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The Trials

Harry adjusted his robes. It was time for the trial.

All 3 Bosemans and Dumbledore would be going on trial today for their crimes against him. First, all 3 former Weasleys would go on trial together, then Dumbledore would go. Since the Bosemans all had similar crimes, it was easier to try them together.

Harry asked Andromeda Tonks to be his lawyer and for her to prosecute them. Dumbledore had allegedly decided that all of them would be their own lawyers. Honestly, Harry believed that his choice was stupid since you were relying on the Bosemans to be smart, but it worked for him so he didn't care.

He and Rishi would be attending the trial as they were witnesses. Dumbledore, due to his reputation, had requested that this be a closed trial, but Harry was quite sure that Miss Rita Skeeter would find a way to get in.

They would be in front of the entire Wizengamot. According to Mr Gopal, Dumbledore was not looking to hot. The Dark Faction all wanted any excuse to get rid of Dumbledore, though some of the smarter ones saw how his morals helped their side. If the Light Side refused to kill and only imprisoned Death Eaters, then they had the advantage.

Both the Neutral and Light Factions were annoyed that Dumbledore and the Bosemans tried to potion Harry so they were firmly against them. However, the majority of the Light Faction were worried about the consequences of sending their leader to Azkaban. They didn't want to concede control of Wizengamot to the Dark Faction which kept some of them on Dumbledore's side.

"Hey" Harry said as they strode to the Wizengamot building "If Parvati ever sells formal robes, I swear to god, she better that them comfy."

Rishi laughed "Why are you mad? If she makes any, who do you think she'll test it out on?"

"How was Draco by the way" Sirius asked "I haven't seen him since they gave his dad the Kiss."

Harry sighed "He's relieved, I think. He's content to watch the Malfoy line die out. Sure, his dad doesn't recognize him but he threatened to hurt him. Draco's just relieved."

They pushed open the doors and walked to their seats. Once everyone arrived, Minister Bones began speaking "Welcome to this closed meeting of Wizengamot. Today will be the trials of Ginny Boseman, Ronald Boseman, Molly Boseman and Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. As the Minister of Magic, I will be the acting Chief Witch until the conclusion of this trial since our current Chief Warlock is one of the accused. Are there any objections?"

Everyone knew the procedure so no objections arose. Amelia then continued "We will begin with the trial of the Bosemans. Afterwards, we will take a ten minute recess before the trial of Albus DUmbledore. Let us begin."

"Ginny Boseman, Ronald Boseman, Molly Boseman" Amelia glared at the three from her spot up top "You are charged with attempted line theft, thievery and allowing child abuse. How do you plead?"

Molly (who had her mouth back) glared back at Amelia and said "Not guilty."

"Well then, I will let the plaintiffs speak. Mrs Tonks?" Amelia gestured for the woman to speak.

Andromeda was happy to help out her surrogate nephew and stood up "Let me show you one of Harry's memories from Headmaster Dumbledore's office? Shall we?"

"WHAT THE FUCK DUMBLEDORE" Harry screamed in the Headmaster's office.

Madam Pomfrey had collected Ginny from the Great Hall, while also getting her mother and Ron. Rishi flooed back home to get his parents, Sirius and Lupin. Harry went to the Ministry and got Minister Bones. The three groups then convened in Dumbledore's office after a few minutes.

"You should not speak to the Headmaster like that" Molly chastised him.

That only made Harry angrier "Shut up, you bitch. You don't deserve to talk."

Harry generally had good control over his magic, but his anger could overpower that control on occasion. This time, his magic manifested his anger by removing Molly's mouth from her face.

Dumbledore was shocked "Mr Potter! Please calm down and put Molly's mouth back."

Harry shrugged "That was accidental. I don't know how to put it back."

Madam Pomfrey was irate, which was rare for the usually calm healer "Explain why YOUR personal elf put love potion keyed to Miss Boseman in my apprentice's food!"

Ron snorted "Isn't it obvious?"

Madam Pomfrey turned to the 6th year "How is this obvious?"

"Dumbledore wanted Harry and Ginny to date" Ron explained "That way, he can control Harry through Ginny and have access to the Potter fortune through her. Me and Mum were supposed to help her with the potion. Mom gave her a recipe and I kept an eye on them. We'd also make sure that Ginny and Harry had a kid so when Harry died, we'd get to keep all of the money through the kid."

