Grandma or Grandpa. Knickers, please take Elm with you." Trunks replied, moving so Vegeta could get out.

"Ok." Knickers, Kishu, and Teddy, replied, stepping out of the van.

Trunks handed Elm over to Knickers but was quickly set on the ground because he wanted to walk.

"Daddy." Lily happily said, looking at Trunks, bouncing her legs.

"Lily. I know you and Grandpa were playing a game, but now it's time to wear your shoes. Ok?" Trunks told Lily, holding her shoes in front of her.

"Out?" Lily softly asked, holding her blanket, holding her legs still.

"Yes, you're getting out of your seat. Do you know why?" Trunks asked, slipping her sandals on before removing her from her seat.

"Tay-toes?" Lily innocently asked.

"No. I'm showing you, Elm, Teddy, Kishu, Knickers, Grandma, and Grandpa our new home. We're going to spend tonight at Grandma and Grandpa's, but tomorrow we're going to be moving into our new home. Do you understand? No? I didn't think so… Umm… Starting tomorrow, we're going to be living in our new home; we're going to be living here." Trunks explained once he and Lily were outside, looking at the house.

"Why?" Lily questioned, looking at Trunks.

"Why? Because this is our home. This is where you, your brothers, sister, and me will be living as a family. Grandma and Grandpa will come visit, and we'll visit them. Are you all ready to go see?" Trunks answered Lily before asking everyone else.

"Yeah!" Kishu and Teddy exclaimed, running to the house.

"I'll keep an eye on them." Knickers sighed, following Kishu and Teddy.

"I'll keep an eye on them." Bulma stated with a smile, following Kishu, Teddy, and Knickers.

"Are you two ready?" Trunks asked, holding Lily while looking down at Elm.

"Sure." Elm replied, following the others.

"Keep your guard up." Vegeta told Trunks as they started walking to the house.

"Right." Trunks agreed.

"Down pease." Lily asked, looking at the ground.

Trunks didn't say anything; he just set her down but kept her blanket, watching her run, feet inward.

"Em!" Lily cried, running to Elm.

"Lily, be careful." Elm told Lily, catching her before she fell.

Lily didn't seem too bothered as she grabbed Elm's wrist with both hands.

'This is going to suck. This should've never happened in the first place… God, I'm stupid.' Elm thought to himself as he and Lily walked up with everyone else.

However, there was a roadblock; Lily couldn't get up the three steps to the door; neither could Elm.

"Come on." Vegeta told them, picking Elm and Lily up as Trunks walked to the door to unlock it.

"In we go." Trunks instructed, stepping aside so everyone could go in.

"This is so big!" Teddy cried, running around.

"It's huge." Kishu said in shock.

"The size of the house puts the pictures to shame." Knickers stated, looking around.

'This'll be great for Lily.' Elm thought to himself, looking around after Vegeta set him down.

"No!" Lily cried, clinging to Vegeta.

"Lily, what's the matter?" Trunks asked, concerned.

"Do you want to get down and walk?" Bulma asked, looking at Lily.

"No!" Lily cried.

"Dad, set her down for a second." Trunks told Vegeta, getting Lily's blanket ready.

Vegeta did as Trunks told him—well, he tried to.

"No! No! No! No!" Lily screamed, refusing to let go of Vegeta, having a panic attack.

"Lily look what I have. Do you want your blanket?" Trunks asked, kneeling in next to the distressed girl, clinging to his father.

Lily stared at Trunks and her blanket for a good minute and a half before letting go of Vegeta and slowly walked over to Trunks.

"Come here. What's the matter?" Trunks gently told Lily, securely wrapping her in her blanket before asking as he lifted her into his arms.

Lily didn't respond; she just laid her head against Trunks's shoulder.

"What's wrong?" Knickers asked, concerned, watching Lily.

"It's too big for her. It's empty and there are too many boxes; that means it's time to play place the child in a box." Elm spoke up.

"Place the child in a box?" Everyone asked, looking at Elm.

"Mom would put us in a box and duct tape it shut. We had so long to escape before she sent us sliding down some kind of shoot, into garbage or something." Elm calmly explained.

"Well, that's a bold-faced lie, and you know it. Sorry. I don't mean to eavesdrop, but your door was open—and my nana made me come over to welcome the new neighbors." A female voice at the door stated, walking in.

"Who the hell are you? And how dare you call my grandson a liar?" Vegeta asked, pissed off while Trunks stepped in front of his kids.

The girl looked young—maybe early twenties. She was thin, had long, wavy medium purple (a little darker than Lily's) hair, reaching just before her mid-back, tied in low pigtails that covered her ears, and had dark blue eyes. She actually had a lot of the same facial features as Elm and Lily.

She just started laughing.

"What the hell is so funny?!" Vegeta snapped.

"Your grandson? I think it's hilarious that you believe that that thing is your grandson. However, in saying that… You've got to be Trunks Briefs's dad. I'm guessing you're his mother. And that would make you Trunks." The girl spoke, looking from Vegeta, to Bulma, to Trunks.

"How do you know all that?" Knickers asked, stepping up.

"Relax. I'll explain that when he explains. Hey! Where the hell do you think you're going?! Get back here—Now." This girl snapped.

Elm was running but suddenly stopped, went ridged, turned around, and walked back to them.

"What do you want? What did I do?" Elm innocently asked, "scared."

"Don't. Don't act all innocent. I know who you are. My questions to you are, why are you impersonating the boy? And where is the boy? Where is Lily? Is she safe? Answer me, you damn Hypomimicmorph." This girl asked before demanding Elm.

"Hypomimicmorph?" Everyone asked, confused.

Elm stayed quiet.

"Fine. You've left me no choice. If I have to go get Nana, I will. You know Nana and how she can be." The girl threatened, standing up.

"Nana? Who the hell is Nana?" Elm asked, annoyed, looking up at the girl.

"You know Nana; you've worked with her before." The girl told Elm.

"I don't know anyone named Nana." Elm shot back.

"Oh, right. Maybe you don't know her as "Nana." But you sure as hell know her as Nani Neko. I've seen you talking to her before; you've been to our house. I've also seen you watching me before. You owe me six pieces of candy and two brownies! Now, what are you doing here now all of a sudden after you disappeared for God knows how long?! And where are Elm and Lily?!" The girl snapped.

