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Career Advice

Harry and his friends were chatting about their forms when Daphne said something.

"There's the new teacher" Daphne whispered as they entered the Defense classroom.

Harry looked and saw woman in her late 20 standing by the desk. She had black hair with startling blue eyes. She also had looks which caused some boys, namely Corner and Nott, to drool. Harry could see why but preferred Daphne.

"I guess so" Harry said before giving Daphne a kiss "Partners?"

"Why of course" Daphne smirked, leading Harry to a table.

Draco and Rishi paired up and went to a table as did Hermione and Padma. Harry couldn't resist the urge to chuckle when Draco continued to mutter "I should've gotten a dragon."

Everyone completed their potions during winter break at Grimmauld Place and drank them, revealing their Animagus forms. Most of them had 3, with Daphne and Neville get 4.

Neville got a bull, dragonfly, duck and a goat.

Daphne got a crow, alligator, scorpion, and a lynx.

Draco got a bat, spider (which he planned to use to scare Ron) and giraffe.

Hermione got an owl, otter and a hedgehog.

Parvati got a hawk, butterfly and a red fox

Padma got a raccoon, turtle, and a panda.

They made plans for weekly transformations sessions and would have one after this class.

"Hello everyone" she said "My name is Amanda Whittlestone. I will be your new Defense Against the Dark Arts. First, turn to page 3 of your new textbooks."

She waved her wand and sent books flying from the shelves onto the tables "Right now, we'll be discussing dueling strategies. In your opinions, what helps you win more: more offense or more defense?"

The class was much more interactive and Whittlestone kept everyone involved. If someone wasn't paying attention, she sent tickling charms at them, which entertained everyone else.

Near the end of class, she brought everyone into a side room which looked like a forest "An important part of dueling is using your environment to your advantage. At the end of every class, some of you will duel each other for practice. The winners will get points, the losers suffer humiliation. Every class, there will be a different setting."

"For right now, we'll just have one duel" she looked around the class "Harry, Theodore, why don't you to duel each other."

Both kids nodded and walked to opposite sides of the forest. Nott sneered at Harry, who gave him a smile in return, which worried Nott.

"3, 2, 1 GO!" Whittlestone yelled to start off the duel.

Nott sent a curse at Harry which was quickly sent away. Harry decided to play defensive, deflecting and stopping about 10 spells before sending a cutting curse at Nott.

The spell missed him, causing Nott to laugh "You're weak Potter!"

Harry smirked "I wasn't aiming for you."

Nott was confused and while he tried to figure out what Harry meant, a tree crashed on top of him. Some students gasped while others looked around to see what happened. Only Harry's group of friends seemed to understand what Harry did.

Whittlestone laughed and lifted the tree off Nott "Well done Harry! Care to explain what you did?"

Harry chuckled "Of course. I didn't send that curse at Nott. It was at a tree. My plan was to knock him out using the tree. It only took me a cutting curse and Wingardium Leviosa."

Whittlestone then turned to Nott "You got played like a fool. You couldn't figure out that Harry was aiming at a tree, nor did you even manage to hit him! You will face Harry every class until you manage to actually hit him!"

Nott knew that despite what he said, Harry was the superior wizard and looked worried about facing him every class.

Whittlestone turned to the class "You are all dismissed. And 20 points to Ravenclaw."

"All these jobs seem so interesting" Hermione squealed "Which can I pick?"

"Well, any of them" Rishi rolled his eyes.

Parvati whacked in her boyfriend in the head "Shut up. This is serious."

Harry chuckled and whispered to Daphne "I'm happy that you don't do that to me."

Daphne raised an eyebrow "I can if you keep this up."

Harry wisely shut up.

Neville sighed contently "I'm happy I know what I want to do."

"Neville, you're a herbology prodigy" Draco asnwered "If you didn't choose to become a herbologist, we would've forced you to."

"Yep, you're going to study herbology under Professor Sprout, before doing your won research. When Sprout retires, you'll then take over her job" Padma smirked.

"Me teaching" Neville laughed "That'll never happen."

"We'll see" Draco said.

"What are you guys leaning towards for jobs" Neville asked, hoping to get attention off of his friends' plans for him.

"Curse-breaker would be cool" Rishi said wistfully.

Parvati shrugged "Selling magical clothing would be cool. I could take normal clothes then charm them with improvements like self-adjustment and heating charms."

"Potioneer" Daphne answered.

Padma thought longer than the others "Being an unspeakable would be awesome. However, it's tough to be selected."

"I'd like to work in the Ministry" Hermione said as did Draco.

"So how does Career Advice work?" Harry asked.

"Every day, one house has their sessions" Draco explained "You go into your head of house's office along with the Headmaster. The three of you discuss how to get yourself the job which want. Behaviour, grades, the list goes on."

"The headmaster comes?" Harry was surprised but at the same time, kind of expected it.

"He's trying it this year" Padma responded "He says it's to try it out and see if it helps the kids."

"You didn't answer my question" Neville realized "What will you do?"

Harry smirked "You'll find out."