For once, Harry was happy for Ron's stupidity. It was quite useful right now.

Molly whacked her son in the head, and probably attempted to call him an idiot.

Minister Bones glared at Dumbledore and the Bosemans before turning to Harry "Would you like to press charges?"

"Yes" Harry gave them grin which scared Dumbledore "I'd like to press charges on the Bosemans for attempted line theft, thievery and allowing child abuse. I'd like to charge Albus Dumbledore for attempted line theft, thievery, child endangerment and child abuse."

Amelia Bones nodded "Okay. Aurors, cuff them. We'll put them in holding cells until their trial."

Dumbledore shook his head "You are under the impression that I'd go willingly. FAWKES!"

Dumbledore held his hands up, waiting for his phoenix to come. But Fawkes didn't come. He waited for a bit, but was shocked "Fawkes?"

Harry chuckled "After all you've done, you think Fawkes will help you?"

The Aurors cuffed the 4 accused criminals and took them away. Amelia turned to Harry and his friends "I'll contact you when a trial date has been set. It shouldn't be long. Thank you."

"From what you see here, one of the accused willingly explained the entire plot, but for further proof, I request the use of veritaserum on the three of them" Andromeda added after the memory was done playing.

Molly shook her head "We refuse."

"As the Lord of an Most Ancient and Noble House, I can request the use of veritaserum on someone. Therefore, I request the use right now" Harry told them.

3 aurors each gave the Bosemans veritaserum before they could scream. Andromeda then began her questioning "What're your names?"

"Molly Boseman."

"Ronald Boseman."

"Ginevra Boseman."

"What're your houses" was the other question.

"Gryffindor" was the response from all three.

"I believe the veritaserum has taken effect so I will begin my questioning" Andromeda told Wizengamot "Did you three conspire to give Lord Potter a love potion?"

"Yes" they answered.

"Did you know of the penalty if you were caught?" Andromeda asked them.

"We did" Ginny said "But Dumbledore told us that we wouldn't get caught."

"What was Dumbledore's role in this scheme?" was Andromeda's next question.

"He helped us get the ingredients we needed. He wanted Harry under his control along with the money so he helped us potion him" Ron explained.

Molly then continued their answer "We were going to give Ginny a fertility potion and have her make a kid with Potter. Then, we'd kill Harry to get the money to 'take care of the baby.'"

Andromeda turned to Amelia "Please add conspiracy to murder to the charges."

Amelia nodded so Andromeda proceeded with the questioning "Did you take money from Lord Potter's vaults?"

"Yes" Molly answered.

"Why?" Andromeda asked as a follow-up. With every answer the Bosemans gave, the bigger hole Dumbledore found himself in.

"Dumbledore allowed us to" Ron grinned "He was Potter's magical guardian. He'd take money from Harry's trust vault and give it to us. Per week, we'd get about 100 galleons."

"No further questions" Andromeda smiled. She had the case in hand.

"State your case Bosemans" Amelia told them, and when Molly opened her mouth, she added "With no yelling."

Struggling to keep an low volume, Molly said "Dumbledore told us to do this! We were supposed to get rich from being Potter's friends! But now, we're even poorer! It's all his fault."

Harry raised his hand "Permission to prove a point?"

Amelia nodded "Granted."

"The Weasley family was dirt poor when you three left" Harry explained "However, since you've left, they've progressively made more money. Arthur looked at this bills and noticed that you were wasting the majority of the money he earned. If you hadn't spent money so irresponsibly, or if you didn't bring Dumbledore to your brothers' will reading, you would've been well off."

As the three Bosemans gaped at this relevation, Amelia called out "We will now vote. Raise your wands if you believe they are guilty."

No one liked the three Bosemans, not even their own light side, so in a rare Wizengamot event, the vote was unanimous.

"Molly Boseman, Ronald Boseman and Ginevra Boseman" Amelia announced "For your crimes, you sentenced to a lifetime in the lower level cells of Azkaban. Aurors, take them away."

The Aurors then took the three crying people away from the courtroom to applause.

"We will now have the case of Albus Dumbledore" Amelia said as aurors brought the former Headmaster in "The prosecution may begin."

"I request the use of veritaserum, supported by Lord Potter" Andromeda began.

As the veritaserum was applied, Rishi whispered "This is awesome! Being a lawyer is so cool."

Harry rolled his eyes "You're really considering life as a lawyer?"

