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The Final Duel

Voldemort sat in the forbidden forest, waiting for Harry Potter. Every few minutes, he'd cast a tempus spell to check the time. After the hour was up, he growled angrily upon realizing that Harry Potter had not come.

"Death eaters!" he yelled "We will storm Hogwarts. Our time has come!"

The Dark Lord began strolling through his ranks, who rushed to prepare to return to combat. He looked at his fighters, and then noticed something.

One of his younger death eaters was examining his wand. But it wasn't the fact that the boy appeared to be uncomfortable with the wand. It was the fact that he recognized the wand which the boy held.

He walked over to the boy "What is your name?"

"Duncan Avery" the boy replied, afraid that the Dark Lord chose to speak to him personally. He knew that if that happened, something very bad was due to happen.

"Avery" Voldemort drawled "Where did you get that wand?"

"Um" Avery began before Voldemort continued "Weren't you aware that if you saw that wand, you were to alert me at once?"

Avery nodded "I did, my lord. But.."

Voldemort cut him off "It does not matter. I will be taking that wand."

"Of course, my lord" Avery handed him the wand.

The gesture was met with a sadistic smile "Ah, if only it were that simple."

"Harry Potter" Voldemort said as he strolled onto Hogwarts' grounds "Come to die."

The Dark Lord looked around, trying to find the Boy-Who-Lived.

He finally entered into the castle and saw its inhabitants glaring at him "Harry Potter has run away. Now, I ask you: join me. We will lead the wizarding world to glory."

Rishi laughed "No. Fucking. Way."

Voldemort looked at the Indian boy "Rishi Gopal... the best friend of Harry Potter. Your friend is gone. He's abandoned you. Why don't you join me? I'd hate for pure blood to be split today."

Rishi snorted "I'm good. The only blood getting spilt will be yours, Mr Half-Blood."

That set off a string of whispers as people processed idea that the world's most aggressive pureblood propagandist was not a pureblood himself.

"You're a fake!" Draco yelled "You're a half-blood poser!"

Voldemort then turned to the 6th year Slytherin "You speak lies, boy. You had so much potential. Pity that you wasted it."

"You wasted your potential" Daphne screamed.

Voldemort growled "So much pure blood being wasted here. But no matter, we have won."

The death eaters behind Voldemort cheered victoriously. Voldemort summoned the sorting hat and smirked "Slytherin will be our only house. As such, we have no need for this."

Then suddenly, a resounding "plop" was heard. You-Know-Who turned towards the sound and felt shock enter his body.

On the ground, laid the head of Nagini. Behind the now decapitated snake, Parvati stood, stretching her limbs.

"Damn" she said "This sword is much heavier than I thought."

"Charge!" Voldemort yelled.

"Kill those assholes!" Rishi yelled back.

The two sides then charged at each other and battle resumed.

Pettigrew looked around and tried to find somewhere to hide. If Voldemort asked, he'd tell him that he was "Harry hunting."

As he scurried away, he felt himself get covered by a tall shadow. He looked up and saw Sirius staring at him angrily.

"H-hi S-sirius!" Pettigrew stumbled over his words due to fear.

Sirius smiled with fake happiness "Hi Peter!"

"Please don't kill me!" Peter begged "Remember all the good times we had together? All those pranks we pulled? Please don't kill me! I'm a Marauder! You can't kill a fellow Marauder!"

"Peter, Peter, Peter" Sirius shook his head "You are not a Marauder. You haven't been one since you caused the death of James and Lily. You fell even further when you helped Voldemort with this invasion, which caused Remus' death."

Peter blinked, shocked "Remus is dead?"

"He is" Sirius growled "And it's your fault. You called us your friend, and you betrayed us. We felt like we could trust you with anything. We felt like you were our brother. That you were family. And you threw that all away for even a hint of power. You are nothing to me Peter, except a disgrace."

Peter whimpered as Sirius said "Goodbye Peter. Avada Kedavra!"

