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The Battle Begins

"What happened?" Harry shouted at Draco "How the hell did death eaters get here?"

"Apparently, You-Know-Who gave Nott a task. Rebuild a cabinet in order to let death eaters into Hogwarts without triggering the wards. Nott actually managed to do it so death eaters are currently in our common room. Meanwhile, others are storming the school and would be here already if not for the few remaining wards" Draco explained.

"Remaining wards?" Hermione asked.

"Apparently, Dumbledore took down a bunch of Hogwarts' wards during his time as Headmaster. To put them back, goblins will be necessary and since some students are prejudiced towards them, McGonnagall pushed it off till the summer" Draco told the muggleborn "So Hogwarts is down multiple wards. That's how the troll, Pettigrew, and Crouch Jr got in. The wards used to detect when someone had negative intentions towards a student but Dumbledore removed it."

"Damn" Rishi growled "Even in Azkaban, that idiot is screwing us."

"We know where the diadem is though" Padma pointed out "Did the death eaters say anything?"

"I didn't hear them" Draco said "I came to find you guys as soon as I saw. But Daphne heard from Astoria who heard from her friend who heard from her boyfriend who heard from his ex who heard from their friend that a Death Eater mentioned that their Lord would be coming soon."

"Okay, so if Voldemort comes, Nagini comes" Harry told them "Right now, we destroy the diadem and then deal with Voldemort and Nagini when they come. Me, Padma and Draco can go after the diadem. Rishi, Hermione, you two go get everyone ready for battle."

Rishi and Hermione nodded before taking off. The three remaining then ran to the Room of Requirement where they were faced with a problem. They did not know how the room was when Tom hid the diadem.

As they tried to think, Luna came skipping in "Hello."

"Luna, what are you doing here?" Padma asked, worry laced in her voice.

"The blibbering humdingers told me that you need the diadem" Luna responded, not noticing Padma's worry "I wanted to help."

"You know where the diadem is?" Draco asked her.

"The dabberblimps showed me. It's quite pretty" Luna answered dreamily.

"Then please, show us" Harry told her.

Luna began walking 3 times while thinking. Then, the door appeared for the four and they went through. They were met with mountains of objects which caused their jaws to drop bar Luna.

Luna smiled, not at all fazed "This is the room where everything is hidden."

Harry snapped out of his shock and then began the location spell. The spell lead them to a particular stack, which after some digging gave them the diadem.

It had a blue gem in its center with a raven head on the top. It's talons were spread over the crown.

Padma gasped "It's amazing."

"Words can't do it justice" Draco nodded.*

"Sucks that we have to kill it" Harry agreed.

"Um" Padma said "How do we kill it?"

Harry held out his hand and called the sword to him. It appeared in his hand, causing Draco and Padma to gasp once again. He then handed the sword to Luna "Would you like to do the honors?"

Luna gave Harry a smile "I would love to."

She grabbed the sword as Padma placed the sword and backed away. Luna then stabbed the sword into the diadem.

A wail escaped the diadem and Harry had to resist the urge to cover his ears. Finally, the wail stopped and the diadem laid there, destroyed.

As Harry, Draco, Luna, and Padma were killing the diadem, Rishi and Hermione had grabbed their friends and went to warn Hogwarts. The death eaters were beginning to enter.

Neville had told all the Gryffindors, who had roared in agreement. Most of the older students agreed to fight, while some had some concerns.

"If we fight, who protects the younger ones" one prefect asked him.

Finally, an agreement was held. 4 prefects would work to smuggle the younger ones out with the help of the professors. Neville then lead the Gryffindors out.

In the Ravenclaw commons, Hermione told them and some showed their true colors. Marietta Edgecombe had gotten angry at Hermione and sent a cutting curse at her. Hermione blocked her and incapacitated the girl. She then rippped off the robe sleeve, revealing a Dark Mark.

Shocked at the betrayal, all the elder Ravenclaws attacked Edgecombe, which ended with one Muggleborn prefect snapping her wand. Finally, they shoved her in a closet and made a plan.

The elders all did the same thing as the Gryffindors. 4 of them would get the younger ones out while the others went to fight. Hermione eventually took the Ravenclaws to fight.

Knowing that the Slytherin common room was a danger zone at the moment, Daphne instead informed the Hufflepuffs. And a similar situation to what happened in the Ravenclaw common room happened. Zacharias Smith ended up attacking Daphne, who sent his curse back at him.

She then tied to him to the wall and told the Hufflepuffs to fight, protect the kids or "be like Smith." This led to the majority of the Puffs going to fight, bar the 6 prefects, who would protect the kids.

Parvati went to the Headmistress and told her. McGonnagall then informed the teachers, who split into two groups. A group would protect the kids and another group would fight. McGonnagall debated putting the school on lockdown, however then reinforcements couldn't enter. She also sent a patronus to Amelia Bones for help as soon as possible.

Using Whittlestone's floo, Rishi informed the Order of the attack. The order then quickly came in through the floo to fight the incoming the death eaters. The death eaters in the common room also emerged, leading to the beginning of the battle.

Most of the senior death eaters were not present however the battle was still competitive. Most of the students could not handle the sheer ferocity of the death eaters so the Dark Side held the advantage for the start.

But the tide turned when Harry, Draco, Padma, and Luna arrived along with the Order. Harry turned into the Hebridean Dragon and began leading a charge against the giants which Voldemort had recruited.

Rishi meanwhile, took Harry's idea and applied it as well. He became an elephant and simply stomped on death eaters. That was until, the werewolves came and saw him as actual prey. Rishi had to turn into a falcon to escape, and even then, he barely managed to do so.

The battle, despite the struggles of Harry's side, was going well. After dealing with the dragons, Harry joined the battle inside to find that all the teachers had arrived to fight after flooing the students away.

Harry, Rishi, Parvati, Sirius and Mr Gopal stuck together and began dueling the death eaters. After a while, it became almost automatic. Rishi would run under their legs as a coyote before Harry and Sirius dispatched them. Parvati and Mr Gopal would deal with any stragglers.

Harry had resist the urge to laugh. The battle was going much better. The students were struggling with holding back the death eaters but the order members helped make up for that.

Rishi meanwhile, couldn't resist that urge "We got this guys!"

Mr Gopal smiled at his son's antics "Don't count your chickens before they hatch Rishi."

Rishi gave him a lopsided grin in response "But I don't have any chickens to count."

Mr Gopal chuckled at that, creating a face similar to the one Rishi was making only seconds ago.

Harry rolled his eyes at the conversation and continued fighting. Suddenly, they felt an explosion echo across the corridor, and were propelled underneath wreckage.

Harry swiftly banished the wreckage of the corridor and looked to see if everyone was okay. He saw Rishi and Parvati kneeling down in pain and ran to his friends, worried for them.

As he got closer, he realized they weren't kneeling due to physical pain.

Rishi had a blank stare on his face as Parvati rubbed his back soothingly. Sirius was looking over two, his face displaying similar worry to Harry. He said no words, and instead gestured to the ground.

"No" Rishi muttered "This can't... he shouldn't have... it can't be."

"I'm sorry" Parvati said quietly, kissing the top of Rishi's head.

That did not remove the shock from Rishi's face as he stared at the still body of Jai Gopal, the happiness from his last smile still present in his eyes.

* Can't stop me from trying

I cried while writing the ending to this chapter. RIP Jai Gopal. Thanks for reading and please leave a review in honor of Mr Gopal.

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