The Stand @theactualrealone

"I'm telling you Neville, you guys might've had the best team back when Charlie Weasley still played, but Gryffindor is not even a top 2 team right now" Harry told his brown haired friend.

"We still have Bell" Neville pointed out.

"Yeah, you have Bell" Draco snorted "But you have Weaselette. The moment she gets the quaffle, she thinks no one else on the team exists. She never passes, which basically removes Bell from the game."

"Don't forget Weasel" Rishi reminded them "That idiot is such a bad keeper. He thinks he can go pro one day but has the worst nerves ever. Every time someone insults him, he forgets how to play."

Draco nodded "So the opponent's chasers start racking up points leading to a big deficit which causes Weaselette to shut out her teammates even more. Bell may be good, and Robins, Peakes and Coote could all be good one day, but the Weasleys are running Gryffindor right into the ground."

Neville sighed "I wonder if it's not too late to resort myself into Ravenclaw. I want a team which isn't always gonna get screwed over."

"Don't worry man" Harry laughed "You eat with us so much, you're basically an honorary Ravenclaw!"

The boys were currently in Hogsmeade, celebrating some downtime. Similarly to their third year, the girls decided to have a "Girls' Day." And the boys, once again feeling the need for retaliation, decided to have a "Boys' Day." They then realized that they had no clue what they wanted to do, unlike the girls, so they decided to drink some butterbeers.

"I feel like my house is getting stupider though" Neville rolled his eyes "Like Weasley believes that a little firstie is capable of evil just because of their sorting. I mean, it's a firstie!"

"You know, this is getting boring" Rishi sighed "You guys wanna head back? We could do some studying or play a pick-up game of Quidditch. All we're doing here is drinking butterbeer."

"Fine by me" was everyone's response so the boys decided to head back. Their departure was watched by 6th year who immediately went to floo his sister and tell her that they were returning.

When they made it back, all the boys spread out. Neville went to talk to some of the people who already returned from Hogsmeade to gauge their interest in playing. Draco went to the Quidditch Shed to grab the balls. Rishi and Harry went to the Great Hall to grab some food. Butterbeers were a good drink but weren't super filling.

They strode over to the Hall and asked a house elf for sandwiches and some water. They'd quickly eat and then play. As they got the food, which took a bit longer than usual, Ginny Weasley strode in. She walked to the boys, who were about to start eating. They groaned silently upon seeing her.

"Hi Harry" Ginny said, batting her eyes.

"Ginevra" Harry replied politely.

"Call me Ginny" she told him, attempting to be seductive.

Harry, if it was possible, was turned off by her actions "I was under the belief that we are not friends since I don't like you. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to eat."

"Oh, of course" Ginny sent him a happy smile "Men need their food."

"Then why did Gandhi perform many fasts in response to actions by the British" Rishi asked with a grin.

Ginny opened her mouth to speak, then shut it quickly as she tried to figure out who Gandhi was.

Rishi sighed "God, it's like every Brit ignores their history of taking over countries."

Harry laughed "Mostly because they ended up losing control of the country every time."

Rishi chuckled before he bit into his sandwich. Harry took that as a sign to dig in. But before the sandwich could reach his mouth, he felt all of his Lordship and Heirship rings vibrate.

This put Harry on paranoid mode but to check for a malfunction, he handed Rishi to sandwich "Take a bite of mine."

Rishi shrugged and went to take a bite. That set off the Gopal Heirship ring which annoyed his friend "You trying to poison me?"

Harry shook his head "It's my sandwich dumbass. I was just checking to make sure the magic wasn't tricked."

Rishi nodded "Okay. Cast a detection spell to tell us what. Then, we can take it to Madam Pomfrey."

"It'd be an attack on her apprentice so she can overrule everyone on a plan of action" Harry realized.

Harry cast the spell and his eyes widened in shock "What. The. Fuck."

Rishi was worried and cast the spell himself "Oh my god."