"Sock-ra?" Lily softly asked, turning in Trunks's arms.

"Sock-ra?" Trunks and the rest of them asked, confused.

"Thank God…" The girl sighed in relief, noticing Lily in Trunks's arms.

"What am I doing here?! What are you doing here?!" Elm snapped, looking at the girl.

"I already said that Nana sent me here to welcome the new neighbors. She's not going to be happy… So—Lily's here. Where's Elm?" The girl asked, looking at Elm.

"I'm right here." Elm replied, looking at the girl.

"Stay!" The girl sternly told Elm before walking to Trunks and Lily.

"Lily?" The girl asked, looking at Lily.

"Sock-ra!" Lily happily cried, reaching for her.

"I'm not going to do anything to her; I promise you that." The girl, Sock-ra, told Trunks; he handed her Lily.

"What are you doing?" Elm nervously asked.

"You're Elm, really?" Sock-ra asked, kneeling in front of him.

"Ye-yes." Elm answered, backing away a little.

"Right. So—why isn't Lily afraid of you, then?" Sock-ra asked, setting Lily in front of him, shocking everyone in the room—except Elm.

"What is she talking about?" Trunks asked right away.

"Yes, do tell them. Tell me and them where the real Elm is." Sock-ra challenged.

Elm took the opportunity to run to the door.

"Nope." Sock-ra sighed, and suddenly all the doors and windows were sealed shut.

"I know, Lily; I'm sorry. Here, go to Daddy." Sock-ra apologized before handing her to Trunks.

"Ok… You start talking, or I'll make you and force you to change back now." Sock-ra threatened.

"You first. I'll tell you want to know if you say who you are." "Elm," stated, looking at Sock-ra.

"Uh-huh. I don't think so. I don't trust that, you, or your word, candy-thief." Sock-ra countered.

"Oh, my God! That was like fifteen years ago!" "Elm" yelled.

"Seventeen years ago." Sock-ra stated through gritted teeth.

"You were four." "Elm," clearly stated.

"Yeah, and? That was still seventeen years ago." Sock-ra replied.

"You're only nineteen. How can that be seventeen years ago?" "Elm," asked, narrowing his eyes.

"Wow. You have been gone a long time. I just turned twenty-one two months ago." Sock-ra replied, narrowing her eyes.

"Twenty-one? Really?" "Elm," asked, shocked.

"Yeah…" Sock-ra replied in an annoyed tone.

"Just a second." "Elm," instructed, disappearing into a different room.

"Sock-ra! Sock-ra!" Lily cried, trying to get her attention.

"So, your name is Sock-ra?" Kishu asked, looking at Sock-ra.

"No. That's just what she calls me. My name is Sakura Haru Neko. Nana's not going to be happy…" Sock-ra, now Sakura, answered, then sighed, standing there.

"Just who are you and how do you know Elm and Lily? And why would Lily be afraid of Elm?" Trunks asked, looking directly at Sakura.

Sakura was going to answer when…

"YES! THANK YOU, LORD!" "Elm" enthusiastically yelled.

"Are you better now?" Sakrua asked, narrowing her eyes at "Elm."

"You're damn right, I am. You made it!" "Elm" happily exclaimed.

"Made it? Made it where? What are you talking about?" Sakura asked, clearly confused.

"To twenty-one! You're alive and well! It all worked out and everything's going to be ok! It all ended!" "Elm," happily exclaimed, running over to Sakura, hugged the life out of her, and kissed her on the cheek.

"Ahh! Get off of me! What are you doing?!" Sakura screamed, pushing "Elm" away.

"I'm going home! It's finally over!" "Elm," answered before a light appeared, and he changed into this green, black, and white humanoid-looking thing with dark green hair and gray eyes.

"What the hell?" Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks, Knickers, and Kishu asked as Teddy hid behind Trunks.

"Em!" Lily screamed, pushing away from Trunks.

"Lily, no." Sakura calmly spoke, grabbing Lily, pulling her back.

"I'm sorry, Lily. But you knew this day was coming. And my name is Eel, not Elm." This Eel told Lily.

"EM!" Lily cried.

"Damnit… Where the hell is Elm?! What did you do to Lily?! Aside from doing what you weren't supposed to and got close?!" Sakura yelled.

"Elm's dead; I killed him last year! I just made Lily forget! Any more information you can get from Sakura!" Eel answered before disappearing.

"Damnit… Lily?" Sakura growled, covering her and Lily's eyes before Lily pushed away from her.

"Em! Em! EM!" Lily cried, falling to the floor.

"Why, if he killed him, would he let her go on believing he was a good brother?" Sakrua asked, shocked, watching Lily scream for her brother.

"What's going on?!" Vegeta demanded as he started walking to Sakura.

"Dad, no. Not right now." Trunks told Vegeta, noticing the shock and confusion in Sakura's eyes as she got up and walked over to Lily.

"Lily?" Sakura asked, kneeling next to Lily.

"Em…" Lily responded with blank eyes.

"Oh, Lily; I'm so sorry." Sakura apologized, hugging Lily close to her.

After a few seconds, Sakura pulled away from Lily and placed her palm on Lily's forehead.

After just a second, a bright light flashed, and Lily passed out.

"What did you just do?!" Knickers snapped.

"Helped. She'll be fine once she wakes up; she'll have forgotten about Eel and him being Elm. It's just a memory erasing ability I have. It's best if she forgets this because it's a lie." Sakura answered, handing Lily to Trunks with a sigh.

"Who are you?" Bulma calmly asked, seeing the sadness in Sakura's eyes.

"And what did he mean he killed Elm? Why would he kill an innocent boy?!" Vegeta demanded, pissed off.

"Ha! Innocent? You really don't know Nekodian history, do you?" Sakura asked, looking directly at Vegeta.

"What are you talking about?" Knickers asked, annoyed; he wanted his brother.

"Ok. Hold on. Lights. Table. Chairs. Uhh… How old are all the kids? I know Lily is three now." Sakura chanted, and lights came on, a decent-sized table and chairs appeared; she then asked, looking at Trunks.

"Eleven, nine, and six." Trunks answered.

"Is your eleven-year-old mature enough to handle certain situations? Or hear certain words; I tend to randomly swear. And there are certain things children under a certain age shouldn't hear." Sakura asked and then explained.

"Knickers can listen in. How bad is this information? Trunks answered and then asked, looking at Sakura.

