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Weasley Punishment

While students were gossiping about the recent Azkaban breakout, Ron, Ginny, Fred, and George were being collected from school by their father, who had fully recovered from the snake attack. After waiting for a few minutes, Bill and Charlie. And finally, Percy arrived.

Percy was honestly confused which worried him since he prided himself on being the voice of reason in Gryffindor. He had left the family following the Triwizard Tournament when Fudge told him that Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore forced him to say that Voldemort returned. Once Fudge lost his job as Minister and his mistakes were revealed, Percy had returned to his family but things had remained frosty. He wasn't sure why they would invite him to this when he completely back to being part of the family yet.

Bill and Charlie were confused but in a different way than Percy. Their father understood the duties that came with being Lord Weasley but never took it as seriously as others. Now, he was calling an official Weasley family meeting so everyone had to attend it. Usually, he'd informally ask everyone to come. Here, however, he was making sure everyone would be in attendance since you could risk being kicked out of the family by not coming. They wanted to know why their dad was so serious.

The Twins had a feeling of what was going on. They had gotten good at reading faces with each other and now, they could read the face of an average guy. And when Harry had left their dad's room, he had a certain look in his eyes. A look that told them that their dad was determined to do something. And now, they had a feeling that this had to do with that look.

Molly, Ginny, and Ron just didn't care about the meeting. Molly had told them individually that it was some talk about alliances but in reality, Molly didn't know what it was about. And she honestly didn't care.

"I'm glad that you're here," Arthur said.

"Can we hurry up" Ron moaned "I'm missing breakfast."

"I'm so sorry baby" Molly fretted "We can send you right back. Arthur..."

Arthur held up his hand, stopping any attempts to browbeat him into doing something "No one will be leaving. I have learned some very distressing news about our house and I need to get to the bottom of it. First, I want you all to swear a family oath to say the truth."

A family oath was a lesser version of the Lord's oath. Anyone could swear a family oath, unlike the Lord's oath which only Lord and Ladies could use. And the punishments weren't as simple though, as the current Lord of the house decided the punishment for breaking the oath.

"Is that really necessary" Molly tried to be nice though she was annoyed "We would never lie."

"I need to make sure" Arthur insisted "Either swear or get out and never come back."

That shocked everyone into swearing. No one ever expected Arthur to say anything like that and even Molly was too shocked to protest. Everyone knew he was deadly serious.

"Good" Arthur gave a small smile "Now then, let's get on to business. Do you know of theft of Harry Potter trust's vault?"

"What?!" Bill said.

"I have been informed that money from Harry Potter's trust vault has entered some of our vaults. What do you all know about this?" Arthur asked.

"I know nothing of this" Bill stood up angrily "Now, who here is involved with this?"

"I also know nothing" Charlie's eyes flipped around the room.

"We would never do that to Harry," the twins said in unison. They sounded angry which shocked Arthur. He never saw the twins get angry before. Only annoyed.

Percy looked and saw that his mom wasn't saying anything as was his sister or youngest brother. Suddenly, something broke inside him and he spoke "I know of this."

"Percy?" Arthur said in shock.

"I didn't participate" Percy explained "Before my third year, I heard Mother talking with Dumbledore. He told her that she would receive access to the Potter vaults in exchange for helping him control Harry. Ron would get money for befriending him and Ginny would get money for seducing him. I was going to tell you but Mom caught me. She forced me to swear that I wouldn't tell you unless I was forced to speak the truth. Since we are under oath here, I can speak freely now."

Molly glared at her son "How dare you to speak these lies!"

"We are under an oath to speak the truth" Percy smirked, "How can I lie?"

"Is this true?" Charlie asked "Ron? Ginny?"

Ron puffed up his chest "Dumbledore said Harry needed to be watched and he trusted us to do it. He thought it would be fine if we made a bit of cash from it."

"That's not fine" Bill growled "Dumbledore had no right to do that."

"Dumbledore arranged for me to marry him. I would get to marry the Boy-Who-Lived and become Lady Potter" Ginny swooned before growling "But the Greengrass whore got in the way."

"Molly?" Arthur asked.

Molly was angry "Dumbledore said that the boy needed to be controlled. Albus said he would pay us well for it! I wanted money when I married you! Instead, I found out that you were cut off from the Blacks and I wouldn't get any of their money! And now, we're dirt poor!"

Arthur sighed "That's everything I needed to know."

He knew what he had to do "Harry could easily put you in Azkaban but he didn't want to. He wanted to know who knew about this and who didn't. He left the punishment up to me."

Molly almost sighed in relief but managed to stop herself. Arthur would never dream of punishing her so she got up "Now that this is over, let's get the kids to Hogwarts..."

"This isn't over" Arthur glared at her "Sit. Down."

Once again, Molly was too shocked by her husband's tone of voice and didn't protest. Arthur couldn't resist and smiled a bit. It felt good to be in charge and he wondered why he didn't do it more often.

"Those responsible WILL be punished for it" Arthur looked at Percy "Percy, you won't be punished. Even though you knew, you couldn't say. I can't punish you for that. And thank you, for telling the truth now."

Percy nodded, relieved to not be punished. He missed his family badly when he was away. He didn't want to leave once again.

Now came the hard part "Molly, Ron and Ginny. You all were in on this scheme. And even now, you don't feel an ounce of remorse for your actions. You maintain the idea that it was right just because Dumbledore said so. No one should blindly follow anyone like that. The only comparison I can think of is how the Death Eaters follow Voldemort."

The three in question were shocked with the comparison as Arthur continued "I will not have the Weasley honor tainted with you three. I will annul my marriage with you, Molly. Ron and Ginny will be disowned for their actions. You are banned from using anything for the members of House Weasley and as such you will only be allowed to take your personal vaults with you, which are empty due to your actions. You can no longer use the Weasley name and until you find a new house, you will be Molly, Ron, and Ginny NoName."

Molly sniffed angrily "Fine. We will take back my maiden name of Prewett."

"Not possible," Charlie said "I am current Lord Prewett due to the death of our grandfather, who named me an heir. I simply chose not to take the name. And I will not let you take your name back."

Arthur summoned all of their belongings and threw them outside the house "It is up to you to decide on a new last name. Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, and George, you can leave

with your mother or you can stay. I won't hold it against you."

Bill shook his head "I believe that I speak for all of us when I say that we won't go with our mother."

The rest of them nodded their agreement so Arthur held up his wand and said "I, Arthur Weasley, annul my marriage with Molly Weasley née Prewett and disown Ronald Bilius Weasley and Ginevra Molly Weasley from the House of Weasley, so mote it be."

What happened next was shocking. Ginny and Ron lost that red hair which Weasleys were famous for. Their hair became more of a dull brown, which cause Ginny to scream. They also lost the freckles they had. Soon, they looked just like their mother, only Ron was a male version.

"Now get out" Arthur willed the Burrow to throw them out.

Arthur then turned to Fred and George "I don't know why she made us live her when we have Weasley Manor. It isn't great and needs repair, but is better than this hovel. We will move out. Gather your things."

Fred and George nodded and ran to their room. Bill, Charlie, and Percy left, citing the need to go to work.

Arthur sat there at the table, smiling to himself "I should do this more often."

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