The Stand @theactualrealone
The Punishment

Imprisoned Death Eater Family Issues!

By Penelope Clearwater

While on their round yesterday, the guards of Azkaban reported a change in one of the cells: the nameplate of feared Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange had been changed. It now reads Bellatrix Black.

The Warden of Azkaban informed me that all the nameplates magically update themselves with the prisoner's current name. For example, if a imprisoned woman got married in Azkaban, her nameplate would have her new surname.

Bellatrix, before marrying into the Lestrange family, was a member of House Black. I reached out to Lord Black for a comment and was told "her marriage contract was voided due to multiple violations."

He also revealed some quite serious information "We also recently learned that she suffered a miscarriage which may have contributed towards her insanity. We believe that the actions of the Lestranges played a part in this and wish to punish them for it."

The marriage contract between the two family will allow the Blacks to collect a significant portion of the Lestrange vaults. They now have the right to 50% of everything inside the Lestrange family vault, something which will hurt the family and the Dark Lord.

In related news, the archivist of Azkaban was doing his normal checking of each prisoner's documents when he noticed something odd in Lucius Malfoy's papers. When he glanced at the spouse and children sections, the document stated that Lucius Malfoy had neither.

It is well-known that Lucius is married to Narcissa Malfoy née Black. With her, he sired Draco Lucius Malfoy, who is entering his 6th year at Hogwarts. I approached Mr Malfoy upon seeing him in Diagon Alley.

Mr Malfoy, who was accompanied by Lord Black, Lord Potter, and Heir Gopal, agreed to comment and told me "I dueled my father sometime ago and defeated him. Despite his presence in Azkaban, my father has allies who could get revenge for him. I asked Lord Black to cancel my mother's marriage contract with my father. He agreed to do so, and she became a Black once again. And per the contract, I am also a Black. My name is now Draco Regulus Black."

The now Mr Black chose not to give additional comments and left Diagon Alley. Now, all that remains to be seen is what will happen to Lucius Malfoy. Tomorrow, Wizengamot decides on a punishment for all captured Death Eaters. This could mean the end of House Malfoy.

"Welcome to this meeting of Wizengamot" Dumbledore declared "Our only order of business to decide a punishment for all imprisoned Death Eaters. Would anyone like to propose a punishment? If not, I will propose one."

Everyone was interested in hearing Dumbledore's punishment so they kept quiet. That gave Dumbledore his chance "I propose they be given life sentences in Azkaban."

Harry stood up "I propose they be given the Kiss."

Some people gasped while others cheered in agreement. Dumbledore was shocked "Lord Potter, why would you do that?"

"Some of the people we are talking about already escaped Azkaban before. We are simply putting them back into an environment in which they already escaped. What's going to change?" Harry asked.

"Everyone can be redeemed. Just because they escaped before doesn't mean they'll escape now." Dumbledore told him.

"So, we're assuming that they've had a change of heart since they broke into the Ministry and attempted to kill some schoolchildren" Harry rolled his eyes "Yeah, that makes complete sense."

"Lord Potter..." Dumbledore started before Harry cut him off "Pardon my language, but that's complete bullshit Chief Warlock. Many of the accused were already given second chances after the first war. And now, we're supposed to give them more and more chances to kill innocents? If you allow this, you're allowing Voldemort's reign of terror to continue."

"However, if we give them the Dementor's Kiss, we get rid of many people in Voldemort's Inner Circle. This could cripple the Death Eaters and give us the boost we need." Harry finished.

"I call for a vote" Augusta Longbottom said, and was seconded by Sirius.

"All in favor for a lifetime in Azkaban?" Dumbledore asked.

Most of the Dark Faction sided with Dumbledore out of necessity. They wanted to keep their partners out of Azkaban. Dumbledore looked at the Light side, trying to get more support. No one raised their hands in support.

Finally, Dumbledore looked at Arthur, pleading with the head of the Weasley family. Arthur glared back and shook his head.

Dumbledore was surprised. Despite Arthur divorcing Molly, he thought the man would still side with him. Apparently, he wouldn't.

"All in favor of the Kiss?" got everyone else to raise their hands, easily winning the vote. Dumbledore, disappointed with outcome, called the meeting to a close. He then ran to catch up with Harry, Sirius and Mr Gopal.

"Lord Potter" Dumbledore said "I require your assistance."

"With what?" Harry asked.

"We are need of a new Potions teacher. I'd like you to help me convince the former teacher to retake his post" Dumbledore explained.

"Why do you need a new Potions teacher" Mr Gopal asked.

"Snape is moving to Defense so we need..." Dumbledore answered before Sirius interrupted "Why is he moving to Defense?"

"I will regrettably have to let Ms Whittlestone go" Dumbledore told them "There have been numerous complaints and..."

"No there haven't" Augusta Longbottom joined the conversation.

"Augusta..." Dumbledore said before the Longbottom matriarch added "We get all complaints. Besides, if you were going off complaints, Binns should've been exorcised a long time ago. So he will be."

"What?" Dumbledore said "You're making changes without consulting me?"

"We don't need to. You need to run changes by us. We don't run changes by you. We simply inform you of them" Augusta snorted "Lord Black, I'd also like to offer you a spot on the Board of Governors. A spot has opened up since Lord Malfoy's arrest."

"I would happy to join the Board" Sirius shook hands with Augusta before Lady Longbottom told Dumbledore "Lord Black, if it's not too much, I'd also like to pass on a message."

"I'd be happy to" Sirius said before adding "What is it?"

"Your friend Remus Lupin was a popular teacher during his time at Hogwarts. He also received an Outstanding on his History of Magic NEWT. Would he be interested in the job?" Augusta asked.

"I think he would be. I'll have him talk to you." Augusta and Dumbledore both then left. Dumbledore was most likely going to plead with the Board not to exorcise Binns.

Sirius then saw Arthur leaving a conversation with Minister Bones and walked over to him "Arthur."

"Sirius" Arthur smiled.

"Look, I know you love Muggles" Sirius shrugged "But, you're a terrific fighter. I'd like you to join the Auror Corps."

"What?" Arthur was shocked.

"You won't join immediately. You'd take an evaluation which would determine if you're unsuitable, a training candidate or can start right now. Interested?" Sirius explained.

"Hell yeah" Arthur said before shaking Sirius' hand "Give me a call."

"I will" Sirius grinned.

Arthur walked away as Sirius turned to his godson "That was fun."

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