"Most of the history isn't horrible. It's how I know Lily and Elm that's not exactly—kid-appropriate." Sakura answered.

"They can listen to the history. Please, just let me know when it gets to something they shouldn't hear." Trunks told Sakura.

"Ok… Have a seat." Sakrua sighed, sitting at the end of the table.

Trunks sat next to her with Knickers next to him.

Vegeta sat on the other side of Sakura with Teddy next to him.

Kishu sat between Teddy and Bulma.

"Ok… As horrible as this is going to sound, Elm being dead is the best thing that can happen to the world. He was not innocent. Hold on. This is what he did to me the last time I saw him." Sakura started, lifting her shirt to show everyone a nasty scar that began on her stomach and went around to the start of her back.

"What happened?" Teddy softly asked.

"Short version: Elm stabbed me with a fire poker. And I only got the fire poker because I blocked Lily from it. But that's not for little kids to hear. So, I'll get to the history. Now is when I wish Nana were here; she knows this better…" Sakura answered and then sighed, sitting back down.

"Nana—her real name is Nani—and she is my great grandmother. She just hates being called "Grandma" or "Great Grandma" because it makes her feel old. And trust me when I say, she doesn't look it. Before I get to this prophecy, let me ask you something. Within the last three years, have you noticed that dying is harder for you to do? Or that you don't look like you age?" Sakrua started explaining before asking.

"Yeah. We were told we were immortal unless killed." Trunks replied.

"Good. Do you know why?" Sakura asked.

"No… Do you?" Vegeta asked in a snappy tone.

"Yes, I do. It's because of Elm, Lily—and Nana and me. Possibly a few others." Sakura replied, going under her skirt, undid something, stood up, and removed her hat.

Out popped a tail and ears.

"You have kitty ears and a tail!" Teddy happily exclaimed.

"You're half Nekodian?" Trunks asked, looking at Sakura.

"No. I'm full." Sakura answered.

"I was told that Luna was the last full Nekodian." Trunks told her, shocked.

"That's what everyone wants everyone to think. Although, that may change now now that the prophecy ended. I don't know how many full Nekodians are left. Nor do I know how many half Nekodians there are. The only ones who know exactly how many there are, are the elders. But only Nekodians can get ahold of them; they're all dead by the way. But they've been dead for hundreds of thousands of years. Yet, they can be contacted—by most Nekodians. I'm not allowed to because I'm one—or was one of the few who were hidden and unknown—which is where Luna comes in. But I'll get to that." Sakura explained.

"You said prophecy. Is that the history you're talking about?" Bulma asked, looking at Sakura.

"Yes. I am not sure exactly how far back we're going, but Elm and Lily are reincarnations. So—a little more than a thousand years ago—one-thousand-five I think, Nana was about my age now. She stated that she was having dreams about the Nekodian race and planet coming to an end. It was so real and often, that she believed it to be real—especially when she started hearing voices—while she was awake. However, nobody believed her—especially since she said it wouldn't start for a few hundred years."

"Eight hundred years ago, Nana and her husband, (who is now dead) left the planet Nekodian and went to a much smaller planet called "Crast" or something like that. She and her husband strongly believed it was going to happen. The only other people who believed her were the king and queen and their children at the time."

"Five hundred years ago it started when a small force called "Jinpaws" (now extinct) attacked. They only took out a small amount—maybe five hundred Nekodians. They wanted immortality. Even though the Jinpaws attacked, people only believed it to be coincidence. Only the royal family and a small few of others started believing."

"Two hundred years later—so, three hundred years ago, another race, slightly bigger than the Jinpaws, attacked. No, I don't remember what this race was called. They killed a few thousand Nekodians. Yes, still, most still only believed it to be a coincidence. By then, it was the royal family and a little less than half of the people who believed in what Nana had to say. But no one left."

"Another two hundred years later—one hundred years ago, the final race—a race called Juptarians attacked. If you haven't figured this one out, these people were from Jupiter. They were the biggest and strongest race to attack and wiped out more than half of Nekodian's people. Only a few escaped. Three or four escaped to Venus: Jupiter found and killed them. Two escaped to Mars: again, Jupiter found and killed them. The royal family and three of their royal subjects escaped to Earth. Jupiter for some reason, cannot get to Earth. Nana says it's because of a thin barrier."

"Umm… At the time, the royal family consisted of King, Queen, three sons, one daughter. The three sons all had wives and the daughter had a husband, but he died on Nekodian. However, the daughter was pregnant, but she ended up losing the baby; she ended up killing herself due to depression. We Nekodians are immortal; we stop looking like we age between sixteen and twenty-one—I think. I know for some it's sixteen and others is later. I stopped when I was seventeen. With that being said, we can die if killed."

"Anyway… To make it very clear, the king and queen at the time are Lily's great, great grandparents. So Lily is technically a princess. None of them are alive. We'll just say they were all either killed on purpose, accidently, or suicide. For the most part, Nekodians are—were a peaceful race. However, push comes to shove, we do fight. We have our speed and retractable claws. We can jump and kick from high distances—and we kick hard. With that said, I'm not much of a fighter and I have a hard time with real descriptions of blood, violence, and gore. So does Lily."

"But anyway, we'll go with the ones who matter. The second son and his wife (Lily's great grandparents), before they died, had two kids: a boy and a girl. The king and queen strongly believed that to keep the race pure, their grandchildren should under no circumstances ever mate outside of the race. That's where the other three who escaped to Earth come in. Two girls and one guy; they had kids together. One of the girls had a boy and the other had a girl. The one daughter obviously was with the son, and the other was with the daughter."

"By the time Lily's grandparents were alive, the king and queen had been dead for a few years—so it would've been ok to mate outside of the race. And I think that the daughter did, but I'm not sure; they're all dead now. But anyway, Lily's grandfather, met her grandmother, who somehow was a Nekodian. She was a descendant of one of the Nekodians who escaped from Nekodian around the same time as Nana and her husband. Unsure how or why, but she came to Earth. She said she was the only one in her family that was left. Cassius and Stella Nikos."

"Cassius and Stella then had four kids together: Phoenix, Leo, Aurora, and Luna…" Sakura started explaining but was interrupted.

"Wait. Wait. Wait. Luna had seven other brothers and sisters. Three of them live in different countries, two are dead, one is good, and one is just as abusive as their parents and Luna." Trunks told Sakura, stopping her.