As the green spell hit him in the chest, Peter suddenly felt nothing.

Meanwhile, Voldemort was being attacked by McGonnagall, Flitwick, and Whittlestone. Once Sirius had finished with Pettigrew, he joined the duel as well.

As he fought the teachers and Sirius, the Dark Lord became angrier and angrier. He knew that only Harry Potter could beat him. These people were simply wasting his precious time. He needed to find Harry Potter as soon as possible. So, he went harsher. He attacked Sirius with a Crucio as well as Amanda and Flitwick. He felt that hearing his adults in pain would draw Harry out.

And it worked. Harry whipped off his Invisibility Cloak and tossed it to Padma and yelled "Leave them alone!"

Voldemort smirked "Harry Potter. We meet at last."

Harry nodded "Tom."

The Dark Lord snarled "Are you done hiding behind others? You've only survived this far due to others dying for you or by accident. Your parents died for you. Jai Gopal died for you. Charlie Weasley died for you. Remus Lupin died for you. Severus Snape died for you. You just hide and let others do the real work."

Harry chuckled "Don't you do the same thing?"

Voldemort stopped and thought about that for second. He quickly decided that Potter's claim was unimportant "No matter. Today, you meet your end. Today, Britain enters a new era. An era, where the magicals rule the muggles!"

The death eaters cheered and only then did Harry notice that all the fighting in the room had stopped.

"That won't happen" Harry replied "But I'd love to see you try."

Voldemort and Harry began circling each other, waiting for the optimal time to strike. Finally, Voldemort yelled "Avada Kedavra!" as Harry yelled "Confrigo!"

The two spells connected and began fighting for dominance. They pushed against each other, trying to overcome the other. Then, Voldemort's eyes came face-to-face with a green light and he was no more.

Everyone was silent for a moment. Then, there was pandemonium. People began cheering and yelling while Sirius lead a charge to arrest all the death eaters. Harry felt people slap his back and give him hugs but he paid it no attentions. He was done. Voldemort was dead.

He began paying attention to the world around him, when Daphne smashed her lips onto his. He kissed back, and then suddenly felt Rishi tackle him. It then lead to a pig pile, where all Harry's friends were attacking him in joy.

Harry laughed "God. It's over. It's all over."

"Congrats man" Rishi gave Harry a big hug.

The next few days were a flurry of activity. Harry had countless funerals to attend while also needing to explain how he managed to kill Voldemort.

Almost every family asked for Harry to attend the funerals but Harry knew that doing that would be impossible. He decided to only attend the funerals for people who he really knew. He attended Jai Uncle's, Charlie's, Remus', and Severus' funerals along with a few others.

The funerals were all very similar. A burial in the family ground (Remus didn't have one so Harry chose for him to buried in the Potter Burial Ground) and some speeches about the person. Harry only spoke at Jai Uncle's and Remus's as he knew them the best.

Jai Uncle's was the only one which was somewhat different. Per Hindu custom, they burnt the body. Afterwards, they still had a service for him and Harry discovered that in the forest behind Gopal Manor, there was a burial ground. The Gopals would bury empty coffins there as a way to visit them when needed.

The media went after Harry and asked him to explain how he managed to kill Voldemort. He was hesitant to share how he did it as Harry knew that he had many enemies out there who'd love to know his secrets. Eventually, he decided to share a fraction of the truth. He told them that he had tricked Voldemort's killing curse into rebounding back at the Dark Lord once more. He also explained how Voldemort would not come back as all his contingency plans were destroyed.

This was a heavily redacted version of it. Using a house-elf, Harry gave Duncan Avery the Elder Wand. The poor boy had no idea what was happening as the wand was forced into his hands. Harry knew that if the wand was not taken using force, the ownership would not truly pass to someone else. So despite the fact that Voldemort killed Avery to get the wand, Harry was still the owner.

