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The Summer of Second Year

"WHAT THE HELL" Rishi exclaimed "Why do we some Gilderoy Lockhart fan for a DADA teacher?"

Mrs. Gopal glared at her son "Language."

Harry chuckled "Are the books that bad?"

Rishi nodded feverishly "My aunt has all his books. One time, we went over, and I read those books. All his solutions are ridiculous! There's no way he did all that stuff! There's so dumb!"

Harry laughed "Don't worry about all that, want to play Quidditch? I can floo Neville, Draco and everyone?"

Rishi shrugged and after Harry made the calls, the pair went outside. These pick-up games had been happening for the majority of the summer. Since Draco and Rishi were interested in playing Quidditch during their second years, Harry suggested that they play for practice.

Neville, who wasn't very interested in playing in Hogwarts, played simply for fun as did Padma. Parvati, after hearing Draco boast about his status as a Quidditch superstar, joined them solely for the purpose of beating Draco. She quickly beat him in a game and since then, played for fun like her sister. Hermione, ever eager to learn, began playing when Rishi told her that playing with them was a chance to learn more about the game. When Hermione started playing, Daphne also began. Until then, Daphne was content to watch them and refused all requests of her to join in. However, when they needed a eighth player, Daphne joined in, apparently due to the need.

Each team had one seeker, one beater and two chaser. Since Harry played seeker at Hogwarts and Draco wanted to, they became the seekers. Similarly to Draco, Rishi aspired to be a beater for Ravenclaw so he took one beater position. Neville usually took the other and the Patil twins were the chasers. They also attempted to keep the teams fair, settling for teams of Harry, Neville, Daphne and Padma against Draco, Rishi, Hermione and Parvati. The teams were tied 90 - 90 when they were called in. While the kids were playing Quidditch, the adults were planning out a trip to Diagon Alley for new school supplies.

Unwillingly, the kids headed in. A quick trip through the floo brought all the kids into Diagon Alley where all bar Rishi, and Draco met up with their parents. The large swarm of wizards and 2 muggles then headed up to Gringotts. When they arrived, Ragnok came out to greet them "Hello Lords, Ladies and Scions." He then turned to Hermione and her parents "Hello Mr, Mrs and Ms Granger."

Hermione looked puzzled "Lords and Ladies?"

Draco nodded as the parents became immersed in conversation with the goblins "The Wizarding World still follows the medieval ways from the days of King Arthur and Merlin."

"So every family is a house" Hermione attempted to grasp the concept "So the head of the house is a Lord and their wife is the Lady. So the scion is the heir?"

"You're getting it" Draco smirked "I'm happy that you aren't rejecting this like most. However there is the one key part that you're missing. Not all houses are equal. There are tiers. Each new house starts at the bottom. You get to the bottom by either being new to the country or being a first-generation magic user. After 5 generations, your family gets the title of Noble. After 10, it's Ancient. After 50, Ancient and Noble. After 100, Most Ancient and Noble. The higher up you get, the less houses there are."

Draco gestured to the group "I believe there are 5 Most Ancient and Noble houses. House Potter, House Black, House Longbottom, House Bones and House Greengrass. House Malfoy is a Ancient and Noble house. House Patil and House Gopal are Ancient Houses. The final detail is Wizengamot. Wizengamot consists of the head or a proxy for all houses above the rank of Ancient."

Harry nodded "That's the gist. There's also more details like Family Grimoires and Manors that'll you learn when you come of age. I heard that Hogwarts used to have a class about this."

"My father wants those back" Draco replied "He's appealing to the Board of Governors to have it reinstated. Dumbledore believed the class to be Dark when in reality, it simply teaches Muggleborns about our traditions."

Rishi's eyebrow raised "You know, if he really wanted to appeal to them, what if he told them of a story of a muggleborn who needed those classes to properly learn about the Wizarding World?"

Draco's eyes gleamed "That would really help his case. Hermione?"

Hermione nodded "I would be willing to assist."

When Lucius returned with the rest of the adults, Draco eagerly went over to him with Hermione and told him of the idea. After the three had discussed for a bit, Harry could see Draco's face light up into a grin when Lucius gave him a pat on the back and a smile.

After Gringotts came the usual shopping. This year, all the kids needed were books and new robes. The robes took a while since 8 kids needed new robes. But, it was done within an hour since Madam Malkin had magic on her side. Afterwards, Harry, Rishi, Draco and Neville sat down as all the girls heatedly talked with the moms about something. It was a very odd conversation especially all the dads chose that moment to go get ice cream for the kids. The boys attempted to figure out what was going on but since they were whispering, all they got was the girls gesturing to something. Eventually, the boys gave up.

