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Harry really hated Wizengamot meetings.

He always attempted to skip them. Since Jai Uncle was his proxy, he didn't actually have to attend, unless the meeting was either the June 1st session or the December 1st session.

However, today's meeting included Umbridge's trial, in which Harry would be a key witness for the prosecution. And afterwards, Harry wanted to call for a vote of no confidence, so he had to stay for the full meeting.

Putting on his formal robes, Harry was wished luck by Rishi before marching over to Flitwick's office. Flitwick would accompany him to Jai Uncle and Sirius, who would then take him inside. Greeting the charms teacher, Harry and Flitwick stepped into the Floo and emerged outside the Wizengamot building. Standing there was Sirius and Jai Uncle.

The two adult Lords exchanged handshakes with their old teacher before the part-goblin returned to Hogwarts.

"Are you ready for this?" Mr Gopal asked, worried for his surrogate son.

"Of course" Harry chuckled "Fudge messed up and knew I could do this. It needs to happen."

"Good" Sirius nodded "I will second the call after a brief period of time. The Dark Faction bribes Fudge heavily so they will resist the most. The Light Faction will mostly be for it. Our faction will be the wild card though."

Wizengamot didn't have any official factions however everyone knew they existed. They were the Light, Dark and Neutral Factions. The Light was (unofficially) headed by Dumbledore, the Chief Warlock. In it, were families like the Weasleys, Diggorys, Longbottoms and Bones, though not all of them listened to Dumbledore.

The Dark Faction was basically all former Death Eaters or Pureblood supremacists. They were headed by Alexander Nott, father of Theodore Nott, and Lucius Malfoy. They included the Parkinsons, Lestranges, Flints, and Carrows.

And finally, there was the Neutral Faction. It was filled with people who fit into 3 categories. Pureblood supremacists who weren't as hardcore as the Dark Faction, Light families who were willing to use Dark tactics and people who didn't care about pureblood supremacy. The families in it included the Greengrasses, Potters, Blacks and Gopals.

Harry and Sirius weren't originally in the Neutral Faction but had switched over in their first Wizengamot meeting. That had pissed off plenty off people, Dumbledore included, but they had done it anyway. Harry had researched his family's past and discovered that his family was historically neutral. But, in the first Wizengamot meeting after his parents' death, they were switched to the Light Faction.

The three Lords headed inside and took their seats in the room. After making small talk with their neighbors, they heard Dumbledore bang the gavel, signaling the meeting's start.

"Welcome to Wizengamot" Dumbledore said after applying a Sonorus to his voice "We have one change in Lordship. Lord Eustace Fawley has passed. Let us observe a moment of silence in remembrance for him."

The Wizengamot chamber was then filled with silence as people thought of the Late Lord Fawley. Harry himself never met him personally but had seen him on occasion. He had looked to be a decent man.

"To replace his father, Scion Sullivan Fawley will become Lord Fawley. Congratulations" Harry watched as a male in his early 30s walked up to the Fawley seat on the Light side. After shaking on hands, the man sat down.

"Wizengamot will now host the trial of Dolores Umbridge, former Senior Undersecretary to the Minister. Please bring the defendant in" Dumbledore said.

Harry saw Amelia Bones, the prosecution for this case on the behalf of the Ministry, sit at a table. He also saw Umbridge be brought in by 2 aurors . Her head was scanning the room when she saw him. She glared at him furiously. Harry simply smiled at her, something which angered her even more. Her lawyer, a man who he didn't know, then entered the room and sat at the table next to Amelia's.

"The case of the Ministry of Magic versus Dolores Umbridge will now begin" Dumbledore announced "The defense can present their opening remarks."

Umbridge's lawyer stood up and began talking. Harry quickly realized how screwed Umbridge's lawyer thought she was. He was painting her as someone who was just interested in teaching kids, in any way possible. He was probably trying to get her off with a light sentence though that was unlikely.