The Elder Wand, being the most powerful wand ever, knew that Harry was its true owner. So when Voldemort ordered to kill Harry, it defected and killed Voldemort. It would not allow itself to kill its master.

Afterwards, Harry grabbed the Elder Wand. He preferred his normal wand but he didn't want others grabbing the wand for themselves. He placed the wand in a box which he locked using Parsel Magic. He then placed the wand into the Peverell Family Vault. That way, only his family could get it and even if they did, they would need to be a parseltongue and know the password.

Harry then began working on rebuilding Hogwarts. The damage from the war required a boatload of repair so McGonnagall asked anyone who passed their OWLS to stay and help. They didn't have to, but many people did. There were countless damaged corridors and rooms which needed extensive repair. Harry's entire gang stayed to rebuild and once the rebuilding was over, classes would resume.

It was the 5th day of rebuilding efforts when Harry took a trip away from Hogwarts. He got offers for accompaniment, however he turned them all down. He wanted to do this alone.

He apparated into the dock where he took a boat out there. After a few minutes, he ended up in Azkaban's lobby. After signing in (and receiving multiple words of thanks), Harry went down to the lower levels.

The cells were mostly cleaned out due to the frequent breakouts and many death eaters getting kisses. As he went down to the higher security areas, he passed Ron, Ginny and Molly who were all sharing a cell.

They all looked defeated and Harry suspected that the dementors didn't help matters. Molly's weight had dropped dramatically, as did Ron's and Ginny's. Harry could wonder how not being able to eat insane amounts of food had impacted Ron. He didn't make himself known and simply continued on his way. There was no need to cause a ruckus. He was guessing that Ginny would start whining about how he was coming to save her, Molly would yell as would Ron. He had no interest in seeing that.

He then ventured down to the high security area, where he passed by more criminals until he found the man he was looking for: Albus Dumbledore.

"Dumbledore" Harry said, drawing the former headmaster's attention to him.

"Harry" Dumbledore replied, surprised that the boy came to visit him "What're you doing here? Are you..."

"I'm not freeing you" Harry chuckled "I just came to talk. I didn't know whether you got any news down here."

"I hear something every now and then. Congratulations on defeating Voldemort" Dumbledore told the newly dubbed Man-Who-Conquered.

"Thank you" Harry responded, keeping his face devoid of emotion, to not give Dumbledore a hint of what he was thinking.

"Look, Harry..." Dumbledore began before he was cut off "I suppose you wish to say that you're sorry, but all you did everything for the Greater Good. Well, here's a lesson for you Dumbledore. You could've helped the Greater Good tremendously. You kept everything so close to your chest that you got nothing done. If you had consulted people, you would've learned of a horcrux tracking spell! You would've learned how to extract horcruxes from humans! You would've saved countless lives. Instead, they're dead Dumbledore. And they're dead because in all your genius, you didn't think anyone could possibly help you get stuff done!"

"Did you come here to yell at me?" Dumbledore asked once Harry's rant was over.

Harry smirked "I did. Because I want you to know that you are just as bad as Voldemort. You told people to stun when they should've fought fire with fire. You cost them their lives. You didn't tell anyone anything and didn't get anything done. You cost innocents their lives. You thought that we should give people second chances. You cost more innocents their lives. You've caused as many deaths as Voldemort if not more. You are a villain, Dumbledore. You are a monster."

Dumbledore was shocked at the harsh words that the boy spoke to him. In all of his years, he had never been spoken to that way. Even in Azkaban, people didn't speak to him like this.

There was silence after Harry's words. Finally, Harry said "I had a nice talk with the wardens before I came here. I told him that the dementors should be put to more use here so that they can have a great impact on the prisoners and hopefully stop any more breakouts. He agreed whole-heartedly. The plan goes into effect tomorrow. Hopefully, that helps the message sink in. Goodbye Dumbledore."

Harry then walked away, ignoring Dumbledore calling out his name.

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