"Where did you hear that crock of shit? Sorry." Sakura asked, looking directly at Trunks before apologizing in front of Knickers, Kishu, and Teddy.

"Ok. Kishu and Teddy, go do something." Trunks instructed.

"Aww! But why does Knickers get to stay?!" Kishu and Teddy complained.

"Because Knickers is old enough and knows not to repeat certain words. Now go." Trunks explained and then ordered.

"Fine. But what is there to do? Nothing's unpacked or anything." Kishu complained.

"What do you like to do?" Sakura asked, looking at Kishu.

"Play video games." Kishu answered, staring at Sakura like she should've known that.

"Kishu, behave; don't be rude." Trunks scolded.

"Video games? What is it with kids and video games these days? I should've taken you to my place; I have one of those Switch things there." Sakura mumbled.

"Switch things?" Bulma asked, looking at Sakura.

"I don't know. I won it by being the hundredth customer at some store; I was just there for food. Some kid who kept going in one way and out another was ticked off because he had been going in and out to win it. The entire way though the store, he followed me, glaring at me. When I was leaving, he snapped, so I snapped back as calmly as I could because he was only thirteen—maybe fourteen. I told him had he not followed me all through the store glaring at me, I would've given him the damn thing; I don't even know what it is. I probably would've never used it. Although, there was a Mario game that came with it. With that I left." Sakura explained.

"So you have played it then?" Kishu asked, interested.

"Ha! No. I don't know how to even hook that thing up. I took it out of its box once. Nope. Too complicated for me. There's this weird black thing that you set the thing in to play it on the TV, but you can play it not on the TV. I don't know; I don't really play video games anymore." Sakura replied.

"You have a Nintendo Switch?! You are so lucky! I only have a 3DS!" Kishu cried.

"Only a 3DS? You just had to have that 3DS two years ago." Trunks told Kishu.

"Yeah, but that was two years ago! Now the Switch is out!" Kishu exclaimed.

"You don't need another system. You have your 3DS and you all have that PS4 and Xbox." Trunks replied.

"Still don't understand why they had to have both…" Vegeta mumbled.

"Grandpa! We told you already! The PS4 has games that the Xbox doesn't. And the Xbox has games that the PS4 doesn't. And Dad makes us keep it in the living room!" Kishu explained and complained.

"What do you like to do that's active? Do you like Super~Bounce Extraordinaire?" Sakura asked, changing the subject.

"How do you know that? Are you some kind of a witch or something like that?" Kishu asked, staring at Sakura.

"Kishu! That is enough of your attitude!" Trunks exclaimed, becoming angry.

"No, it's fine. Yes, I am a witch—and yes, I'll get to that in a little bit. No, I'm not evil. As for how I know you like Super~Bounce Extraordinaire? You have a fading admissions band on your wrist." Sakura explained, pointing to the wristband on Kishu's wrist.

"Still? Kishu, didn't we tell you to get rid of that yesterday?" Bulma asked, looking at Kishu.

"Sorry…" Kishu mumbled.

"I know it's not the same—and not as big, but how would like to do a small part of that place?" Sakura asked, looking at Kishu.

"And how are you going to do that?" Kishu asked, narrowing his eyes at Sakura.

"What is that? Chalk?" Teddy asked when Sakura pulled a white piece of chalk out of her pocket.

"Yes. And don't worry, Dad; this won't stain or anything." Sakura stated, walking over to an empty part of the house; she then drew a giant square with different symbols on the floor—taking up a good chunk.

"What's your favorite parts of Super~Bounce? But do not say it out loud; just think it." Sakura asked and then instructed once she was finished setting what she was doing.

"Do you got them in your head?" Sakura asked, looking at Kishu and Teddy.

"Yeah." Kishu and Teddy replied.

"Now what? Do we stand in the square?" Kishu asked, walking to the square.

"No! No. Don't go into the square just yet. You, Kishu: you stand on this corner. And Teddy, you stand on this corner. Do Not Move." Sakura instructed.

After a few seconds, the square started glowing, and what looked like an invisible box shut up to the ceiling: about seven and a half feet high.

"Wow. That's so cool." Teddy stated, mesmerized.

"Just wait until you go inside. Now, the reason why I had each of you stand on a corner was because doing that creates the door. Head on in." Sakura explained, showing them the way in.

"Huh! Wow! Daddy, there really is a Super~Bounce Extraordinaire in here!" Teddy happily exclaimed.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Kishu asked when he noticed Sakrua doing something with the door.

"Nine and six, yes?" Sakura asked, looking at Kishu.

"Yeah, and?" Kishu asked.

"This door should never close with you and your sister in there. You seem like the type of child who likes doors closed; I'm just getting rid of the door so that it can't be closed, thus trapping you in there. This way, the box stays translucent and your dad and grandparents can see you. You won't be able to see them, but they'll see you." Sakura explained.

"Daddy, can we go in?!" Teddy called while Kishu stood there, waiting for an answer.

"It's safe?" Trunks asked.

"Now one hundred percent safe without the door." Sakura answered.

"Go ahead." Trunks told Teddy and Kishu.

"Yay!" Teddy cried, running in; Kishu followed close behind.

"Why can't they close the door?" Knickers curiously asked.

"If a box closes, it locks up and is a pain to open again. I mean, I can get them open again; it's just a pain and takes a long time." Sakura answered, sitting back in her chair.

"And removing the door doesn't do anything to it?" Bulma asked, looking at Sakura.

"No. Not if you know what you're doing and are experienced. I am both. To answer the question burning in your eyes, Mr. Vegeta. All cultures and races have witches of some sort. There aren't many Nekodian Witches. My family is—starting with Nana's grandmother. And I suppose my family's the strongest witches in Nekodian history. I think she said there were may two or three other families that were Nekodian Witches, but they died on Nekodian. As far as I know, Nana and I are the only ones left. But I could be wrong. Only the elders would know all that." Sakura answered.

"But anyways—where was I before? Do you want to lay her down?" Sakura asked, looking around the table, stopping at Trunks and Lily.

"What are you going to do? Make a bed?" Vegeta asked in a cocky tone.

"No. I just need to feel this. Yeah, she does like these textures. I have this same blanket at home. I would've given her a few blankets if I were sure they wouldn't get destroyed. Now, using just a small amount of magic. There you go." Sakura stated as a bunch of blankets appeared on the floor behind Trunks.

