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The Dream

Dumbledore had a dilemma. He was unsure of whether he was angry or disappointed with Harry.

Even though Fudge wanted Umbridge as the DADA teacher, it was still up to him on whether to hire her. At the time, he believed that she would lead Harry right back to him. Instead, he got her and Fudge fired from their jobs. Now, he had to fill a position which was very hard to fill.

The Board of Governors gave him a deadline. Since winter break was starting soon, they gave him until its end to find a teacher. Or else, they would choose the teacher themselves and Dumbledore knew that he had no chance of influencing the teacher, if that happened.

Sighing, he looked down at his list, trying to figure it out. He needed a candidate which didn't hate Harry but didn't support him. That eliminated people like Tonks, and Lupin along with Snape.

That left with some retired aurors that Amelia suggested and an American, Amanda Whittlestone. Dumbledore had never met Amanda personally and she was probably the best candidate. The only issue was her fit. He had certain ideals and didn't know whether she had those same ideals.

Dumbledore put his face in his hands. He was running out of time. He had to make a choice. Sighing, he went to the Floo. He had to congratulate Ms Whittlestone on her new position.

"Good night guys" Harry waved as he and Rishi headed into their dormitory. Both were tired out from some dueling training Sirius assigned them. AS Sirius put it, "if you can't duel, you're screwed."

Both were also finalizing the details for the animagus training. Since Harry had mastered his dragon (the animal Draco said he'd get due to his name), they were somewhat qualified to teach as they mastered all their forms. They planned to invite everyone over and have them work on their transformations. From there, it was practice in the Room of Requirement.

Both quickly changed and crashed into their respective beds. Hary dozed off but in the middle of his sleep, he felt a probe into his mind. He pushed it away but it came back. Knowing that most people were asleep, the Ravenclaw in Harry emerged and let the probe in. It wasn't a normal probe, that Harry knew for sure.

Suddenly, Harry felt different. He felt... smooth and strangely powerful. But, not the magical power he already possessed. This power was different. It was wilder to Harry, like a crazed beast inside of him.

Then it hit Harry. He was a snake, or at least inside a snake's body. He was slithering to a man, who was sitting. Harry looked closely and saw a head of red hair on the man. It was Mr Weasley.

Most likely, based on his position, Mr Weasley was guarding something but he didn't know what. He tried to look up but he couldn't.

Harry felt himself rear up, poised to strike. Harry panicked. He may not like the Weasleys but Mr Weasley was fine. He didn't deserve to die. No one deserved to die.

If he was the snake, he must have some control, was Harry's mindset. He willed himself to get back to the ground, to not strike. And it worked. He came back to the ground, but not for long. The snake got ready to attack and Harry again, stopped it.

At this point, Mr Weasley was probably quite confused on what was happening but he wouldn't be for long. Harry put up a good fight, but the snake finally managed to exert control. Harry sprung from his spot and burried his fangs into Mr Weasley's flesh.

Harry woke up, startled and found Hedwig in his face. Not even a moment later, Rishi ran in, accompanied by Flitwick.

"Harry" Flitwick began "Are you alright? Rishi said you were screaming and moving unnormally."

Harry panted "I need to go to Grimmauld Place. Right now."

Harry ran from his bed, not caring that he was wearing pajamas. He was followed closely by Flitwick and Rishi. He ran to the fireplace before realizing that all fireplaces were password protected from the outside. Flitwick had to open it for him.

"May you please explain Harry" Flitwick asked, worried for his star student.

"I think someone got attacked. I need to talk to Sirius" Harry explained.

Nodding, Flitwick whispered "Rowena."

Harry then tossed some floo powder into the fireplace and yelled Grimmauld Place before letting the flames consume him.

Flitwick turned to the Indian boy beside him "You can see him when you leave Hogwarts since winter break starts today"

Meanwhile in Grimmauld Place, Harry's arrival was unexpected. Remus was the first to find him and was very confused "Pup? What're you doing here?"

"Mr Weasley got attacked" Harry said "I had a dream where I was in a snake's body. It was going to attack Mr Weasley but I managed to stop it twice. In the end, it beat me and it bit him."

Remus was shocked "Oh god. I'll go get him from the Department of Mysteries. He needs help in St Mungo's. Harry, you find Sirius. Assemble the Order. They need to know."

With that, Remus ran to the Floo and after tossing the powder, said "Ministry of Magic" and dissappeared.

Harry wanted to think upon the massive clue that Remus left him but he could care less at the moment. He ran to Sirius' room to find his godfather sleeping soundly. He tried shaking the man but it didn't work.

Finally, he tried the best option. He said "Aguamenti" and watched as Sirius was doused with water. Sirius quickly woke up and glared at his godson "If I wasn't so annoyed, I'd be proud of you."

"Yeah yeah" Harry said "Mr Weasley got attacked. You need to assemble the Order."

Sirius, like his best friend, was shocked and emerged from the bed covers. Harry then learned that his godfather slept nude. He quickly moved his eyes away before he saw anything.

