The Stand @theactualrealone
The Department of Mysteries

Harry knew that OWLs were a big deal, but still couldn't comprehend everyone's stress over them.

He had breezed through all of them so far (getting bonus points with his panther animagus for Transfiguration and his panther patronus for DADA) and now just had History of Magic left.

His mind was quickly supplying all the information he needed. He didn't plan to take History of Magic after his OWLS. He decided to read some books from time to time. That'd help him more than Binns ever could. So, in all honesty, he didn't care if he passed or not.

He was just checking over his work when he felt another probe enter his mind. Noticing that it was like the one he got around Christmas break, he ignored it. He didn't care for whatever Voldemort wanted to show him.

But then, he remembered that the last vision warned him of Arthur's near-death. Maybe this one could have the same use. He raised his shields, ready to block off any incoming attack. Harry then let the probe in.

It brought him to a room, most likely the room which Arthur was guarding. It had shelves containing these glass orbs on them.

He then spoke, in the voice of Voldemort "Bring me the sphere."

He was speaking to a black shape which lied before him. The shape snarled back "I'd rather die."

"In that case" Voldemort growled "Crucio!"

The torture spell rose the man and revealed his face, which Harry finally saw. It was Sirius.

That shock snapped Harry out of the probe and into reality where Rishi was shaking him while his friends stood around in a circle.

"You okay man?" Rishi appeared concerned "You passed out. Daphne was one moment away from going all Sleeping Beauty on you."

Daphne smacked Rishi on the head and everyone headed outside with an awake Harry. Harry looked around before dragging all his friends into an empty classroom. A few locking spells later, he turned to his friends "We need to talk."

"What's up" Draco asked, before Rishi cut in "Was it like..."

Harry nodded furiously "YES. Near Christmas last year, I had a vision of Mr Weasley getting attacked, which turned out to be true."

"What did you see this time" Parvati asked.

"Sirius getting tortured by Lord Voldemort" Harry said before the room exploded into chatter.

"We have to go!" Neville yelled.

"We can't" Hermione yelled back "It could be a trick!"

"It could or he could be getting tortured right now!" Parvati added angrily.

"It's probably a trick. No Slytherin would tell their enemy what they're doing" Draco snorted.

"Or it's an accident" Padma pointed it "He could've done it subconsciously."

"Guys, we're wasting time" Rishi told them "Why don't we floo to Grimmauld Place and check with Kreacher. If he's not there, we hightail it to the Ministry. If he is there, we figure out what You-Know-Who's plan was here."

That plan was agreed upon by everyone until Harry realized something "Which floo can we use?"

"I believe the Defense classroom is the closest" Daphne said "We can ask Ms Whittlestone to let us use her floo."

That amendment to the plan was also agreed upon so Harry took down the spells and everyone quickly moved to the Defense room. Ms Whittlestone was sitting at her desk when they arrived.

She looked at them when they came "What's up?"

"We need to use your Floo" Harry said quickly.

"It's an emergency" Daphne added.

"Hold on" Whittlestone held her hand up "I can't just let you leave school grounds."

Everyone visibly deflated at her words, but she continued "I will have to accompany you. Is that acceptable?"

No one cared about her condition and eagerly accepted. She gestured for Harry to go the Floo. Harry tossed in the powder and said "12 Grimmauld Place."

Everyone jumped in together and found Kreacher dusting a cupboard. He was surprised at their arrival "Master Harry!"

"Where is Sirius?" Harry asked.

"Master Sirius is in the library" Kreacher answered.

"Thank you" Harry told him before sprinting off to the library with everyone in town. Upon entering, they found Sirius sitting a table "Pup! What're you doing here with..."

Sirius stared at Ms Whittlestone, who held out her hand "I'm Amanda Whittlestone, Harry's Defense teacher."

"Uh, he's not in trouble, is he?" Sirius asked worriedly.

"He's not. I'm accompanying them away from school" she answered, looking a bit flustered. Harry then looked at Sirius and saw that he looked the same.

Parvati giggled as did Hermione.

"I can go now" Ms Whittlestone told them.

Sirius shook his head "No, uh... you can stay. Since you'll need to take the kids back."

"O-okay" she smiled at Sirius, who smiled back.

"Now, what's going on?" Sirius asked the kids.

"I got a vision from Voldemort that you were being tortured. We came here to check whether that was true" Harry explained "Now that we know that isn't true, we can go."

"Hold on" Draco said "We shouldn't go."

"Why?" Padma responded.

"Let's assume that You-Know-Who believed that Harry would go rescue Sirius. He'd expect Harry to go into the room where he was torturing Sirius, in order to save him" Draco pointed out.

Sirius then had a question "Which room was this?"

"It had these shelves, holding glass orbs" Harry responded.

Sirius shot up, as everything hit him "Voldemort can't go after to the Ministry himself since the Aurors would be all over him. Meanwhile, they wouldn't attack Harry, so he could go get it for him."

"Get what?" Rishi asked.

"There's a prophecy about Harry and Voldemort" Sirius rushed "Only those two can get it. He wants Harry to get it for him."

"Then what's the problem?" Hermione asked.

"Voldemort isn't super patient. If Harry doesn't get it. He'll go himself" Sirius explained "We need to get it before him. I'll go mobilize the Order. You guys should go after the prophecy."

"What about me" Ms Whittlestone asked.

