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A Warning For Dumbledore

"Chang" Harry strode into the common room, his gaze fixed on the Asian Seventh Year.

"Potter" Cho turned away from her giggling friends to face the Boy-Who-Lived "What do you want?"

"May we speak?" Harry asked politely.

"We can" Cho nodded and allowed Harry to lead her away. He took her into a secluded classroom. He didn't want to deal with Cho's friends trying to eavesdrop so he cast some privacy wards.

Cho smirked as she sat on a desk "So, what do you want? I assume that you aren't about to take me right here on the desk."

"You assume correctly" Harry chuckled "Instead, I have an idea which I feel may benefit us both."

"What is it" Cho was intrigued.

"I have been named Quidditch Captain as the longest-tenured member of the starting squad. I'm pretty sure that none of the second years are secret Quidditch prodigies so we can be sure that you will be the reserve seeker" Harry explained.

"So?" Cho didn't see where he was going.

"I do not like you and I am quite sure that you don't like me" Harry conceded "However, we have a common goal: winning the Quidditch Cup. That's why I propose that you move to Chaser."

"Hm" Cho wasn't convinced "Why do you think I should do that?"

"Let's be frank here, you aren't going to unseat me as the starter without an injury. You'll be stuck as a reserve once again even though you could easily be a starter. Our chaser depth is depleted. Henry wants to focus on his NEWTs so we only have Alice. You're quick on a broom and can change directions easily. Alice is already a good chaser as a 3rd year. You could be deadly together" Harry ranted.

Cho laughed "That is true. The only people left are you, Rishi and Alice. Speaking of Gopal, I heard that he is your co-captain."

"He is" Harry nodded "You know that he despises you, but even he had to admit, you'd be good as a chaser. What do you say?"

"I'll have to think on this. Thank you Potter" Cho said after some deliberation.

"My pleasure." Harry nodded.

Harry took down the wards and let Cho leave. When she left, he let out a big sigh. He had no idea how Quidditch GMs manage rebuilding. It was painful, seeing as the rebuilding teams were always stripped down to the bone.

Last year, the Ravenclaw team was dominant but that coincided with some of the players ready to graduate. Graduation took 3 people off their starting lineup leaving Harry, Rishi, Henry Moore and his sister Alice.

Henry was entering his seventh year and decided to resign from the team to focus on his studies. His NEWTs were this year and like every Ravenclaw, failure was not an option. Harry heard that Alice attempted to convince her old brother into rejoining but he held firm. Harry couldn't blame the guy but it hurt the team. Being siblings, Henry and Alice had great chemistry on the pitch. They argued in practice but on the pitch, they played like one. It'd be hard to replace that.

Harry decided to head back to the tower. He had to think of exercises for tryouts.

On his way back, he found Alice walking up to him "Hey Alice."

"Hey Harry" Alice smiled "You ready for tryouts?"

Harry laughed "I have to be."

"Anyway, I have a note from Dumbledore" Alice grabbed a piece of crumpled paper from her pocket and handed it to Harry "Sorry about it's... shape. I kinda forgot about it for a while."

"It's okay. See you later" Harry and Alice parted ways. Harry opened up the note which told him to visit Dumbledore this Saturday for "special lessons." Harry couldn't wait to see what the guy had cooked up.

"Welcome, Harry" Dumbledore said as Harry entered his office.

"Please call me Mr Potter" Harry told him "We are not close enough for you to use my name."

"Okay Mr Potter" Dumbledore sighed "Let us begin our lessons. I want you to take a look at this pensieve. We will..."

"Hold up" Harry looked at the pensieve "These lessons... are just looking at memories?"

"Yes. Now that we're clear, let's..." Dumbledore was cut off by Harry saying "Are you kidding me? I came here to learn more of how to fight! Not to look at memories! If there's something that you're trying to teach me with them, just tell me so we can avoid this wild goose chase."

Dumbledore shook his head "It must be done like this."

"In that case, I'm out" Harry said "I didn't want to do this but I wanted to know what you'd teach me. Seeing as all you're teaching is bullshit, I'll leave. Good day Headmaster."

Dumbledore was shocked and before Harry could leave, he called out "Wait!"

Harry turned around and Dumbledore seized his chance. He looked into Harry's eyes and launched his first Legimmency attack on the boy.

Dumbledore entered Harry's mind and began to look around. He needed to convince Harry to stay and listen to his plans.

Harry was too rebellious. He could never convince Harry to be friends with Ronald, however he could plant the suggestion to do a few things which Dumbledore wanted.

The first was to cancel the apprenticeship. If Poppy was Harry's Mentor, then she had power over him while in the school. Even he couldn't overrule her over a matter involving Harry. To regain control, Harry had to opt out of the apprenticeship.

Next, was to make Harry more trusting of him. Dumbledore suspected that Harry discovered how he took money from his vaults and placed him with the Dursleys. He needed Harry to trust him, not fear him.

Finally, he needed Harry to break up with Daphne Greengrass. While the Greengrasses were an influential family and never sided with Voldemort, they never sided with him. Harry needed a Light family to keep him away from the Dark. He'd also make Harry attracted to Miss Weasley in order to have Harry with someone who could report to him 24/7.

He started exploring Harry's mind, till he found a smiling Lord Potter facing him.

Harry let out a gigantic laugh which almost sounded cruel "Welcome to my mind Dumbledore!"

"H-harry!" Dumbledore was alarmed.

"Did you think my mind would be an open book for you to read?" Harry asked with a grin "I know Occlumency. I can shut you out easily. But, I will. But, first a warning."

Dumbledore suddenly saw nothing but black. Then, he came to and found himself face-to-face with Voldemort.

"Tom!" Dumbledore shouted, forgetting that he was in Harry's mind.

He sent a curse at Voldemort, which was sent back. The two entered a duel which neither held an edge. Finally, Voldemort summoned Dumbledore to where he was and disarmed him.

Dumbledore paled, believing this to be his end. He shut his eyes, worried about the torture which Voldemort would provide. Then he felt a pair of warm lips on him. He opened his eyes to find Voldemort kissing him.

Something then came over Dumbledore and he kissed back, with much more ferocity. The two began making out, which Harry found quite gross.

While Dumbledore was busy, he willed his mind to show him Dumbledore's thoughts. He first saw Dumbledore's reasoning for entering his mind, which disgusted him. He then found out what Dumbledore wanted him to learn about through the memories: hocruxes.

He made a note to ask Sirius about them. But first, he had an annoying Headmaster to deal with. He then kicked Dumbledore out of his mind and disarmed him before casting a Body-Bind curse on him along with Stupefy.

Harry went to made sure that Dumbledore was out and grabbed his wand. If the curse wore off, he didn't want Dumbledore to have his wand.

Finally, he cast Enervate on Dumbledore who looked around in a panic. The man then settled his gaze on the 6th year next to him "Harry! Please, can you..."

"I will not. And if you try to punish me for this, I will send you to Azkaban. You are a crazy man with delusions of what the Greater Good really is. Mess with me ONE MORE TIME, and I will destroy you" Harry told him in a low voice.

He then stunned Dumbledore once more, before walking out of the room.

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