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Chapter 3

Hello. Goodbye.


''Hey, B, I waited like twenty minutes outside your house this morning to pick you up for school. What gives?'' Veronica questioned Betty when she walked over to her locker.


''Hello? Earth to Betty Cooper,'' Veronica said.


''Elizabeth Cooper!'' Veronica shouted causing Betty to slam her locker shut and turn towards her best friend with tears in her eyes. ''Betty..''

''You tricked me,'' Betty mumbled before walking away with Veronica following closely behind.

''B..I was just trying to get you to stop being so stubborn and go after what you want,'' Veronica tried to explain. ''I just want you to be happy.''

''I know,'' Betty stopped and sighed.

''Soooo...what happened?'' Veronica asked. Betty blushed. ''Oh! That good?''

Betty scowled at her best friend. ''Don't do that to me again.''

''Yes, ma'am,'' Veronica promised but crossed two fingers behind her back. ''So, what are you gonna do? Avoid him for the rest of our school days?''

''I can at least avoid being alone with him..ever,'' Betty muttered.

''Uh huh, let me know how that works out for you. I'll see you at cheer practice,'' Veronica kissed Betty's cheek and walked away in the opposite direction.

''That. Was. Awesome,'' Veronica told Betty for the tenth time in the past five minutes.

''I heard you the first nine times, V,'' Betty chuckled.

''I feel like you aren't as excited about this as I am. You tore that evil skank hoe a new one!'' Veronica exclaimed.

''I admit, I lost my cool for a moment but she just kept pushing and pushing,'' Betty growled when she thought back to the incident.

''Excuse me Betty Crocker. Can you please try and keep up? I know that you come from a family of crazies but just try to act normal. Please and thank you,'' Cheryl smiled brightly at Betty.

''Listen here you little-'' Betty stopped Veronica and then suddenly slapped Cheryl across the face. ''I don't know who you think you're talking to but I'm not one of your little minions who you can push around and say whatever you want! You're really gonna try to badmouth my family when everyone knows the blossoms are the very definition of crazy! I only joined your toxic team because it looked good to colleges but I don't even really need it so if you thought for one second you could treat me whatever way you wanted, think again you manipulative, heartless, soulless, cruel, pathetic bully!''

Betty sighed at the memory as she cleaned out her locker in the locker room. ''Are you sure you should've quit with me? I wouldn't have minded if you chose to stay.''

''As if,'' Veronica scoffed. ''I only joined the team because I thought it would be a fun activity for us to do together. I had no idea I was walking us straight into the lioness's den.''

''Maybe we could just try a pottery class or something?'' Betty suggested.

''I'm down,'' Veronica agreed. ''I'm gonna wait for you in the parking lot. Take your time.''

''Thanks,'' Betty responded and continued her cleaning. Veronica waved and walked out, suddenly breaking into a run down the hall when she left her friend's sight. Betty took another 5-10 minutes to put all her stuff in her bag when she heard the door close and looked up to find Jughead smirking at her.

''Everyone's talking about your outburst you had during cheer,'' Jughead informed her.

''I figured,'' Betty slowly raised her bag over her shoulder. ''Well, thanks for letting me know.'' Betty made a move for the door but Jughead blocked it with his arm.

''Not so fast blondie,'' Jughead smirked.

''This isn't funny anymore, Juggie. You've had your fun now just let it go, please?'' Betty pleaded.

''What exactly do you think I'm doing?'' Jughead asked her.

''Making fun of me. Trying to use me to get a cheap thrill,'' Betty scowled.

Jughead raised an eyebrow at her. ''You're not exactly the type of girl that someone uses for a 'cheap thrill', Cooper.''

''What is that supposed to mean?'' Betty narrowed her eyes at him.

''It means you're as good as it gets, Betty. You're worth more than a 'cheap thrill','' Jughead told her leaving her speechless and making her cheeks red.

''Veronica did it again didn't she?'' Betty questioned.

Jughead tilted his head. ''She obviously knows something I don't because she is hell bent on me trying to get you alone.''

''Yeah, well, Veronica should mind her own business,'' Betty made another move for the door but Jughead stopped her once again.

''What are you so afraid of, Betty?'' Jughead asked.

''Just trust me when I say this is a bad idea,'' Betty tried to convince him.

''Will you just explain to me what is going on?'' Jughead questioned.

''If I tell you, will you leave me alone?'' Betty asked him.

''Maybe. We'll see what happens,'' Jughead shrugged.

Betty sighed. ''I like you, Juggie. I've noticed you with your nice looking face and you're always reading books with such concentration that you look...cute.''

''So then why not just make a move?'' Jughead questioned.

Betty scoffed. ''Making a move isn't really my style.''

''Fair enough. So then why avoid me when I'm clearly trying to make a move?'' Jughead asked her.

Betty bit down on her bottom lip. ''Everyone knows how my mother is, Jughead.''

Jughead immediately began to understand. ''She wouldn't like me. I get it. You wouldn't want to do anything without mommy's approval.''

Betty almost slapped him but stopped herself. ''Fuck off. I haven't needed my mother's approval for anything in a long time. I am sure she would try to hurt your feelings relentlessly until you finally leave me.''

''You're worried about me?'' Jughead realized. ''Betty, I appreciate the thought but it takes a lot more than a suburban mom with a stick up her ass to hurt my feelings and make me give up on something I want.''

Betty's face turned red at the thought of him wanting her. ''My mother is relentless and cruel.''

''I can handle myself, Cooper,'' Jughead reassured her. ''Now, it seems we have reached an impasse.''

''I-I'm worried,'' Betty bit down on her bottom lip.

''Worrying is what you do best,'' Jughead smirked. ''Maybe you should try clearing your mind a little.'' Jughead stepped closer to her and grabbed the zipper on her jacket, looked into her eyes, and slowly unzipped. ''I should've gone to the games so I could've seen you in your uniform. This is the first time I've seen your legs.'' Jughead placed his hand on Betty's right leg and slowly let his pointer finger run up. ''Smooth, milky white, and delicious looking.''

''Jug..'' Betty breathed out.

Jughead pulled Betty's jacket down her shoulders and hooked his fingers into her athletic shorts but then took them out. ''I love your skin. It's cold.'' Jughead pulled Betty's t-shirt over her head, threw it to the side, and stared at her causing her to move to cover herself but Jughead held her wrists and let his eyes continue to wander over her skin.

''Juggie..'' Betty whimpered. She couldn't take his stare. It made her feel too much.

''Bets,'' Jughead copied her before he unsnapped her bra and sucked in a breath at the sight of her. Jughead immediately took Betty's flesh into his hands and massaged her breasts slowly while pressing kisses in the crook of her neck.

''Jug,'' Betty gasped.

''All you have to do is take a chance, Bets,'' Jughead told her.

''What if it goes wrong?'' Betty asked with a whimper from the sensations he was offering her.

''We won't let it,'' Jughead assured her. ''Take a chance on me, Betty.'' Jughead moved his lips closer to hers but stopped just short, waiting for her response. ''I promise I won't let your mom scare me away.''

''Fine,'' Betty relented before she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his.

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