Soon, Amelia began her statement where she talked of the historical precedent for these cases. And then, she pointed out the fact which very well killed Umbridge's case "If her plan worked, she would've become the only person other than You-Know-Who to leave a lasting scar on Mr Potter."

Madam Bones then presented the memory of the events. Most of the audience was shocked that she wanted to do that and were happy when Harry escaped the punishment. Even now, she still had the scars on her, though they were fainter.

Amelia then requested for Umbridge to be put under Veritaserum. Knowing that his client was done for, he accepted, hoping that it may soften the blow. An auror got the serum while the other forced her mouth open. The first auror then put the drops in.

After waiting a few minutes for Umbridge to digest the serum, Amelia began her questioning "What is your name?"

"Dolores Jane Umbridge" Umbridge answered, her voice bland.

"What house were you in?" Amelia continued the serum test.

"Slytherin" Umbridge responded. It made sense to Harry. She was ambitious from what he'd seen.

"What are your parents' names" was the final question of the test.

"Orferd Umbridge and Ellen Cracknell" Umbridge said to many whispers, mostly from the Dark Faction. Cracknell was not a wizarding name, so Dolores wasn't a pureblood by any means.

"Have you ever owned a blood quill" Madam Bones began her actual questioning and getting verification that the serum worked.

"Yes" Umbridge told her.

"What were your intentions with it" Madam Bones asked.

"To punish students with it" was the answer she got.

"Did you want to scar Harry Potter?" came after that.

"Yes" Umbridge explained "I wanted to punish him. Cornelius told us that Potter forced him to say that Voldemort was back. Potter deserved to be punished for that."

"Why did you feel the need to do that for Cornelius" Madam Bones was genuinely interested in that. Most people in the Ministry simply tolerated Fudge and would go to the extreme to defend him.

"I didn't have good enough grades to get a high-ranking job" Umbridge told them "I was stuck at a low-level job until Cornelius became Minister. He helped me get promoted as long as I pleased him in bed. A few months of sleeping together, I became Senior Undersecretary to the Minister."

Madam Bones was stunned as was everyone else. Fudge began sweating heavily and debated leaving but remembered that no one could get in or out during a meeting. He was stuck.

"How long has this arrangement been going on?" Madam Bones asked.

"It started around the time Cornelius became the Minister" was the answer.

"No further questions" Amelia stated.

Dumbledore sighed "Please apply the antidote."

The aurors gave Umbridge the antidote and she still looked dazed for a few moments before coming to. She then looked worried at what she may have said. The court talked about her for a few minutes before Dumbledore spoke.

"All who say innocent?" he asked. About half of the Dark Faction raised their wands in support of Umbridge but that wasn't enough. Harry noted that most of the Dark Faction who said guilty all had kids at Hogwarts.

"Guilty?" caused most of the Lords and Ladies in the room to raise their wands. In the end, Umbridge had lost her case and Fudge was quite pale which made Harry smile.

"Dolores Jane Umbridge" Dumbledore announced "You are sentenced to 40 years in a low-level section of Azkaban, with eligibility for parole after 20 years. Aurors, take her away."

Umbridge looked ready to murder someone (probably Harry) as the aurors dragged her away. Harry kept himself from smiling, knowing that people would be watching him.

Dumbledore shuffled some papers then said "If there is no further business..."

Harry sensed his time to act was here "I have further business Chief Warlock."

"What is it Lord Potter" Dumbledore had a very bad feeling about this.

"I call for a vote of no confidence in Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge" Harry said to a stunned Wizengamot.

"Seconded!" the new Lord Fawley said before Sirius could say it himself. Harry sent Lord Fawley a grateful smile which was returned. If Sirius had done it, people would be less inclined to support him since he and Sirius were very close.

"What is your reasoning for this" Lord Nott yelled to Harry.