When the girls were done, the dads returned. And after all the ice cream was consumed, they all went to Flourish and Blotts. As the group got their books, Harry noticed a long line of middle-aged witches "What's going on?"

Rishi took a look and groaned "Oh god..."

Harry decided to look himself and saw Gilderoy Lockhart sitting at a table, signing copies of a book called "All About Me" which Harry assumed was Lockhart's autobiography "Oh god indeed."

As he walked to the register, Harry tried his best to remain unseen. He failed in that. As he was about to leave the store, he heard someone yell "Harry Potter!"

Harry turned and saw every eye in the store on him. Standing up, Lockhart gestured for Harry to come. Seeing no realistic way out of this, Harry walked over to Lockhart, muttering something under his breath.

As soon as Harry reached the table, he faced the audience. Lockhart took that as a cue to start coming "When Harry came into the store today, he just wanted to buy some books. He didn't expect to be gifted an autographed set of all my books!"

This set off thunderous applause from the audience. Once it lowered in volume, Lockhart continued "And don't worry Harry. You'll see plenty of me at Hogwarts as I will began teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts!"

This caused another round of applause. Harry looked at Rishi and saw him clapping which puzzled Harry. Unknown to Harry, was that Rishi was groaning on the inside. He just knew not to become enemies with a public figure and a soon-to-be-teacher. Harry made an attempt to leave but Lockhart didn't want that. He reached out his arm to grab Harry pull him into a photo but felt himself get shocked. Careful not to say anything that would portray weakness, Lockhart tried to ignore the pain though his hand was growing numb.

Harry continued onwards and met up with everyone outside of the shop. Unfortunately, the Weasleys were coming to Flourish and Blotts. Even worse was that fact that Lucius Malfoy was currently with Harry so something was definitely going to happen.

When they saw Harry, the red-headed family (except the Molly, the former Prewett) stopped in their tracks. Arthur sighed, knowing that his wife was about to do something rash.

Unlike her father, the youngest Weasley was excited. She was going to meet her hero and her future husband. They were going to get married one day! It would be the wedding of the century! She would wear a beautiful dress that showed off her beauty. Harry would wear a red and gold suit, Gryffindor colors. She knew that Harry was a Ravenclaw but she believed she could convince him to get resorted. He would do anything she wanted. They would have 3 kids, 2 boys and a girl. They would be named James Potter, Albus Potter and Lily Potter!

Molly had learned a bit from the Christmas fiasco, well she thought she did. She thought that her failure was focusing on herself and Ron. This time, she would focus on Ginny. She was sure that this time, Harry would be won over.

"Hello Lords, Ladies and Scions" Arthur said "I once again, apologize about my wife's actions during the Malfoys' Yule Ball."

Harry nodded "I assure, you need not apologize. No blame falls on your shoulders."

Molly stepped forward "Hello Harry. This is my daughter Ginny. I'm sure you two will become very close."

A smirk emerged on Harry's face "Why would you think that?"

"You're betrothed" Molly squealed "When you come of age, you and Ginny will be married!"

All but Rishi and his parents turned to Harry in shock. Harry's smirk stayed on his face "Who made such an agreement?"

"Albus Dumbledore" Molly replied "He made it for you as your guardian."

"You messed up" Harry said as his smirk transformed into a grin "Goblins are very good at making sure that their wealthiest clients stay happy."

Molly's jaw dropped as Harry continued "When I informed the goblins of my decision to combine all my houses into House Potter, they brought this to my attention. For context, the day after my parents died, Dumbledore created a contract which made Ginny Weasley my betrothed. As my guardian at the time, he had every right to make such a contract. He just can't enforce it."

"Wha-what do you mean?" Molly sputtered.

Harry's grin began to resemble one of immense glee "See, as my guardian, Dumbledore can create the contract. BUT only the head of my house can enforce it. And as my own head of house, I dissolved it."

"You can do that" Ron exclaimed, face red "You need to marry my sister!"

Lucius sneered "Why would he do that? There's absolutely no reason for Harry to marry into your family. You are poor and have feuds with many other houses. All he gets from this is enemies. And for what, some worthless blood traitor girl?"

Arthur seemed angry and resigned at the same time "I'm sorry for my wife's actions once again Lord Potter. I do not understand her interest in you marrying Ginny."

Harry patted Arthur on the back "No worries. I am friends with the twins. I know most of your family is filled with good people."

Arthur gave a grateful smile and went past them to enter the store. Harry and his friends also began moving to the Leaky Cauldron to head back. However, unbeknownst to all but one, a small brown book entered Ginevra Weasley's shopping bag.

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