"That's just a bunch of blankets." Vegeta noted.

"Yeah—and? There's enough that she won't feel the floor." Sakura replied.

"You're not going to lay her on there with her RA?" Bulma asked when she noticed Trunks feeling the blankets with his foot; he then laid Lily in them. Lily rolled onto her stomach and just slept.

"RA?" Sakrua asked, confused.

"Rheumatoid arthritis." Bulma answered.

"No, I know what RA is. Lily doesn't have RA. I can just touch her and know she doesn't have it. Who the hell told you that bullshit?" Sakura asked, becoming agitated.

"Dr. Hashita at the hospital she was last in." Trunks answered, getting a blank stare from Sakura.

"What hospital?" Sakura asked, looking at Trunks.

"Mercy Medical in North City." Trunks replied, only getting more blank stares from Sakura.

"Ok… Earlier, you said that Luna had seven other brothers and sisters and that there parents were abusive. I heard that correct, yes?" Sakura asked, looking directly at Trunks.

"Yes, that's correct." Trunks answered, looking back at Lily.

"Well—they may have been a lot of things, but abusive wasn't one of them. I know the family really well." Sakura started but was interrupted.

"You were Luna's friend. You'd go over once a month for a few days; then you'd take the twins for a day or so." Bulma noted, looking at Sakura.

"Yeah. Did Eel tell you that?" Sakura asked.

"No, Elm… Sorry. Yes, Eel told us that. Why didn't you do anything?" Bulma asked, becoming upset.

"It's fine. I can see where you'd get upset over Eel pretending to be Elm. Eel should've never done that. But to be fair, he wasn't supposed to get close to anyone. His job was to make sure that the Nekodians who made it to Earth were safe and kept alive—mainly the royal family. He did something he wasn't supposed to and ended up sentenced to watch Nekodians for five thousand years—or something like that. He was never supposed to get close because he gets emotional and does stupid shit that only hurt who he gets close to. That's why I had to erase Lily's memories of him earlier. Unfortunately, that gives her all her memories of how the real Elm was to her. And no, it was not good. That's why I went over—to make sure Lily and Luna were still alive—and sane. Also to keep a small spell on them to keep Elm from killing Lily."

"As I said before, Elm and Lily are reincarnations. They are reincarnations of—oh, jeez… Nana's gonna kill me. She's been drilling all this in my head since I was seven. Ryu and Kaya. Elm and Lily are reincarnations of Ryu and Kaya, who lived hundreds of thousands of years ago. I was never really told how long ago other than hundreds of thousands years ago. Anyway, they were the first and only twin Nekodians born until Elm and Lily. They were also some of the first Nekodians alive; they were named leaders of the planet. Ryu was power-hungry pure evil. Some say he was some sort of form of the devil's child. He wanted to rule with an iron fist and torture what little people they had at the time. However, his twin sister, Kaya was as sweet and as pure as could be. Some say she was some sort of from of an angel God sent down to protect her people."

"Ryu had followers and Kaya had followers. Ryu waged war. It took a few months—and as much as she didn't want to, Kaya fought her brother—and won. At the price of having to kill her brother. However, he, in turn, killed her as well. Not physically. No, it took all her energy to kill him which killed her. His dying words to her? He promised to be back and get revenge. Her dying words to him were if he were coming back, so would she—to stop him. It's always been history. It only became prophecy when Nana started seeing things and hearing voices one-thousand-five years ago. And then as Eel said: he killed Elm. And as much as I hate the thought and don't condone killing a child, I understand what had to be done. Elm was an evil little shit and did nothing but torture and torment Lily and Luna—and anyone else close to them. I don't know what I have to do with anything; Nana never mentioned me in anything. But now it makes me wonder. I made it to twenty-one. Guess I'll have to ask Nana that."

"Umm… But anyway, we'll get to Luna and all that now. And Mrs. Bulma, to answer your question: I couldn't do anything. I could only go over, make sure they were alive, and keep a spell going for as long as I could to keep Elm from killing Lily. I could take them for a day or two to give Luna a break, but I'd have to give them back because otherwise I'd be kidnapping. I'm not having that on my record. Sorry. And there was no proof of anything bad happening. Elm was just that good—and strong. It's really amazing to me that Eel was able to kill him. But anyway, I know it's not what you want to hear, but understand that if Elm were still alive and you got him, you wouldn't be able to do what needed to be done to keep Earth safe. As he would've gotten older, he would've gotten stronger. And Lily—she won't. The only reason Nana and I know that they're the true reincarnations is because they're twins. Nekodians never have twins. Nekodians will have one, three, or four babies at a time. Ryu and Kaya did that to make sure that people would know for sure. No Nekodian shall ever have twins until it was time for them to be reborn. I'm not trying to upset any of you when I tell you this. And if you want me to stop, I will. There is a self-writing history book that keeps track of everything in Nekodian's history." Sakura explained.

"Where is that located?" Vegeta asked, interrupting Sakura.

"The Elders have it, I think. There are… Sorry. There were plenty of history books, but there's only one self-writing one. I don't know when exactly, but one of the previous king and queen's descendants are to receive the book once they reach a certain age. So—I suppose it would be going to either Lily or me." Sakura explained and then absentmindedly stated.

"You? Why would it go to you?" Vegeta asked, annoyed.

"Huh?" Sakura asked, out of it.

"You said this self-writing history book thing would go to the previous king and queen's descendants. And then you said it would either be Lily or you. What do you mean by that?" Vegeta asked, demanding an answer.

"I said that?" Sakura asked, eyes going wide.

"Yes." Trunks, Knickers, and Bulma replied.

"Damnit… I was supposed to void that information." Sakura mumbled, smacking her head.

"Something your Nana told you?" Trunks asked, looking at Sakura.

