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The Goblin Nation

"Okay" Harry was in the study of Grimmauld Place with Rishi, Sirius and Remus "How do we get this horcrux out?"

After the interrogation of Dumbledore, lots of changes occurred. Sirius was given the unofficial job of handling the Horcruxes since he knew the most about them. Knowing that Harry would be needed, Amelia gave Sirius control so Harry could be involved.

Minerva McGonnagall became the Headmistress of Hogwarts after Dumbledore's departure. She'd teach Transfiguration as well, until a new teacher could be found. Meanwhile, the Board of Governors were working to fix up the school

The first was bringing back a bunch of classes which Dumbledore removed like Wizarding Studies, which students could take to learn about the Wizarding World, and Spell Creation, which detailed who to alter spells for your own needs. Dumbledore had scrapped those classes for "driving students to the Dark." Without him, the Board planned to bring him back.

The second was figuring out the remaining positions. McGonnagall was Headmistress so they needed a new Transfiguration teacher and Head of Gryffindor. The Deputy Headmaster also had to be chosen now. The Board of Governors hadn't like McGonnagall being the Head of Gryffindor, Transfiguration teacher and Deputy Headmistress all at once, so they weren't going to let that happen again.

Instead, they went outside the house to hire a Deputy. Remus would become the Head of Gryffindor as one of the few Gryffindor teachers. Amanda was also considered for the job but since they wanted someone who had been a Gryffindor before, she didn't get the position.

For the Transfiguration spot, Fleur was interviewed. She had recently acquired her Transfiguration Mastery and her skill in the Triwizard Tournament was still fresh in everyone's heads. All that led to her being asked to take the spot. Fleur wanted to teacher Beauxbatons, her alma mater, but she decided that she'd rather stay in Britain with Cedric so she took the job.

Now, Harry, Rishi, Sirius and Remus were tackling the issue of Harry's horcrux.

"Well, there are some perks" Rishi pointed out "Whenever you were near Voldemort, you felt pain in your scar. That could be the effect of having a piece of his soul lodged in you. Maybe when two pieces of the same soul are near, they react."

"So, if we extracted it, we could turn it into a compass of sorts to find the others" Remus grinned "Good thinking."

"We just need to extract it" Sirius groaned "How the fuck do we do that?"

"We could use surgery?" Harry asked.

"Let's speak with experts" Remus advised "See what they have to say."

Sirius looked once again at a book at horcruxes "There aren't many experts per say. The book does say that the goblins were very knowledgeable in this area. We could check in with them. See if they have any advice for us."

"If not" Harry shrugged "I could make a will."

"Welcome to Gringotts" a goblin teller said "How may we assist you?"

"We were wondering if we could speak with a goblin expert on horcruxes" Harry answered politely.

"Who makes this request?" the teller asked.

"Lord Potter, Lord Black, Mr Lupin and Heir Gopal" Sirius told the goblin.

The goblin nodded and appeared to look something up. He then looked back the humans and said "Lord Potter may proceed. The rest of you can stay here until called upon. Lord Potter?"

Sirius looked ready to protest but Lupin whispered "He'll be fine Sirius. Trust him."

They let the goblins take Harry away. He was dragged through numerous hallways until being told to sit outside a room. He sat there for a few minutes until he was asked to come inside.

Harry entered what he thought to be a throne room. He recognized the account manager Ragnok but he couldn't recognize any others. Sitting on a throne, was a goblin wearing a crown. Using his common sense, Harry kneeled before the man "King."

The goblin gave Harry an appraising look "You seem to have more logic than the average wizard."

"That isn't very hard to achieve King..." Harry fumbled for a finish, unsure of the King's name.

The King chuckled "I apologize for not introducing myself. I am Goblin King Silvertooth."

"Hello King Silvertooth" Harry greeted "I am Lord Potter."

"I am aware" King Silvertooth "The Potters have been trusted allies of Gringotts for centuries."

"Really?" Harry was interested in this tidbit of knowledge.

"When the Goblins needed funds to open Gringotts, most humans did not support us. They didn't believe that we were trustworthy enough to handle their precious money. The Potters however, they gave us the funds we needed. They thought that we would open a good bank. And for their faith in us, all Potters are known as a friend to the Goblin Nation. If you ever need out assistance, you can call upon it" King Silvertooth explained.

"I am honored to be named as such" Harry said "And ask for the assistance for the Goblin Nation."

"What do you need help with Lord Potter?" King Silvertooth asked.

"I assume that you all have heard of Lord Voldemort" Harry got nods in response so he continued "He is a menace to our society and must be eliminated. We have learned that Voldemort has created horcruxes. 7 of them. In order to defeat him, they must be destroyed. Goblins are regarded as experts in horcruxes. We need guidance and we hope that you can provide it."