Parvati spoke before Sirius could "You should with Sirius, to verify his story."

The DADA teacher nodded "That makes sense."

Sirius looked grateful and took Ms Whittlestone to call the Order. Harry took the gang to the Floo and after tossing in the powder, they arrived in the Ministry. They went to reception and got Visitor's Passes for a "mission."

They took the elevator up to the Department of Mysteries, based on what Lupin let slip earlier. From there, they began exploring the shelves. Nothing was said for a few minutes until Neville said "Check this out."

Everyone crowded around Neville and looked at a particular orb. An orb which had the name of Harry Potter on it. Harry grabbed it "This must be it."

"Great. Let's go" Rishi said.

They began walking to the door when a voice began speaking "Hand over the orb Mr Potter."

Harry turned to see Lucius Malfoy and a horde of Death Eaters, which wasn't super good.

"Father?" Draco looked shocked.

"Draco" Lucius nodded "Well done. Now, come over to the winning side."

"W-what?" Draco asked.

"You helped lead them to us" Lucius drawled "Now join us."

"I-i never did that" Draco told his friends.

"Whether you intended to or not, you helped the Dark Lord" Lucius said "Now join us."

Bellatrix, who was at Lucius' side, growled "Forget your son! Let's play with the little kids."

Rishi growled "Bring it on, bitch!"

"First, let my son move away" Lucius' face showed no emotion, but his voice sounded desperate "Please Draco. Join us."

Draco looked at his friends then back at his father "You're going to attack them."

"They oppose the Dark Lord. They will be killed for that" Lucius said "All but Potter. The Dark Lord wants to fight him personally."

Draco paused, grappling with this decision. Harry looked at his friend, pleading with him.

Finally, Draco spoke in a snarl "They are my friends. Hurt them... and you'll die."

Lucius was shocked at his son's words while Bellatrix cackled "Well then! Little Draco made his choice! He'll die with the rest of them."

Rishi looked at his friends "I believe that we don't plan on dying today."

"We'll have to change those plans then" a masked Death Eater replied before the two groups charged at each other.

Harry ran, trying to read the prophecy while Rishi stayed on guard. His old friend turned into an elephant and began throwing Death Eaters away. Finally, Harry read it.

Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ...

And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ...

And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives..."

Times like these, Harry was grateful for his memory and quickly remembered the bullet points of the prophecy. He then smashed the prophecy in front of all the Death Eaters, causing a few to wail and shriek.

Harry then joined the fight, which until then, was in favor of the Death Eaters. He turned into a Hebridean Black Dragon and began attacking all the Death Eaters he could. That evened the odds which then moved in their favor when the Order came.

Lupin, Whittlestone, Tonks, Sirius, Moody, and Kingsley arrived and joined in the fight. Harry also heard Parvati place a bet with Hermione that Sirius and Ms Whittlestone snogged.

Death Eaters then began dropping like flies until only a key few like Rabastan, Bellatrix and Lucius remianed. Sirius fought Bellatrix and Rabastan with most of the Order helping him while Harry went after Lucius.

He found the man facing his son, who had a sneer on his face. He knew that he shouldn't interfere unless Draco was about to die. This is Draco's fight.

"Father" Draco said as he and his dad circled each other.

"Draco" Lucius said, with what appeared to be some pain "I don't wish to hurt you."

"That's a bummer" Draco growled "Because I do."

He cast Flipendo first, which Lucius was too shocked to counter "That's for refusing to accept Mom giving birth to a girl."

Draco then sent a cutting curse to Lucius' leg "That's for hurting countless Muggleborns."

After that, was an Expulso which sent Lucius, who had dropped his wand at this point, into a wall "That's for trying to make me just like you."

He then tied up his father with a sneer and was going to walk away when Lucius managed to croak "You... you are not my son."

Draco stopped walking and went back to his father "You're right."

"I am not your son" Draco told him "I am the child of Narcissa Malfoy."

Lucius then received a direct punch in the nose "That's for hurting my mom, you asshole."

Draco then walked away from the defeated body of his dad, to a shocked Harry "Come on. Let's check on everyone."

The two of them went over and discovered that everyone was all right. No one was in perfect shape but everyone was fine. The only duel still happening was Bellatrix against Sirius.

Bellatrix was getting more and more aggressive and finally, sent a jet of red light at Sirius. Harry's godfather staggered back and was nearing the Veil, which was arguably the most mysterious thing in the entire department.

Sirius appeared to be on the verge of falling back, when he hit a shield. Bellatrix, who was cackling victoriously, was suddenly sent flying into a wall.

Sirius looked around and saw that Harry had his wand pointed at Bellatrix, who was then bound by ropes.

Harry grinned at his honorary uncle "We can't have you falling in there, can we?"

Noticing a phoenix, Harry ran into the atrium to find a duel proceeding: Dumbledore versus Voldemort. It seemed to be very intense and Harry almost got popcorn for himself, but decided to join in.

He send a cutting curse to Voldemort, who blocked it. Voldemort and Dumbledore then both looked at Harry, which gave Voldemort time to disappear.

Harry then felt some pain in his scar and suddenly spoke in the voice of the Dark Lord "Dumbledore..."

Hogwarts' Headmaster looked terrified before Harry said "I love you. I hope you can overcome my past to accept my love."

Harry felt Voldemort get angry and leave his body, leaving a shocked headmaster and a laughing fifth-year.

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