"No… That's something I put in place for myself. Ok… So Luna did not have seven brothers and sisters; she had three—four siblings: two older brothers, one older sister, and one younger sister. Again, there parents were a lot of things, but abusive to them they were not; they loved their four kids more than anything—and gave them everything. Dad was of the royal family. His wife was not. Again, she was just a Nekodian that had recently showed up on Earth. They met and fell in love, had Phoenix, Leo, Aurora, and Luna; they liked their space names. And Luna, she may have been crazy, but she wasn't inherently abusive. No, she didn't want kids; she was never the mothering type. I was there when she gave birth to them. It was a huge shock to me when she said she was keeping them because when she found out she was pregnant she was going to tell the father and let him have full custody. Kids were something she never wanted. However, Elm couldn't have that. One thing we Nekodians are good at is hiding; if we do not want to be found, we genuinely are pretty good at that—from non-Nekodians. A Nekodian can easily find another Nekodian. I found Luna about three days before she gave birth. I offered to try to find the father for her, but she said no. She was possessed. Elm needed her to get as much of her energy as he possibly could. They were born earlier than they were supposed to. Elm did that. It's said that if they were born early, one would gain more power than the other—especially when only one is seen. There's not much I could do before they were born because I can't see or know what I'm doing. But I did my best to keep a small barrier up to keep Elm from siphoning all of Lily's energy, thus killing her at birth."

"But anyway, to really know Luna and why she was the way she was, you just have to look at her family. Phoenix was a pervert who started raping her when she was ten—after their parents, brother and sister died. He got her pregnant at eleven, but she miscarried and at twelve, she secretly went on birth control."

"Going back before their parents, brother and sister died, Cassius had gone out for a run in the woods behind their home where had first met Stella. Well, on this particular run, Cassius met Himawari—another Nekodian who was from a different planet; she came here with her grandma—Nana. You said I was Luna's best friend before. You could say something like that; she was my half-sister. Not supposed to be, but that's what happened—not by my mother's choice. The royal family hasn't exactly been my mom's side of the family's favorite people. Except for Luna and Lily, I didn't care for them either. Cassius decided he wanted my mom, but she wanted nothing to do with him. He got his wife, Stella to agree to whatever he wanted; they found and kidnapped my mom. I think she was fifteen or sixteen at the time. I'm not really sure anymore. They took and tied her up; Stella and the kids were supposed to take care and make sure she was clean, fed, and overall taken care of while Cassius would repeatedly rape her until they got me. I don't think they knew Mom was a witch, but they kept her drugged up so they could keep control—that also dulled her powers and ability to use them. I am ten years younger than Phoenix was; he was killed in jail. Apparently, prisoners don't like when grown ass men go after children. Mom told prisoners about him and showed them his pictures after he went after me. I don't remember a whole lot about those times because Mom blocked my memories like I just blocked some of Lily's—and I can't unblock mine. But I do remember that Cassius kept us locked in some kind of cellar or something like it. It wasn't until I was five or six that Mom and I got away. However, that's only because Stella let us out. She then lit their home on fire, killing her, Leo, and Aurora."

"Luna was not her daughter, so there was nothing Mom could do about her, but she did secretly bring me to see her. Found out Cassius became depressed or something and tied a cinder block to his waist and then drowned himself. And then when Cassius went to prison, Mom took Luna in. We were raised together. However, she did have some issues and moved out when she was sixteen. She'd be twenty-five if she were still alive; she always looked out for me. And then she dies in a car accident? I just don't understand it." Sakura explained before drifting off.

"The car accident helped it along, but the drug overdose is what mainly killed her." Trunks spoke up.

"Drugs? Sakura didn't do drugs. We both saw what that did to Phoenix and Leo. We both promised each other we'd never touch any of that shit. And I know for a fact that Elm couldn't have that in her system because that could affect him." Sakura argued, becoming defensive.

"Knowing that, don't you think she could've started taking drugs to stop him?" Bulma asked, looking at Sakura.

"No! No. Sorry. I know what you're getting at, but no; Luna would never do any of those. If she had drugs in her system, she didn't put them there. Excuse me for a second; I need air." Sakura told them, excusing herself.

"Are we sure we believe her?" Knickers asked, looking at everyone.

"I'm not sure…" Trunks sighed.

"I would if I were you." Piccolo stated, appearing out of nowhere.

"Piccolo, how long have you been here?" Trunks asked, looking at Piccolo.

"About as long Sakura has been. She tells the truth." Piccolo stated.

"How the hell do you know that?" Vegeta asked, demanding an answer.

"I know about the Nekodian prophecy; Namekians have known Nekodians since Ryu and Kaya. I wasn't alive then, but I had heard the stories. Didn't know you had the Nekodian twins though. But I suppose I was only in charge of one. I had seen Sakura with Lily before." Piccolo stated.

"You knew about Lily? Why didn't you say anything?" Vegeta asked, demanding an answer.

"Vegeta, he said he didn't know they were Trunks's. I'm sure if he had, he would have. Do you know if this prophecy is over? One hundred percent?" Bulma told her husband, trying to calm him down before asking Piccolo.

"Yes, it's done with. Elm is dead and can no longer do any harm. And as long as Lily stays alive, he won't be able to be reincarnated ever again. Once Lily reaches a certain age, they will no longer be connected and all chances for him to reincarnate will be over. But that being said, Sakura and her nana are the only full Nekodians left. And anyone hunting them, are no longer doing so. Jupiter will never be able to get to Earth unless they want peace. Lily will be safe from all that." Piccolo explained.

"How do you know that? Sakura told us that only their elders know how many are left." Bulma stated, looking at Piccolo.

"I know this. Nani talks to the Elders often and informs me." Piccolo replied.

"Nani?" Trunks asked, confused.

"Sakura's nana; her name is Nani. She's a pistol. Sakura can be a pistol as well. Physically, she's not all that strong, but magically, you have no idea the kind of powers she possesses. Sakura is magically stronger than her nana and mom combined by more than a hundred—despite what Nani says. Nani doesn't believe anyone's stronger than her; she refuses to believe Sakura is. Sakura has powers that Nani never had—nor dreamed to have. She's a good kid; she cared very deeply for Lily and did everything she could do to find you. She didn't know your name until about two months ago." Piccolo explained.

"So you did know about the twins!" Vegeta snapped.

"No, I didn't. She's a little dense, but she's not as stupid as people think; she's actually pretty smart. She's starting to pick up on things she shouldn't be just yet. I had to start keeping my distance. I never heard names; I just know she figured it out." Piccolo answered.

"Hey! Hey you!" Sakura yelled, coming back in.

"Uh-oh… Gotta go." Piccolo quickly stated before leaving.

"Hey!" Sakura yelled, pissed off.