King Silvertooth stared at Harry, his back hunched "What about horcruxes do you need to know?"

Harry sighed "When Voldemort went to kill me and my family, he accidentally created a horcrux out of me. Our only source says I must die, and I'd rather not do that. How do we remove that horcrux?"

King Silvertooth nodded "That is most regrettable. There is no need to worry. We goblins have experimented in horcruxes in order to better understand them. We've had occasions where we've accidentally turned others into horcruxes. To combat this, we have a procedure which removes the horcrux safely."

Harry smiled "That is good to hear. I do ask that my friends are brought. I can vouch for their character. They are helping me with destroying the horcruxes and will want to hear what you have to say."

That resulted in Sirius, Remus and Rishi being brought in by some of the guards. King Silvertooth then explained that they could remove the horcrux for Harry safely.

Harry then asked "King Silvertooth, my friend Rishi had an interesting idea earlier today. The horcrux is in my scar and oddly, whenever I'm near Voldemort, I feel a pain in my scar. Rishi was thinking that we could turn my horcrux into a beacon for all the other horcruxes in order to locate them."

"Your idea isn't unheard of" King Silvertooth thought out loud "It's been done before. However, if Voldemort made 7 horcruxes, then the beacon wouldn't very strong. It would need to be in close proximity."

The humans almost looked crestfallen until the King continued "However, there is an alternate method. Each soul has a distinct hue of sorts. Since they are all unique, you could use your horcrux as a guide for identifying Voldemort's specific soul. There's a spell which allows you to do this. We can teach it to you four at a later point. But first, we must perform the surgery. Are you ready?"

Harry nodded "Let's do this."

The surgery went as planned. The goblins got the horcrux out and trapped it for examination. They then taught Harry, Rishi, Sirius and Lupin the spell. The incantation was Monstra te Animae Seu which was Latin for "Show yourself Soul." It would tell them if the soul was in a 10 mile radius

Once they got the incantation down, the goblins had them practice it. It was boring until, Harry moved closer to the vaults and got a response from the spells. They followed the spell into the Black vaults, where they found a yellow cup.

"What is that?" Harry asked.

"I think that's Hufflepuff's cup" Sirius gaped.

"So Voldemort turned this into a horcrux" Harry said "But why's it here?"

Sirius turned to his account manager "When did this cup arrive?"

The goblin looked through the sheets it brought and finally answered "It arrived when you dissolved the marriage between Rodolphus Lestrange and Bellatrix Black. As part of the penalties, you confiscated half of their vaults. You also get any artifacts which Bellatrix placed into the vaults."

"So Bellatrix hid it for Voldie" Harry realized.

Sirius nodded "Let's take it up. If Dorea has some fangs, we can use them to destroy it."

The goblin coughed as they boarded the cart "May I add something?"

Sirius grinned "Of course!"

"The Sword of Gryffindor could also be used" the goblin told them "The blade could withstand the impact of destroy the horcrux since it's goblin-made silver. You could always try to fiendyfire as well."

Harry smiled as they arrived back at the main area of the bank "I could always try summoning it as Lord Gryffindor."

"Fine by me" Sirius said.

They gave Harry some space and he closed his eyes. In his mind, he said "Accio Sword of Gryffindor!"

Suddenly, he felt the blade in his hands. He knew that the enchantments on it only let the current Lord summon it so he was pretty sure it would work.

King Silvertooth "It is as amazing as my ancestors told me."

Harry nodded "I'm sorry that mine stole it from your. I have a proposal for its use if you don't mind."

"Please tell us" King Silvertooth said.

"The sword stays here" Harry told him "It was made by your race. It should belong to you. However, House Gryffindor has the right to summon it for battle if need be. You can charm the sword to always return after its use."

King Silvertooth gave him a toothy grin "My fellow kings have tried to get that agreement passed but no one would go for it. I will happily accept your deal."

Harry handed the sword to King Silvertooth "Here you go sir. We may need it soon though."

"I suspect you will."

With their Voldemort soul in hand, the gang of four returned to Grimmauld Place. From there, they'd drop off some of their things, and mark off which horcruxes they destroyed. Then, Harry would fill their friends in (Rishi couldn't talk about the horcruxes due to the modified Fidelius) before teaching them the spell.

As they entered, Kreacher came running into with a beater's bat from Sirius' days on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. The house-elf then attacked the container, and began hitting it repeatedly with the bat.

The goblins had the foresight to charm it so that it was unbreakable but the group was still shocked by the normally apathetic elf's anger. Sirius snapped out of the shock first "Kreacher! What're you doing?"

Kreacher looked at Sirius, a few tears running down his face "What Master Regulus wanted."


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