The Stand @theactualrealone

Harry felt his knees threaten to stop supporting his weight as he look at Mr Gopal's body. He heard his body beg to collapse, to do nothing as it processed this development in the war.

In his mind, memories flashed through his mind. And as strong as his occlumency was, the pain was stronger. He felt the memories overcome his barriers and take over his mind.

Uncle Vernon's veins began bulging "You little FREAK! You'll pay for..." He then opened and closed his mouth, unable to speak.

Mr. Gopal smiled "Now that he shut up, let's talk business. We want you guys to sign over custody of Harry."

Preparing a rebuttal, Petunia began to speak but was interrupted by Mr. Gopal saying "If you don't, we'll tell OUR police about Harry's abuse. Don't forget, they can view his memories and make you tell the truth."

Rishi and Harry headed outside, not before Rishi bought Harry a few books about potions, charms and transfiguration.

Mr. Gopal smiled when he saw them "I figured you guys would buy something. I just never thought it'd be books."

"Harry, what is that" Mrs Gopal asked as Dorea sat on Harry's shoulder.

"I got a snake" Harry grinned "She's a basilisk. Her mother died and asked me to care for her child. Being the nice guy that I am, I agreed."

"Harry, of all the crazy things" Mrs Gopal began before Mr Gopal said "A snake! That's great!"

Mrs Gopal turned to her husband with shock "Are you serious? He brought a snake home!"

"Yeah" Mr Gopal said "I was feeling a bit outnumbered as the only Slytherin in a home of 'Claws. Now, I got a snake pal with me!"

"Please tell me you're joking" Mrs Gopal begged.

"Nope" Mr Gopal chuckled "Just make sure she doesn't go anywhere she shouldn't or terrorize my wife. I don't think either of us want that."

Harry nodded as the former Slytherin bent down to look at the snake and asked "What's her name?"

"Dorea" Harry answered.

"Hi Dorea" Mr Gopal began petting her, which lead to her wrapping herself around his arm "I think we'll be very good friends."

Harry was in his early days with the Gopals. He was lying on his bed, tears streaking down his face. Mr Gopal then cracked the door open and put his head through "May I come in, Harry?"

He nodded so his guardian walked inside. Harry then changed to a normal position to make room for him, which Mr Gopal took.

Nothing was said between the two for a few minutes until the Indian man asked "You want to talk about it?"

Harry sniffled "No."

Mr Gopal nodded "Okay. Just know, whenever you need me, I'll be there."

He then got up to leave until Harry said "Why did you take me in?"


"Why did you guys take me in?" Harry asked again, tears ready to be released "I'm just a freak like they said. Nobody wants a freak."

Mr Gopal turned around and went back to the bed, where he began speaking softly "Harry, you are not a freak."

Harry was ready to protest that statement but his new guardian continued "We are all unique in some way. You are blessed with magic, and have the potential to be quite powerful. You are not a freak."

"They are the freaks, Harry. They are the ones who hurt an innocent child. Never think that they are right. They were wrong. Do you understand?" Mr Gopal told the young boy.

Harry nodded and gave Mr Gopal a small smile "Thanks."

Mr Gopal enveloped the boy in a hug "No problem Harry. I'll always be here for you. No matter what."

Harry took a deep breath and let it out. He'd miss Mr Gopal but he had a job to do. The time to mourn was later.

He went to his friend "Rishi, come on."

"We're moving the body" Rishi said, determination evident in his voice "I will not let some evil asshole destroy my father's body."

"Okay" Harry told him. It was useless trying to argue. It was best to move the body before something happened to it. He'd take it to the Great Hall, where their side was in control.

Rishi levitated his father's body and began running down to the hall, with Parvati right behind him.

Harry turned to Sirius "You okay?"

Sirius shook his head "None of us will ever be okay again. The best we can do is to ensure that his sacrifice wasn't meaningless."

"I'll go check on everyone" Harry said.

Sirius nodded "I'll go find Mrs Gopal. She needs to know about this."

Harry and Sirius both ran to the Great Hall when Voldemort's voice was suddenly heard "Hogwarts, we will give 1 hour to dispose of your dead and to treat the wounded. After that one hour, I expect Harry Potter to meet me in the Forbidden Forest. If not, I will kill every person who dared to help Potter."

All heads swiveled to Harry before Fred Weasley yelled "Come on guys! We're not gonna surrender Harry to save our own skin! That'll make us worse than those people were fighting!"

Harry smiled at Fred before yelling himself "If anyone needs medical care, come to me or Madam Pomfrey."

The next few minutes were spent fixing kids up before Harry went to check on the damage himself. He went over to the Gopals, who were with Sirius, Whittlestone and the rest of Harry's friends.