"Who the hell is that?! Why is he following me?! He's just as bad as Eel!" Sakura snapped.

"His name is Piccolo; he's a friend of ours. But we don't know why he's following you; he didn't say." Trunks calmly told Sakura.

"Really?" Sakura asked, walking over to Trunks.

"Really." Trunks replied, looking into her eyes.

After a few seconds, Sakura sat down, rubbing her eyes.

"You said someone named Dr. Hashita told you Lily had RA. Where was this hospital you say she was at? How long have you had Lily for?" Sakura asked, calming down.

"Yes, Dr. Hashita at Mercy Medical in North City. I've had full custody of Lily for about two weeks now." Trunks replied.

"Dr. Hashita… Older man with long graying-brown hair in a low-hanging ponytail and gray-green eyes?" Sakura asked, not looking at Trunks.

"Sounds about right." Trunks replied.

"I'm sorry, but that's impossible. Not you having Lily, but Dr. Hashita and Mercy Medical." Sakura told them.

"Why is that? Because that's where we were. And that's the doctor who was overseeing them." Bulma spoke up, folding her arms across her chest, becoming annoyed.

"Because Mercy Medical in North City, where the twins were born, burnt completely to the ground four months after Elm and Lily were born. Dr. Hashita—the only Dr. Hashita, who delivered the twins, died saving as many patients as possible—along with several of his nurses. Five of them alone on the floor that cared for children and elderly. Dr. Hashita and twelve of his nurses total died saving patients. Because of them, none of the patients in the hospital that died. The construction to rebuild the hospital in a better area just began a few months ago—and they're still going now. It's not even open yet. And the other one has been condemned. As unfortunate as it us, if people need to go a hospital, the nearest ones are half an hour east or forty-five minutes south." Sakura explained, shocking everyone at the table.

"Wait, when did you say Dr. Hashita called you?" Sakura asked after a minute or two.

"About two weeks ago." Trunks answered, watching Sakura, who looked like she was deep in thought.

"Maybe that's what Nana was talking about. Three weeks ago, she said something about North City and a hospital. I thought she was talking about the rebuilding of it. She dragged me along with and asked what I could see in that area; she asked if anyone was there. I can see and communicate with the dead. I told her that Dr. Hashita, his nurses and a few others were there. They're trapped because that's where they died. I asked Nana if she wanted me to help them move on; she said no. Now it makes sense. She has the ability to rebuild things so that only certain people can see. All she needs is a little bit of my energy to make it so others can see the dead. The dead play their part as if they're living a normal day. God… I hate when she uses me for her projects or whatever. If I could've just gotten a hold of Lily, I could've just brought her to you; she didn't need to go through all that. Jeez! Ow…" Sakura mumbled to herself, biting her thumb before dropping her face on the table.

"Sister? So you're Lily's aunt." Bulma stated—a little late.

"Yeah, I'm her aunt. And as I've said, Luna was crazy, but she wasn't inherently abusive. Elm just drove her crazy and after so long she couldn't take it anymore. Elm was trying to kill Lily, so yes, she started beating Elm. But she never touched Lily—as far as I know. In the last month or so, she started shutting me out. And without her permission, I can't enter her home. Some kind of spell Elm put up. How he knew magic is beyond me because Luna and her side of the family didn't have any magic or witch in them." Sakura explained.

"You're her aunt. Are you going to try to get custody of her?" Knickers asked, trying to hold back his tears.

"No. I love Lily; she was my little buddy. She turned Bubba into a traitor… But that's ok." Sakura replied with a sad smile.

"Bubba? Boyfriend?" Knickers asked, confused yet curious at the same time.

"No. Bubba's my cat—the family cat. He started out as Nana's grandmother's cat. He loved little kids; that's how he gets passed down. From Nana's grandma to her mom, to her, to my mom, to me. He desperately wanted to go with Lily, but that wasn't a safe environment; he was always so angry when I had to take her back and he couldn't go with." Sakura explained.

"Would you have given Bubba to Lily if it were a safe environment?" Knickers asked, looking at Sakura.

"I really wouldn't have had a choice. Bubba chooses where he wants to go and usually gets his way. He understood why he couldn't go with Lily at the time, but it didn't stop him from being angry with me. He's a smart cat. He used to sleep with Lily when she'd spend the night. Actually, he slept across her waist; he still does that with me. Lily just loved him and would beg me to let him sleep with her. Didn't normally allow Bubba in the spare room. But Bubba got his way. And it's really hard to say no to Lily with what she's been through." Sakura explained, scratching her forehead.

"I hear that…" Trunks agreed.

"Another reason I cave to her is because she never really asks for anything. She'd come over to my place and she'd ask for Bubba, a children's book, I have, and this little game I have: she'd just push buttons and they'd make noise and light up in different colors. Food: she wanted pancakes with syrup and orange juice for breakfast, chicken nuggets or corn dogs with orange juice for lunch, and hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes with orange juice for dinner. She knows who has the orange juice." Sakura explained with somewhat of a smile.

"You like orange juice." Trunks stated, looking at Sakura.

"No. I love orange juice. Can't stand apple juice." Sakura replied.

"That sounds like Lily. This hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes—what is it and how do you make it?" Bulma stated and then asked, looking at Sakura.

"It's just mashed potatoes with grounded up hamburger beef and beef gravy. You brown the beef and then you add it to some kind of beef or brown gravy and then pour that over the mashed potatoes. Add some sault and pepper and you're good to go. You can do it with chicken as well. Although, that's typically made with rice instead of potatoes—unless Lily's over." Sakura answered.

"So, she doesn't like rice?" Bulma asked.

"She likes white rice and rice pudding. She doesn't like brown rice, but I can't blame her there. Brown and dirty rice is nasty." Sakura replied.

"So, going back to Bubba." Knickers started, looking at Sakura.

"Yes?" Sakura asked, looking at Knickers.

"You'll let him go to Lily now that she's in a good home?" Knickers asked, looking at Sakura.

"Oh. Umm… About that…" Sakura started.

"What about it? You said he chooses." Knickers fought.

"Knickers calm down and let her talk." Trunks scolded his oldest.

"Sorry." Knickers apologized.

