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Chapter 1

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'Stop staring at him Elizabeth Cooper. Stop it. Stop it before someone notices!'

''Hey B! We're gonna be late for practice. You coming?'' Betty Cooper was pulled from her daydreams by her best friend, Veronica Lodge.

''Going now,'' Betty gave one of her rare real smiles to one of the only two people who really knew her.

''Busy staring at the serpent prince,'' Veronica teased her.

''Shhh! Someone could hear you,'' Betty looked around while she was walking to make sure no one had heard that.

''B,'' Veronica sighed.

''V,'' Betty mimicked.

''I'm just saying, maybe you should just..let loose once? You deserve to be happy,'' Veronica told her.

''I am happy,'' Betty defended herself.

''Meh,'' Veronica waved her away.

''I am! Seriously. You know who, is just a fantasy. Something unattainable,'' Betty shrugged.

''I am very sure that if you just do something, that fantasy could be very attained, if you know what I mean,'' Veronica smirked.

''Let's say for arguments sake that's true, there are too many other things standing in the way and you know that,'' Betty reminded her.

''One of these days you're going to be so full of sexual frustration for that boy that you're just going to explode,'' Veronica rolled her eyes. ''And when that time comes, don't say I didn't warn you.''

Betty nodded. ''Yes, ma'am.''

'I'm telling you right now I'll hire someone to break that bitch's knee caps! Who does she think she is? The queen of fucking Riverdale?'

''I don't know, V. All I know is I am this close to just quitting the squad. I only joined cause it looked good on my college applications but it's not worth all this,'' Betty sighed into the phone to Veronica as she finally made it inside her house and into her bedroom.

'I swear to God I'm gonna hit that redheaded cunt with my car one of these days.'

''That looks bad on college applications,'' Betty teased.

'So does Cheryl Blossom's entire existence.'

''True. I'm gonna call it a day. You picking me up tomorrow?'' Betty asked while removing her cheer uniform.

''Of course, my love. I am your faithful steed. I shall ride in at 7 o'clock and whisk you away from your castle.'

''Whatever,'' Betty laughed and opened her backpack. Her eyes widened and her heart began to race as she quickly pulled everything from her backpack.

'B? You there?'

''Oh my God. Oh my fucking God!'' Betty exclaimed.

'What is it!?'

''My journal! My journal is gone! It is not here!'' Betty shouted into the phone.

'Wait. Hold on, B. Maybe you left it in one of your classes or your locker?'

''I didn't take it out of my bag all day today!'' Betty started to have trouble breathing.

'B, breathe. Breathe. I'm sure you just misplaced it.'

''What if someone found it, V? What if someone took it?'' Betty questioned.

'Who would do something like that? Everyone likes you, B.'

''Not everyone,'' Betty whimpered.

'Who-Oh no! That fucking twat!'

Betty fell to the floor and sobbed. Her life was over.

''B? Betty? Elizabeth! We have to go in,'' Veronica told Betty after they sat in silence for a while after pulling into the school parking lot.

''I can't. I physically can't. What if Cheryl did take my journal? My life is literally over!'' Betty tried to take a deep breath. ''I wrote about my issues with my family, my medications, my fantasies about Jughead fucking Jones! I basically wrote fanfiction about him and me!''

''Worse case scenario? Red headed witch took it and made millions of copies and spread them all over school and we'll run away together and change our identities,'' Veronica said.

''Swear?'' Betty looked at Veronica with tears in her eyes.

''Swear,'' Veronica pulled Betty into her arms for a hug.

''Let's get this over with,'' Betty sighed and got out of her best friend's car.

''I'm with you,'' Veronica grabbed Betty's hand and walked into school with her. Everything seemed fine until...

''Crazy girl incoming!''

''I'll bend you over any desk in this place baby!''

''I'd love for you to ride my face blondie.''

Betty felt her face heat up as everyone yelled obscenities at her. It was safe to assume everyone had seen her journal.

''Fucking skank!'' Veronica exclaimed.

''You swore,'' Betty reminded her as soon as they reached her locker.

''My dad probably knows a guy,'' Veronica nodded. ''But look at the bright side, I don't see serpent boy anywhere.''

Betty's head shot around towards her deepest desire's locker and found no one in site. ''Maybe he didn't show up today.''

''One can hope,'' Veronica shrugged.

''That means I can run away and change my name before he confronts me,'' Betty smiled.

''Oh I wouldn't count on that, Cooper.''

Betty's eyes widened and her whole body tensed up at the voice she had dreamt of almost every night.

''I gotta say, you surprised me Elizabeth,'' Jughead Jones smirked at her and she wanted the earth to swallow her whole.

Journal Entry number one:

Something incredibly strange happened a few days ago forcing me to write it down before I go crazy. Jughead Jones. I think his name is actually Forsythe. I've gone to school with him for as long as I can remember. I've noticed him plenty of times but..something is different. Something has changed.

He spoke to me for the first time in probably three years and it made me feel..different. Everyone knows to call me Betty. Everyone. So why did he call me Elizabeth? To tease me? Was it a mistake? I can't stop thinking about it. How deep his voice was. The way his lips moved around my name. I felt this feeling in my stomach I can't explain.

Journal Entry number one continued:

I made up an excuse to talk to him today. I just needed to hear him say it again. I don't know why but when he called me Betty..I was disappointed. I'm just not gonna think about it anymore.

Journal Entry number one continued:

I had a dream. A..different kind of dream. Jughead..we were in the library and he..he..came up behind me and whispered in my ear..such embarrassing things. Things that I can't even repeat. He pulled me into his arms. He picked me up and I..I just wrapped my legs around his waist without even thinking. I let him..do things to me. I..I came in my sleep dreaming about Jughead Jones.

Betty turned to look at Jughead and promptly fainted.

TA-DA! This popped into my head today and I had to write it down. Soooo..Reviews people, reviews.


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