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Chapter 2

Hello. Goodbye.


Betty slowly opened her eyes when she saw light coming through.

''All good, Cooper?''

Betty's breath hitched and she snapped her eyes shut again.

'Relax, Betty. I'm sure if you just keep your eyes closed and lie still he'll eventually go away and you can leave the country.'

''Are you planning on playing dead hoping I'll leave?'' Jughead asked.

Betty grimaced before taking a deep breath and opening her eyes, she turned over to Jughead. ''Hello.''

Jughead raised an eyebrow at her. ''Hi.''

Betty looked around. ''Am I in the nurse's office?''

''Well when you dropped as soon as you saw me, I really had no other choice but to bring you here so you could lay down,'' Jughead smirked.

''If you'd like to get a restraining order I'll testify in court for you,'' Betty offered.

''You'll testify..against yourself?'' Jughead questioned.

Betty nodded. ''I will.''

Jughead suddenly burst into laughter. ''You're something else, Cooper. A little awkward but cute.''

''Thank you,'' Betty responded.

Jughead smiled at her and then suddenly looked at her seriously. ''Are you okay, Betty?''

Betty looked down at her lap before shrugging. ''As okay as I can be. It's my own fault. I should never have kept it in my bag but some times I get something in my head and it stays there until I write about it.''

''So I gathered,'' Jughead smirked. ''You know who's responsible for this, don't you?''

''Cheryl Blossom,'' Betty answered.

''Aren't you two supposed to be friends? You're Riverdale Vixens together, right? Why would she do this to you?'' Jughead questioned.

''Cheryl Blossom isn't really 'friends' with anyone. Cheryl's brother Jason ran away with my sister Polly and now Cheryl and her parents are foaming at the mouth,'' Betty explained. ''She's been on my ass since.''

''Why are you a Riverdale Vixen?'' Jughead asked her.

Betty shrugged. ''It looks good on college applications.''

''Figures,'' Jughead snorted.

''What's that supposed to mean?'' Betty questioned.

''I've known you for as long as I can remember, Cooper. It just never made sense to me that you would be a cheerleader with Cheryl Blossom. You're just not the type,'' Jughead told her.

''What type is that?'' Betty questioned.

''The bitchy type,'' Jughead said.

''Maybe I've changed. It's been years since you and I have had an actual conversation,'' Betty reminded him.

''That is true,'' Jughead admitted. ''You hold grudges that's for sure.''

''You're the one who acted like you were 'too cool' to associate with anyone outside of your little group,'' Betty retorted.

''Group?'' Jughead snorted. ''It's a gang, Betts.''

''Whatever,'' Betty waved him away and stood up to grab her things so she could leave.

''Perfect girl next door types like you, shouldn't associate with criminals,'' Jughead said.

Betty spun around to slap him but he caught her hand and pulled her into his chest. ''I hate that word.''

''I'm sorry but it's a fact, Betts. You're as perfect as they come,'' Jughead smirked.

''Stop it,'' Betty struggled against his hold.

''You're the perfect all American girl,'' Jughead teased her.

''I think you're perfect!'' Betty snapped at him before she could stop herself. Betty felt Jughead's hold on her loosen due to the shock so she took the chance and ran.

''Could this day get any worse?'' Betty asked her best friend.

''I don't think your exchange with your fantasy lover was that bad,'' Veronica shrugged.

''Not that bad? What would have been that bad in your opinion, V?'' Betty questioned.

''He could've actually filed a restraining order against you or worse, told you he had a girlfriend,'' Veronica pointed out. Betty opened her mouth to reply but couldn't come up with an argument so she just cleared her throat and looked away from her best friend. ''I'm just saying, he sounds like at the very least he's not turned off. Maybe this is the time for you to make a move, B.''

''I can't,'' Betty sighed.

''Betty, how long are you gonna let your parents control your life?'' Veronica asked her. ''I know you and I know that you want nothing more than to have Jughead Jones for yourself but you won't do anything about it because you're afraid of how your parents will react.''

''I would take the chance. I would,'' Betty assured her. ''But I know my parents, especially my mother, all too well and she'd do anything to separate us. I don't want Jughead to get hurt because of me.''