"Come in Harry" Flitwick smiled as he let Micheal Corner out. Corner and Harry gave each a quick high-five before Harry went in.

"So, you know how this works" Flitwick asked, as he had to "You tell me your job ideas and I'll tell you what you need to do to get the job you want. Ready?"

"Of course" Harry answered.

Flitwick nodded "So, what are you interested in? Your grades are currently amazing so I have no doubt that any career you want, you can get as long as you continue your hard work."

"Well, I want to help people" Harry said "So, I was thinking..."

"Of being an auror" Dumbledore finished, speaking for the first time "A great choice. I believe the last person to choose this career path was Nymphadora Tonks."

"I think we should let Harry finish" Flitwick told Dumbledore, noticing the interruption Dumbledore made.

If Dumbledore heard Flitwick, he didn't show it "In order to become an auror, I recommend Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Transfiguration, Herbology and Charms. You'll need to get high grades in all which I believe you'll manage. So..."

"Headmaster!" Flitwick shouted "You didn't give Harry a chance to finish! Now Harry, what were you saying?"

"I want to help people" Harry said, internally face-palming due to Dumbledore "So, I want to be a healer."

"What?" Dumbledore said as Flitwick said "Why is that?"

Harry grinned "I remember the first spell I ever saw. It was Episkey performed on me by Rishi to heal the injuries that my cousin gave me. It was honestly amazing. All the injuries I ever got could be healed with magic. And I want to be able to help people like that. Help heal the pain that they've gone through. Because I, for one, know how bad the pain can be."

"That's a noble aspiration" Flitwick smiled at his star.

"Are you sure" Dumbledore wasn't liking this turn of events "For many generations, male Potters have been aurors."

"That's a lie. My grandfather Charlus was an auror only during the fight against Grindelwald. Once that fight was over, he stopped. His brother, Fleamont, was never an Auror. He was an alchemist. And their father was a Magizooligist. So your statement is false. Sir" Harry stated proudly.

"Well then" Flitwick grinned "That's a noble aspiration."

"Are you sure you don't want to be an auror" Dumbledore asked "It would make your father proud."

That pissed Harry off "I believe my father would be happier knowing that I would be doing what I've always wanted to do."

Flitwick shuffled some papers "Let's see. To be accepted as a Healer Trainee, you'll need a NEWT of Exceeds Expectations or higher in Potions, Transfigurations, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts and Herbology. I'd also recommend continuing Ancient Runes as they can be very helpful at times."

Harry nodded "If my OWL grades are good, I was thinking of asking Madam Pomfrey for an apprenticeship."

Flitwick looked back the paper and smiled "That counts as your Healer Training so you could become a certified Healer at your graduation."

Harry smiled back "What do you think?"

"I like the idea" Flitwick told him "I recommend you ask her now. She is always willing to take on apprentices, though she is picky on who she selects. She wants to make sure they have the right mindset."

"Thank you sir" Harry shook Flitwick's hand before exiting the room.

Dumbledore silently groaned after Harry's departure. He intended to ensure that Harry would become an auror or to at least check that Harry was on that path. However, now, Harry seemed to go in the opposite direction. Ron would need Harry's help to pass, or even get into, auror training. Without Harry, there was no way he could even get a chance to become one. This would piss the Weasleys off and ruin everything. This was bad.

Harry decided to not waste anytime and ask Madam Pomfrey now. He walked over to the Hospital Wing and knocked on the door to Madam Pomfrey's office. When he heard "Come in!" he entered.

Madam Pomfrey looked up at him when he entered "Good to see you Mr Potter. How may I help you?"

Harry took a deep breath "I was hoping to serve under you after my OWLS."

"As an apprentice" Madam Pomfrey asked for clarification.

Harry nodded so she gestured for him to sit down "May I talk to you for a bit? To see if you are Apprentice material?"

Harry sat down "Of course."

"So tell me" she folded her hands "Why do you want to be my apprentice?"

Harry took another deep breath, then spoke "I've wanted to be a healer for some time now. I always thought healing was cool since Rishi healed my injuries when he met me. I used to be beaten by my relatives and knowing that magic could reverse that, it was a gift. I wanted to be able to do that as well. Not just for me, but for everyone. And you're considered one of the best healers in the world. If I can learn from you, I should try to."

She stared at Harry for about a minutes, digesting what he said. Finally, she spoke "Many people ask me for apprenticeships. 2 days ago, Hannah Abbott asked for one. She told me that she wanted to be a healer because her mother was one. Last year, I got a similar response. The same the year before that. Not many people give a response like yours. Most have an ulterior motive. You don't."

Madam Pomfrey pulled out a piece of paper "This is the standard contract I give all apprenticeship candidates once they pass my interview. You know the grades you need to become a Healer Trainee. Exceeds Expectations or higher in Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, Defense and Herbology. If you achieve those grades on your OWLs, you can become my apprentice."

"Thank you" Harry shook her hand.

"Come see me at the beginning of next year if you get those grades" she told him as he left "And Mr Potter?"

"Yeah?" He turned around.

"I do hope you get those grades" Madam Pomfrey smiled "The world needs more healers like you."

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