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OWL Grades

"GUYS" Draco screamed at volumes which Harry only thought Molly NoName could manage "Our OWLs are here! Come on!"

Draco's call caused more than just Harry and Rishi to come. Sirius, Remus, and Narcissa all joined the boys, who appeared to be a few seconds away from tearing into the envelopes. Which they did.

Sirius laughed as they did this "I remember Pettigrew getting his results. That little motherfucker thought the paper was going to kill him! Which it should've."

Finally, Harry held the dreaded paper in his hands, and gazed upon his grades.

Ordinary Wizarding Levels Results

Pass Grades: Outstanding (O) Exceeds Expectations (E) Acceptable (A)

Fail Grades: Poor (P) Dreadful (D) Troll (T)

* signifies a score which is an all-time best

Hadrian James Potter has achieved:

Ancient Runes: O

Arithmancy: O

Astronomy: E

Care of Magical Creatures: E

Charms: O *

Defense Against Dark Arts: O *

Herbology: O

History of Magic: O

Potions: O

Transfiguration: O *

Hadrian James Potter has achieved a total of 10 OWLs

Rishi took a glance at his friends' sheet and almost fainted "Holy shit man! Good job!"

That caused everyone else to look at Harry's grades. Draco gasped "Damn."

Sirius shook his godson, a proud smile on his face "Your parents would so proud of you pup!"

Lupin simply nodded "Congratulation."

Narcissa smiled "You need to celebrate this."

Harry shoved all their compliments away "Yeah. Yeah. How did you guys do?"

Ordinary Wizarding Levels Results

Pass Grades: Outstanding (O) Exceeds Expectations (E) Acceptable (A)

Fail Grades: Poor (P) Dreadful (D) Troll (T)

* signifies a score which is an all-time best

Draco Regulus Black has achieved:

Arithmancy: O

Astronomy: E

Care of Magical Creatures: O

Charms: O

Defense Against Dark Arts: O

Herbology: E

History of Magic: O

Potions: O

Transfiguration: E

Draco Regulus Black has achieved a total of 9 OWLs

Ordinary Wizarding Levels Results

Pass Grades: Outstanding (O) Exceeds Expectations (E) Acceptable (A)

Fail Grades: Poor (P) Dreadful (D) Troll (T)

* signifies a score which is an all-time best

Rishi Gopal has achieved:

Ancient Runes: E

Arithmancy: E

Astronomy: E

Charms: O

Defense Against Dark Arts: O

Herbology: O

History of Magic: O

Potions: O

Transfiguration: O

Rishi Gopal has achieved a total of 9 OWLs

"You guys did good" Harry exclaimed.

Rishi rolled his eyes "Yeah. But you did better."

"Besides, you'll get that apprenticeship now" Draco slapped his friend on the back "Come on. We gotta party!"

Narcissa's eyes widened "What?"

Sirius chuckled "I have heard nothing about a party. And besides, it's not like there will be one when I leave for my date at 7:00."

Lupin seemed like he was use to this kind of thinking "Well, okay. Narcissa, you want to head over to Diagon Alley at 7:00?"

Narcissa was torn between chewing out her son and accepting her fate "Well... okay."

The three adults left the boys to plan their party, which Draco had taken the lead on. As he famously said "There ain't no party like a Slytherin party!"

Draco got out a piece of paper and began writing "Okay, we need to first form a guest list. Then, we'll ask Kreacher and some other elves to create some food. After that, we ward off the library, and the bedrooms. I don't want people in my bed. So, who should we invite?"

"Um" Harry and Rishi exchanged a look before the Indian boy spoke "I guess our friends. Neville, Parvati, Daphne, Hermione, Padma and Luna. Anyone else?"

Harry thought for a moment "We could invite Tracey and Blaise, I suppose. You're close with them, Draco. Lavender Brown could be invited as well. After, that I don't have a clue."

Draco rolled his eyes "I see I'll be doing all the work here. Don't worry. I got this."

Later that day, Harry discovered that Draco indeed had it. About 30 people came into their house as soon as the adults left. Harry was amazed.

"Bro, how?" Harry asked.

"I asked Astoria if she wanted to come. She came, and brought friends" Draco laughed.

"Damn" Harry said as he went to get a drink. Upon pouring himself some butterbeer, he encountered Blaise Zabini "Hey."

"Hey Potter" Blaise smirked "You hear what happened with Ron?"

"No" Harry honestly answered.

"First of all, they're taking the last name of Boseman" Blaise started "Second, they were Diagon Alley today when the OWL scores came. He got his paper, and began screaming. Then his mom came over and started screaming. They both started screaming about how Dumbledore said that Ron would do good. The idiot even screamed his scores. He barely got two OWLs. He got an A in both Charms and Transfiguration."

Harry laughed loudly "Oh my god!"

"I know!" Blaise started laughing as well "I didn't even think that was possible!"

Blaise and Harry parted ways afterwards and Harry encountered Daphne who was pissed "Hey pretty lady."

"Harry" Daphne steamed "Why is my sister at the party?"

Harry shrugged "Draco asked her, and she said yes. I didn't even know until now."

Daphne looked over at sister dancing and seemed to calm down "At least she's having fun, I guess."

"It's gonna be her OWL year" Harry added "She'll need all the fun she can get."

Daphne smiled and kissed Harry on the lips. Harry kissed back and grabbed Daphne's ass. That made her moan quietly and kiss him again with even more force. Harry responded in a similar manner.

The kiss got more intense as time passed, with Harry's hand going higher and higher. Finally, Daphne broke off the kiss and gave Harry a seductive smile "Want to take this upstairs?"

"Hell yeah" Harry grinned.

"Hey pup" Harry heard the next morning "How was your party?"

"Fun" Harry yawned "How was your date?"

"Fun" Sirius chuckled "You got a letter from Professor Flitwick."

"Hm" Harry grabbed the letter and opened it. He quickly scanned over the contents.

"It's a simple congratulations for being able to secure the Apprenticeship" Harry began "Madam Pomfrey will see me after the Welcoming Feast for more information. He's appointing me Quidditch Captain."

"You're Quidditch Captain?" Rishi asked as he came down the stairs.

"Yeah" Harry answered "Flitwick also mentioned that other teachers are worried about whether I can manage the workload, since I have classes, Prefect duties, the apprenticeship and Quidditch captaincy. He wants me to know that if it ever becomes too much, I should let him know."

Rishi nodded "Cool."

"I'm gonna need help" Harry mused "And in Hogwarts: A History, it says that captains used to appoint a co-captain to help them. That way, if the captain had other issues, someone could take over for him."

"Nice" Harry realized that Rishi wasn't paying much attention. To be honest, he couldn't blame the guy.

"Can you be my co-captain?" Harry asked.

"Wait, what?" Rishi did a double-take.

"Can you be a co-captain" Harry laughed "So, if I can't make it for any reason, you take over."

"I got you man" Rishi and Harry gave each other a bro-hug.

"Great" Harry sighed "I have a good feeling about this."

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