"You call the Order" Sirius told him, a bit embarrassed "I'll put some clothes on. Just go the Floo and say the Order of the Phoenix. It'll call them all."

He ran to his closet while Harry ran to the Floo and spoke the words. Soon, people began streaming through the Floo. They all greeted Sirius then gave questionings looks to Harry. Some even voiced their confusion but Sirius simply promised to explain.

Once everyone arrived, Dumbledore spoke "Sirius, why is Mr Potter here? I believe I made it abundantly clear that no underage wizard is allowed in the Order."

"That is a view which I share" Sirius agreed "However, Harry is important to the subject of this emergency meeting. He has gathered information that not even Severus, our own spy, has."

"Well then," Moody sounded pleased "I, for one, don't care about his age. So, let's hear it!"

"Arthur Weasley was attacked" Harry said, looking around the room "That's why Mrs Weasley and Remus aren't in attendence. Both are currently at the hospital. WHile I was sleeping, I felt a probe enter my mind. I knew it was a unusual one. It wouldn't scan my thoughts. I could easily block it out, but I got curious and I let it in. Suddenly, I was in the body of a snake, who was going to attack Mr Weasley. I felt it go to attack him and managed to stop it twice before it overpowered me."

Dumbledore nodded "Thank you Harry. You may have saved his life. Sirius, can you please escort him out."

"Actually, sir" Harry said "Winter break starts today. So, I can stay here. Rishi will bring my trunk with him."

"I believe that is acceptable" Dumbledore said "I must go and take the Weasleys to St Mungo's. And Harry, Arthur wishes to speak with you. Can you go later?"

"Of course" Harry replied "I will visit him after picking up Rishi."

Dumbledore and most of the Order then left. Some chatted for a few minutes before leaving as well. Once everyone left, Harry dragged Sirius to the library. Once they were inside, Sirius gave him a questioning look "What's up?"

"What was Mr Weasley guarding?" Harry asked quickly. He didn't care for small talk most of the time.

Sirius looked around the room "Okay. You know what the Department of Mysteries is."

"That's where Mr Weasley was" he then noticed Sirius giving him a questioning look "Lupin let it slip earlier."

"Apparently, there's a prophecy about you" Sirius told him "That's why Dumbledore is so fucking interested in you. It's why he thinks you'll defeat Voldemort. It's been the basis for all his schemes and such."

It finally hit Harry "That's why he wants to have control over me. Why he tried to make me close with the Weasleys and why he put with me the Dursleys. He wants control over the child of prophecy."

Coming out the St Mungo's fire, Harry found Deepa Auntie looking at him "Hi auntie."

"Hi Harry" she gestured for Harry to follow her "Come on. He's expecting you."

"So, you're his nurse?" Harry asked as he walked.

"They wanted someone who they could trust somewhat" Deepa auntie explained "So they asked for me."

They came to the door so Deepa auntie swung it open to find the Weasley family crouched around the bed of a pale Mr Weasley. All of their eyes displayed shock upon seeing Harry.

Mr Weasley gave a small smile which was evidently a struggle for him "Thanks for coming Lord Potter."

"Call me Harry" was the response "You have my respect Lord Weasley."

"Then, I ask to be called Arthur" he chuckled "Molly, can you please take the kids out. I wish to talk in private."

Molly threw Arthur an annoyed look for kicking them out but seemingly didn't want to fight her weak husband. She took the kids out, despite Ron and Ginny's protests.

Arthur sighed "May you please cast privacy wards, if you can? I believe Molly will attempt to convince Bill to cast them for her."

Harry nodded and cast them. He heard a small shriek from outside and chuckled.

"Now then" Arthur continued "I wish to speak with you regarding my family."

"What about them" Harry asked.

"I am well aware that you do not like them. My only question is why" Arthur said "I won't hold it against you. I'm simply curious. Your hate for Molly, Ron and Ginny seems to go beyond a petty feud"

Harry sighed "When Rishi and his dad rescued me from the Dursleys, they took me to Gringotts once they discovered that I was clueless when it came to my heritage. I found numerous things during that trip. The first, was blocks placed on me by Dumbledore which made me quite weak. I couldn't see, my magic was weaker as was my physical body. Afterwards, my prescription decreased significantly and I had a big growth spurt. The next was transactions relating to my trust vault. I found that Dumbledore was transferring money out of my vault and delivering it to the personal vault of your wife along with both your children. Ron was supposed to befriend me and Ginny was to marry me. I, of course, shut both of those things down. I haven't punished them though. I wanted to figure out the full extent of this."

Arthur gaped at these revelations and finally put his head down in shame "I am so sorry for all this Harry. I had no knowledge. I will deal with all this and punish those responsible. You have my Lord's oath."

A Lord's Oath was an oath which could only be sworn by Lord and Ladies of houses. They basically put their title of a Lord on the line. It was a huge deal in the Wizarding World, only surpassed by magical oaths.

"You don't have to" Harry told him "It isn't your fault."

Arthur gave him a determined look "It is. I let this go on under my nose. I will figure it out what's going on and punish those responsible. They will be punished."

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