''Why don't you let him decide?'' Veronica suggested. Betty stayed quiet. ''Fine, B. But can you do me a favor?'' Betty nodded. ''I have to go home early today because my parents want to talk to me about something but I have to return this library book before the end of the day or I get an overdue fee. Could you take care of it for me?''

''Sure,'' Betty shrugged. ''If it means I don't have to go home yet, I'm down.'' Betty placed her books into her locker. ''I'll go now. See you tomorrow?''

''Of course. I'll pick you up for school tomorrow morning. Unless of course you make other plans by then,'' Veronica hinted.

''Who else would I ride with?'' Betty questioned.

''You never know,'' Veronica grinned and headed out the double doors.

Betty watched her best friend leave with a confused look before shaking her head and heading towards the library. Once she got inside she couldn't find anyone working until she noticed a note on the desk.

'Closed for the rest of the week. Back Monday. Overdue fees waived for a week extension.'

Betty shrugged after reading the notice and turned around to leave only to come face to face with Jughead.

''Hey, Betts,'' Jughead smirked at her.

''H-Hi,'' Betty stuttered.

''Why do you seem even more nervous than when we met this morning?'' Jughead asked her.

''I-I don't know what you mean,'' Betty shook her head.

''Ahhhhhh...Could it be because we're in the...library?'' Jughead suggested and grabbed her forearms when she tried to run.

''What?'' Betty squeaked.

''I read every single page, Betts,'' Jughead told her. ''Very creative and very detailed.''

''How did you know I was in here?'' Betty asked. Jughead raised an eyebrow at her. ''Veronica.''

''She was very specific and very blunt,'' Jughead chuckled.

'Can the earth just swallow me up now? Please!'

''Look, Juggie-'' ''Oh, I like that.''

''Jug-'' ''I like that too.''

''Jughead, I don't know what Veronica told you but it was without my consent so let's just forget about my diary, my fantasies, and my feelings and continue on ignoring each other. Okay?'' Betty requested.

''Your feelings? What feelings?'' Jughead questioned.

Betty's eyes widened. ''My-My-My, you know, sexual feelings...''

''You actually like me?'' Jughead realized.

''Juggie, please,'' Betty pleaded.

''Betts, why can't you admit it? Would it be so bad? Are you..ashamed?'' Jughead questioned.

''Of course not! Jug, just forget it okay? Please,'' Betty whimpered.

''You're a confusing girl, Cooper. You want this, in more ways than one. So just give in,'' Jughead brought his lips closer and closer to hers until he finally reached them. Betty mumbled against his lips but he payed no attention to it and placed a rough hand on her upper thigh.

''Juggie,'' Betty gasped. ''This is a bad idea.''

Jughead raised an eyebrow at her. ''Bad idea for who?''

''For you,'' Betty told him. Jughead gave her an interested look before putting his lips back on hers and letting his hand climb up her skirt. Betty's breath hitched but she didn't make a move to stop him when his fingers traced the outside of her panties. ''Last chance, Betts,'' Jughead warned her. Betty didn't say anything and just wrapped her arms around his neck and placed her face in the crook of his neck so he couldn't see her. Jughead smiled slightly before slowly letting his hand dip inside her underwear. He took a finger and ran it up the lips of her pussy.

''Juggie,'' Betty breathed out.

''Betty,'' Jughead copied her with a grin before letting his finger go inside of her.

''Juggie!'' Betty gasped.

Jughead slowly massaged Betty's insides, adding another finger after a moment. He could feel himself getting hard from Betty holding onto him for dear life and hearing her breathy moans and whimpers that were just for him.

''Jug, I-'' ''You, what, Betts?''

''I'm-I'm cumming!'' Betty yelled out right before she gasped and her whole body shook against Jughead while she was riding the waves of her orgasm.

''You alright, Cooper? Shall we continue to complete the rest of your fantasy?'' Jughead smirked.

Betty caught her breath and finally looked at Jughead, and ran.

Jughead looked after her with interest and confusion. She was hiding from him and he was determined to find out what.

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