"It's ok. As much as I'd love to have Lily to have Bubba, but he's not doing well. I have an appointment to get him put down so he's not in pain anymore. He started hacking up blood about last month. I took him in and they told me he had cancer throughout his entire body. I tried to make him as comfortable as possible, but it's just time. I don't want him to be in pain anymore. Honestly, I was told that Lily was given to her dad, so I didn't figure I'd see her again. So I figured I just get it over with and have him put him down instead of prolonging his suffering. And at this point, I really wouldn't want Lily to see him. But I should probably be heading out so you can do what you all need to do. It was nice meeting you. Lily really is a sweet little girl. And although she doesn't talk much, she does have her moments. It's mainly one to three word phrases, but there are times where she'll just talk and talk—even if you can't always understand what she's saying. Although, you're probably a pro at that. Can you get Kishu and Teddy to come out of the box?" Sakura explained and then asked, looking at Trunks.

"Yeah, I can do that." Trunks replied as the table and chairs disappeared.

"Kishu, Teddy, it's time to come out!" Trunks called into the box.

"Aww man! Just a little longer?!" Kishu and Teddy complained, bouncing around.

"No! Now! Sakura is leaving and I still have to show you all around the house!" Trunks yelled into the box.

"Can't we keep the box?" Kishu asked as he and Teddy slowly walked out.

"No. We don't have that kind of room—especially with it blocking the way of everything." Trunks replied.

"Can't we just move it?" Teddy asked, looking at Trunks.

"No. If you were able to move this from the outside, you'd also be able to move it from the inside. And when it moves, everything inside collapses and can't be repaired." Sakura explained as she started removing the box.

"But you can make us a new box with all that in it, can't you?" Kishu asked, looking at Sakura, pleading with her.

"I don't think your dad would want that." Sakura replied.

"What about outside?" Kishu asked right away.

"My boxes aren't weather resistant. If I were to make a box outside and it were to rain, it would get washed away. Or if a windstorm would pick up, it would blow the box away. And if any of that were to happen with you in there, you could get seriously hurt." Sakura explained.

"Aww!" Kishu and Teddy complained.

"Don't start. You got to play in a box today; be happy with that." Trunks sternly told Kishu and Teddy.

"Fine." Kishu huffed while Teddy looked down.

"Well, I suppose I should get headed out. You have a nice rest of your day." Sakura politely told Trunks.

"It was nice meeting you." Trunks told Sakura with a smile that made Sakura blush.

Vegeta saw it right away; he was going to say something when Lily waddled over. She had her blanket in one hand while rubbing her eyes with her other.

"Sock-ra no go." Lily softly spoke, looking up at Sakura.

"Lily, I have to go home. I promised Nana I'd be home before dark. You know how Nana can get." Sakura gently told Lily, kneeling in front of her.

"Sock-ra no go!" Lily cried.

"Lily…" Sakura started but stopped when a thought ran through her head.

"You told me that Luna had seven brothers and sisters and her parents were abusive. Where did you hear that?" Sakura asked Trunks, picking Lily up as she climbed up her leg.

"Their case worker told him." Knickers spoke up.

"Case worker?" Sakura asked, confused.

"Don't you dare tell us they didn't have a case worker." Bulma told Sakura.

"I'm not saying that; this case worker must have the wrong family because Luna did not have seven other siblings; it was me and three others. Who is this case worker? I'll call and clear things up. Go with Daddy." Sakura stated, trying to pass Lily to Trunks.

"Umm… What was his name? Hold on, I have his card. Give her to my dad, please." Trunks told Sakura, digging for his wallet.

"Come here." Vegeta told Lily; Lily went right to him.

"Bubba?" Lily softly asked, looking back at Sakura.

"I'm sorry, Lily." Sakura started apologizing.

"Bubba!" Lily cried, pointing to the window before Sakura could continue.

"Bubba? How the hello kitty did you get here?" Sakura asked, looking at a sickly looking cat in a window.

"Nice save…" Vegeta mumbled.

"Bubba!" Lily cried, and the cat came over, swaying side to side.

"Ok Bubba; you've made your point. I don't know how you found out I was here—or that Lily was here." Sakura sighed, carrying Bubba over to Lily.

"Pet Bubba?" Lily asked, looking at Bubba.

"Yeah, you can pet his head. Bubba is very sick—and is hurting." Sakura told Lily.

"Ok, here it is. Their case worker was Coast Peer." Trunks answered Sakura's question about the caseworker was.

They were shocked by Sakura's—and Bubba's reactions. Sakura froze, and Bubba struggled to get out of Sakura's arms, scratching her all to hell before running out the front door.

"Bubba!" Lily cried.

"Are you ok? Your arms are scratched pret—" Trunks started but was interrupted by Sakura placing her hands on his shoulders.

"Sakura?" Bulma asked, concerned, taking Lily when Vegeta handed her to her.

"You did not just say who I thought I heard you say. You look me in the eyes and tell me you did not just say Coast Peer." Sakura told Trunks, looking up at him.

"I'm sorry. Do you know him?" Trunks asked, putting his hand up to stop his dad.

"Don't let him near Lily. If you see him, get away." Sakura very sternly warned Trunks.

"What's going on?" Vegeta asked, demanding an answer.

"Coast Peer is a rare species hunter. Depending on the rarity of species, depends on if he keeps and sells them—or if he kills them. Full Nekodians are sold. Half Nekodians are usually killed because they're only half, but because they are still half, they can sell off their parts and such. He already knows about her, don't let him near her because he will not hesitate to kill her. I know because I've seen him do it before. He is responsible for most of the non-accidental deaths of several half Nekodians. He is the reason all but me and Nana have been sold and killed off. If you see him and you have Lily, run. Just run. He does not play around. I do not care how strong you are; he has weapons that can and will stun even the strongest of warriors. Promise me you'll keep her safe." Sakura explained, sternly warning them.

"We promise." Everyone there replied.

"Ok. Sorry. I have to go. It was nice meeting you. Lily, I love you more than anything. You be good for your daddy, brothers, sister, grandma, and grandpa. Ok? Be good. Bye." Sakura quickly told everyone in a panic before disappearing.

"What was that all about?" Bulma asked, watching the spot Sakura previously was.

"Sock-ra!" Lily screamed, crying.

"Come here, Baby. It's ok. It's ok. I'm sure you'll see her again. One way or another. I think we have to talk to Piccolo." Trunks tried soothing Lily, rubbing her back before looking at his parents.

"Right." Bulma agreed while Vegeta looked towards the door…

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