"This much amortentia" Harry shook his head "It would've killed me immediately. Too much becomes a poison."

"Who is it keyed to?" Rishi asked "That could tell us who put it in your food."

"Let's go to Madam Pomfrey" Harry said.

The boys ran to the Healer, leaving an anxious Ginny Weasley behind.

"Madam Pomfrey" Harry entered the room in a panic.

"What is it Harry" she asked "I thought today was your day off."

"First off, didn't you tell me that 'Healers don't take days off'" Harry told her, which got him a glare from the Matron of the Hospital Wing "Second, someone spiked my food with a lethal dosage of Amortentia."

"Oh dear!" Madam Pomfrey exclaimed as she turned to her personal house-elf "Mipsy, can you go to the kitchens and bring the house-elf who prepared this food to me RIGHT NOW!"

"Yes Mistress Pomfrey" the house-elf disappeared with a crack.

"I'll check who this is keyed to" the Healer told them "Stand back, it could become volatile."

Pomfrey began testing the food and while she did, her elf returned with another elf.

"Mipsy has the elf Mistress!" Mipsy told her master.

Madam Pomfrey turned around, looked at the elf in question and gasped "That's Dumbledore's personal elf."

Harry growled "Why am I not surprised?"

"Well..." Rishi began before Harry said "That was rhetorical."

Pomfrey turned back to the food and said "Well, I have the results. The potion was keyed to a Ginny Boseman."

"WHAT THE FUCK DUMBLEDORE" Harry screamed in the Headmaster's office.

Madam Pomfrey had collected Ginny from the Great Hall, while also getting her mother and Ron. Rishi flooed back home to get his parents, Sirius and Lupin. Harry went to the Ministry and got Minister Bones. The three groups then convened in Dumbledore's office after a few minutes.

"You should not speak to the Headmaster like that" Molly chastised him.

That only made Harry angrier "Shut up, you bitch. You don't deserve to talk."

Harry generally had good control over his magic, but his anger could overpower that control on occasion. This time, his magic manifested his anger by removing Molly's mouth from her face.

Dumbledore was shocked "Mr Potter! Please calm down and put Molly's mouth back."

Harry shrugged "That was accidental. I don't know how to put it back."

Madam Pomfrey was irate, which was rare for the usually calm healer "Explain why YOUR personal elf put love potion keyed to Miss Boseman in my apprentice's food!"

Ron snorted "Isn't it obvious?"

Madam Pomfrey turned to the 6th year "How is this obvious?"

"Dumbledore wanted Harry and Ginny to date" Ron explained "That way, he can control Harry through Ginny and have access to the Potter fortune through her. Me and Mum were supposed to help her with the potion. Mom gave her a recipe and I kept an eye on them. We'd also make sure that Ginny and Harry had a kid so when Harry died, we'd get to keep all of the money through the kid."

For once, Harry was happy for Ron's stupidity. It was quite useful right now.

Molly whacked her son in the head, and probably attempted to call him an idiot.

Minister Bones glared at Dumbledore and the Bosemans before turning to Harry "Would you like to press charges?"

"Yes" Harry gave them grin which scared Dumbledore "I'd like to press charges on the Bosemans for attempted line theft, thievery and allowing child abuse. I'd like to charge Albus Dumbledore for attempted line theft, thievery, child endangerment and child abuse."

Amelia Bones nodded "Okay. Aurors, cuff them. We'll put them in holding cells until their trial."

Dumbledore shook his head "You are under the impression that I'd go willingly. FAWKES!"

Dumbledore held his hands up, waiting for his phoenix to come. But Fawkes didn't come. He waited for a bit, but was shocked "Fawkes?"

Harry chuckled "After all you've done, you think Fawkes will help you?"

The Aurors cuffed the 4 accused criminals and took them away. Amelia turned to Harry and his friends "I'll contact you when a trial date has been set. It shouldn't be long. Thank you."

She left, leaving a grinning Harry in her wake.

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