Harry quickly hugged Mrs Gopal "I am sorry Auntie."

"It's not your fault" she gave Harry a sad smile "He made his own choices."

Harry nodded saddly "Did anyone else die?"

Sirius sniffled "I was looking and..."

He stumbled over his words, unable to express the pain flowing through his body "Remus was found. He's dead."


"He was right next to a dead Fenrir Greyback" Sirius chuckled a bit, but it had a dark sound to it "He finally punished that bastard who turned him into a werewolf. Fenrir can't harm kids anymore. But..."

Sirius felt tears leak from his eyes as he thought of his friend. He was the last true marauder left, besides Pettigrew.

Suddenly, Sirius felt something emerge in his mind. A purpose.

"I will kill Pettigrew" Sirius growled "Me and Lupin agreed that one of us will kill Pettigrew. Now, I will do it. For my friend."

Rishi nodded "Harry, what're you going to do? Voldemort wants you to go to him."

"I ain't going" Harry shook his head "He had the advantage. If I kill him, some death eater will then kill me. I need to draw him here, then finish him."

"We should do some recon" Draco added "See how the death eaters are doing. I bet that they weren't expecting this much resistance, especially since Dumbledore isn't here anymore.

"Take my cloak" Harry told his friend "Go to the shrieking shack and spy on them. If you're comprised, call an elf to you and get back here."

Draco grabbed the cloak and took off. Everyone else then dispersed to check on other people. Harry strode over to the Weasleys, where he encountered Fred and George "Hey guys."

"Hi Harry" they said in unison, though it wasn't as cheery as usual.

Harry picked up on that "Everything okay?"

"Charlie died fighting" Fred said, his eyes red.

Harry hugged the twins "I'm so sorry."

George nodded "Thanks Harry. Now, just do us a favor and destroy Voldemort."

Harry then spent some more time checking up on everyone and healing if necessary when Draco came back. He had tears streaking down his face as he clutched the body of his godfather.

"Draco?" his friends ran to the crying boy.

"He was in the shrieking shack" Draco explained through his sobs "He had snake bites all over him. Nagini must've killed him. He was a double agent the whole time."

"Did he have anything on him?" Padma asked curiously.

Draco shook his head "He had some memories, but I doubt they're useful. Now, we need to know how to kill You-Know-Who. We need a plan."

"Voldemort is easily stronger than me" Harry acknowledged "In a straight up fight, I lose. We need to trick him into costing himself the fight. Once he's gone, the death eaters aren't much of a problem."

"We could try to take out people based on the Dark Mark" Rishi said "A spell which attacks everyone with a mark."

"Nagini is still out there though" Draco added "We still have to deal with her. We need to end her soon."

"When Voldemort comes, Nagini comes as well. We just need to wait until he comes" Parvati pointed out.

"How's your wand" Luna asked randomly in her normal dreamily way.

Harry pulled out his wand "Fine."

Luna shook her head "Not that wand. Your other one."

Harry blinked. He hadn't told anyone about that wand. He had simply kept it in the house and never used it "It's at home. How do you know about it?"

"You have another wand?" Daphne asked.

"Yeah" Harry answered "It's Dumbledore's wand. I took it from him a while back. I never used it so I never brought it up."

"Bring it" Luna told the Boy-Who-Lived.

Harry held out his hand and summoned the wand to his hand. His friends saw it and gasped "It's amazing."

"Hold on" Hermione said "It looks familiar."

"Well, it used to be owned by Dumbledore" Rishi chuckled "You probably saw it on him."

"No, not with him" Hermione responded "I saw it in a book."

"In a book" Neville said confused, before it suddenly hit him "The Tales of Beedle the Bard."

"What?" Harry asked.

"It's a magical picture book" Draco explained "It has all these short stories. One of them was about the Deathly Hallows and that wand..."

"That wand looks exactly like the elder wand" Neville told him.

"It's a children's tale" Harry snorted "It can't be true."

"Except it has to be" Rishi said "One of the brothers got an invisibility cloak in order to hide from Death. And think about it, most invisibility cloaks wear out after a few years. But that cloak, it belonged to your father and now to you. And it still works perfectly. It's not a normal invisibility cloak."

"So, my cloak is a deathly hallow as is this wand" Harry said.

"Exactly" Parvati grinned "If we find the Resurrection Stone, you become the Master of Death! Voldemort then can't kill you!"

Harry nodded "I have an easier idea."

"What is it" Hermione asked eagerly.

Harry looked around before grabbing Sirius. He then proceeded to whisper his plan to his friends, who upon hearing gained smug smiles on their faces. Some of them only barely stopped themselves from laughing.

Neville grinned "Voldemort won't know what hit him!"

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