Harry stood up and looked at Wizengamot "You all heard Dolores Umbridge. Fudge lied to the entire Ministry about what I told him. He made me a target for them. Because of his actions, I was almost permanently scarred by Umbridge. He also allowed a woman to climb the Ministry ranks by sleeping with him, which means that he willingly cheated on his wife. I don't want this kind of person running the Ministry."

"Here, here" some people called out. Harry knew he was taking a risk by calling for the vote. For it to pass, at least 75% of Wizengamot had to support it. Now, he had to wait and see.

"All for the call" Harry watched worriedly as no one raised their wands. Then, a swarm of wands were raised. He watched as more and more wands were raised. After a period of about 2 minutes, the majority of the wands were raised. However, Harry couldn't tell if it was at least 75%.

"All against the call" had a few wands raised but not as many as the for call. Dumbledore slowly counted the wands and finally announced the results.

"The call passes the 75% mark by a 5% margin" he told Wizengamot. Fudge was then stripped as his Minister badge and thrown out of the building. And unknown to everyone else, Fudge's office was being emptied and put where Fudge current was.

"Would anyone like to propose a candidate for Minister?" Dumbledore asked. Usually, each Faction proposed their own pick for Minister. They would then vote on the candidates and if there was a tie, it would go to the public.

"I would like to propose that Lucius Malfoy be the next Minister" Lord Nott said. Lord Parkinson quickly seconded the proposal, eager to get on the good side of Lucius. It was common knowledge that the Parkinsons wanted a betrothel for Pansy and Draco.

"Any other candidates" Dumbledore asked, turning to the other Factions.

"I nominate Amelia Bones for the post of Minister of Magic" Harry announced to general shock.

Augusta Longbottom was one of the few who wasn't shocked "I second this nomination!"

"Why do you nominate her" Lord Abbott asked angrily "Didn't you just kick her out of an alliance!"

"That had nothing to do with her" Harry shrugged "I have heard nothing but kind things about her. And she is by far the best for the job due to her position as the Head of the DMLE. She would be efficient in fight Death Eaters and would greatly help our country."

"Any more candidates?" Dumbledore asked and got nothing in return.

"We will now vote" Dumbledore announced "If you vote for Amelia Bones, please raise your wand."

Close to half the room raised their wands which signaled that it would be close. Harry was ready to chew on his fingernails but managed to calm himself.

"If you vote for Lucius Malfoy, please raise your wand" came next. And again, close to half the room raise their wands in support of Lord Malfoy. Dumbledore counted the wands and then checked again. And then checked one more time.

"Our next Minister of Magic..." Dumbledore stretched it out "Is Amelia Bones. Congratulations."

Amelia's robes then discarded the Head of the DMLE badge and replaced it with the badge of the Minister of Magic. She shook some hands as people clapped for her appointment.

"This brings our meeting to a close" Dumbledore said "We will see you again next month."

Sirius, Mr Gopal and Harry headed outside to take Harry back to Hogwarts. But before they could go, Amelia caught them "May we speak?"

They all nodded so Amelia continued "I would like to thank you for the nomination. And I would like apologize once again for my niece's actions towards you."

"You should bear no guilt for her actions" Harry smiled "Only she must feel its burden."

"And I have a request" Amelia looked at Sirius "We are in need of a new Head of the DMLE. You are currently Head Auror so I was hoping that you would take up that post."

Sirius looked worried "Is there a lot of paperwork?"

"There is" Amelia sighed "But, the pay is good and you can work on any case you want. You will also be heavily involved with bringing Death Eaters to justice. Are you interested?"

"Of course" He shook hands with Amelia "I'll take it."

"Come to my office tomorrow for the paperwork" Amelia walked away.

Sirius gave her a cheeky smile "How about at dinner tonight?"

Harry groaned and Mr Gopal looked exasperated. Sirius had been making these cheeky jokes forever and at this point, they gave up on stopping them.

Amelia looked at him straight in the eyes and said "Sure, why not. Floo to my house at 7:00."

She then walked away slowly, hiding a small smile.

Harry turned to Sirius, shocked "You got some explaining to do."

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