Rishi nodded "I am. I'll probably talk to Flitwick about it."

Harry turned away from his friend and back to the trial, where Andromeda was ready to question Dumbledore "What is your name?"

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore" was the answer they got in a monotone, but it was shaky.

"I believe his shields are holding up. Add 3 more drops." Amelia ordered. 2 aurors added 3 more drops of veritaserum.

"What house were you in?" Andromeda asked the second question of the veritaserum test.

"Gryffindor" was said in a pure monotone

"Since the veritaserum is now fully functional, let us start the real questional" Andromeda said "Did you plan to give Harry Potter a love potion keyed to Ginevra Weasley in order to take his money and control him?"


"During your time as Harry Potter's magical guardian, did you take money from his trust vault and give it to Molly Boseman, Ronald Boseman, and Ginevra Boseman as payment for aiding in your attempts to control him" Andromeda asked.


"Did you know that during his stay at #4 Privet Drive, Harry Potter was abused by his aunt and uncle" Andromeda smirked.

"Yes" caused many Lords and Ladies to gasp. People's opinions of Dumbledore were falling by the second.

"Despite that the fact that as his magical guardian, you had an obligation to take care of him?" Andromeda asked innocently.

"Yes" almost caused a ruckus. Being someone's magical guardian was a big deal. Failing in that duty was disgraceful.

"Have you ever withhold valuable information concerning You-Know-Who from the Ministry of Magic?" That question confused a few people.


"No further questions" Andromeda declared as the antidote (double for the 2 doses) was given.

"Mr Dumbledore, anything you'd like to say before my decision?"

"Yes" Dumbledore cleared his throat "All I have done is for the Greater Good. I know I've made mistakes, but every single mistake has been done with the best intentions. I just want to help this world, and I believe I'm doing that. Do you want to send someone away who's constantly aided you in the fight against Voldemort and Dark? I am Albus Dumbledore. I have always helped you and I will continue to do so, as long as I am here. Thank you."

That got some claps from the Light Side but most people saw the speech for what it really was. Dumbledore was basically telling them that without him, they wouldn't win the war.

"We will now vote" Amelia announced "All who say innocent?"

Only about 4 old wizards voted innocent. They were probably worried about who was going to stop Voldemort with no Dumbledore.

"Who says guilty" caused the other 46 wizards to raise their wands in support.

Amelia nodded but before she spoke, Harry stood up "Minister Bones. The prisoner has admitted to withholding information. I suggest we interrogate him in private to discover what information he has been hiding."

Amelia smiled "That is a good idea. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, you are sentenced to a lifetime in a high-security section in Azkaban for your crimes against Lord Potter. But first, me and a select group of people will listen to the information which you have withheld. Before we adjourn this meeting, we must elect our next Chief Warlock. As the longest standing member, Augusta Longbottom is next in line. Do you accept?"

Augusta nodded so Amelia spoke "Augusta Longbottom is now Chief Witch, so mote it be. Meeting adjourned!"

"Well then Dumbledork" Harry grinned "What have you been hiding?"

Dumbledore was panicking "Mr Potter, please. This is valuable information here. We can't have everyone hearing it."

"We've all sworn an oath here that we are not a Death Eater" Sirius rolled his eyes "Plus, we've done a modified Fidelius from the Potter Family Grimoire. Everyone here can tell others but if they try to tell someone else, they lose their magic."

Dumbledore's eyes widened as they gave him some veritaserum.

Harry, Sirius, Amelia, Kingsley and Augusta were all looking at the man. They wanted to keep the group small so restricting it to the Head of the DMLE, Head Auror, Chief Witch, Minister of Magic and the Boy-Who-Lived seemed like a good idea.

After going through the test question, they began the real questioning "Does Voldemort have Horcruxes?"


Amelia made a confused face "What're Horcruxes?"

"They let Voldemort live forever" Harry explained "If they aren't destroyed, he can't die."

Amelia nodded as Sirius asked the next question "How many does he have?"

"7 and himself" Dumbledore answered.

"What're they and what are their statuses?" Sirius asked.

"There is a ring which I destroyed. A diary which Harry destroyed. There's Slytherin's locket. There's Nagini and Harry. I don't know the rest."

"Hold up" Harry said "I'm a Horcrux?"

They got a nod which worried Harry's godfather "How do I get rid of the Horcrux in him? Tell me!"

Dumbledore stared at Sirius "You must kill Harry."

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